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China loans Zambia K326.9 bn

Headlines China loans Zambia K326.9 bn

Zambia has acquired four concessional loans and a grant worth K326.9 billion from the Chinese government.

The concessional loans include K139 billion for the completion of conference facilities at the Government complex in Lusaka and K109 billion for an ultra modern stadium in Ndola.

President Rupiah Banda, cabinet ministers and other senior government officials witnessed the signing of the loan agreements at State House in Lusaka, Thursday.

Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane who signed on behalf of the government, explained that the loans are meant to improve the welfare of Zambians.

Speaking during the signing ceremony at State House, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said his country is determined to further strengthen its relations with Zambia.

Mr. Deming said there is need for China and Zambia to strengthen their unity in the wake of the global financial meltdown which has not spared the two countries.

He said that his country is confident that Zambia like China will overcome the negative impact of the global financial crisis under President Rupiah Banda’s leadership.

Mr. Deming said his team is also in the country to further establish other areas of cooperation and help finance some projects in the country.

He expressed delight that ten companies have so far established economic zones in the country with an investment of over 700 million dollars creating thousands of jobs in the country.

Mr. Deming disclosed that China’s trade with Zambia recorded a total of more than 810 million dollars with Zambia recording over 540 million dollars in exports to that country.

And speaking after the signing ceremony Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane explained that the concession loans and grant agreements will go towards construction of infrastructure and technical support.

He said 63 billion kwacha of the funds will go towards the construction of new grain storage facilities to increase food security in the country while approximately 110 billion kwacha interest free loan will go towards the construction of an ultra modern stadium in Ndola.

Mr. Musokotwane said the third concession loan of approximately 140 billion will go towards the completion of an international conference center at Government complex building with a capacity of hosting two thousand delegates.

He said 20 million US dollars grant will be used for other projects to be agreed upon with by the two governments while 1. 6 million Chinese Yuan will go towards providing agriculture technical support.

Mr. Musokotwane disclosed that China will dispatch a team of experts in agriculture to offer technical expertise in irrigation and other agricultural services.

And the Finance Minister noted that the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will secure more grain for the country’s food security once the new grain facilities are constructed.

Mr. Musokotwane said the sports infrastructure will significantly contribute to sports infrastructure with a bigger capacity to hosting more games.

He urged investors to construct hotels to complement the infrastructure that will be constructed with the funds that have been provided.

Mr. Musokotwane noted that the country will increase its capacity in hosting international games and conferences with the construction of the stadium and conference center.

Meanwhile, President Rupiah Banda has commended the Chinese government for the gesture.

Mr. Banda said he was happy that the Chinese government has helped finance various developmental projects in the country.

He said China and Zambia has continued to share and strengthen long standing relations that have resulted in various developmental projects including the Tanzania-Zambia Rail line.

Under the financing agreements, the Food Reserve Agency has also been given K63 billion for up-grading and construction of grain storage sheds.


  1. Conference building again, what about mulungushi conference centre? For the ultra stadium YES, i would not mind paying back the loan in future its worth it.

  2. Jamao

    Congratulations! That manual really did wonders! I wont mention the title for fear of being victimised. Big up to Nine Chale!

  3. Why loan such a huge amount for useless infrustracture? Building conference facilities and stadiums is not a priority and doesn’t bring in revenue. The zed government has it’s priorities mixed up you never loan money for luxuries because it comes to pay Back the chinese government will ask for a pound of flesh. That kind of money should only be loaned when building manufacturing industries or mining. I wonder what the security is there for the loan when the government defaults

  4. This loan will have serious effects on the lives of the people in future. It is a simple Chinese ploy to have a bigger stake in the Zambian economic system and getting most of our natural resources. Most Zambians can’t see beyond this loan. It was just yesterday we were wondering why Zambia, a country that was second best in Africa, is now one of the poorest. We are not a country at war. We are a country of people with no vision. We are a country that does not believe in our ability to put to good use our resources by proper management of our resources and rooting out corruption and apathy.

  5. Ala mwechalo ishi imiya shapambale lelo nga tatushibomfeshe bwino katwishi.No nga ine Kati wandi nishinga nga ex kateka ?

