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Sata advised to dialogue with govt on contentious issues

Headlines Sata advised to dialogue with govt on contentious issues

Both the United Liberal Party (ULP) and the Federation of Free Trade Unions in Zambia (FFTUZ) have advised opposition Patriotic Front (PF) President Michael Sata to consider dialogue with government on the high mealie-meal prices in the country.

Speaking in separate interviews with ZANIS in Lusaka today, ULP President Sakwiba Sikota said dialogue was an amicable way of addressing and ironing out contentious issues facing the country.

Mr. Sikota further said dialogue with the government on national issues would help maintain peace and reduce tension in the country.

He noted that perceived tension impacted negatively on the country as it scared away investors.

And commenting on reports that Kitwe Patriotic Front (PF) women have threatened to undress during the demonstrations over the high mealie meal prices, Mr. Sikota said the women would only embarrass themselves.

He added that it does not make sense to undress during the demonstrations.

And FFTUZ President Joyce Nonde has encouraged the opposition leader Michael Sata to dialogue with the government.

Ms. Nonde, who noted that the problem was that the opposition has not accepted the outcome of the October 30, Presidential by- elections, advised Mr. Sata to discuss with government on finding solutions the problems in the country.

She however challenged government to comprehensively explain what has led to the high mealie-meal prices in the country.

Ms. Nonde charged that politicians both in the opposition and the government were to blame for some of the problems facing the country as their influence should be used to better the situation not seeking political mileage.

And Ms Nonde has since condemned the Kitwe PF women who want to undress during the food demonstrations.

She said Zambia is Christian Nation adding that God does not allow people to expose their nakedness to the public as the human body is his temple.


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  1. RB must first admit that what he promised was not attainable and give reasons! Next, he should resign because he has proved incapable together with his useless team

  2. Sata must make things difficulty for the MMD govt because they are liars and very selfish. The ocnstitution can be amended in few days but they want it to take three years. When are we going to attend to other issues if we do one thing over a very long period. People should be allowed to demostrate about mealie meal and fertiliser because the MMD cheated during campaigns and also they sold maize to Zimbabwe when the country did not have enough maize. Let the people express their emotions or else one day they will explode. Nyama soya has not clue on how to run the country. He is even attacked within his own party.

  3. Women undressing in public is not peaceful demonstration! Mpombo should bundle them into trucks and dump them at state farms to produce us food.

  4. How naive and limited , would someone come on here and just state number ….

    Its insanitx and says a lot about yourself, get a grip and please grow up!, you make yourselves cheap, and says a lot about yourselves,

    Contribute meaningfully, and yes , it would make LT more menaingful, worth reading and rightfully addictive

  5. Lets be real guys, why have demos scared you so much? Why are you saying demos don’t work? Forgotten your history already? Let me remind you. Remember during the independence struggle that the whites gave in because of demos, remember Mama Julia Chikamoneka? Wasn’t that effective? Remember the Georgia demos which brought the unwanted govt down? Remember on the local scene, that Chiluba’s immunity was removed after demos? Forgotten Kashibwa Bulaya’s case which had it not been for public outcries, the govt would have swept under the carpet? Come on lets be real and let the will of the people prevail.

  6. is there a way of impeaching RB because it is clear that he lied during his campaign…..fertilizer for 5o pin and the opposite is happening, someone in Zed with b%!!$ please take it up coz the man is a liar

  7. has SHREK began to pass loose stool due to confusion and inability to deliver again. Told him to stop eating too much and do nothing but sleep.The combination of the two lead to incontinence.

  8. How can you advise a man like Sata – he doesn’t understand anything. He just lives from what he hears the kaponyas saying. That is your man. Stop wasting your time. The demos won’t be possible and he knows it. Just instruct the police to deal with him, period.


  10. I dont have to , i love reading comments and ofcourse its educative. How naive is someone to come and say no1 , no……

    I dont have to comment,i just felt it was about time, people who have nothing to say , to keep quiete like i suppose a lot other do. Its in my opinion, a limited capability to express oneself , and why do you want to be associated with that?

