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Get new passports now, warns immigration department

Headlines Get new passports now, warns immigration department

Old Passports
Old Passports

The Immigration Department has warned that it would not allow any Zambian to travel outside the country using old passports after February next year.

Immigration Department Public Relations Officer, Mulako Mbangweta said Zambians should now start obtaining new passports, stressing that the department would not be lenient on anyone attempting to use the old passport copy.

Ms. Mbagweta told ZANIS in Lusaka today that her department would ensure that old passport copies were replaced with the new electronic copies which government introduced this year.

And the Immigration Department has arrested two British nationals for abrogating the immigration and deportation act.

Ms. Mbagweta identified the duo as Rodgers Maximillian 52, and Morgan Stanley 55, an engineer by profession and former Lumwana Mine employee all of British origin.

She explained that, Maximillian was arrested for overstaying in the country while Stanley was arrested for giving false information to an immigration officer in order to obtain a temporary permit.

Ms. Mbangweta added that Stanley tried to obtain a temporary permit by purporting that he was doing business with a certain named company in Zambia when in fact not.

Stanley is currently detained at Kansenshi Police Station in Ndola and would appear in court tomorrow.

Maximillian appeared in court this morning but he is scheduled to re-appear in court for facts on 2nd January, 2009.

Ms. Mbangweta has also disclosed that the department last week arrested 18 Zimbabwean nationals in Livingstone for illegally entering and staying in the country.

The Zimbabweans have since been removed from Zambia to their country of origin.

In a related development, two Malian nationals, who overstayed in Zambia, were yesterday removed from Zambia to their country of origin.

She said the Malian Association in Zambia managed to secure the duo air tickets to their country of origin.

Ms. Mbagweta has since appealed to embassies, high commissions and associations in Zambia to ensure that they contacted the immigration in order to exonerate their nationals who were currently detained to facilitate their transport to their countries of origin.



  1. They should give a satisfactory explanation why we keep changing Passports and driver’s license every so often unlike other countries. We don’t want to enrich corrupt Govt persons who may want to take care of the little money Zambians have by enganging in dubious deals with printers to enrich themselves. As Zambians let us stand up for our rights , enough is enough.

  2. ba mambara! I just renewed all the passports for my family of 5 in August why didn’t you tell me then you were going to change.Why give me a 10year passport when you know you are going to change in a few months.This is corruption! Keep your passports I’m not coming to Zambia for another five years anyway.I’m sure by that time you will ask us to change again.

  3. Guys, you can not put Feb as dead line yet Zedian Embassies are not responding to our day in and day out requests for passport forms. I wonder what we can do to change some of these heads. Send forms to embassies and give people an extention unconditionally.

  4. # Can civil society and the opposition please come to our aid. This is just going to create more corruption at the passport office as people try to meet the deadline. Why can’t they just let the old passports expire. This is not service delivery. This is day light stealing from the Citizens.

    Where is Miyanda, HH, Nevers Mumba and all those fake opposition parties who like coming out just during elections. This is the time to speak for the masses. This govt is stealing from us. Passports are now a cash cow. We are already squeezed by the credit crunch and the govt now wants the little cash we have. Come one. Lets put our foot down and say no to this nonsense.

  5. #4, a lot of us feel the same frustration but we have no choice but to abide by the law. I have already contacted our embassy here and I’m just waiting for them to verify the date for me to submit my application. I advise you to do the same.

  6. There’s no mention of what the Fate of Zambians in the Diaspora will be when they travel around the world and/or to Zambia using their old Passports….

  7. #8 No I’m not paying that incompetent govt another dime.Do you know how much I paid some guy at passport office to get me the passports in time? This is a cheap ploy by those plunderers to get more money out of us.Its better I change citizenship to avoid all this crap.

  8. #8 I don’t agree with you. What law are you talking about. It is not constitution for the govt to change the passport every now and then and create clients for this corrupt industry at the passport office. We need to stand up to this. This decision was made by some useless civils servant who did not even take in consideration of the implications. We should not always take whatever these guys throw at us. Why can’t they let the old passports just expire. New applicants should be give new ones from now on and expired ones should be give new ones. That is the orderly way to do it. These guys can REFORMAT Zambia one day, ka. We need to stand up to them. This decree was made by an individual.

  9. 13#ctd..this decree was made by an individual who did not even consult with our MPs. This issue was never debated in parliament. We need to make this govt know that it is important to consults the citizens before doing something like this. When are we ever going to make our leaders listen to us? Opposition please help us here. Civil society where are you?

  10. Let’s not just follow blindly and say it’s a law then we have to abide by it. We need to hold this Govt accountable, why do they keep changing the passport’s and Driver Licenses very often, unlike other countries. Does it mean there is no planning or is it that some corrupt Govt persons are trying to take advantage of the situation because Zambians are ignorant and would follow blindly anyway. We are just demanding for Accountability and a satisfactory explanation in relation to other countries. They need to give us a schedule of how often they will continue changing these major documents if Zambia is an exception so that Zambians can plan their little money and be mentally ready with

  11. I think for people living abroad you dont have to worry about the deadline only worry if u are travelling to other countries other than Zambia.If your passport is valid and u only travelling to Zambia lets say in 2yrs they will accept it but make sure u get a new one getting out of the country after all it takes them a day to give to u if u have umuzulu.Calm down people,calm down.

  12. my children’s passports are less than five months old bakapala aba. old passports should have been phased out as people renewed their expired documents. nomba aba bakapala ati bonse chinjeni at gun point. government is feeling the effects of the global economic meltdown, but more so individuals who are equally affected by the credit crunch. ABanda Kabudula muleumfwilako abantu.

  13. contd with the frustrations that come with when dealing with our incompetent embassies,Passport and other Govt officials.

  14. They would have allowed people to renew passports after they each expire or give a 2 yr deadline. Elo its not 72 pin any more but 300 pin -30 pages then 50 pages 500 pin.

    This is nonsense! Ka Mbagwenta does she realise Feb has even less days??

  15. on top of that, we have to pay the home office to stamp our passports with new visas. awe iwe chi banda kabudula, wanyanya!

  16. #23 don’t play with nigerians they are the most advanced fraudsters on this planet next to the chinese. the only thing they cannot clone is a human being. If you think new passports can stop them think again , you are forgetting anyone can obtain a zed passport with the right bribe amount

  17. #18 That is the problem ..I don’t have umuzulu to get these one day passports. Am just tired of paying extra back door fees called nchekelako to just get efficiency work done. So am not calming down. As someone said this is just a corruption cartel sponsored by the govt and as Zambians we need to stand up to it and hold the govt accountable. Why can’t they just phase out the old passports? And the Visa/permits..Do they know that it costs about R 1 500 rands to have you new passport stamped. This is the money I can send to Zambia to help my people

  18. This is very sad. One thing is they want to change the passports, but they shouldn’t tell people that they have to be changed before a certain date, unless they tell them that if they have relatively new passport, they will not have to pay for the new one. Otherwise, they they should let people change the passports at their own time and on their own expense or at least give them like a two year deadline. It is not being fair on people in diaspora, especially if they went abroad within the past year, and then forcing them to go back to Zed for a new passport which might take who knows how long, knowing the Zambian bureaucracy.:-?

