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Patrick Phiri Signs 2-Year Deal With Simba SC

Sports Patrick Phiri Signs 2-Year Deal With Simba SC

Patrick Phiri yesterday signed a 2-year deal to coach Simba SC of Tanzania.

Phiri joins Simba after a season in charge at Nkana and being at the helm of Zambia from 2006 to March 2008.

This will be Phiri’s third stint with the record 17-time and told The Guardian of Tanzania that he was looking forward to the challenge of coaching Simba yet again.

“I know that two years is not enough to build a strong team but I will do my best to make sure that I do it, otherwise I will be forced to renew the contract to finish my mission,“ Phiri told The Guardian.

And Simba chairman Hassan Dalali said the club was pleased to have finally secured Phiri’s services for the next 24 months.

“We hope that Phiri will take us where we want to reach,“ Dalali said.

“We have been performing poorly for a long time. We tried to hire different coaches but none of them succeeded. I am sure Phiri will make it because he knows Simba very well.”

Phiri, whose salary would be paid for by Tanzania Breweries, has been given the mandate to find his own assistant coach.

In his previous tenure with Simba, Phiri led the club to the 2004 title and Tusker Cup triumph and also guided the Dar-es-Salaam Simba to the 2004 CECAFA Club Cup semifinals.

Phiri later resigned citing personal reasons before returning briefly in 2005 in a caretaker role following the resignation of South Africa Trott Moloto.


  1. good move phiri,zedians dont appreciate,just go for good.
    hmmmmm,have you changed your passport patrick? petition please…all the best……

  2. LT

    Dont moderate me!! I’m telling you that chizungu mu paragraph three is wrong!! 17 times…….what?? Champions?, Prisoners?, Immigrants?,or what.
    Nimasetting ayo!

  3. If your owm dont appreciate then you are at liberty to make a move.All the best.personnaly I think he is a good coach who has been mistreated here at home.

  4. This is good news for Phiri and Zambia.As far as football is concerned, Phiri is a household name in Tanzania.

    Coaching job is one of the riskiest jobs in the world.Deliver to their expectations and make us proud.

    When are we getting our new coach for the National Team?

  5. #11 MATWORLED,
    why are u thinkless mwana? ok choose one: is it a good move for patrick to move or not?

    Ba moze says he should be there for 3yrs & i said for good..

    patrick alichula sana pa zed..

  6. Jenks

    He shouldnt have left because Renard is going to be fired very soon. Phiri is the only local coach i know who can deliver.

  7. jenks

    Ma headlines are not appetising,attractive,romantic,lovely,admirable like me. :-j:-j:-j:-j:-j

  8. princes vayola

    I havent had my lunch yet. Am still working on my assigments which i have to submitt tomorrow.

    Am gonna have :o)+(~~)leaves mixed with Impwa. Yammmy!!!!

  9. Phiri is actually the right man to be 2 the helm of our national team.Wish him all th best pf luck in Tz.

  10. Thanks for Patrick Phiri a cool coach who can achieve greater things.Keep the spirit of Chipolopolo eyee where ever you are going. **==**==:-c

  11. Baby C
    You are now behaving like LT Waona boyi ka!! you have started kumbwisha me ka.Please send me Impwa,Boyi Iam not joking ine kuno umunani wampesha.I want something like Tucibwabwa,kalembula ubowa,ifisashi.Here If I want to eat ifisashi I just shashila spinarch with peanut.Awe Iam tired na ndiyo zakuno. ~X(~X(~X(~X(

  12. #33 Village concept darling am proud of you..your comments are mwaa …just one thing eeee 😕 is it posible that you change your name?

  13. Matworld

    Hahaha! peanut butter ka! too bad buddy. Lets see what we can do. You cant cpme home for a while naiwe???

  14. Maureen

    I meant he should come to Zambia for while. Dont you know he is in down south???? By the way am one and am very proud!

  15. I’ve been just eaten akabwali with chibwabwa mixed with ibondwe, utufinkubala and tupupwe. Phiri you have a job. Work hard.

  16. Ba Maureen

    You have to apologise to Baby C. Yashani iyo? Ati Account for shani??? [-x[-x

    Thats not good maguys.