  11. PF leader please help however you can the people desparately need a solution to the ongoing and worsening country problems.

  12. # 25,26….i am never a blogger, but like u, i enjoy reading the comments on this page,some views are interesting and others, like u said, damn childish…if only people can grow up….having said that, i believe SAKI should be one of the least people to advise SATA…i am not sure whether he is in the opposition, which shud provide some checks and balances to the Gvt, or not, the man seems to have lost it since he was hounded out UPND….as for Joyce, i am yet to see her position…..bottom line, things are not working in ZEd and we need CHANGE

  13. #11,Has read about someones’ ‘ifipe’ beeing chewed.. some men fiwelewele sana… abanakashi bambi nabo fipuba
    sana.Both are to blame in this case.
    #14, Sorry ba Nine Chale, but I find SATA to be a natural Comedian…
    #12, Iam sory too… no offense meant…napapata!!!!! ^:)^^:)^^:)^**==**==**==


  15. These demos should not be about PF and Sata, they should be about all well meaning Zambians concerned with how our country is being mis-managed. It should not be about drunk cadres from political parties. Whatever you do or say, this is affecting you either directly or indirectly through your relatives, so its time we demanded good management of our little resources. When there is no money, it should affect everyone, not just an ordinaly Zambian while politicians in govt are having it easy by increasing their salaries and back dating them by a full year and advocating to extend the NCC. Lets be real please and for once do things right.

  16. PPipo have seen that Sata is the only person who can help to overcome the economic crisis our contry is facing,why cant sikota help Rb,instead of calling on Sata.Viva Sata Viva PF. :)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-

  17. SATA must be careful not to be seen to be pushing things a bit too far. Those who ACTUALLY VOTE on election days are watching. If he insists on this line we might start thinking that he is too incompetent to be able to analyze and understand the global economy of which Zambia is part. Now, I certainly don’t want such a president in today’s world. Sata be careful, time for hooliganism remained back in the 1990s. Sala mano, mudala – uleshala weka, 2011 patali. Loobe.

  18. #’s 25 26 and 28, there appears to be a clique on here that if you are not a member of, your comments will not be entertained. The best is just to, like you said, read certain comments and unfortunately, ignore several of them. Add your comment whenevr you feel like and believe me there are some good people out there that take notes off this blog and put them to good use.

  19. #18 & 19 you’ve hit the nail smack on the head! Nothing of value ever comes without one form of sacrifice or another,no sweet without sweat! Even in the states,civil liberties/black peoples rights were only guaranteed when the powers that b succumbed to pressure from demos. We hv to fight for whats right i.e rising food prices,constitution etc

  20. #10,Cutey my sweetie,how have you been?i missed you so much! But honey please ndekelako fye ba Sata nakupapata! Love you baby girl!

  21. ZE MULE its not that, just that some pipo want to verbally bully others or talk down..(attack others) we all read the board and if one doesnt like just ignore contribute and someone who agrrees with you will and those that dont will share with u their views without attacking..some mix humour and seriousness while others are strictly serious and they dont have to impose…its nothing personal trust me..and most of the topics have been read over n over,(the story line being the same )

  22. All dear!!!!!!!!!!
    you need help from sata. please be mature in your small skull. This man with rotten teeth is the cause of all these problems zambia is going through. He is luck because chiluba never used him when kafupi was stealing. chiluba knew this man can tell every one about the stealing taken place in GRZ. Now you need help from the same thug and kaponyas.just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Zambia fails Africa Again
    LUSAKA: Despite several high level assurances, Zambia has withdrawn from hosting the 10th All-Africa Games scheduled for Lusaka in August 2011.

    Advertise Here

    The surprise withdrawal came against the run of events, just as the country appeared to gearing up for the task. Recently, Zambia hosted a three-day consultation workshop about hosting the games with officials of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA).