  19. #21.
    Iwe Nevers, Are they saying when you change your passport, the Home office has to stamp in a new visa? Where am going to get that money in two months. Awe, someone to explain further as I can’t understand this whole process. 😮

  20. It costs 800 Yuan here in China for Visa stamp and I am just a student. 1000 Pounds patali mwe, if you have 5 dependants 5000 Pounds?

  21. We want all the opposition parties,civic orgs & all stakeholders to challenge the Govt on this.We need them to get a satisfactory explanation why we keep changing our passports & Driver Licenses every so often unlike other countries.We also need them to investigate if there are any entities or individuals who are going to benefit from the revenue collected,who are the printers, how the tenders were managed & how will the revenue which will be collected from this venture be utilized.For those on this forum who have access to the opposition parties & civic organizations please pass on this message.We need to see the opposition and Civic org working,not just waiting for 2011 to split votes.

  22. When it comes to changing of important documents like passports Govts usually gives 12 months to 24 months notice, and also it is too expensive to get a Zambian passport.One begins to question the logic and the basis.50% of the Zambians make K1 million kwacha per month in salary that means the month they need to get a passport they will have to either steal or sleep hungry for the whole month.Nothing makes sense in Zambia,Leadership deficit a country going nowhere.The blind leading the blind.

  23. Cant they look for a constructive way of fundraising?.If you are diaspora and want to renew yor work permit or residence definately they will request for a new passport.

  24. “The Immigration Department has warned that it would not allow any Zambian to travel outside the country using old passports after February next year.”

    How about us who will be coming home from outside the country? Are we going to be allowed to travel inside the country, Zambia?


  25. #11 bob doe, #13 papa j & all others boiling up in protest. We all feel the pinch, but who will be there to support you when you’re apprehended at Heathrow, JFK or Oliver Tambo Airport because your passport is not recognized as a legal document?
    Are you going to say “it’s my government’s fault not mine?”. Good luck with such arguments.

  26. Its very inconveniencing, I have to travel to Zed Embassy in Beijing thousands of Kms from my base,I will need to spend a night in some hotel, that’s money. Pay for the form, pay for new residence permit, etc. This is absurd considering that my current passport will expire in 2016

  27. Let us hand petitions to Zambian high commission and embassy offices in the countries where we live. They have eaten masuku on our heads for far too long.

  28. #5. I agree with you regarding the Zambian embassy not responding to our requests. I wander why they can’t post the forms online, so we can print them and mail them out. It will save them save money on stamps and paper, that seem to be a big issue with out gov.

    For the past 2 months I have sent e-mails and called the embassy requesting the forms.
    They tell me Madam you need to wait for your turn.
    I know someone that applied for his passport last April, he still hasn’t gotten his passport. Some story every day tomorrow, tomorrow.

  29. @41, I think the site is still “Under Construction”. There were complaints from people because they had not updated there data, it was still showing Ba Levy as President, with MMCI, etc. Wonder why it has taken them this long.

  30. 37. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    How about the Physicist who went to the Antactica for there is no embassy there to service him and also he will be there until March 5? :-$.

  31. #42 The sad part is that it took my children’s passports ages and I was due for a visa renewal. I had to write to some MPs I know to intervene in Lusaka despite having applied for the documents in the UK.

  32. This is too much now, they want to raise the money spent during campaigns and taking the remains of LPM(RIP) to all zed provinces.there is nothing for nothing as Isreal says citizens pay the price we need to be proactive as citizens not to be reactive all the time. Let’s stop the rot.where do they think citizens will get the money? when it’s time to invest they give the mines away to foreigners and fail to tax them.

  33. Have you noticed the injustice of our government? They give us deadlines by when we must do what. However, when we ask them to do their work properly, they tell us to give them time, not deadlines.

    Why can’t they learn the way developed countries carry out similar excercises?

    The government must learn to respect us so that they can get our respect.

  34. This is too much now, they want to raise the money spent during campaigns and taking the remains of LPM(RIP) to all zed provinces.there is nothing for nothing as Isreal says citizens pay the price we need to be proactive as citizens not to be reactive all the time. Let’s stop the rot.where do they think citizens will get the money? when it’s time to invest they give the mines away to foreigners and fail to tax them.what a country …atase.

  35. #37 if you are travelling back home you need not to worry, so long your residence permit hasnt expired.you can go back with an expired passport and surrender it when in zed even after 5 years.Our worry is if you are to renew your work or residence permit definately they will require a new passport.In any case it is wise to renew,so us help rebuild the economy of zambia through a forceful sacrifice of 100Euro,kaili we dont participate in their fundraising dinners.

  36. Lusaktimes , you have a lot of visitors to the site how about your spear head a petition that we can all sign. I am fed up I wish i could boycott but that can lead to my deportation. It is a very callous move on the governments part. If there were sensible they would have spaced out the change of passports over 3 years not just in a couple of months. This will inconvience students and workers alike abroad and heaven forbid they get deported because of zambian immigration negligence

  37. This is sad, zambia has gone to the dogs, why dint the goverment inform us ahead of time, why wait this long…i am so dissapointed our embassy in washington dc and london are equally useless n not willing to help…god help us..

  38. #51, I side with you. A petition is needed. We can keep paying for Passport every year when we still 9 years left on them. £80 is not cheap with this credit crunch. We need time extention maybe until the current valid ones expires. :[email protected]


  40. ZRA has exceeded their 2008 target,where does money from RATSA, Ministry of Lands, ZP and other GRZ urgents go they all make lots of money. This money is deliberately un accounted for. We hear of copper mines what happens to emeralds mined in Zed (Zed has the second largestemerald deposists in the world). Their is heavy and deliberate mismanagement such that we end up being taxed heavily. Zed is not poor but just mismanaged,look at the quick fixes like the passport issue now.No long sustenaince plan.

  41. #57. You get the citizenship wherever you are. You will still be a foreigner not matter what. Zambia is our home and it is us who should be able to come out and improve our homeland. Nobody else will do it. Just because you are enjoying abit of pounds or dollars then you look down on Zambia. The same people in whose land you are in are the one who have bewitched you, to bring about the brain-drain which has left our country with such calibreless chaps like Mukulu mpuno. Zambia is trying by all means to update the documents. The only thing is that such changes should be announce well in advance not just at gun point.

  42. I am proud Zambia. Come rain or sunshine, winter or summer. All you guys if you want go and inhabit the planet Mars. Where is the blogger Planet Mars to welcome such guys????? Pali Zambia kamfwafyeee. Now I can see who are patriots and just chancers. Thanks LT for giving us such forum. Happy New Year.

  43. Just abide by what they are saying.Ukufwaya kuilanga bu star. Boma ni boma they wil just deal with you.And you wil be the one to loose out!

  44. #57 Please speak for yourself. I for one value my citizenship & identity to the point that I am ready to die for it and I would never sell my soul for material things. Serious!

  45. Guys what do I have to do to renounce my Zambian citizenship? I am due to apply for a maroon passport.

    Any lawyers on here?

  46. but why give passports for tens yrs when they knw soon we are goin to be changing i guess there is money they steal from this same thing of changin passports

  47. #67 [Nine Chale] You have rightly put it. There some guys who want actually others to fight their battles. Ba mposa mabwe.

  48. No.66 3RqU

    Contact the high Commission in London. They will sort it out for you. Shame that people should be forced to renounce – what a waste of talent!

  49. #66 This is what you have to do:

    1. Dress in black (don’t forget your sun-glasses!) & go and buy a white chicken.
    2. Stand in the middle of your bedroom and cough 3 times.
    3. Lean out of the window & let the chicken go.
    3. After this, beat your chest and scream “I hereby renounce my citizenship”.

