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Chief Macha supports 50+1 recommendation

Rural News Chief Macha supports 50+1 recommendation

CHIEF Macha of the Tonga people in Choma has suggested that the 50 percent plus one recommendation should be enshrined in the new constitution so as to help entrench Zambian’s young democracy.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Choma today that the 50 percent plus one provision would give legitimacy to an elected government.

Chief Macha said the constitutional provision would also remove suspicions of possible rigging.

He said although the 50 percent plus one would have serious financial implications in terms of holding re-runs for the presidential elections in case candidates did not attain the 50 percent plus one threshold, it is better for Zambia to give it a try.

Chief Macha has urged the National Constitutional Conference to ensure the 50 percent plus one is enshrined in the new constitution.

He said it is important for the NCC to look at the future benefits of such a constitutional provision.

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  1. Ok the president has left ..free time here and am free to blog now ..ok what is this chief on about. Oh I see he wants 50+1? Ok I guess it is the only way he can hope his tribesman HH to ever have a chance of winning an election. Please note I said to ever have a chance. Otherwise their tribesman HH is a loser. Why doesn’t UPND get back one of its founder member Mr Magande. I don’t think he will ever go anyhere in MMD with the Zambian Airways scandal..letting a private company accumulate so much govt debt. It is an unforgivenable sin in MMD. UPND, you can have your man back because the party is now in the hands of the TRUE BLUE.

  2. 15. KA’DOYO. that is why my Numbala l-) entry reads “Again?”!! There is really nothing new about this issue!! I hope we will not be having headlines of each Chief recommending 50plus l-)

  3. 13. Nine Chale Iwe Nine Chale No Family affairs here!! They will accuse u of tribalism!!

    That is why the top Jobs are reserved for Babululu!! This is what we are fighting!!

    Remember I am the only true Numbala l-) Relative of yours on this Blog.

  4. # 11. MMD Chief Bootlicker, you people that are currently benefiting from the MMD loot, the best you can do is to chew in silence. Days are not all the same. From your comments, its clear that you are a beneficiary of some tribal or corrupt machinations. Does MMD have any integrity? with all its top leaders riddled with corruption cases….just shut up and lick the boots harder for thats where your survival depends.

  5. Jamaco, German lottery is going at € 28 Million this time, the highest take so far. I’m just from filling in some slips, you better try your luck too…imagine what you could do in Zed with that kind of money?
    I would buy LT and sell it to Maestro Hehehe for a loss!:))

  6. 22. Nine Chale You are right Bro thanks!! I will surely go for that Lottery!! Yes last week we had 25 million and still no one won!! Great thanks

    With that Money I would pay Maestro Hehe to diss HH!! To call him Sata’s Kaboyi!!


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  7. 23. Nine Chale then I would Buy RB’s Maize Farm and tell the locals to slush it!!

    Then make that Border Post Bling Bling!!! =))=))=))=))

  8. Mr B.L/stone.
    Thanks you royal highness, its always typical of tongas to this genious, we are even confoted by such rich thinking which is rare among chiefs.

  9. I wonder why the educate is not showing up coz this is most likely 2be connected to =; for 2011.Dnt crucify me i beg….

  10. Here is wisdom. that has no selfishness. wisdom that desires the tomorrow peace. Your Highness my King Macha twalumba Mwami. Keep tell them nchotuyanda Mwami.

  11. Nine Chale , Jamaco

    With that kind of money, I can buy LT, fire the managing editor and ban a few individuals from blogging. Then i can use the rest to kidnap Thandie from statehouse and give her to my brother.

  12. #22 Nine chale u will banned frm blogging ka?CAREFULL.
    Baby C y r u offline? Let me whisper sumthing 2u: luk @ #30 |-)|-)its not me who has shown u.
    Mwiza u r a naughty gal kaya ngani boyi kaili imwe amashina ni unisex

  13. I hope you wont change your mind when Nyama soya visit you otherwise Zambians need such chiefs.

    Where is Prof.. Wangozi kanshi?

  14. Rashid u wil be mute once prof. comes n the mood will jus be /:)/:).U knw the e……owe.

    Baby C u r online y u nt responding?

