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Consider civil servants as important, Joyce Nonde tells govt

General News Consider civil servants as important, Joyce Nonde tells govt

The Federation for Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ) has appealed to government to start considering the civil service as one of the important sectors in the country.

FFTUZ president Joyce Nonde expressed sadness that government has continued to ignore issues such as the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) that affect the Zambian workers.

Ms. Nonde explained that workers in the civil service play an important role towards the economic development of the country hence the need for government to treat them fairly.

She told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that despite the number of workers increasing, government has not been improving their working conditions.
She noted that the civil servants’ take home pay has remained pitifully low despite reduced taxes.

Ms. Nonde disclosed that her organisation was concerned with current global economic recession, noting that this will adversely affect workers in the country.

She stated that the current increase in the PAYE exempt threshold from K600,000 to K700,000 did not bring any change, saying only few people earn less than K700,000 per month.

She added that government should have thought of broadening the tax base further to K1, 000,000 for many workers to benefit.

The FFTUZ president further explained that the tax base unveiled in the 2009 budget does not give hope to workers, adding that it is only targeted at a small number of workers who earn less than K700, 000.

Yesterday, Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane presented the 2009 national budget to parliament in which he said government is committed to providing tax relief to the workers and increased the PAYE exempt threshold.

Workers getting up to K700, 000 will not be taxed while those getting between K700, 000 and K1, 235,000 per month will have their salaries taxed at 25 per cent.
Those going home with K1, 235,001 up to K4, 000,000 will attract tax rate of 30 per cent while those getting over K4, 000,001 per month will pay 35 per cent as PAYE.


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  1. its very sad to see and hear how people are paid in Zambia, many of us wise that sport in Zambia well paying then for people who have been in class for 18 year what do you get nuts.

  2. The most loyal civil servants are in Zedi..

    Bena chikulu na ba fola, the little they get is heaven on earth for them….

    It seems I do not understand this PAYE exempt threshold so well. kansi ine ni zeeee. 😐

  3. #2, 5, 6,7,
    Bwanji kansi??
    Bwanji no comment about how Thandie is blossoming sure… you have let me down bros… :-?:-?

  4. “Ms. Nonde explained that workers in the civil service play an important role towards the economic development of the country hence the need for government to treat them fairly.”

    Firstly, I thought ba-Joyce Nonde is now married! Has she had a quick divorce or what? A few days ago, I read her name as Mrs Joyce Nonde-Simukoko or somthing of this nature, what is happeining to her LT?

    Secondly, her sentiments are fair, but it appears that they are uplifted from a Tonga Bull ZCTU president L.Hikaumba’s thoughts which were posted earlier. What is therefore happening? Is there a confusion in the NEWS reports? Or is it copying that is becoming the order of the day?

  5. 12. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    Whatever the case, the President RB Banda GRZ would have done well to look into the plight of low income earners critically. They can still do something about this if they are serious for it is not too late to change things.

    [KJV Bible] Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, [therewith] to be content.

  6. Sorry Jamaco, #10 is on wrong thread…
    its supposed to be on Thandies pic thread..
    My sincere apologies…

    I can see nauzizwa sana ^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^

  7. No F’ em they are light weights that never stand up for themselves. Look at them, teachers, lectures police/army etc. Why should oldinary Zambians stand up for them…they work with the govt. so they should f’ stand up themselves. God helps those that help themselves…f’ wake up. No sympathy vote for me, sorry!!

  8. Govt. doesn’t consider that good remuneration will motivate the civil servants thereby increasing their productivity. Our leaders feel they are the ones that deserve good pay.No wonder most civil servants spend time attending workshops where they can make that extra money. Some teachers force kids to attend coaching sessions against their will. Salaries in the civil service are a joke, and the work done by civil servants is more of a joke

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