    It was an occasion for effusive official undertakings and in the end, SCSA representatives confidently said Zambia had exhibited great political will to host the games.

    Thus it was a surprise when the country announ

  24. announced officially on Friday that it was not going to host the games. The announcement threw preparations by various sports associations into disarray. Many expressed disappointment at the turn of events. “In arriving at its decision to withdraw from hosting of the games, government took into consideration the sanctions that apply which may include a penalty,” said an official statement. The SCSA has been informed and consultation will be held on the formal process for withdrawal and the consequences.

    With the withdrawal, Zambia’s record and credibility in pan-African sport took a further dip. This is the second time that the country has successfully bid for a continental sports eve

  25. but failed to host. Zambia won the bid to host the 1988 African Cup of Nations only to withdraw. Morocco stepped in to host the tournament. Just like 1988, cost is again the elephant in the room. It is conservatively estimated that hosting the All Africa Games will cost a colossal K800 billion.

    The government statement announcing the withdrawal from hosting the games cited the unfolding effects of the global economic slowdown that has fundamentally led to a fall in the price of copper, the country’s main export. This has resulted in a fall in government revenue and the situation is not helped by escalating food prices, the Information Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha said.

  26. “The combination of the recent presidential elections and the expected fall in revenue arising from the global financial crisis forcefully dictated that the government choose between the honour and pleasure of hosting the games and the duty to provide food and social services. In view of these negative events, government has prioritised its spending…to concentrate on a few important programmes. Unfortunately, the hosting of the 2011 All Africa Games is one of the programmes that have been affected,” the minister said.

    He added that government had decided to shift resources from the hosting of the games to identified priority areas such as food production, provision of social servic

  27. #48, forgive me for denouncing your pride..SATA. I.am so sorry, I repeat, Iam double sorry… I just find SATA to to be a natural Comedian :-?:-?

  28. housing and infrastructure. The hosting of the games is so far the biggest casualty of President Levy Mwanawasa’s untimely end. He was enthusiastic and supportive of the hosting bid and gave it the necessary push. His funeral and the subsequent presidential election left a huge hole in the national budget. The country faces a general election the same year that it is supposed to host the All-African Games and the financial implications are overwhelming.

    Construction of sports infrastructure will however be unaffected. The government has said that work is already in progress notably the construction of facilities to host participants at the games at the University of Zambia (UNZA) and

  29. three other educational institutions around Lusaka will continue. So is the renovation of the 42-year-old Independence Stadium, Lusaka’s main sports arena. New Sports Minister, Kenneth Chipunga has given assurances that plans to construct two other stadiums in the country will not be shelved.
    (Sila Press Agency)


  31. This is interesting everyone is feeling the heat of my Sata.He is really exerting pressure on this government.The mmd government is full of leaders that have no heart for the majority Zambians.Sata has been there for the poor,wether elections are there or not.Can someone challenge me that Sata is just trying to gain political milage. Sata cant fail to buy a bag of mealie meal,he is just speaking for the voice less as usual.And you can see now that the mmd government is under pressure,every is just saying Sata this Sata that. And they are now trying to jamm start there stuck heads and find a solution. In most countries in the world including America,they are trying to find solutions to the credit cruch that has hit most countries.And to cusion this,interest rates have been reduced and governments are pumping colosal sums of money,to companies that are on the verge of collapsing to sustain them.In Zambia Zamtel is being syphoned by the government.And they are not teling us solutions but Rb complain.A leader !

  32. #47,48 this is one move which I kind of support the government somehow, anyway we will see, with this crisis you may see some countries reducing the sizes of their teams or dropping out for various reasons and the earlier forecasted benefits may not be attainable with this so they may risk loss and WE ARE POOR!! we should live according to what we can afford nangu ba tu seke!

  33. just go!! you know well sata has a big mouth. he can not bring change the zambian people need.do not say well meaning zambia should demo but kaponyas of sata can do that not educated zambian.