  6. These are the same problems that leave people jobless in future. Be careful! I hope this time the victims will not be trained but undeployed teachers.
    Ma Cabinet Ministers na ma Seniour Government Officials pamozi na a Banda ndiye ati akaleke kufolako lomba or we will get their benefits to pay back the loan.
    A Musokotwane do a good business with the allowances you get after signing all those Loans on behalf of the people because one day we will ask you by your mercy to help Zambia pay back the debts.

  7. Can someone tell me, wasnt the Ndola stadium supposed to be constructed free of charge nby Chinese govt? I am missing a point here, are we building another stadium in Ndola or its still much publicized stadium whose model was unveiled by comrade Hu Jintao at Mulungushi Conference centre

  8. # 14 i totally support your stand. Zambia does not need anymore loans more especially for infrstructures development such as these ones. Why do we always mix up priorities. MMD government please let us know your Agenda otherwise its confusing. It was only last year we heard that China would build us a stadium now how come the loan?

    We may accept loans for hospitals, schools and agricultural development but not conference facilities for that matter for what? only to show off ourselves while Zambia is very poor. please Zambians lets exercise maturity, buy a BMW car only if you can afford one.

  9. They should also talk about how Zambia will be back the loan, how long it will take and the penalties for defaulting. We dont want loans we cannot pay back.

    Hey I thougt the Ultra Modern Stadium in Ndola was going to be built by the Chiness. But alas, we are going to pay for it after all.
    We have been taken for a jolly ride again.
    I hope the Money is not channelled to their pockets(we know them)

  11. Pleas i am lost. Can some one help me explain, Zambia is supposed to have $1 billion in reserves. Now since the intreast paid by banks globally at the moment is almost zero for savings, why isnt GRZ using that money that is not earning intreast ? Instead of borrowing, which still carries intreast charges as normal.
    According to economists, is this a valied argument ??


  13. Shame …what a country!!!!! So that money will be “invested” in offices and stadium??? So now you will be slaves of the chinese? wow…Im glad i will be a us citizen soon

  14. I dont know why we want to enslave ourselves with such small amounts like K326.9 billion. I believe govt has the capacity to generate this amount locally.

  15. mmm,i am nt getting it here too,jst like Mosasd-kgb has outlined,if i can recore some time back i heard the zambian government saying the chinese government will build [email protected] stadium in ndola for free,bt nw i am hearing its part of this debt.well i hope this debt is nt coming with hidden agendas..zed chalo chesu lets nt sale our beloved country with our eyes wide open.

  16. Like Mugabe, let’s try the ‘look east policy.’ China’s loans for instance do not come with neoliberal conditionalities associated with the Bretton Woods $$$$$$. After more than 40 years independence, and of the IMF and World Banks’s sponsored economic programs, we have failed to achieve any meaningful development to write home about. We need home grown programs which are sustainable for economic development. Do we have the political will and technocrats to steer the country to such greater heights? Your guess is probably as good as mine.

  17. #26 UK Observer

    In case Zambia defaults, China will take up Ndola city together with its inhabitants untill the loan is repaid in full!

  18. OK, now can someone explain to me exactly how this money will improve the welfare of Zambians, because I can’t find that anywhere in the story. Thanks if you can help.

  19. Awe ine Nainuka.. this Money thing will take a lot of leaves!! Actually the Money is no on longer there!!

    Before LT posted this one, the moeny had already gone missing.

    So let us not talk about money that is no longer available!!

    You guys should understand one thing!!

    Just ask yourself !!

    Where is this money now???

    It is just filling the pockets of these corrupt politicians!!

  20. Hey all you guys,
    Why cant the government say no to this modern day slavery .
    This is the same reson the world economy is not doing well.
    We dont need these loans.

  21. Surely a stadium and conference centre could of been put on hold when you take into account the present global financial crises?..

  22. The goverment doesnt care about my welfare! I too, dont give a s$$$&t about their bizz! Let them get the loan! who cares! after all its not the first time they doing this! Am outta of here. Nite bloggers

  23. Ba yamba nafuti!!! When are ever going to learn that debts will always bring us problems? The characters signing the loans should be held accountable in future. Who ever told them we needed a conference center?