  17. Ba TLC, live up to your name please!! Yashani kanshi? You are supposed to feel for us in the diaspora. Mwatukumbwisa pela!!
    As for bwana Phiri, it is so far unanimous on this thread that he is the best local trainer and I couldn’t agree more. Good luck baba!!

  18. #50 sorry nachimfwafye bwino anyway dont worry when you come here I will prepare for you a real zambian dish. yum yum.

  19. I have always admired Patrick Phiri. He is a great coach. He has done a great job at all levels of football. I remember how well he moulded the U20 national team of yester years. All the best to him.

  20. Thanks Ba TLC @51. I will keep the invitation for when I come home.
    So, now that our hope is gone to Tanzania, what next for our national team? The CHAN is around the corner and I doubt if the boys learnt anything from the CECAFA tournament. Let’s go to grassroots and tap the talent there. We should have a deliberate policy as a nation to encourage youngsters from primary and secondary school to play soccer. Is it a big ask Mr President or for those in soccer administration? Football,away from politics, does unite a nation and even if we are poverty stricken, we could revel in our football excellency. Come on we can do it- BELIEVE!!

  21. The prophet is without honor in his own town/ country. Wish you all the best Mudala, atleast you tried. We will never know the good thing till its gone.

  22. Go phiri go You have raised our flag high.Infact you are better than this guy called Renard.Anyway a profit is not respected in his own land.No wonder the RB 11 were beaten by Sudan 2 zero whom we beat 3 zero under your mgt.

  23. matworld,babyc,ba moze,maureen….

    how are you guys??

    ok mwachitako over in your thinking.you owe matworld and baby c an apology.iyo mwalemba mummy.

  24. G BABY
    How are you my dear?

    I have forgiven ba Maureen long time ago.Iam sure he knows that as well.Iam a nice guy. :-j:-j:-j:-j:-j

  25. # 43
    awe ba maureen mwitaya!!! I really used to look foward to your comments iyi yeve aweeeeee!!!! Mafaula ba cece [-x[-x[-x

  26. matworld…

    am ok dearest just tired.i long for a long rest mwandi but i dont know when i will getcoz even over the weekend i will be working.i hope you are jobing ka!!!
    yes you are a nice guy but people must not take your kindness for granted.thanks for forgiving ba maureen anyway.

  27. G BABY
    Too bad you are tired again.Iam sure your salary is thick.

    I cant lie am not jobbing.but come february back to book.

  28. Kalusha should swallow his pride and apologise to patrick for saying that Zambia needs an expartriate coach. Now a quick comparison between the two will reveal that, PP is by far ,the the best coach.Kalu, you are not watching your eyes on the ball.

  29. Gents what is Simba stars to brag about? The man has taken Nkana back to division one.As far as I’m concerned he will booted out from TZ very soon.Mark my words!

  30. i love patrick!he’s a great coach.ppor patrick though…FAZ never give him sufficient time to build a strog zambian team because of the stupid stereotype that we can’t do without a foreign coach.and i’m sure just like a 100 times before he’ll win plenty at simba,FAZ will call him to coach zambia (renard has no future!!!)then replace him with a foreign coach soon after. :):):)

  31. Good move for PP espeacially that Nkana have been demoted. He has what it takes to make it in TZ(he has been there before). All the best Patrick.

  32. I had and still have faith in PP. Very few might agree with me but at this point in time, PP would have been the only one who could have managed to get the boys through to 2010 ACN and WC. Especially if he was left to do the job on his own without any interference from
    any FAZ official.

    Unfortunately, I can’t see the boys pulling it through in any of the first rounds of the qualifiying matches.

    And by the way, where is Mr. Bwalya Kalusha….? is he in Zambia or what?

  33. I would like to caution Zambian that Tanzanian football has grown alot and soon we will be one of the giants in African football. Having reached CECAFA semi-final and qualified for CHAN 2009 is quite an archievement in the history oa Tanzanian football. Do not undermine our football as we are going to getcha in ivory Coast and infact you were eliminated in the preriminary stages on CECAFA cup.

    Soccer fan in Dar es Salaam.:”>:)

  34. Got you Mdau Halisi. Gone are the days we feared any team in Africa. I dont see Chipolopolo surviving at Marcio Maximo’s boys in Ivory Coast. And as of club football, Tanzania is a bit far better than Zambia, so it is better for Patrick Phiri to join a developing side than a decaying one.

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