  34. Suppergal na Michelle lekeni ukulwa. Indomfwa bwino ukubelenga amakoments pa LT. Bambi muchifulo chaku komenta pa topik bala bikapo fimbi. Chilifye bwino. lilax yo minds.

  35. I would like to hear what Sata has to tell RB if they don’t want demonstrations then let them debate on tv respectfully ask each other questions and get and we hear what they both have to say because i don’t like sata but dont throw him out the window yet!! nway he’s the only opposition really the rest just sit back once elections are over!

  36. sata must know that people of do not like him. he should not cheat himslf. Only copperbelt, Luapula and Nothern provinces sata can point out about his popularity, otherwise he is the dead man walking.

  37. Parties which only get to hear about when they get paid by Nyama Soya to make a statemnet are advising Sata who for the last three rigged elections has come second!

    Zambia! No wonder peopl are eating roots!

  38. while u discuss Sata and Nyama soya I would like to let you know that the Chinese are producing deformed steel bars in lusaka and they are exporting to South Africa and Congo.Simple factory and you dont need to be a metallurgist to understand the process.Bane lets use our heads and make money for ourselves:ba MMD chimofye ngai inkoko!Amano tamwaba.Elyo nganiba Sakwiba ubupuba bwachila.By the way ubupuba takwaba umuti:na mashilu yalayako ku Chainama!

  39. Anonymous you are very correct, even the input to have next havest lifted is being cut off. so the plan to fail is on the agenda. we know in a crisis thats where corruption is bred, please see the direction of Zed is sliding in ZIM foot path Twakana, if u stay longer in sickness even the healthy people will look sick by your own diagnosis.

  40. Iwe #26 Michelle, it seems like you’re looking for trouble. What makes you think you’re smarter and more enlightened than others?? How does saying “number one” stop someone from making a meaningful contribution a little later?

  41. ## GITA ### sure you are educated not so. I think you are not fron shangombo. Who voted sata??? Its the educated…teachers, shushus, nurses, mpombozis, miners, name them. Villagers voted for their fellow dull nyama soya….are u not ashemed to say educated people cant vote for sata???…say villagers …dull pepople cant vote for sata ok…oh oh !!!!!

  42. ati bwanji basa. Sata. Sata is Sata the solution? or the problem? What is opposition? it is to oppose. MMD proposes Sata has to find means to oppose. what MMD is proposing if any is not strong enough to shatter opposition. and what the opposition is putting forward seems stronger. what then is the problem? Sata seems to have a lot of advantage over this govt. he is smarter than them. how on earth can they call him for help? Am disappointed. Saki please u said Sata is not educated today u say he should advise. Saki a u a lawyer zoona or mwalibola. i agree with upnd u are not fit to be a presido even of ulp

  43. “Ms. Nonde charged that politicians both in the opposition and the government were to blame for some of the problems facing the country as their influence should be used to better the situation not seeking political mileage”.


  44. you see the difference…sata is sorounded by educated people whereas nyama soya the villagers…GITA ..be ashemed. You say sata has only luapula , northern and copper belt , dont forget Lusaka man. Where do you find educated people??..ofcouse Lusaka and copperbelt…the only two provinces in Zambia and these are the strong hold of Sata…are you not ashemed….Viva sata. Sikota is really dull even nyama soya saw it thats why is not included in the govent. Sikota..please just go back to UPND appologise?????? :d/:d/:-h:-h


  46. #60 ichishinka, Those fellows may well be prodicing steel via a simple process and I could bet my life that that steel is intended for simple use also, it would hardly meet any useful industrial purposes, God knows if it can even earn a “EN19” mild steel grade.
    I understand your point but when we set up these little projects, lets at least be progressive rather than retrogressive. I did some work for some of those chinese chaps at one of their cost effective plants in Ndola and what I observed was shocking

