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Maureen Mwanawasa urges women to change their mindset

Headlines Maureen Mwanawasa urges women to change their mindset

Former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has urged women to change their mind set if they are to make it in business.

Mrs. Mwanawasa said modern women have failed to build on the rich background set by their mothers and grandmothers in order to grow and expand the involvement of women in business.

She said women have had to face many barriers and obstacles along the way but part of the problem has been their own mindset.

Mrs. Mwanawasa said women limit their level of business operations to safe areas saying few women have the courage to venture into challenging businesses such as in the manufacturing, construction, and transport sectors.

She said women need a paradigm shift in their scope of business, and should start thinking big if they are to compete meaningfully with men in business.

Mrs. Mwanawasa was speaking during the first ever Women in Business and Corporate Partnership Discussion Luncheon at Fairview Hotel in Lusaka today which was organized by Prime Innovators a team comprising seven ladies contesting in My Own Boss reality show.

And speaking at the same function, National Arts Council chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe urged women to use their brains in going about their business.

Ms Kapwepwe said challenges women face can be used as a vehicle to move forward, saying every situation whether positive or negative is an asset women can use to attain their business ambitions.



  1. For the first time Maureen has spoken sense. I think some people are better citizens when they are not intoxicated with this juice called Power!!!;)

  2. Its difficulty to change women mind set…all they think from childhood is to be able to get married to a rich man!

  3. Mrs Mwanawasa has always spoken sense mwa banthu. Pipo only tried to find something bitter in sugar simply because of their hate for late President Mwanawasa, even our current 1st lady is doing just fine but pipo will always fine negatives.

  4. this picture should be in egypt just minutes before ba levy collapsed.coz the other woman is the deputy UN secretary general Dr ashia rose migiro and she has never been to zambia in her capacity,but teti mbalube. Bakuiu but bamoneka nga akakeche kuti walufyanya, aba bantu bekala bwino.no crunch effects

  5. To all the people putting int the ‘talking’ emoticons and people who try to put others down by telling them that they are ‘dreaming’ – stop being such losers, and have the guts to try something yourself, instead of playing it safe, and not feeling like such cowards by trying to put others down.

    If you don’t have a dream, how can you make a dream come true?

    Let Maureen Mwanawasa lead, and let government and NGOs follow. If Maureen says this is a good idea, let’s take the next step – like setting up business colleges, or create low cost credit facilities.

    And no more: :[email protected]

  6. #7. ako kanono ba nevers, thats not a bad idea though the question would be under which party????? The MMD in its current RB honey moon would never allow that. Sata in PF is till death do us part….maybe UPND or another unborn party….kaya mama!!!

  7. 8-|Thinking of it again makes one wonder whether our so called women in Zambia have a mind set that can even change. Icupo chalibachita kwati katwishi. Cut off points, Gender issues, FAWEZA ….oh dear me!

    Everything is all centered around the phenomenon of Equity Vs Equality.

    Thanks to those monks who frustrate them such as to provoke hard working in them! They Generally talk too much![-x

  8. They will need to pass thru state house for them to change mind set. Ba maureen where is your NGO? Hard working women have been rewarded by mother nature ask Chilufya Kapwepwe, maureen u had it so easy coz u only got it on a silver plate hence your short cuts in your thoughts. Hard work pays though not always.Ladies unite work hard and support each other we are behind u as men as long u are genuine.

  9. #22, zambia is not ready for a woman president. May be give at least another 50 years, it may be possible but you have adequately legislate against male chauvinism or else you will Ali Matribouy running the affairs of zambia.

  10. Men will never give women a chance to rule the nation because women will act and men who have hopelessly ruled countries for decades will feel undermined and useless.

    Well, think about it ladies, we really do cover up for our men’s many shortcommings in life in general. Don’t we? I guess it will not be fair for heads of the nation (men) to have their weaknesses exposed.

    Life goes on, sadly the on going unnecessary MEN LEADERSHIP is doing the world nothing but DAMAGE!

  11. #11,

    Ba Kasey Khisho are you sure??
    Rich men have their wives who helped them get rich.

    Hi Baby C,
    Hope School is progressing well. Got my previous thanxes???=d>=d>@};-

  12. Well said Mrs Mwanawasa.

    Please advise bloggers of the Lusaka Times to do the same. I think they really need such sensible advise.

  13. #31, Maureen is talking little sense in here. Zambian women are known to be hard working and very strong in business.
    It depends on what scale of business one is talking about. Maureen is talking at My own boss reality show.. Dou you know what a reality show is?

    Zedian women are known to be at the farms buying bulk market supplies with babies on their backs as early as 0500hrs,, You call this lack of mind set?.**==**==(~~)%%-%%-%%->:d<

  14. Aba bena basabaila sabaila fye.Ifya isa mumutwe nifyo fine kulanda. Imwe ba mama Maureen muli fye pa strategy.People just wait and see ni Maureen uyu ka.

  15. #35, Ba Chewe,
    spot on.
    let us wait and see.
    “Point of correction on #33,” she was at a business corporate Partnership luncheon” sponsored by 7 ladies contesting in a reality show.. soon Ba Maureen imwe, you will be contesting in the same reality show..
    REALITY SHOW is like Big Brother. Is that where you can find women with serious bussiness mind set???
    What a joke… :-j:-j:-j:-j

  16. Morning bloggers,

    Am not well because I dont know the current position on the Student in Russia that needs $17,000 for heart surgery. Justice Sakala and Hon Daka have been evacuated to RSA in gvt funds without any beauracray. Any one who knows the current position plse tell me. Hope its a positive update

  17. Maureen is just expressing her opinion though I find it mockerly wen prevelidged women like her fill they understand it all hence can comment anyhow. I like the cool stance Thandiwe is taking and very careful before saying anything it shows she is welly tutored.
    By the way Danish ambassador requsted investigations of the Task force be extended to Mwanawasa’s regime.