    That should do.

  50. Ba Cutey the other day was even saying,they can go to hell with their new passports. Are you serious with what you are doing?Are you serious with your life.Or maybe red wine was full in your brain.Government ni government.Ndimwe bandani ba Cutey,kuti muleponta sure¡

  51. If you have lived here to a point where

    Guys what do I have to do to renounce my Zambian citizenship? I am due to apply for a maroon passport.

    Any lawyers on here? I never thought I would get to this point. I have resisted getting a British passport for years. But this is it.

    After all one is better of with a British passport. Just been watching Hotel Rwanda again.

  52. #42 I agree with you 101%. I have applied several times to the embassy to get the forms. More than two months have elapsed…something that should take one or two days to post from DC to Chicago. If forms that can be organised at the embassy can take two months….the devil knows how long it will take to get the passport. 😮



  54. Nine Chale I wasn`t asking you. It is not funny is it? Remain where you are in that country. I have been there. May be it is reason you think you have to go back.

    Please stop thinking you have to make everyone go back.

  55. 3RaU. Just say that you have been habouring the ideas of renouncing you Zambian citizenship and this passport issue has just given you the impetus. Go ahead. Wishing you all the best in your new country. Zambia does not need people who sit on the fence and and non-starters like the RB’s of this world.

  56. Hotel Rwanda hey sad movie. Big headed tutsi s and hutus. Such nonsense can never happen in Zambia. About the passports let the Zambians gov shove the new ones where the sun doesnt sun. Am not getting it. I just got a renewed my passport why didnt they tell me they where changing.

  57. Cutey,i know you are such a special and unique person.Just wanted to provoke you,i have really missed you.You really make my day! I wil always value your contributions here!

  58. People should be allowed to have dual nationality. We are losing a mountain of well educated people for no good reason.

  59. #80 I don`t know why you and Nine Chale think you have to convience everyone to go back. Look people have migrated and settled in different places.

    It is a personal choice. I do not know where you are and I have to say if you think you have to go back please go. Your choice!

  60. Cutey,
    Mulungu akudalise, ndiwe weka uli na passport Yakubwalo ise nizi. Ungaseke mwamene ufunila I wouldn’t blame you. This govt is just cash in on the free education it gave us and as have we abandoned it. Its pay back time.

    This is ridicurous. Shame zambian govt. If you have finished money
    on campains, find some other means to raise. You cant even thing of
    the impact on zambians especially us abroad. We will never come back.
    I we chi Banda think twice

  62. On passports, the fact is the decision has been made – there is nothing to debate. Either we apply or we stay put in which ever countries we are in. By the way, you cannot renew a visa using a passport that is no longer valid, neither can you use the old passport for traveling anywhere after the deadline. So unless you do not to renew your visa after the deadline, and will not be traveling across international boarders, you have no choice in the matter, except for those that intend to apply for or currently hold other passports. Imagine applying for a visa to visit your own county:(( and the Zambian visa fees are just as expensive as the new passport !

  63. Nine Chale please keep that kiss for your wife. Lads you have no option but to get these passports whatever the circumsatnces. All we can do is ask for an extention

  64. here, here the deadline MUST be extended to two years. I was in Zambia trying to get my passport for TWO WHOLE MONTHS the right way and guess what happened I left without it. Went to the passport office every flipping day and still didn’t get any help from the officals both junior and senior! Govt needs to reconsider their decision and fast.

  65. Your home is your home.Cant be compared to any other place,not eve America or UK.why are Zambians like this?proud of a country which is not yours.Despite how poor Zambia is,it wil always be my home.And i will settle there.People who are more successful than most of you here.Want to go and settle in Zambia,because thats home.Eg Clive Chirwa,Dean Mung,omba and many others.There are so many people who stayed in USA and other countries,but they are now back home.But some of you mulekakatila kufyalo fya bene. Shame on you fake Zambians and cowards.Face challenges and overcome,not inga mwamona newyork ninshi mwafulungana.

  66. #87 I really do not know/understand what you are getting at.EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE IN THEIR LIVES.. YOU HAVE YOURS and I simply do have mine.. keep yours my dear, I will keep mine.. There are so many who have these passports and more will come.. PERIOD!!!

  67. From ukzambians.co.uk

    This is to inform you that the Zambian high Commissioner has accepted our invitation to send the Immigration Personnel to come over to Manchester and perform the passport renewal exercise from here. The exercise will be conducted over 2 days, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November, 2008.

  68. :d/:d/ phew just checked my passport and it expires in november 2009, so iw ill just renew it once i get back to zed on a visit in jast a week befor end of november that way while i am on vacation for 3 months i can renew the passport with no fuss coz by that time the passport rush would have been over

  69. Cutey, Thats why I avoid talking to you, you really come out with a nasty way of telling someone off. Awe let me stay away before you lash out at me as well. 😮

  70. Trust a Zambian site to say that 8-9 November 2008!

    Somebody was saying this morning that the Zambian Embassy in Pretoria still has a poster about the eclipse. :d:d

  71. If people are truly serious about helping to stamp out corruption, they should start naming and shaming corrupt officials – I’m sure many of the people here know a few.

  72. 3RqU No need to renounce your zambian passport. Just apply for a red one and keep everything silent of the zambian side. That way you can be a pseudo dual nationality holder. Thats What I do anyway , you have no obligation to tell the zambian government. The zambian government only find out if you travel with your red passport

  73. ..And when you do get round to renewing your passports in Z, use the proper channels rather than paying some corrupt person to expedite it for you. Hypocrisy is rife even among the harshest critics of corruption!

    Luckily, I was able to renew my passport for less than K400,000 in October. It was painless, if you accept that things will take at least four days longer than you think! The state of the passport office in Lusaka was very depressing. We really have to start developing the country from scratch!

  74. I am a british citizen and zambian citizen , it’s wrong but a lot of people do it because our government is too backward to implement dual nationality. many countries that are developed know the potential economic benefits this can bring Inia for example. But our government treats people as diaspora like enemies and always implements policies to screw us over.

  75. Why are you guys getting heated up?? Only have to worry when u have to leave the country. Your current documents remain valid till their expiry date. When travelling elsewhere & are confronted, chances of which are low, simply explain you are to obtain your new one when you renew. The Govt. hasn’t said your current documents are illegal, just that they won’t allow you to leave Zed. Infact u can take the govt to task if they invalidated your documents whilst u are abroad, if they haven’t taken reasonable steps to facilitate ur renewal within a physically reasonable time frame, more so for those who have recently renewed & but Govt neglected issuing the new ones or warned about the change!

  76. zambian-economist dot blogspot dot com/2008/06/case-for-dual-citizenship dot html

    “A few weeks ago, the Citizenship Committee of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) unanimously resolved to recommend to include dual citizenship in the Zambian constitution. The resolution provoked mixed reactions from the Zambian public.”

    Excellent article from June 08

  77. #99. Dobo Banton(9th).LLB Cheers mate.

    I have been putting it off for some time now.

    What is annoying we are a poor country. I was here when the UK were changing their driving licences and passports. They never gave a dead line.

    Why should we be given a dead line? I renewed the blaming passport in August. Why do I have to start paying them money again?

