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Harrington complains against Siliya in court

Headlines Harrington complains against Siliya in court

Dora Siliya

Former Transport and Communications Minister in the Chiluba government, William Harrington has complained to Acting Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima that the current Minister of Transport and Communications Dora Siliya breached part II of the Parliamentary and Ministerial code of Conduct Act, Cap 16 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr. Harrington said the complaint was on the allegations that Ms. Siliya awarded a contract in the sum of US$ 2 million to RP Capital of Cayman Islands, against the professional advice of the Attorney General.

RP Capital and Cayman has been contracted to value ZAMTEL assets.

Mr. