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Govt works on strategy

Headlines Govt works on strategy

Government is in the process of developing a bio fuel strategy which will outline blending points for the commodity.

Energy permanent secretary, Peter Mumba, says government is also in the process of prioritizing the energy bio fuel sector

Mr. Mumba says his ministry is also considering offering incentives to investors in the sector.

He was speaking at the second bio fuel conference in Lusaka.

The three day conference is aimed at addressing policy and regulatory frame work of bio fuels in the country.

Issues of food security and the environment are key on the agenda at the conference.

And Energy deputy minister, Lameck Chibombamilimo, said Zambia has the potential of becoming the leading producer of bio fuels.

And United Nations Development Programme country director, Viola Morgan, said Zambia’s efforts towards meeting targets of the Millennium Development Goals will depend on developments in the energy sector.


  1. Tell me people. In all honesty, abena chibombamilimo, does he have the brains and the knowledge to even understand or comprehend Bio fuel issues?
    He probably thinks its food or some new currency. What do you think?

  2. Iwe ericson why,so guys you dont want to give me chance to be #1,okay its ok only God knows [-(8->8->8->8->8->8->8->8->

  3. This governemnet is a bunch of dreaming @mat0le. Looks like their service delivery is always in draft until their terms end. What does Chibombamilimo know about bio fuels?

  4. bio fuels from zambia? these guys are a bunch of clowns. just ollowing any western trend instead of finding an alternative to copper. Ku sculu bale tu funda ati “copper is a whati?” – “copper is a wasting asset”. these guys should get real for once mwe.

  5. These are mere talk shops, these guys can’t follow through with these ideas. They can’t even sort out garbage and pollution in Zed yet, how can they emabak on this?

  6. Promising fertiliser for 50pin, low fuel prices and low meali meal prices were huge promises. For the man to come round and say its not possible…surely there must be morals here. Even this fuel bla bla is just that bla bla bla!!!

  7. Zambians….stuck with old politicians…look all over the world who other countries are chosing for leaders. Thailand has also just got it right check this quote “Thailand’s opposition leader, Abhisit Vejjajiva, has been confirmed as the country’s new prime minister. Young, British-born and Oxford educated, Mr Abhisit has a reputation for ‘clean politics’. But can he lead Thailand out of its recent crises? — YES HE WILL not Sleepy old RB for Zambia

  8. Hey Guys, BabyC, Matworld, Sony, Rashid, Sweet Thang and the rest of the Gang, Take care. Off to Mazabuka tomoro for some work (contrally to what others think) One love and keep the Peace. :-h

  9. Ba Moze, please remember to use condoms. Why are you being so quick to talk about what you are not going to do. We know you by now

  10. Bio fuel In Zambia! Does peter and his sleepy presido understand the down side of biofuel. Biofuel is still an idea on paper because it is a contraversial and highly debatable subject. Has our dull goverment done any impact aasesment of running biofuel project in Zambia. Peter I did a very interesting paper on the prons and cons of biofuels. If you happen to cast your eyes my on posting respond to it and give me your email address. I will be able to send you an attachment of my article on biofuel so that you can sink you teeth in it.

  11. Iwe ka Norah
    Trust me, i can take care of myself…and seeing you care so much, why not just :-c me?

    Take care honey. Dont do what i would’nt do now

  12. No. 5 Ba Moze, these so called leaders, I am not so sure they know what they are talking about, as you have rightly put it. At what cost is the Bio fuel project going to be implemented. These are the same guys who were saying Zambia has the potential to host the All Africa Games, they have even failed to implement the kafue gorge power project.

    As though this is not enough the distribution of farming inputs is as though we undertaking a space project.

    O’ God help us please!!!!!! :((:((:((

  13. #5 Ba Moze
    Chibombajobanoz has no brains and you can even tell from his kama soft voice like lady who has been drinking isabuku (chubuku) yalwanda.By the way, is nyama soya fighting corruption?

  14. Iwe Sony Errickson,uba fye ule lolela uku ba number 1? you know these people Peter what ever and Chibombamilimo,they are just talking about what they dont even understand. Who do they want to cheat,do Zambia has the capacity of having bio fuels. Gud at rhetoric, we have had so many workshops which have not even brought forth the resuits. The indaba by the late Levy,that recent one when mwanawasa was sick. Even Jacob Zuma came.But you,these guys just spend money on these conferences and work shops. Can some one point at what has been implemanted after having such money spending talk shows,and how we have benefited. Can you be serious.


  16. These guys should be stoned!!They are not seriours at all.
    chibanda kucilasa shoe just like bush however i think bush is clever he managed to escape it but chibanda ikacikata pa mpumi because it’s too big.

  17. #28 Matworld, it’s nice to be back, you guys are my 2nd family. Wifey was complaining that I’m cheating on her with LT because I spend more time with you guys than with her. I donti keya…
    Iwe Chewe, where did you see Baby C, pantu ena ekala ku UK, elo iwe uli pa States?;)

  18. I’m glad the talk on Bio fuels is becoming the center of gravity to government policy. I think for once lets use these blogs constructively. If Chibombamilimo has no clue on bio fuels are we can dowload some documa and send him a package so that he can educate himself on the subject. There only two impwdiments to implementing a succesiful bio fuel program in Z
    1. laziness 2. Leziness. What is sad is having 70% of land un inhabited and you are running short of maize the answer laziness and lack of political will power. If we stop manking arround and forcus on Jetropa and can sugar plantations Zambia would be a leading bio fuel producer secondly to Brasil. As a country we have been blessed

  19. with pease but we have been cursed with Morons for leaders. honestly, What kind of economic recovery strategy would you expect from RB. Bress yourselves the Zambian economy is on a free fall until God himself holds it. I hope we dont make the same mistake in 3 years of allowing MMD to rig the elections again.

  20. Baby C thats how i can best describe you. It doesnt really matter how you look like,even if you dont have a nose.I would stil describe you like that! Even if i have never seen you,thats how i think about you!

  21. Chale and Chewe ifyakualnda pali Baby C fyalaleta ulubuli yashani just comment on the topic,you never know limbi ifwe bambi twalyamba na fasting pali baby C. :)):)):)):)):)):)):))

  22. Baby C,even if you had only those two holes,where the nose is supposed to be. And no nose there,i would stil say that kwena wali pangwa Baby C!

  23. So ninshi Chewe you didnt hear me ka.Boyi nalakulabako ati we come from the same place ka.I will go Kwa munung’a.

  24. This bunch of dumb bells cannot find ways to feed their people but they are going to solve the world fuel problems. Don’t they know that with crude less than $50/B bio fuel is not feasible…

    bunch of clowns…

  25. Bio fuels, people oil ni oil and for you to just damp it like that thinking bio fuels will solve your energy sector is utter nonsense. In Brazil where this technology has been used, they still realize that you cant run away from black gold. what we need is investing in agriculture first, let us build food security, mineral oils shud serve our energy requirements and biofuels must be the talk after our stomachs have been cartered for. Not a situ where you are even importing maize ati iyo biofuels biofuels.ukutumpa

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