  18. undoubtedly that is Dr ashia rose migiro. deputy UN secretary general.so i was wondering when she came to zambia. Maybe i missed her visit coz am sure naba post ngayali headline.

  19. #40, i got a scary name you eeh¡ Iam sure you have never heard of folks with awful names than mine. Like this girl in kitwe jane chinenachakaba, chanda mutombelakutulo in kasama and the late john chikalechesembe in mansa.they are just names anyway.

  20. Maureen, should reset her mindset. Her husband was brain dead and she was thinking of pursuing her “Masters”. She was given a house and it was not modern enough. waba ka nio

  21. awe ba chewe mwikachitefyo.bachilatumuka ishina lyandi ba sister so nati mbalondolweleko nayambi aya shupa.elo yengi ba chewe

  22. Molini was a top-flight secretary at Central Province Cooperative Union. LPM was a top-flight young lawyer who had scored stunning successes at the Bar. He was married at the time he represented workers during the liquidation of CPCU.

  23. Well said Mrs. Mwanawasa and the only thing is that African ALL the Women are born to get married to a rich man and have alot of children.


  24. Hey ! Long time no see, hear ….whats happened to MMCI ? How is it cooperating with NSSI (Nyama Soya Sugar Initiative )?

  25. Maureen is talking a lot of nonsense. If there is anyone who needs to change attitudes it is herself. Currently, she is costing the tax payer (you and me) a total of USD 2, 000 a day to be housed at a private lodge in Kabulonga after she declined to take up an upmarket house offered to her by the State, becauase – apparently – the house was too small for her. She needs to come down to earth and realise that Zambia is a poor country.

  26. # 23 thank you very much. am a lady and have tried left right and centre. ba Maureen was once like us and we never heard from her but as soon as she went to SH she started speaking as if things were so easy. yes it became easy for her because she got free donations of everything including money. nowonder it became so easy for her and she formed an organisation where her elder sister opted to leave a well paying job at Lusaka Trust Hospital to a family NGO. Loans are hard to come buy, you hav to build your capital and dare not chew a penny otherwise ninshi ntemba yagwa. Support is only given to those that are already well to do and the wako ni wako.

  27. it was just his nickname thought, ati he was addicted and that he was so popular among the women. i hear he had a big one and they would just fall for him (for it only).

  28. Iwe Maureen what are you talking about most of our grandmothers and mothers were housewives unless you are referring to selling tomato as business

  29. LT,i understand pipo are entitled to there opinions, but shouldn’t there be some sort of sensorship to language used especially by bloggers like #50. This blogger has INSULTED at the end of his comment or i am the only JEW who has noticed. AND as for #59, the correct name for the place is JOHN STORES – i hail from there. Meanwhile make sense from what one is advising and don’t judge them. :-l

  30. While Mrs M. Mwanawasa has outlined a nice statement, I am still worried in the sense that I don’t know what business she has run successfully for her to advise other women pragmatically like this.

    This emanates from “Former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has urged women to change their mind set if they are to make it in business.” I believe that such MUSt come from someone who has set up a business and seen it to frutition and succsess in the manner of doing a “venture into challenging businesses such as in the manufacturing, construction, and transport sectors” and ultimately succeed. To me, she is yet to show us Zambians such moves intead of just riding on the success of the husband.

  31. 65. continued.
    On “Mrs. Mwanawasa said modern women have failed to build on the rich background set by their mothers and grandmothers in order to grow and expand the involvement of women in business”, what have our mothers and grandmothers done in the past to showcase serious examples of success in the business world? Also, examples of “women have had to face many barriers and obstacles along the way but part of the problem has been their own mindset” need to be cited and shown to accompany this GREAT observation.

    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambia in 2011.

  32. No. 50

    Let’s not abuse LT. It is not for insulting others, we all deserve respect no matter wat mistakes we may have made in life. I beg you to retract those insults, remeber you reap what you sow, you insult someone today, 2moro they will also insult you.

  33. Hey Bloggers, I heard this from someone today…..

    -Marriage is the main cause of divorce.
    -Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy.
    -A man is not expected to marry more than once because by law , you cannot be punished twice for the same crime.

    LT We need more ‘cotton’ !

  34. IWE KOFWA KOFWA #68, MY extension is 194 – 7603. I will answer your finished mails later. NALI PA ZED for X-MASS. I thought you stopped blogging pa LT because your fleas are giving you a hell of time. WAITING FOR YOU FULWE!!! :d/

  35. #16,
    Your English sucks,

    go back to mwashibukeni… (night school).

    Or are good at dreaming?? :o:o:-w|-)|-)|-)|-)

  36. I admire Maureen. She’s a lady of great courage and charisma. No wonder women bloggers are jealous of her. They simply can’t match up to her intelligence.

  37. Morini, Choka apa. According to the State house website (now under review), one of your life’s achivements is that you “achieved first lady status”. Pulizi Mwebanthu is that an achievement? :-?:o:((

  38. Hey Baby C. She wont get out vote

    #74 If she’s that intelligent why didnt she advise her ailing husband to resign. We are in this mess because of her.

  39. Maureen should be realistic, how many people are dying of hunger and she is even choosy and dining.Why cant she use personal home and donate to women projects.LETS HOPE THERE’S JUDGEMENT DAY. :-t

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