  15. Oh my GOD, hw can I 4get? Pinkly Ba Moze is in Mazabuka he asked me 2tel u yesterday,pliz am sorry wherever u r my dear pinkly :o):o):o):*

  16. Submissions to the Constitution are over.
    Unless the cief was speaking within NCC, he should not be given publicity for his opinions. It is not fair to give publicity to one side of the argument.

  17. i need some1 to really convince me why they think 50+1 is good, coz to me its 50 plus one that denied MDC chance to zimbabwe so i conclude that 50+1 causes confusions simple majority is ok or we need is transparency

  18. just as i said last time that a good crop of brilliant mps in parliament are in UPND from southern province. I again attest that amongst the chiefs in zambai,a good number who understand and participate in articulating national matters are from southern province.

  19. i therefore dont agree with chief Masha and whoever is for 50 +1 am am comfortable with simple majority what we need is only 2 characters should be contesting and not more than 3

  20. Go bold Chief Macha Go its unfortunate you said this 50+1 too late.Keep them quessing.Keep them spending sleepless nights like what Sata is doing.
    Watch your tongues tribalists don’t temper with wise Tongas.These guys were supposed to be called wise men from the east.Look at HH big brains made money using his brains not these thieves of yours always complaining.
    Go bold Chief Macha Leonard Munasangu Go!We are seconding you.

  21. if think what this chief have said does not boarder on tribe lines, but it is something that would help zambia come out of this malise we are currently experiencing as a coutry, therefore viva 50+1 percent.

  22. eeeeeeh! 50+1 and VJ in hospital. That is 50+2 guys. You guys you know RB can’t get 50+1 and his chief rigger in hospital means heart attack to RB in 2011. If the majority of Zambian citizens want the inclusion of 50+1 who are there to say NO.

  23. “CHIEF Macha of the Tonga people in Choma has suggested that the 50 percent plus one recommendation should be enshrined in the new constitution so as to help entrench Zambian’s young democracy.”

    Tell and show them, the tobasi mulaka ulweela mbuli buchi omukupa tulizibwene izintu eezi mbozyeeledde kuba kutegwa icisi ca-Zambia cisumpuke. 50 + 1 % is a must otherwise the NCC will have been a waste of time and money if it is not included in the New Republican Constitution that must come out by 2011 tripatite elections.

    PF or the Undereducate MC Sata, this is a time to call for Nationwide demonstrations over the 50+1 % issue to be included in the new Constitution. U-Team, stand up.

  24. 50%+1 was always there until kafupi and miyanda in 1996 fearing Kaunda’s comeback lost their nerve and bastardised the 1996 constitution. I have little respect for both of them.

  25. 59. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    U-Team (UPND), please stand up and call for nationwide demonstration to let people voice out their feelings on the 50+1% clause of President winning the elections to be included in the New Zambian Republican Constitution.

    This also goes to all the NGOs to call for the same and inform Zambian Citizens of h=what this 50+1% clause will mean for our democracy and not movement for multi-party democracy (MMD) which is just on party without serious implementation.

    LT 2008 Award Winner. =; for Zambians now in 2009, Zambia in 2011 and the Zambians’ econimic emancipation for the future.

  26. Chief macha, I will be glad to read that all Southern Province Chiefs have endorsed the 50+1 % clause to be included in the New Zambian Constitution.

    Let it ring from the might Southern Province hills and flat lands that the people want the said or above-written 50+1 clause to be enshrined in the new Constitution to be made and brought into force before the 2011 presidential and genral elections.

    LT 2008 Award Winner.

  27. No. 48! Your comment makes very bad reading, my dear. I am a Northerner, but there is no way I can stand and claim that only people from the North contribute positively, unless I am wearing coloured glasses!!! It’s enough to be a Zambian to make a good contribution to our nation. Whether you are Bemba, Tonga, Bisa, Lozi, Kaonde is really immaterial. It’s good we do away with this demeaning ethnic politics. Better to follow a certain political principle and not an ethnic origin of a political leader! Zambia belongs to all Zambians! Viva Zambia.

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