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The Visually impaired urge govt to produce budget in braille


The Zambia Disability HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Programme (ZDHAHRP) has called upon the government to consider translating the national budget yellow book into braille for the blind people to understanding the national budget.

ZDHAHRP Programmes Director, Elijah Ngwale, said that the blind persons in the country were left out on the number of issues because they do not understand the content of the budget.

Mr. Ngwale explained to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that blind people in Zambia could only contribute to the economic growth of the country if all government planning documents were also produced in braille.

He explained that for along time now, the blind community has failed to contribute to important government projects because they do not see what is contained in the documents.

He further challenged the government, through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) and the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAFPD) to hold workshops for persons with disabilities to discuss and analyse the 2009 national budget.

The ZDHAHRP director stated that the workshop will help people who were visually impaired to have a better understanding on the budget, adding that they will be educated on the importance of document.

He disclosed that the workshop will also give them a chance to come up with informed decisions that will consequently enable them inform government on issues affecting the disabled in the country.

Mr. Ngwale has however, commended Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane for the national budget which he said touched all important sectors of the national economy.

He further pointed out that there was need for government to effectively implement policies that were in the 2009 budget if the country was to improve economically.


  1. I can see a lot of bloggers simply waiting to be the first to post irrelevant comments which are not related to the subject. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s try to be mature enough and comment, discuss or debate on issues related to the topic. Thank you and god bless.

  2. Of what use will it be if the blind understand the budget or not. Some of the demands by our ‘differently or challanged’ brethren make r outrageous. The set up costs for plant to print such material is to high. Better invest in Medical Equipment at UTH!!!!

  3. Do we have the capacity?How many copies then?It is aright.Just to add fresh to it,even the constitution in braille,budget etc

  4. #10. Shibumi. I hate responding directly to people like you. But I am afraid I can not help but have a pop at your ignorance.

    All I can say is wait until you have a blind child. They are special people. Thats why the western wold decided to drop the disabled tag and call them people with special needs/learning disability. Grow up and stop been a wum.

  5. spend money on them whether it is expensive is besides the point. These people are Zambians too. They deserve to be served like anybody else.

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  7. #17, I did mention this morning, only that I forgot the name of the market.. I will keep it in my diary.

    Go for kalembula.. Akabwali kalapita sana..

    Enjoy. <:-p>:d<

  8. The notion, ‘whether the blind can read or not’ is not only discriminatory but childish to be very honest with most of you low lives posting silly comments about the visually impaired!! Apply a little ‘Sociological Imagination’ and put your dirty gobs in their position. It is a huge insult to assume that …just because one is blind, they cannot read or understand a simple budget like that of our beloved country. By law, through Equal Opportunities, most things including the Budget should be printed in Brailie as well. Some of you in the so called Diaspora would not get decent jobs if it weren’t for legislation such as Equal Opportunities…please think before you expose your idioce on here!

  9. Don’t bother – its will be a waste of their time, because even the visually able do not understand this budget :-\”

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