  47. Listen basa. Sata is the giant of zambian politics if not the pivot. on one hand he has fell opposition on the other MMD. but both sides they are feeling his weight. Basopo! imwe bantu Sata is making a name here even if he is dull or of rotten teeth or useless here we should agree the fact that the opponents can silence him proves enough how powerful he is. it took Mwanawasa to know how to deal with Sata. Only Magande knew how to out smart Sata. Sata can only be defeated by proved policies. not just mukamwa niboza. Chizabavuta. By the way he is drafting a solution and will give RB on how to reduce mealie meal according to the post. bamuna Sata bamaendela mu bwato


  49. Suppergal nalikudiga,napapata take Cutey back to balangizi,she has no manners.By the way,is it you commanding a batallion of naked women on the demo day?I cannot wait to watch?

  50. I hear you all SATA’s men and women. I’m a swing voter, meaning that talk sense to me then I will vote for you. I’m not a fanatic of any political party. But what I’m saying is that if SATA it is true that he can do better than MMD why has he failed to improve Lusaka city where he has been in control for more than 5 years at least!! What we see in Lusaka is just street vendors and dirt!! When he first won the local government elections with his infamous mayor he said he was going to bring change in less than a year. Well…I’m still waiting almost 10 years later. I’m sorry, about Sata somebody has to convince me there. I have known the chap since the 1980s..!! 😮

  51. #10 Cutey. Is it King Cobra who is talking or mmd, sakwiba or women with no marital responsibilities, or just nothing to do? Sata is busy planning for 2011 with his colleagues. The people I read in the media are RB who is always complaining that plot 1 is a prison, he is finding it difficult to rule, etc. And the mpombos who keep threatening citizens over peaceful demonstrations, as well as mmd MPs comlaining about RB’s poor leadership and on and so forth. So cutey be careful where you point your accusing fingers.

  52. #57,iwe chi Gita,dont think if you dont like Sata then everyone thinks like you. Sata is popular in Lusaka province, copperbelt,Luapula Northern and even in these other provinces he has gained grounds.Where do you find the majority and educated people in Zambia? And thats where sata received a lot of votes.Normal human beings,interllectuals have seen sense in what Sata says.Wa kwata fye ichi mutwe na mano tamwaba.we china ngwa iwe. Just adding to the population of the world creatures like you who have no substance.

  53. kokoliko…please be urself. u hate sata that is all. Sata does not control the local govt. it is the minister of local govt who has power and funding. councillors can sit, plan but to execute the plans it needs govt funding which is under the MMD. so how do Sata come in? second, Sata changed lusaka. maybe u were small. the round abouts and the fly over bridge and what makes the city presentable all can be attributed to Sata. So what u are saying borders on govt illiteracy in its operation.

  54. detective Sata is better Mugabe than RB because he acts outside govt. but rb ur relative or tribes man is within and inflicting pain due to selfish reasons. he knew he cant rule like where he cums from Zimbabwe but forced thru backdoor. live Sata alone and stick to RB by suggesting to him what to do. he is in Mfuwe suffocating zavuta muzanga

  55. Whats wrong with my subjects (Lozis)? First it Aka prostituting himself with MMD and is rewarded,now its Saki.Dialogue is cardinal but you only do it with people who appreciates the art of dialogue. RB and MMD are stubborn and they do not listen,if they did ,they would have not increased their salaries at a time when the is going through financial crisis.PF should not waste their time talking with them.

  56. I am praying that from 1st January 2009 we shall be given the privilege and honour of reading meaningful news i am so bored reading about the same crap mwe.:-?:-?:-w

  57. Am just a bored house wife. I just drink red wine. And I have a big mouth that is why my husband can’t stand me. Am just a bored house wife.

  58. Thats the only way anybody can shut any Zambian up by saying Zambia is a christian country.What is that self declared status doing to the minds of our people today.For i am saying,if the temple doesn’t eat,it will be weak.Although man can’t leave on bread alone,if its cheapest source then,what the hell-eat it all the time.And if it means showing the temple to the public for unital public good,then lets see it and we’ll have nshima on our tables.amen somebody

  59. Joyce, Mr Sata need not dialogue with government. He is in the opposition and must continue making noise. If he agrees with government on certain issues I am certain that he will say so.