  78. Immigration spokesperson is even proud to say what she is saying, does she mean what she is saying. to the the zambian embassy in south Africa, they don’t have forms, to issue traveling documents, if it is paspports it takes ages for them to be prossed, and the people at the embassy are very generous to advise zambians to come back home and get the new passports. My brother got a new passport in october and he had started applying for the study permit in one of the embassy only to be told that the passports have chnaged and when he went to get the new passport he paid the same amount of mnoney to the make the matter worse his passport had a new number. How does one explan this?

  79. No problem 3RqU Just make sure you keep it a secret because if the Zambian government suspects you they can easily deport you from Zambia. I use the zambian one only when travelling to Zambia to prepare my retirement.

  80. My only question is if you are in the diaspora, how are you to know about the news on the new passports.

    Yes we have the online media like Lusaka Times but not everyone in the diaspora is a frequent visitor of the site. How are people going to be informed about the new passports??

    What happens when they reach Heathrow and are either arrested or rejected for using a false document?? How are they to defend their case??

  81. Good night, i will join you again tomorrow. I will phone the the High Commission thats if they will open to get more details which i will share will all of you

  82. #65 Aha! Just say racism yacila ku Germany! :d

    There is racism in Britain but it can not be compared to where you are my friend!:-\”

  83. I SERIOUSLY think Ms Mbangweta and her passport office are being insensitive over the plight of people..why february should be the deadline, am not sure and besides that i hear the passports are WAY more expensive now than ever before….mwati RB and his govt. are thinking of the ORDINARY Zambian who was having trouble even getting the old one at K72 pin?? Bwafya?? Whats the rush if I may ask?? I would expect these people to give at least a year before they start makingsuch deadlines….and its just been 3mths or so….

  84. I think instead of enforcing a deadline, they should rather phase them out.

    It already takes ages to get passports. What they should do is give out new passports for the people applying for them currently, allow the people with the old passports to use them until they expire and after they have expired, they must be required to get new passports.

    The current decision is inconveniencing us. Are you telling me I must go all the way to the Zambian embassy just to get the passport. We are talking an expensive trip here. I cannot afford it.

  85. thanks for the information of new passports.but my question to the immigration office where ever u are located answer me please why did u give students who came to Russia in November some old passports.today u are saying by February you need new passports.when did u change to new passports??be kind enough why do u want to start stealing money from Innocent people???BAZEDI

  86. Prior to this recent change, I just filled in the forms and sent the application to Z where a friend submitted it for me. It was far cheaper than trying to get it done here, and far more efficient. The embassy here had lost my forms on two occasions and could not give me any sensible answers as to what happened to my third application form.

  87. I’m not surprised the SA embassy has posters of the eclipse! Have a look at the London High commission website – shockingly vacant of useful information – not even on the passports saga. Yet the Ministry of Lands has managed to set up a very helpful and well designed site.

  88. Bo #51. Musululo wa ndongo I agree, but maybe we could find another way of circulating a petition to all those who will be affected by this senseless deadline. For three months I have been asking for the forms but no response from the embassy here in Washington DC!!!

  89. #119. 3RqU

    You where/are mistaken. I am currently independent. I was for HH until he disappointed me with his power hogging. SATA is one who I cannot stomach and any thought of him being president makes me want to throw up.

    MMD also does not sit well with me. I just acknowledge when a good policy is passed. I cannot be negative just because I do not support MMD and I don’t have to be MMD to be positive when MMD passes a good policy. ONLY THE DULL AND UNEDUCATED ILLITERATES BEHAVE IN SUCH A MANNER and I have no intentions of behaving that way.

    I am currently looking for a credible candidate and for me it should either be a youth or a woman.

    I am however shocked by your prejudice.

  90. If Mr Sata is our only hope I will slit my wrists now!

    There is a bright gem waiting to explode onto the scene out there, we just have to be patient! It will not matter which party the gem will spring from.

  91. Bwezani is busy raising money for more Castle Lager….what a country!!! I am getting my Antarctica Citizenship…forget the Zed passport….afetrall, the writing on the front disappeared in one month!!!! Don’t need, good ridance!!!!!

  92. Guys you are getting all wrong!

    Your UK Visa is still valid until the day it expires regardless of whether its stamped in the old passport or new one. However, if at this moment in time you need to renew your visa, the home office will require the new passport for the visa endorsement. If you are in Zambia, you wont be able to fly out of the country using your old p.port bcoz immigration officials will demand you have a new passport regardless of the expiry date. If you are in a foreign country, your old passport is still valid until the day you need to travel to a foreign country or travel back to Zambia as it were. STOP BEING PANICKY, WE WILL BE GIVEN AN EXTENSION VERY SOON.

  93. #123

    It`s very disrespectful to use capital letters when talking to someone.

    About passports, sorry you are dealing with an African government, you will just have to go and get it if you need one I am afriad. Good luck!

  94. #131. 3RqU

    I was using capital letters to assert my point. I thought that was obvious due to the structure of the whole post. If you are offended, I apologize.

    I also thank you for your patronizing support on the passport issue.

  95. #84, for the first time mwalandako ifusma pali ine,, lyonse ma negative.. I am not as bad as I sound but some bloggers can make you be what you are not.and boy oh boy do I hit back hard. I hope twala umfwana kufuma lelo..
    Happy Newyear, katwishi nga ni ku States muli..
    No hard feelings from me to you..Actually I will tell you more about red wine…

    The most healthy social drink recommended.::::
    It uncloggs your arteries, so imwe ninshi no heart condition ..
    ha hah lol<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  96. Free-Market-Capitlst Sorry if you think I am patronising (glad you spelt it with a Z, American way). I have made my stance clear. I won`t be getting the green passport. Look at my posts above.

    May be I should shut my gob :d

  97. first the faded kwacha notes,then the fading drivers licenses and now new passports.i wonder what defect will defall this new Government effort to better Zambianise us all..its really funny though,i had a torrid time convincing some sharp eyed door bouncer about the authenticity of my i.d,on a day when the only i.d i had was my severely faded drivers license..heck it was colder than cold that day!!please Government authorities,spare us alot of unpleasantness by providing clear,durable and overall better means of identification which will justify my queing up at the boma for days on end!

  98. Word of caution:

    If you intend to renew your passport in Z, make sure you have your NRC for without it, you will not get the new passport. I had to spend a day getting a police report, and two more days getting a new NRC sorted out before any progress could be made on the passport application. It was not a pleasant experience!

  99. That’s so true Jaroph I sent so much time between the boma trying to get my NRC, lawyers office to get not one but three statual declarations done and the passport office eventually I gave up

  100. #73, to be honest with you, Iam very bitter torwards these people as an incident happened on my recent trip to Zedi. They confiscated my Zedi passport( ala, didn’t know that I had carried it with me in my handbag)
    Now do you see why Iam laughing???

    No red wine involved here…:o

  101. #96, there is no way a person can be nasty in retaliation for no apparent reason.
    For instance someone starts provoking you for no reason what do you do?? kwikalafye zii??
    at least Chewe has told me he enjoys provoking me.. and so I know why he does it..
    I wish I had a heart like yours..
    with me ni malabishi back ku malabishi.. :-h

  102. Cutey
    Ok cutey, Maybe I should choose my words nicely. Of late bloggers have said bad stuff to you while I looked on but didn’t come to your defence. It has been a crucial time on the blog that people who marely wanted to chat were told off. I for one I hid in the corner. You and me have some good memories on this blog. Ok am sorry. And I will come to your defence when someone attacks you again. I just wanted to tell you this. Sorry. I hope my apology is accepted.