  24. “Zambia has acquired four concessional loans and a grant worth K326.9 billion from the Chinese government.”

    From the above quote, I gather that there are loans and a Grant but on reading the whole news I have failed to find any information regarding a GRANT. So, please re-write the news to give us all Zambians the truth. I need to know whether all we got are loans and NO GRANT from the Chinese.

    On the otherhand, as loan as we keep borrowing we will NEVER be fully independent. Let us save money in reserves MMD GRZ, instead of clamping hands of GRZs that will inherit these debts you are getting later on when you are out.
    LT 2008 Award Winner.

  25. Nine Chale, who gave the manaul to this Jamaco guy? I think we need to put things in order tommorow!

    As for this nkongole, pipo its interest free; only there’s no such thing as a free lunch you know… these guys are resource hungry and all this is to keep things cool so that the copper flows.

  26. Like a drug addict who has just been released from a drug rehab centre, Zambia returns to its addiction: DEBTS. When are we going to learn to live within our means? Or else when are we going to start borrowing for investment and production? We have Mulungushi Conference centre built for the Third NAM conference, Lusaka, September 8-10, 1970. It needs upgrading, but from our own resources. I just have a bad feeling about these loans. Lets borrow to build the infrastructure like roads and railways and support airlines to boost tourism and farming!

  27. Maestro. Ba nene mu za vuta na AWARD IYO KA.
    However the bottom line is that we shud borrow for investment not consumption. And this is where Zambians shall miss Magande…….
    despite his other weaknesses, the man was resolute on the issue of DEBT.

  28. I read a book about an economic hit man. This is waht they do.they convince countries to get such loans which no one will ever manage to pay back. This actually selling the country. I wish our leaders read this book. We have to stop this before we get the money. Who will pay this money back.. your children or grand childre? this is not good instead of leaving prosperity for our children we leaving debt to be paid by them.

  29. Typical kwindi in the night move- Nibble at your toes then blow on them so that you don’t stir.
    After that mining “incident” they are now dangling this fat carrot and more than likely, we are going for the proverbial bait.

    Confucius was a smart guy!

  30. #
    48. your flag 1984, how nice your input fitted to my subsequent one.

    52. your flag UMUGAZEBO and FAMILY, thanks and I like your points. Debt management is something that is very important.

    I like rISK mANAGEMENT ALSO THAT president HH is a specialist in. We need more of people that are conscious about things such as debt.

    Later, the Award showing will end soon – I think January 31st will be great. By the way this could mean 2009, 2010, etc as all are fitting in SOON.

  31. Not very long ago we were boasting of reaching HIPC Completion point were our most of our Debt was cancelled.But why are we still borrowing invalidating our initial goal? We’ve gotten so many loans in just a few months.What is happening? 8->**==

  32. I wonder if anyone in Govt has read steve covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people?

    This is sheer nonsence! how can we be getting huge loans that we’ll never manage to pay back.

    With this loan, i declare Zambia has been sold to China…

  33. People let us also look on the bright side of things for a change. I don’t support careless loans but a stadium in Ndola will do wonders for the almost Ghost City. The conference facilities in Lisaka is also a good investment. Do you people know that Zambia is considered safe in terms of conferences. Both investments will directly and indirectly provide opportunities for accommodation providers. This is an opportunity to build even more lodges, hotels etc in Ndola and Lusaka. There is nothing for free in this world. Why would the chinese build free stuff for us when we are not giving them anything for free. China is now the third largest economy with USA at number and Japan at number 2.

  34. Finally i know where Zambians get the habit of borrowing huge loans just to buy luxuries.It is from their leaders.And we wonder how the mind set of zambians will ever be changed with this type of leadership.its a pity.

  35. # 62. Point bakulumpe! Lets not just criticise for the sake of it.
    If we got the loan from the Breton Wood guys, the interest alone would kill us. But this one is interest free what more can you ask for kanshi?