    It is in our culture to undress when we wish to bring a point home-people are suffering and the LORD understands this. Let us not confuse ourselves here.

  60. For sure Sata is a comedian. A natural comedian for that matter. If Sata is for the people why cant he dialogue with the gvment and offer solutions? I ask this because any person who has a heart for the people will never allow people to die of hunger until he becomes president thats when he will try to help. The question is, who will he help when those he was supposed to help out are already dead? And those who want demonstrations, how do you see it, your PF president walking in front of nude women? Surely a crown. Twapapata ba Sata mwitushikula

  61. Mr.Sata please continue putting pressure on these f**ls who put their interest first and the nation last.Sata you are the voice for the voiceless,the scared,the poor,the hungry and most of all the uneducated.who have been taken for a ride.

  62. But ba PF!!! Bushe nga twalanda ati we want to demonstrate it means we want to strip!!!! Awe sure! Women please!!! Respect urselves if u want to be respected!!! As for the dialogues…..:-?:-? In this country I doubt any kind of dialogue would work. Esp. not with how Sata believes the elections were rigged!! I dont see that happenin. When we say we want to demonstrate it doesnt mean we want to be violent…NO NO NO We are just tryin to find other means by which we can get a message through to our thick headed leaders!!! But please!!! KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!!

  63. so this is how PF sorts out national issues,kanshi kula fulafula fye,some women just need men to shag them,papita ichilala.how do you demonstarte like that? sata naiwe if you dont want to advice then go to hell twanaka mwe.demonstration planning everyday awe twatendwa.

  64. #72, iwe ka detective, efyo uletuka ba sata ifyo? wapwa umwenso. tiza zondana. Nyama soya mpuno!
    #100, G baby – all women need men to shag them waishiba.anso on daily basis. my dear u need to revisit history and learn that demos are usually put scared boys (and gals) in the corner. demos put a message across! Nga mwatendwa kalaleni…:d

  65. is it possible to dialogue with one who shags your wife? The MMD shagged SATA’s votes so what is there to discuss. Praying VJ will be muyashi mu 2011

  66. Sata has a long list of complaints. And a long list of complaints is not policy! If indeed Sata is taken as a plausible president; Zambia has indeed become a ZOO.

  67. Shame ba Sata how can you ask our dear women to go naked in the streets. is that the peaceful demos. Please retire and find yourself a farm so that you can become productive on land, na mufilwa politics. Come 2011 you will be defeated on 50 plus one votes, because all the other parties will unite and clean you out. People are scared of you being in state house because of your bad language and arrongance. We need prayers for Zambia, young people please wake up and take the mantle.

  68. Demo is the best.Demo first dialogue afterwards. The Police should allow the PF and others who wish to demonstrate to go ahead. If they continue blocking this, Sata will gain political mileage. I advise the Kitwe women not to undress during the demo bcoz its a peaceful demo,if anything the State (Police) will take advantage. Moreover, its an offence – misdemeanor (INDECENT EXPORSURE) which may attract serious penalty. Why risk ubwamba.

  69. Dont you find people on this blog over using the smilies iritating? Ubufontini, tabomfwako insoni? Use them in a constructive way to add color and value to your points not using 3 or 4 of them in a sentence.

  70. Poor Mr. Sata. He looks so unwell. I really hope he can take it easy. He still needs to recover. Heart conditions and losig a child are not easy. 2008 has been a tough year for the man. I don’t support PF but I really wish him well.

  71. 108 ulekwata amano mr sata is old enough to be yo grandfather mulekwata umuchinshi.i belive u are the pepo who voted for RB now that yo choice is falling u want to start insulting am very upset can some one say some thing to cool me down

  72. Kokoliko, kindly find another name.

    To those bloggers swearing. I urge you to stop swearing and stop harassing us.

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