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Two children die after eating suspected poisonous mushrooms


Two children are reported to have died in Shangombo District after eating suspected poisonous mushrooms.

Shangombo Council Secretary Mwiya Mwiya confirmed the death of the minors to ZANIS in Shangombo today.

Mr. Mwiya said three children from Likomeno village in Silowana area in Shangombo district were left at home by their parents who had gone to the fields.

He explained that while the parents were away the children went to the cattle kraal and collected some mushrooms which they cooked and ate.

Mr. Mwiya said two of the three children later died after eating the mushrooms while one survived after having vomited.

Police Commanding Officer Vael Muzwenga could not confirm the matter.



  1. This is becoz of hunger.If there is enough food kids cannot think of going hunting for it. Its too much of the same stories every day, honestly we are tired.Zambia doesn’t have a big population, our govt is such a disappointment. I cannot blame the parents but the st***** govt that we put to power.

  2. May our Almighty God deliver Zambia from hunger.If food was available,the kids wouldnt have eaten the poisonous mushroom. i stayed in the Village and i know first the january hunger.Ibaba njala ya mu Jauary ku munzi.

  3. Why is it that every year we have statistics of people dying from mushroom poisoning. Where are the old people to pass on the art of identifying edible mushroom. I blame the elders!

  4. We are a country in distress. Am telling you. You can imagine, we know of this case simply because it has been reported, yet there are other similar cases that go unnoticed in Zambia. Very sad. Akhulu Mphuno imwe, do something please. Basila bana ka?

  5. This is a very unfortunate event. #11 Khisho is right. This is an accident of ignorance or lack of knowledge about edible or inedible mushrooms. Just google poisonous mushroom deaths and you will find out that this has nothing to with hunger like most people here are suggesting. I have lived in Western province and I know that a lot of mushrooms grow in kraal areas. The art is in distinguishing what is edible or not edible.

  6. Rashid

    Niyovuta bowa mudala. It could have been the right one but maybe not cooked properly and taken in overdose. Chaiipa maningi mwe. Elo niikonda bad bowa ine!

  7. Well the government must ensure these desperate measures are done away with. They must ensure every Zambian afford food by making modalities that are workable and stop facilitating workshops that only ends in shelving of the programmes of action in the archives coz posterity will surely look with scorn on you. That is a very sad development coz politicians thinks politics is talking and talking and ….. then act later albeit piecemeal in disasters. Very sad indeed. Iam gone to Gaza to see how the terrorists are faring

  8. Children are dying while RB is jumping from one holiday destination to another. He is currently on his way to Kasaba Bay. You can only guess that Livingstone, vic falls is next!!!!

  9. I was listening to a radio programme one day and the topic was how to preserve food in Zambia. I conquered with one of the panalists who said that we should have food preserving methods to see to it that we have food in our country all year round. For example mangoes, mashroom these types of food come once in a year and when they are ripe they get rotten and we through them away. I felt that its high time pipo should learn to eat variety of food such as cassava flour, millet and sorgham, we have a lot of cassava rather than just depend on maize.
    We should face reality

  10. **==**==**== how old where the rural folks? MAY THE SOULS REST IN PEASE,

  11. Zambia a land of plenty. A land of dull creatures .
    A land of educated people
    A land of beauty
    A land of food insecurity
    A land of peace but full of missery
    A land which can not be compared even to palestine
    Zambia full of english and yet they cant understand a single english word DEVELOPMENT.
    yes in paradise we gonna stay well for ever..come lord Jesus? ^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^

  12. The first Performance appraisal on this Govt by the Zambian people will be held on 1st Feb 09 based on the 3 months probation period.The second performance appraisal will be held 1st May 09 based on the 6 months probation period afterwhich the Zambian people will decide based on the outcome whether to ask them to resign honourably or if the performance is positive then a yearly performance appraisal will be conducted on 1st November of each year until the elections in 2011.This will apply to every Govt that will ever rule Zambia.LT please come up with topics relevant to these assessments on the due date to give an opportunity to Zambians to fairly & objectively assess the Govt.

  13. No. 36, you keep posting this. No Government will ever resign because of a bad appraisal, unless this implies that there will elections every 12 months, which can never be. Interesting in theory but who will conduct the appraisal, against which criteria, at what cost and who will verify both the achievements and the appraisal results. Furthermore, how long will the entire process take? Encouraging the government to concentrate on short term 12 month horizons can only be to the detriment of long term development. It happens all the time in companies where Managers are rewarded with large bonuses based upon the achievement of short term objectives.

  14. Agree with no. 17, 28 and 30
    This is more about getting it wrong than hunger, and it has happening for years even with Munkoyo. And cases of mushroom or cassava poisoning are not limited to Zambia alone. Even in the UK and France such cases do occur. These cases did not start with the RB government as some would like us t believe. It seems if RB was not elected, Zambia would be a developed country, with no crime, no HIVAIDS and certainly no Zambians living abroad!

  15. Another day another death of a poverty stricken child! Lord have mercy. It is lack of food, parents are finding it difficult to affoed basic millie-meal.

  16. If you have ever lived in real Zedi. This the time to enjoy the natural foods of the season,. Mushroom poisoing can affect any family, poor or rich, “the issue is having the appropriate knowledge of knowing which mushroom is poisionous and one which is not”,
    I lived a very luxurius life pa Zedi, bought so many mushroooms on Ndola Kitwe high way “pa Maposa & Baluba, pafisenge”” plenty of them, or at Ndola Masala market. This case can happen to all alike.. not only the poor.. or the very hungry..
    Don’t just say ninsala, ninsalafye iyoooo. :-w:-w:-?:-?[-([-([-(

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