  36. Gazzie mucilipo.

    3RqU says well done government. Now make sure the stadium is built and a nice one I mean. But, remember to pay back. :d

  37. China does it agin. First in 1995 Chiluba’s govt borrowed money from from China because the World Bank would not give them anything and you wonder why the chinese are here to stay and always get backing from Govt no matter what they do and how they treat their workers? The Govt is not honest enough to tell the truth. Chinese come in the name of building raods, stadiums and so forth, but seem to contract the work to other chinese and the country ends up paying double the amounts in repayments. $540 million in exports, I wonder what these exports were if not the raw materials. which zedian will benefit from a govt coference centre?

  38. LOANS LOANS LOANS. We just had our debts cancelled and we have started accumulating fresh ones. Chaba shani bane kanshi?

  39. We do not need a stadium. We want a stadium just like many Zambians would want to dress and look nice and drive expensive cars, use the latest cell phone and watch TV from a 1 metre plasma or LCD screen but all from debts and leave nothing for posterity! Think of just one firm in Zambian hands that has passed the test of time and been handed down to progeny! Where is Copper Harvest? Where is Zilole Bus Services? Where is Shonga Steel? …and now Zambian Airways? We ‘eat capital’ and live on borrwed money, and I am afraid, borrowed time. Please, let us do away with luxuries! Why don’t we save for the projects?

  40. Things that a loan of £45 million/ 327 billion kwacha could have been used for

    – Build a University with modern research facilities
    – Build colleges that can
    – Build a medium sized hospital
    – build several clinics
    -Renovate Lusaka international airport
    – Fund new airline
    – Improve railway network across areas of the country to include people and cargo network
    – Build new roads to decongest the roads

  41. Aka akachalo keso kaba shani kanshi? These loans they are getting wil just put our future children and grands in problems.They are the ones who wil have to pay back.Ninshi apo Tu Jamaco Tu Baby C natu Chale utu Tukote.Tumbi ninshi twalifwa pa blog apa.Even if they are talking about building a modern stadium,our soccer standards have really gone down.Our soccer players also have just become buderns to tax payers.Just wasting money, and some of you are saying ka small amount can you give it to Zed we see.

  42. Our leaders make us out to be beggars, no pride in doing things for ourselves. The government can’t create jobs without giving away something, cant build universities, cant build hospitals, everyone has to fly to “South Africa” Milpark hospital” for health cases considered simple in other countries and how much does that cost?Cant invest in a road air or rail network. KK had vision and it makes me think whether we’d be better off with a one party state for a bit longer than 27 years. We’ve got our democracy but what have we done. I’m tired of the same old politicians who think about themselves and not the people,the brain drain and poverty are a standard in zambia.

  43. from free stadium to a loan, from free interest loan..we will hear it was a loan with a small profit….politics and campaning…Zambia will for a long time remain poor because of our leaders

  44. It seems that most people here criticise the Zambia government. But think it over and over, Zambia Government is very clever actually.
    First, what is money? money is printed paper, but the stadium and the government office buliding is belonging to Zambian forever.
    Second, is it easy to borrow some money from sb else? try to borrow money from USA or UK, It’s not easy. since the Chinese government like to loan money to us, Let’s just take it.
    Third, Considering paying back this money,it’s not a problem, Looking back the history, there were many records of recuding the loans.
    So us Zambias, just welcome the loans..

  45. why get a loan for a conference facility!Thats poverty mentality.What about getting a loan to upgrade UTH, what about a load to improve UNZA? This govts priorities puzzle me.Your Chief Justice is ill and you had to put him on a 2hr flight to jogerg.Thats actually uncomfortable for a sick person.When are you going to get it thru your thick skulls to improve UTH. [-([-([-(

  46. 77 Philosopher, including others, I would like to follow up your contributions by asking GRZ to take UNZA, CBU and Mulungushi Universities very seriously.
    I can assure you that Zambia teaches good English compared to many countries in Africa. In fact, we as Zambians are arguably number one in Africa in terms of sound teaching and use of the English Language. We can thus use this advantage to woo students from Asia especially China to study in Zambia if we are serious and our fellow Africans from Angola and the rest to gain proper instruction in this regard. The only thing i’s that we need to fund the universities properly and meet the lecturers and researchers’ needs so they run smoothly.