  105. Zambian missions abroad are not ready to facilitate passport changes for those outside Zambia. I urge the immigration department to be more realistic and co-ordinate this work efficiently rather than issuing threats and deadlines.
    Having a passport is a right of every citizen just like having an NRC and not a privilege.
    For once, try do your work in a more organized manner and stop changing national documents like so constantly like underwear…

  106. No. 148

    The closest thing I have seen to an on line form is the pdf on the high commission site for Canada. Unfortunately, it refers to the forms you have to fill in but they are not included in the pdf document or anywhere else on the site

  107. All countries are moving to digitalized machine readable passports (stage I), to be followed by a move to biometric passports (stage II). Unfortunately, Zambia has to comply.

    ‘Timing, cost and efficiency of the change over procedure’ is another matter…..

  108. No. 151

    They need an unrealistic deadline to get people thinking and moving. In Lusaka were struggling to cope with minimal volumes of applicants in October so I cannot see them copping with an avalanche of applications before the deadline, which can only mean that it will be extended.

  109. #144, Ba brother/akalongosi Nichani??? bwa??

    Happy New year to you and all your loved ones… <:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  110. #145, Sarah Jones am honestly touched and humbled by your apology,, wel taken my dear. I don’t mind much these days but well I think and believe I took it head on.. minded my own business and at times turne d into multiple personality like anyone else.. you know what I mean.. you will never know how much those attacks meant ot me.. I am a hard working dignified lady in my own ways and as I said in the before I really like to have someone genuine to blog with sensibly day to day issues about Zedi and I have my blessings from hubby to do so.. so you see. bloggers said bored this and that , I don’t really care Iam who Iam.. Wishing you a good newyear.. :x:x:x:x:[email protected]};[email protected]};[email protected]};[email protected]};[email protected]};[email protected]};-<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  111. #145, so who ever attacks you from now on azachiona from the dedicated humble lady bloggers.. ati ku facebook.. fyabwa iche ifyooo.
    yembekeza ni pangono, wina azayamba..

    I feeI might be humbled in that maybe be I might be the first to wish you a happy newyear ‘on the gong’ as we are always the first ones here..

    ****sending best wishes for the coming year to your loved ones.*:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-#:-s#:-s<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  112. Cutey,
    Oh Cutey don’t make me cry. My eyes are full of tears. Am glad you have accepted my apology.
    Let me tell you a secret. sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I have had two glasses of red wine and am now drinking water to calm my stomach.

  113. #158, this “boss’ lady just said I had to choose.. and I was too tired after a 24 hours flight to argue.. all the same she told me she was going to send it to whoever- then my name will be listed as no longer.. so to hell!!!she can stuff it upp…

  114. our zambian embassy in new york is only good at hosting independence parties and mourning our beloved LPM. they have failed to provide us with passport forms imagine! i wish banda would retire the entire work force as they are good for nothing!

  115. #158,I paid my $50 fee as a tourist in order to visit my sister who had just lost her husband.., On their incoming card there is no provision for ‘visiting’ so I refused to tick any box.. I told her I was not a tourist…but came to visit my sister.. :o:o:o:o

  116. I am contemplating of having the current Zambian Passport I have right now as the last one. This move will be in protest to the way the MMD GRZ has been handling the issue of new passports over the 17 years in power. In fact, I have also started considering obatining a Drivers License from another country so that I will not be affect by the imminent new ones that will be announced soon in Zambia.

    This is time to be serious, for joeks and jokers in my country Zambia have let me down!

  117. #160, Good. You will have good health. Your arteries will be unclogged, no heart condition for you and Chewe, not now..

    Thanx for listening to my genuine sentiments <:-p<:-p<:-p<:-p

  118. I share your frustration people.Contact your consulate,give them your details(good luck)they’ll mail you the “bar coded” forms which have to be sent from Lsk.Send the forms to them or Lsk w/ copies of your NRC,picture,signature & receipt pages.They say u had foreign nationals(Nigerians) abusing the system.They will try & rely on your NRC to determine Citizenship(LOL).In a world where people send robots to Mars they don’t even have downloadable forms on their website.By the way,you won’t be able to travel on the old ones unless u are going back to Zambia. We definitely need competent people in immigration & 200,000+ Zambians of origin/descent abroad,Dual Citizenship is a no brainer.

  119. Ms. Mbagweta, Kindly note, There are Zambians abroad for whom you have not made provision. Although others stress it is an economic problem they are complaining about truth is it is your departments in-ability to administer the change appropriately. @US$20 which is lunch for two it is affordable as a product but not as a process. Meaning the obtaining of applications, the submission method, uncertainty of time in readiness, the emailing to embassies, the lack of transparency and accountability of process is all poorly coordinated. There are visa’s in our passports and the risks of losing them is high. So Ms Mbangweta, instead of issuing threats kindly inform us on these, and quite…

  120. 169. Cutey, #165 Maesrto ba bro.. this will be your last ‘passpo’??

    I am considering this issue serious to protest against such abuse of office by the concerned officers. :|.

  121. Our govt deserves a standing ovation!There is no Zambian Embassy in Australia but apparently the one in Japan have taken it upon themselves to process the passports for us. They are charging more than what we would pay in Lusaka.I’m very FRUSTRATED because I got a new one a few months ago, surely there must be an exemption for people who got new ones this year?Elo I hear they are going to Green like Nigerian passports, yaba.Does anyone know what’s so special about these new passports?What will happen if you travel back home on an old passport?Will we get arrested at the airport?Standing ovation indeed!

  122. #168 cont.d. …honestly you will see people respond positively. So prove your self a leader by working smart with your people, treat them with respect. inform them provide the necessary infrastructure to support your intentions and you will be pleasantly surprised.- don’t assume patronage over us unless you behave as a protecting and providing parent rather than a despotic demeaning one. regards. one beautiful mind.

  123. Due to concerns by Geologist, Canada, and 108. Dobo Banton(9th).LLB, I will be using the username G~la_fj in place of Maestro Hhehhehhehhe for some time.
    I also wish to send you all my happy prosperous New Year 2009 to you all old and would-be new LT bloggers.
    Having written that, I would like to announce, formally, that I will be very very rare on LT in the year 2009. This is because I am re-mounting operation ‘become Chess Grand Master’ and also I will be working for personal development following the advice from UPND spokesman Zambezi MP Charles Kakoma. I may not be available later in the day to do this since I have been invited somewhere to celebrate New 2009.

    Be blessed y’all.

  124. #173 continued.
    I will definately miss you all and continue doing a noble cause for Zambia. Someday we will just make it as a Nation that will have move from low stature to one that will be riding on high, higher, heights.

    By God’s grace, I hope to make it into the New Year 2009. I will be praying for you all and our country at large.

    Please, remember who you are always and take care of yourselves.

    With heart-felt love,

    Mugungulu H. Mwaanga as Maestro Hhehhehhehhe.

  125. The U.S. also came out with new electronic passports some time ago, however they allowed the use of the older type until they expired. Maybe Zambia should do the same.

  126. #170, nomba how is my sister going to vote for you pa Zedi if you go that way naimwe???
    You are more ‘presdo’ material than batata ba ‘SATA’, you know that.. (no offence meant to PF supporters) munjeleleko, nshilefwaya ulubuli in Newyear 2009. soon…:)>-:)>-:)>-:)>-l-)

  127. 177. Cutey, I will take your input into account as I seek for a sound solutions to this New Zambian Passports Crises by February issue.

