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The week in pictures

Photo Gallery The week in pictures

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda and his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete when he arrived for a state visit in Dar-es-Salaam
PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda (l) and his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete when he arrived for a state visit in Dar-es-Salaam

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda inspect a guard of honour when he arrived in Malawi
PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda inspects a guard of honor when he arrived in Malawi

Jazzman Chikwakwa
Jazzman Chikwakwa

The dilapidated Khosa stadium in Kafue where soccer lovers used to spend time watching matches at the weekends
The dilapidated Khosa stadium in Kafue where soccer lovers used to spend time watching matches at the weekends

REGAE musician Maiko Zulu arrives for sentencing for drug possession at the Lusaka magistrate Court
REGAE musician Maiko Zulu arrives for sentencing for drug possession at the Lusaka magistrate Court

DEFAO on arrival at Lusaka international airport
DEFAO on arrival at Lusaka international airport


  1. Thanks LT , you ve made my day.

    Thanks a lot,

    I would like to thank
    [email protected], for being in such a bad mood
    Baby , for keeping me waiting
    Zoe, for not giveng me her number and lastly Nine Chale for keeping me company.

  2. Ah,Le General Defao Matumona & Sommets Des Sommets Montana Kamenga are touring Zed,ya,chalalila zo ona mu zed,i guess this marks the return of Defao to his home country Congo,he’s been in exile in Kenya all this time,when he was wanted by authorities in Congo over some allegations he made,he fled to Zambia,did quite a number of shows,helped DJ Suke Chile on his album but the congolese govt caught up with him & asked the Zambian govt to deport him but he managed to go to Kenya so i guess he’s back to say thank you & return home where he’s eagerly awaited since he’s been pardoned by Kabila.#8,Congolese people don’t care about the weather,fashion comes first no matter the sweat. LOL

  3. RB: iwe this your ma kapokola is very looking like good,

    Jakaya Kikweta:yesss, zey are all my cousins and uncles.

    RB : Are you serious?

    Jakaya: yes ooh, i fired the non relations and put my relations.

    RB: Zis is goood, i wilu tilay it aswell, it seems to be working for you

  4. Our govt needs to revise their laws,musician Maiko Zulu pictured above was charged with trafficking about 10 balls of marijuana,they found it in his home when they did a search so i guess the charge should be called ” posession of marijuana under article so & so”not trafficking,but i think he’s lucky to get away with the type of community service that has been ordered as punishment,the magistrate should be commended.
    I am becoming increasingly irritated by the face of RB,can’t wait for the next elections for him to go,tired of his ”ichidunguza” face & rhetoric,i thought he was different & wiser kanshi i lied to myself.

  5. Ba Honey

    No problem. I understand. :)>-

    Oops, I’ve just slipped to nambala :)>-

    Great photography too. I like the combination of colors on the presidential parade. The dilapidated structures are an eyesore. It really doesn’t take millions of dollars to renovate that stadium, does it?

  6. Former black man Mr Defao, welcome to Zambia. Let me tell you that Zambia is to the south of Congo and is a tropical country. The weather will be hot and humid, this being the rain season. You do not need warm clothing allowance. Bye. Enjoy your weekend and entertain.

  7. Defao looks like General Ghadafi

    He is so fake , just like the Congo women.

    Balisu ama ambi kamudodo, but amaboko ni cocacola

  8. #28 dont generalize all congo women. My father is zambian and mother from congo so I find that statement very offensive.

  9. 28. Ba Honey
    Ha ha ha,ati kwati ni Ghadafi,he’s better off coz it hasn’t burnt his skin,have you seen Koffi’s face closely,the stuff they apply has done Koffi bad,he’s got patches all over his face,make up hides that in videos.

  10. Anyway,talking about koffi,here is what his new album will sound like,let’s have a good start to the valentines weekend

  11. #30, Ba Chewe mwapoleni, ichungulopo mukwai,
    no need to be offended, and apologies in advance. But aba abantu both men and women ukusuba amafuta encito yabo.. Look at Kofi Olomide… A ma dancing queens yakwe colour ni ‘Orange’.. Takwaba no umusungu wa kwata colour ilya iyo.. :o:o:o

  12. 34. Ba Honey
    Yes,even here in the UK,i know several Zambian girls who use the same crap infact one lady who sold it in her shop has burnt skin herself,she likes to hide her hands coz the knuckles are so black! LOL

  13. #36 Ba Honey
    Am a DJ so i have friend DJ’s in Zambia so we exchange music,one of my friends based in Zambia has loads of music on his blog,check it out here deejaywolf.blogspot.com/

  14. #36 Ba Honey

    [email protected] is the right person to answer that question.
    He gave me a tutorial on how to download Zed music from youtube. It’s very easy and it’s legal too! I now have collections of very rare, good Zambian music for free!
    Just ask him next time you see him. I’m sure he’s swimming like a fish now.