  47. #81 continued.
    We as Zambia can then DEVELOP our own electric tram/train systems using the theory that is in the theory that UNZA and CBU has taught many of us Zambians who are working an studying with fellows from all sorts of universities e.g. Havard, Tokyo, etc. to build systems that have put a man on the moon or satellites hovering around our planet Earth gives us whether forecast data and others daily to improve every human beings’ life.

    We can do everything scientist, engineers and other professionals from the developed world have done and are doing with our help who come from Zambia just there back home in Zambia.

    Please, set the priorities right for time is now and not later.

  48. Syke seems to believe that just because someone gives you money to build or do whatever you please with it, it means that they wont ask for something in return. You seem not to understand the simple basics of politics which are sometimes just like everyday lives. You get a loan from the bank and agree to pay back the bank in 10 years,you build your house and after 10 years you still struggling to pay them back, you really think the house will still be yours. you think the chinese built tazara for free? It’s business someone has to gain, and from what I see the zambian gov don’t mind losing out on “alot of their own resources”.

  49. Sage, in the thread w w w. lusakatimes. com/ ? p = 7346, you dropped me some questions and by the time I was free the topic had moved out of the stories in view and so I decided to post my reply there and also put it up here for you to have quick access to it. So follow through my postings below and then send me email on [email protected] if you will feel that you need further clarifications on my comments.
    Sorry, I have been busy with working on a LEGO ROVER – Advanced Robot – as we will have a competition tomorrow involving 6 teams of which I am in team 6 and had to participate fully to make sure our case receives the prize, by god’s grace, if it will perform to the expectations.

  50. #58. Sage, you indicated 327. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, You are being economical with the truth.Rewind your brains and tell us what HH meant at Mongu’s bluegum Heroes square in 2006 when he publicly appealed to Lozis not to vote for Nawakwi or Sata northerners.”
    Yes, I remember president Hakainde Hichilema, HH, was reported as having said that Lozi’s should vote for a Tonga as they are tribal cousins instead of a northerner Sata whom Sakwiba Sikota had gone to campaign for as a PF/ULP coalition move. I don’t remember HH mentioning anything about about Nawakwi not being voted for by Lozis because she was a northerner. In my view, Nawakwi did not matter then and in fact she was part of UDA…

  51. 283 continued.
    which sponsored HH as a presidential candidate for it to rule Zambia. In light of this, your statement including Nawakwi in “tell us what HH meant at Mongu’s bluegum Heroes square in 2006 when he publicly appealed to Lozis not to vote for Nawakwi or Sata northerners” is clearly wrong and meant to cheat those who missed what exactly transpired then. I would be glad if you thus give us a full quote of president HH’s exact words and their source on here LT to back up your assertions.

  52. 284 continued.
    Also, on “27. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, You are being economical with the truth…The same 2006 Sata said North Westerners are buttock Nyamazais whom he would expell to Angola.In Luapula he said levy from from a minority tribe was persecuting plunders because they are bembas and they should deny him their vote.In Eastern he asked their votes as a cousin,” I will not waste much ime as you have put it all as you know for I have always claimed that Sata is the biggest tribalist and racist against the Chinese people I have ever known of all Zambians in my life’s history. Mr MC Sata’s lack of enough education makes him say things disspeakable and also terrible for the Nation.

  53. 285 continued.
    On “27. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe & JJ, … And in 2008 Rupiah appealed to Easterners to vote him in as their own son.What is that to you?”
    The Incumbent President, then Vice President, Mr RB Banda made a clear tribal statement by appealing to easterners to give him a 100% vote as he is their son or one of them. In fact, I would ask him to apologise for those words to the whole Nation. Mr President RB Banda clearly behaved in a tribal manner just like “The same 2006 Sata…In Luapula he said levy from from a minority tribe was persecuting plunders because they are bembas and they should deny him their vote.”