    Thanks for the concern.

  128. I am reliably told the change of passports is inevitable for Zambia as Zedi has to move forward like any other nation but I storngly condemn the manner in which they are conducting the exercise…

    Australia has a passport whereby no stamping is done/required whilst leaving or coming into the country..–‘bravo’– not like kumo-kumo naishiba eko ba bika chi green visa stamp ‘ichikulu pena pee’:>:>:8-}

  129. #175, mwalaba epo bantapila ukulaya ba ndume yandi ba Maestro?? time will tell..
    ni kanono balaisa..

    lolela…. :-w:-w:-w8->8->8->8->8->8->8->8->

  130. :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d, am not coming to Zed anyway. Kuli njala, i don’t want my stomach to look like KK’s eyes or face**==

  131. wondering what kind of professional advisors are in the Passport dept. which books have they ready to wrongly advise the gov.
    any country you go when you change systems allow the those valide to expire, until then a new passport can be issued, unless ther’s a crises. American dollar until today is using in parallel both new and old currence. Australian number plate changed a long time but those with old cars are still using older plate numbers.
    Please bane donot set dirt traps for RB, give him good advise.

  132. I concur with 184 and related comments. We seem to have people who are in wrong offices at the wrong time.

    I hope the cries and pleas that have been expressed in this topic will fall on ears and brains of humane Zambian passport office Citizens.


  133. It is okay to introduce new passports. However, the ones that have not expired yet should be valid and remain legal documents. Change in relation to the new passports should occur in cases such as loss of old passports/expired. The British Govt. has Introduced new passports and they have not made it mandatory to obtain new ones. The old ones that are still in date remain valid. This only affects new applicants, those that have lost their passports and those that posses expired ones. For this reason, I would like to know the motive behind the deadline. This move highlights the significancy of corruption in Govt. and the lack of strategic initiatves by the people looking after our interests.

  134. I think and strongly feel that people with passports obtained in the last three years should be given a full refund or be allowed to just ‘top up’ in exchange for a new passport. Govt. knew that they were introducing new passports well in advance and they did not care to advise us, the citizens. The financial implications involved in changing documents be it in the name of national security remain complex to most of us ordinary Zambians. Yet the Govt. with little care is passing the cost to us. ‘Sad’…whatever happened to accountability and transparency…!!!

  135. This is the most criminal act our govt has committed since LPM died. Money is not everything, if we all gave our application forms to you and demand out passports within 90 days, I bet you wont cope.

    The solution is: Each time you travel to Zambia, get a new passport before you leave. That would allow you to prcoess passports at your pace.Our passports should remain valid in tmhe diaspora until 2011 because then the govt will gebnuinely change and most of your officers will be fired anyway. We will do this in two days like Sata. High Commissioners, Ambassdors advise RB directly. The cost of changing visas is far too high now for your people.

  136. MMD uk will intervene for all MMD residents in response to #188. A message will be posted after consultations are over.

  137. In memory of the year 2008

    1.Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free,
    Land of work and joy in unity,
    Victors in our struggle for our right,
    We’ve won freedom’s fight,
    All one strong and free

  138. Chorus
    Praise be to God… praise be, praise be
    Bless our great Nation… Zambia, Zambia,
    Free men we stand,
    Under the flag of our land,
    Zambia, praise to thee,
    All one strong and free.

  139. 2.One land and one Nation if our cry,
    Dignity and peace meet Zambia’s sky,
    Like a noble eagle in its flight,
    Zambia, praise to thee,
    All one strong and free.

  140. 3.Africa is our mother land,
    Fashioned with and blessed by God’s good hands,
    Let us all her people join as one,
    Brothers under the Sun,
    All one strong and free.

  141. It is understandable that people are not happy with the issue o passports, especially the time limit, which actually could have been extended. However, people should not confuse the recent campaigns and the funeral of Levy, even the international financial melt down as the reason for the change of passports. The passport issue of introducing new passports has been there for the past two years. I am sure the logistics were not yet in place then. The best way, instead of just backing like tu galu twa mucomboni, it is important to ask and get informed: safunsa andya pula. And I can see a number of you guys have indeed eaten tar. Good luck 4 those who are now denying their Zedian citizenship

  142. 2008 reflections:

    “Nangu chibe shani Nipabwato” – PF LT cadres in chorus.
    “Ngoyu genteremani” – U-Team LT supporter.
    “This election is about continuity of LPM’s policies” – MMD.

    Who was the most composed and consistent blogger on LT?
    What was the most interesting news of the year?
    What was the saddest news of the year?
    Who is the most improved blogger of the year?
    Who was the most annoying blogger of the year?
    Who was the best politician of the year?
    Who was the best comedian on the political scene?
    Who is the most serious contender for Zambian President come 2011 based on 2008 issues?

  143. Our asinine government has a way of making a mess of very good intentions. the passport issue is just another mess. just wait and see how it unfolds.

  144. I am told if you pay ZMK500 000 the passport is processed faster (even within a day) & it takes longer if you pay ZMK300 000. Isn’t this just a govt. money making venture? Promise you that we haven’t heard the last of such schemes. We’ve changed from blue books to white books, changed NRCs…what next? Why can’t we have a document that can last a generation like many other countries?

  145. Is there something in zed that we can’t see? I mean all these foreigners lying to stay in zed. Makes me appreciate zed. I am coming home mother zed!

  146. That is a good move as I wonder how the Zambian students out the country will obtain the new passport. Students in Russia, China,Cuba etc depend on their BC to survive. I think it will be hard for them to issue new passport.

  147. Thanks for your contributions both negative and positive as GRZ the decision has been made and don’t blame the messenger (mbagweta) make sure u have a new pp by end february. Afterall we just making a few kwachas from you in diaspora and we are thinking of how to tax u wen u travel as u don’t contribute so much to the national treasury.Anywhere am rushing for early morning game viewing later.

  148. Hopefully, Zambian missions abroad can start processing these new paasports ASAP!!

    By the way, anybody seen this article:-

    We’re no terrorists, say Islamic clerics arrested by police
    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    The State Security Service (SSS) has set free six foreign nationals arrested recently by the police in Abuja over allegations of being Islamic terrorists.

    •Photo: Sun News Publishing
    More Stories on This Section


    The six Zambians who were arrested by the police in Abuja on the suspicion of recruiting and training terrorists in a mosque in Kuje, Abuja, regained their freedom last week and spoke to newsmen at the weekend in Kuje, Ab

  149. #201 We don’t contribute much? Do you know what you are talking about? We are the only group that sends money to Zambia without taking anything out. The infestors you believe in have take more money out of Zambia than they have put into that economy. Check with Western Union my friend if you need the figures. You have no idea what contributions we make. Just keep quite and go and view game with RB in Mfuwe, obviously on tax payers money.

