Sunday, May 26, 2024

Government Clarifies Fuel Hike


Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has castigated the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) that has continued to politicize the continued fuel fluctuations alluding it to a governance failure by the UPND administration.

Mr Mweetwa clarified that the rise in fuel price as recently announced by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) was determined by rising pump prices on the global market and not due to any domestic factors.

Mr Mweetwa who is also Minister of Information and Media was speaking in Choma during a Media engagement.

Mr Mweetwa said that the government will not provide any fuel subsidy but that it has continued to provide through various economic sectors such as free education, and school bursaries to mitigate the social and economic challenges being faced by citizens across the country.

Mr Mweetwa also clarified that the increased maize flow price to K330 from K280 is an endeavour by the government to not only sustain food supply amidst the drought but also to ensure small-scale farmer get a profit for their labour.

The Chief Government Spokesperson explained that contrary to some public views asserting that the government has continued to export maize to neighbouring countries among them Tanzania and Kenya, government only exported maize to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and was discontinued when the drought was imminent in the country.


  1. What is there to clarify? Zesco have increased tariffs, fuel has been increased, staples have become unaffordable. What is there to clarify? The IMF are behind all these. Just come out in the open we will not bite you.

  2. Most understand the fuel hike SO why dont you talk about the mess ZESCO is in loadshedding will do more damage than the fuel … Yet the top boss’s will certainly continue getting their hefty bonus !!!
    We need new top management as they are just misleading the nation and top leadership
    will we only wake up when its too late ??

  3. Forget the fuel lets talk Zesco
    They are causing enormous damage to the economy far more than fuel

  4. Promises, promises, promises.
    1. If you fail to reduce Zesco = You are on your own.
    2. If you fail to reduce mealie meal to K50= you are on your own.
    3. If you fail to reduce fuel to K12/l= you are on your own.
    4. If you fail to reduce dollar to K10/1usd= you are on your own.
    5. If you fail to reduce fertilizer to K250/50kg bag= you are on your own.

  5. @RM
    There is no government in the world that can do all those things listed, those things are done by the law of demand and supply in economics that is it. If you voted on those lines, though you sound to have voted for paya farmers disciples and you are just bitter for losing elections.

    Please just use your talent which God had given you for free not to start blaming other people due to your laziness, do not bring your laziness to public otherwise you will remain very poor chap for the rest of your life. I do not see any difference between you and the people which Moses was leading from Egypt, they started demanding the same things which you are now demanding. Never blame other people about failure or start crying for free things, go now fast to work not lazing around!

  6. @Peace Maker much as you could be right there are things which government is control eg the exporting of all maize stocks without taking into consideration many adverse factors that may arise.
    It’s government’s duty to create the environment. There are many examples but suffice it to say this was a mother of blunders.

  7. @Tikki
    I have always said HH is just applying bandaid…he just want things to look good whilst he is in office….but you can see the damage he is causing

    • Nothing wrong with HH who’s intentions are good
      Unfortunately most of his heads of departments are useless
      The papers are reporting he said “those lacking will be pushed aside”
      I am waiting !! ZESCO Boss, Railways, !!!!!

  8. Nothing wrong with HH who’s intentions are good
    Unfortunately most of his heads of departments are useless
    The papers are reporting he said “those lacking will be pushed aside”
    I am waiting !! ZESCO Boss, Railways, !!!!!

    • Everything is wrong with HH full stop. He gives KCM back to Agrawal…. Agrawal has no money and nobody is ready to lend him some because he’s a risk.

  9. @Tikki
    Am a very Patriotic Zambian and I want things to improve in Zambia and am investing in Zambia and i have 6 employees so this means i need to increase their Salaries

  10. HH and UPND…easier said than done…now everything thing is PF this PF that….come on guys….i thought HH had good ideas….even with the ‘fake’ debt restructuring things are getting worse….what will happen when time comes to pay back kaloba….???? am sure that will be the end of Zambia

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