  15. Chugulopo mukwai Cutey/wifey. Umutende mukwai nati nande ukuchila ufwila mubafu tata. Umupamba nachi belenga but Eeeya nomba Honey! All is good now.

    I agree that most Congolese bleach expect a few like Prez Kabila, Late Franco, Fally and I still stand that not all Congo women are fake BUT agree that some men and women in this WORLD are fake.

  16. 42. Chewe
    You’re right about Franco & Kabila Kabange not using bleach but Fally has definately bleached his skin infact most people suspect he’s also had a nose job,am sure even old youtube videos of Koffi’s Quartier Latin band with Fally featuring will show you how much his face has changed.

  17. Anybody read ydays daily star about Michael Jackson his bleached skin is fading and the face looks like a lizard abt to peel off the outer skin that just shows how you shd appreciate yo colour He has devlpd a condition common to whites where you dont respond to any antibiotics very ABSURD

  18. Hi bloggers I was out buying valentines presents for chi&k%la umo so. Just imagine I met him buying Valentines presents for his d.a.m.n spare chick in the same mall! Things are bad I tell you , cant even blog properly ka !

  19. Ba Defao. Dont be stranded again in Lusaka and start playing at such places as DCs in Chawama, Breakpoint and Cockpit just raising money for an air ticket whilst yo crew goes via footpaths all the way to Mbuji Mayi !

  20. Defao had no choice but to hang around for a while,he would have gone straight to jail had he returned to Congo that time alas he managed to go to Kenya where he has been all these years.
    I don’t see anything wrong with Defao or any other foreign Congolese artist playing at a place like Cockpit,i guess he would get more customers there than if he went to some joint swammed by utu ma ‘yo’ with sagged jeans & drinking whiskey black in some Lusaka town centre joint eg Polo Grill or s’thing,i don’t know most joints in Lusaka as am originally a Ndola man but i hear Congolese music goes down at places such as Cockpit irrespective of it’s location,business is business.

  21. nice pics though i wonder why both presidents’low buttons on jacketcs are unclosed. Where are people who look after presidents’in this arear? As for maiko zulu I think he must learn to respect the prevailing laws even if he believes in something else. Otherwise if anything goes in the world, there would be chaos. For example, if i believe in discrminination, like apartheid, I must learn to abide by the law which forbids that.

  22. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT RB [-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<[-==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==**==

  23. WISHING YOU ALL A DOUBLE SHOT OF LOVE 😡 😡 😡 😡 @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};-

  24. WISH MAIKO GANGAMAN ZULU A HAPPY VALENTINE %%- %%- %%- %%-% % -%% -%% -%% -%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-

  25. O.k Ba L.T.,
    Pa li Ba Jazzman Chikwakwa finshi mulefwaya ati tu commente?? A ma ballooni olo ishina lyabo??

    pantu all we can see is that he is commemorating something which we can’t see or make sense of but a ma balloonifye.. :)>-:)>-Awe nachishupa mweee..:o

  26. With that piece of cloth hanging on his shoulders I think the man is a moslem.Hu Salama Leko Msalam. He looks balisuwa sana.

  27. It’s about tym babylon en them friends knew that no man shud be arrested for any herb,just as beer is tha killer of tha nation,herb is a plant…God made green and man made beer,open up ur eyes & ur earing to u cud see tha real picture me a talk about.

  28. #36
    if you have a half good computer all you need to do is down load the latest version of (real player) you can google that.
    once thats done when ever you are on you watching a video and you run the pointy arrow over the video with your mouse, a small window in blue will pop up above the video saying download this video .
    all the video,s will be saved on your real player library and you can burn the songs onto a cd if you like or the video’s on dvd if you like your choice. the cool thing about this is , u can download evn 10 video’s from u tube at the same time you need not be watching what you downloading, once you select you can go on to the next video, and so on

  29. gud pics….i used to run in that stadium! my heart bleeds!:((:((:((:((:((:((..that red roof afar you can see…the famous steel plant in kafue!

  30. someone gon’ ‘olla @ a jugde to leave a’ maiko zulu alone man.its no offence fo’ a man to uz a’ herb.herb ‘s just a plant,a product o’ jah creation.dem donya donya he say free dem maikl! l-)l-)l-)

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