  150. Ok too much emotions on this one. Remember 9/11 and the demand to introduce passports with biometric features? This is the answer to that by the hard working MMD govt. So it is in your interest that you change your passport. This is not a Zambian govt deadline. All countries are going biometric and we have to follow. You will not be allowed to go anywhere with that old passport. Blame Bush and Osama for this. Do you have to pay for the new passport, of course. It costs to produce the new one and somebody need to pick up that cost tab

  151. This is absolutely rubbish, what kind of leaders do we have honestly. Has this man even been to grade 1? Do you know how much unnecessary congestion and confusion this will bring about? Let them start issuing new passports to those who are getting for the first time or those seeking replacements after expiry and allow those with old ones to use them until there are phased out completely with time and usage. If they feel compelled by some sensible reason to have the passports changed immediately, then those who have current passports still valid should be allowed to exchange for new ones without paying a penny. I am not going to pay for government’s lack of foresight and planning.

  152. #209

    Batata mulicipuba imwe.

    I have a 90year old neighbour (bless him) who still has the old British passport. He says he is not changing it. The government here has not given him the dead line. Yes he wont be going out of the country (as if he would any way ) with it.

  153. nafwa ine, me and my four children!!!! ziza choka kuti. i gat school fees/bills to meet. my daughter has just made it to grade 8 and all four are going to new grades….. :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((

  154. #215 just google Biometric Passports and you will see what am talking about.

    By the way What are you doing around 90 year old Brits? Is that were you are working cleaning their bums? Yaba, guys, some of these jobs you leave your country for? That is why some of us would rather be at home or work in a Zambian embassy where you are accorded the dignity as a Zambian

  155. You guys complaining, this issue was raised early this year(2008)and most of you knew about it. Why wait for the lats minute?? Am just from Zed and got the new passport. It takes 2 weeks for a normal application and 3 days for an express application. Stop mourning and make frantic efforts to obtain one. Typical Zambians, move your a%s#s and get that passport before 28/02/09.

  156. #217 I have stop wearing rose tinted glasses only then will you be able to see the world. As for now, all you see is the person that gave you the job.

    I heard about Biometric passports before you even knew they would be coming for obvious reasons.

    All I am saying is it is wrong for government to give a dealine.

    As for the job I do, yes I am a bum cleaner! You have a got a good job there, working at the embassy! More like people used to say-I am a banker. (no offence bankers)lol!


  157. Passports will be ready for collection within 21 working days after application forms are received at the passportissuing centre, provided all requirements are complied with.
    New Fees:
    a) Application forms for Zambian passport K20 000. 00 (US$5)
    b) 48 pages passport K500, 000.00 (US$125)
    48 pages passport (express) K700, 000.00 (US$175)
    c) 32 Pages passport K300, 000.00 (US$75)
    32 pages passport (express) K500,000.00 (US$125)
    d) Travel document of identity K50,000.00 (US$12.50)
    e) Penalty fee for lost passport K100,000.00 (US$25)
    f) Penalty fee for lost travel document of identity K50,000.00 (US$12.50)
    g) Express service charge (only at Lusaka Headquarters) (US$50)

  158. This is really surprising indeed. I have written to the Zed embassy in Sweden requesting for information from uyu Joyice Musenge and I have not got any response at all. In this case however we are talking about passports that have not expired, therefore it is not the problem of the citzens of Zambia, but the Govt. It is the Govt that should foot the bill for the passports and not the people, especially those in Zambia as they pay TAXI to the govt. The Govt should use its collections from TAXI paid by the people in Zambia to foot this bill. Regarding the filling in of forms it is not necessary at all, as persons wanting to get the new passport should only take their old ones and exhange…

  159. #221 cont.
    What’s the charge for the express express express service then?
    I guess I won’t be getting my passport anytime soon

  160. Con… for a new one and not all this crap. That is how it is done in other countries

    For those living abroad just get passports from the countries in which you reside, this is what I will do now after having stuck to the Zambian passport even for the 19 years I have lived in Denmark. LAst time I renewd my passport it took me almost 3 years to get a new passport from the time I applied and paid up to the time I got the passport

  161. #223 cease fire. I have stopped. Time to move on.

    By the way these passports will be changed again because the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) have just finalised the e-passport standards specification. These standards ensure interoperability of passport technology among member countries, and require the storing of a photographic image in a contactless chip embedded in the passport. Countries with appropriate equipment can verify a traveller’s identification by accessing the biometric data contained in the e-passport

    So people that is were we are going and brace yourselves for another change. Get used to it.

  162. Passport fee

    48 pages 500,000 Kwacha
    48 pages express 700,000 kwacha
    32 pages 300,000 kwacha
    32 pages express 500,000 kwacha

  163. #231
    But how can one get hold of the application forms if the embassy doesn’t answer emails and phone calls?
    Are the embassy guys on holiday? And the deadline is February 2009, this is a big joke!

  164. I for one know that we don’t have oppositions in Zambia, they only show up for our vote..Zambia is a dead Country. There is no order , you can tell by this chap is scaring hell out of Zambians. Let form Zed abroad Coalition that will take over the Govt and suck all this civil workers who don’t know what they are doing.

  165. Wah dis? Me jus’ renew me passport last summer! A peer opression weh dem a deal wid. Dem done know seh nuff people a go pay, so me nuh watch no deadline, seen?

  166. # 92 Sosa sosa ichalo chilekumfwa! you are right Chewe, its typical of Zambians and i dont wonder at all these comments about Zambia and how others even intend to renounce their citizenship. Good for them but i must confess that to be in Zambia you can live the way that you want as long as you work hard. I am happy and comfortable. I have my own house and i drive, i only pay water, electricity and rate bills. but i live well and my job takes good care of me and my family. on a daily basis i have 3 meals, of nshima with chicken, beef, dry beans, chibwabwa, bondwe, mushroom, rape, etc and am happy. my children have 3 meals including tea/juice at 10.00 and 16.00 hours.

  167. Travelling a privilege, so quit whining. Next you’ll be saying violation of human rights. If you don’t want one don’t get one, stay put wherever you are. Pitiful.

  168. #92 Chewe i agree with u 100%, home is home and for sure there is no place at home. **== i am Zedian thru and thru, have a house, car and only pay water, electricity, rate bills. live well and have well cultured, inteligent children. when my cousins visit from the UK or USA they indeed congratulate us for the achievements that they find in us and confess that they would want to come back but never know where to start from. they really envey us. But sure you have to have a job to manage a good life style here.

  169. DID YOU KNOW?????
    The ‘Chip’ being used on the much talked about Biometric Passports (New Passports) has a manufacturer warranty of only up to 24 months (2yrs). So who is going to pay the cost for replacement of these passports when read errors start being detected??

  170. My passport will be expiring in March 2012.Why cant the you let me get a new one that time. Is it that the govt makes money by twisting the citizen arms. Every they want money they bring fun demands from the people.Plse stop harassing citizens.

  171. #238 Makeni East you are right. tickets are possible in Zambia and can comfortably go to USA/UK for a holiday, though the only difficult is they Visa. These bazungus think its all Zambians are dying to live in their countries, atase! at least with my hard work China, Hongkong, Dubai, South Africa, India, Turkey, nipa doorstep chabe! what can a Zambian fail. this is not just kumbwiko but really happening here. Poverty, compounds are not only in Zambia but name them African countries but of course we want this picture to change. But then i think bamuchona mukebukisha, some African-American are trying hard to trace their roots, your children shall one day.**==

  172. #72; Quite humourous!!! But such things only happen in comedies!

    Nway, ala nomba lwanya kuli corruption pa zed – kanofye ngataukwete umuzulu.