  54. 286 cont’d.
    In all, only MC Sata and President RB Banda conducted themselves in a 100% tribal manner as their statements had to do with a motive getting 100% support from their tribes mates.
    On president HH, I would have written a similar thing to the above two if he issued a statement pleading for 100% support in the Southern Province for some reason about being Tonga which he has never done. On all HH’s campaign messages, he has been quoted as asking people not to vote for any candidate – including himself – on tribal grounds but on ability to perform and policies promised by his political party including life telling testimony like family values.
    LT 2008 Award Winner.=; for Zambia

  55. #81, spot on. some of us have made a living out this and we boast that we talk for a living whereever we go. Zambians make very good teachers and lecturers as they are mostly friendly and approachable, very nurses apparently and very good doctors. Well done KK on this one on his choice of expatriate teachers who were very professional. yes, why don’t we use this to our advantage? That is good business thinking maestro hehehe, the hard working man. Mboikalwa nyika badaala.

  56. So you Zambians talking about tribes: Some questions for you, ha?
    When you want to eat meat, do you ask for the tribe that sold the ox or cow or sheep to the butchery?
    When you want to buy foodstuffs, do you ask for the tribe that grew it?
    When you need transport, do you ask for the tribe of the owner or the driver of the bus?
    When you are ill, do you ask for a doctor from your tribe?
    So what do you need? It is a person who can deliver a service irrespective of tribe. Stop the tribe nonsense, it does not help you or any of your tribesmen. Mwatelela makani!!

  57. To demonstrate my non-tribal credentials, I am assembling a team to challenge Teta Mashimba in his homeland of Solwezi in 2011. I will deliver what i call my best sermon (not in God terms) but explaining to them what the role of an Mp is, how they should relate to him or her and what they can do with their parliamentary representative. IF I don’t win on merit, I will retire from politics in Zambia and resurrect my poltical career in the queen’s land where i have paid more tax than Zambia. I feel guilty about this but I do respect myself for standing up to FTJ which he knows by the way and refusing to work under his unprincipled govt. Watch the space 2011.

  58. Our leaders should at least develop a culture of reading. Truly they will learn a lot. Even just one good book per year would help. I am afraid Zed is being sold out. As long as these loans remain unpaid, all our natural resources including out land belongs to China. Please twapapata mwe bantu.

  59. how does the government complex in lusaka or a stadium in ndola improve the welfare of my grandma in shangombo?? o-+

  60. Why not just build two modern stadia? And forget about a conference centre. Talk about mediocre administration skills or mentality.

  61. I decide we build Libraries with modern technology, fill them with good books and open them 24hrs freely to the public. We can also build more hospitals, pay reasonable wages to docs, build laboratories for the production of drugs (such plants could create jobs for UNZA dropouts or whatever degree/jobless holders) besides inspire Zambians to engage in some physical exercises. Build roads, expand ZESCO and reduce shade loading, upgrade thoz lsk compounds that r worse than refuse. Hey wake up, some folks are astonishingly age old, better qualified but still dont make it for wisdom, they r even signing in the name of a complex/stadium…

  62. #81/82. Exactly. Priorities should be set. Once again I’m agreeing with you Maestro Hhehhehhehhe, but on #84, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89, very irrelevant to say the least. This time you’re not getting the award my bro

  63. The chinese are using our own money to bribe our officials. Typical communist thinking. We need to watch these chinese, together with the government. The chinese are known to be involved with corrupt and rogue states. Hope they are not spreading the disease.

  64. 92. your flag The Intelligentia, ndalumba and keep well. We can do it only that a little political from the current President RB Banda MMD GRZ Administration will is necessary.

  65. #103, I also afraid that I agree with you. The more I think about it, the more sad I become. Minerals, minerals, minerals, all for minerals. And then, they will export low quality cheap finished products back to us. The cycle continues.
    They will also finish our precious wildlife. Some of the pouching for horns and organs is due to demand from the chinese who believe that such concoctions are good for sexual performance. Watch the game parks well. By time we realise whats going on, it will be to late.

  66. Wake up! There is no country that can do away with debts,even banks lend to each other,it’s all about utilising the monies on what they are meant for & being accountable.
    Am glad we are finally gonna have a modern stadium in Zambia.

  67. Thank you for any other informative website. The place else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal manner? I have a undertaking that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such info.

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