Shikapwasha urges Zambians to support 2009 budget


Government has called on the people of Zambia to support the 2009 national budget in order to enhance economic development in the country.

Chief Government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha said there was need for the people of Zambia to fully support this year’s national budget, which he said has placed much emphasis on the economic recovery of the nation.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

He said as Members of Parliament and the public begin to debate the budget, there was need for them to support it because it has reflected a number of programmes that would promote economic development in the country.

He further said that the 2009 national budget had addressed a number of development programmes which he said will help to harness economic development in Zambia when implemented well.

General Shikapwasha, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, cited the mining, agriculture, tourism, health, education and construction sectors respectively as some of the key sectors that needed the full support of Zambian people in order to enhance economic development in the country.

The minister further said people should be happy that the 2009 national budget was focusing on diversification.

He noted that diversifying the country’s economy would help address some challenges associated with the global economic crunch.

He said the budget was reflecting the country’s economic recovery as it was massively supporting education, health, agriculture and tourism sectors.

And General Shikapwasha has brushed aside calls by some opposition political parties that government should institute an independent body that will audit the National Constitution Conference (NCC).

He said there was no need for some opposition political parties to start calling for an independent audit body to audit NCC because the commission had not misapplied resources that were allocated for the exercise.

He however said Zambians and the opposition political parties were free to call on the office of the Auditor General to audit the National Constitutional Conference.

The Chief Government spokesperson said the Auditor General’s office was the right government organ to audit government institutions and departments.

He has since called on the opposition and the Zambian people to support NCC to enable it execute its mandate within the stipulated time.



  1. How does one support a budget. this man please, tell him to rephrase. Mr. Shikapwasha, please urge people to support programmes…not what you are talking about. A budget doesnt do anything apart from just showing figures pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!

  2. How much are house rentals in lusaka? Awe, corruption will never end in zed.K700.000/month=£100 and its taxed.

  3. 9. Nokia

    Greetings to you!! The Lottery Results will be revealed this evening!! :d

    Hope it works out !! You will be the first to know !

  4. Can someone tell what the projections are by the Government on Inflation and Growth for this year?

    According to IMF Zambia will growth at 6.4% in 2009 which seems highly improbable with the current set of circumstances.

  5. #8 Jamaco. I am fine thank you. Sorry I dashed off to do one thing. I have only just come back. Enjoyed Serena`s win and can`t wait for the Fed Express tomorrow. I do not like Rafa.

    Where are the boys and girls today Jamaco?

  6. Shikapwasha,

    You dont have to say that,if the budget is good enough we will definately support it but if not then Iam sorry my big man We zedians are not easy goers.


    LT award winner for :-j:-j:-j

  7. if my “support” for the budget would contribute even 0.00000000001% to the economy’s improvement believe me i would move around all day waving a flag 10 times the size of RB’s nose,with the words “budget 2009” printed on it!

  8. It is not ‘US’ to support the budget but you. Tell your boss Banda not to be moving around like a bee and doing nothing but wasting our money. You are not supporting us by that threshold of yours, K700,000- why not a million? When we have more money in our pocket, it means we will spend and support production.

    I no longer trust the office of the audit general who is even failing to account for what so big fish in the sea are spending for there trips.

    Threshold should start at one million. If seven hundred then put it at 15%.

    Rural areas are still behind on transport, make it tax free for vehicles only to be used in those areas.

  9. Shikapwasha, dont say that again. We only give credit where it is due. Where can i get the whole budget guys i read thru b4 i either support its programms or not?

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