    What an inconvenience, twafweniko twapapata otherwise twafileka ukuba ama zambian!%-(

  173. I think there is no need to change citizenship now since in the expected new constitution there is a clause that will allow people dual citizenary. #209 and 228 MMD Chief Bootlicker has given a good explaination on where we seem to be heading on passports, and this will definetely not the last change since we are members of the Global village. So guys continue giving some revenue to govt…………..

  174. if only the Zambian embassy ever PICKED UP THEIR PHONE!!! it only ring after hours… they need to phase them out instead of making deadlines… eh wekl guess Ill scrap in trips to zambia then too much politicking and trying to make money from every avenue

  175. #232 Do we really need to fill applications forms when we have done that once already. We should just send our old passports and they send a new one to us.

    I do not know what is wrong with the Embassy people, just like I do not understand why at all they are there

  176. If you are an illogo, just throw away your passpo and when caught say you came from South africa. Say you came some 12, 15 yrs ago. The SA embassy will not have a trace of you, dont mention Zambia. and the immigaration will be forced to let you go as they will have nowere to deport you. They may keep you for a few weeks. Then press your case with social services, and you will be given chidindo.
    If you are feed up of living like a rat because of being illigo try the above process. It works, it has worked for many of my bululus.

  177. Those in diaspora: You will be allowed to trave back to Zambia on old passport even after say 2 years, but will will not come out of Zambia once you are in using old passport. Dont panic by the slow response of your embassies.

  178. #222, maybe you should check your e-mails. The Zambia Embassy sent e-mails to Z citizens in this part of the world regarding this issue.
    This does not in any way minimize the fact that I should change passports just a few months after I renewed. It’s insane!

  179. Nice it sounds strange to me. and now what about those are not in Zambia at the moment and doing there studying outside zambia. Are included for action. Because we have to know what we should do.

  180. An incompetent administration always adopts an arrogant stance when dealing with matters. This is no way to treat us, us citizens. Even colonialists could have behaved more civilised!!!!

  181. Typical of corrupt civil service.Why not carry out a smooth change over as old passports expire. A Passport not IS NOT MONEY.
    And the attitude at the London embassy just like back home civil service.

  182. Like someone has mentioned, the gov’t is simply following ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organisation)standards of making sure every country that signs up to this standard to change to e-passports or biometric passports. biometric passports contain a microchip also known as an RFID (radio frequency identification)tag which will store a passport holder’s biometric data. Unfortunately what the Zambian gov’t and others gov’t are not telling their citizens is the privacy and security implications of these new passports. With an e-passport you can be tracked, profiled and monitored without your consent and knowledge. Also your identity can be cloned through a technique called skimming.

  183. No. 250

    If you next stop is Zambia after the deadline, you do not need to do anything. You can travel on your current passport to Z. You only need to renew it if you intend to travel to other countries after the deadline has passed.

  184. No. 254


    For those who are just joining the debate, or are still fuming with rage, most of your questions and concerns have already been answered in the preceding postings.

    Thank you to all those who have made a positive and informative contribution.

  185. ” The Immigration Department has warned that it would not allow any Zambian to travel outside the country using old passports after February next year. ”

    Since when is it up to the immigration department to stop people from leaving the country???

    I thought you needed a passport to enter another country, not to leave the country where you are a citizen?

    Is this some kind of old colonial era leftover, where people are not free to move and must stay where they are?

  186. Mr K, be sensible, which countries allow citizens to cross boarders without valid passports, apart from those with common agreements such as the Schengen area in the EU?

    Your comment makes little sense to me, please explain.

  187. The forms can be downloaded on zambian embassy in berlin so to get there just type in ” new zambian passport” on google and the links will come up. However the catch is even if you get the forms online you are still required to travel to your embassy in person.

    Personally am in a fix i am travelling to uk on 14 Feb and i already have visa but the embassy is telling me that even when i apply for the new passport they dont know when it will be out. So if its not out by the time i have to travel i will use my old passport

  188. Thank you for yor notice for new paoosport.

    However, the following are pills hard to swallow for us, the public:

    1. why should this exercise be so rushed up like an emergence?

    2. Why cant the govt allow current passports to be used atleast until june 2009 or probably end of next year, 2009?

    3. Month of january is crucial school month, Does our govt realise this?

    4. Whos’ interest is this serving, the Zambian public or the already rich and famous Zambian politicians or?????

    5. A 32 page passport paged at k320,000 for an average Zambian? This is too much, how much does an average Zambian employee earn?


  189. by the way the application forms are sent to zed for processing of passport and the embassies have to wait for a good number of applications to pile up before they are sent or the alternative is you pay for posting yourself so that your papers can get to zed in time

  190. I got mine passport last year August and expires in 2016, so sure should i change to the new one? Why not let me use this one until the expirry date? awe but sorce of revenue yashupa pa Zed.

  191. #226…I hear you. After all, the zedian-ness is inside. However, there is no excuse to be abroad for more than 20 plus. You can leave your children born abroad and come back home. Expecting you in a few years so you can put to use the experience earned abroad to create jobs

  192. Ati kupusa ba kambwe aba! When did a govt dept in Zed ever become so efficient as to give such a short period of deadline to complete a task as complicated as this one? Ndipo nindaboneko bakhungu bambula zelu nga aba! As far as diaspora Zedians are concerned, we will use the old passports around the world many times, who knows where Zed is on the map and worse it more how a new Zedian passport looks like?? Mukujiteta waka, lutani uko kutali a kambwe imwe, next year u r changing drivers licences! In fact u were almost thinking of changing NRCs, but u realised it involves majority poverty stricken sons of the soil! I will only come to change the document in 2015! hahahaha mulije na soni, dam!

  193. #268 Coming back to Zambia after living abroad for 20 yrs is not an easy task,I was in Zed to open a new business it is a nightmare to incorporate a company not only is it expensive you must plan to spend at least one month on the line to register by the way bring your breakfast and lunch.The incorporating of a business should cost K20,000 because the new business will create more jobs and it will pay taxes make it easy for people to open more new businesses

  194. #267..well my dear its up to you and me to speak out something can be done…HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALLL it gonna be :-\” tonight

  195. its new years eve just realised yaaaaa no need to cry bye bye 2008 go with all your nonsences!!! :((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:((:o:o:o:o>:d<>:d<^:)^8-}celebration has began for me

  196. Ba nkusa aba,mwamona they are reaping imagine 300,000zmk x 250,000pipo i’ve got news for Govt i will change at myconvinience any one who comes to me will lose thier teeth!!!!!!!!!



  198. Finshi fyaba ku Zambia efyo mu tanfisha abantu. Ba lekenifye. What’s your problem Mbangweta iwe.

    Whats your new year’s resolution Mbangweta iwe. Ukutanfya abantu.

    Give us time over the passports, whats the rush. How many passports do you have yourself. Naiwe wakwata iya kale when are you renewing.

  199. In the first place, u as gort could not see bcoz u re ere too blind to see that anyone can easily forg that passport.
    How do u forget that the some Zambians are bcomin Nigerians, Congolees?

    i wonder wen u will improve in yo operation and thinking forward.
    Kaunda planed Lusaka as a plce for one person, forgetting that he is a man and has a wife and they pleep together.Now the City is too congested.

    Its like Zambia Gort thinks in the box.

  200. Why should they not let the passports expire and then as one renews get the new passport its more logical than surrendering the valid one for the sake of the new one. The whole idea is to cause congestion and disparation then allow for corruption which makes many in government offices such as the Passport office Rich.

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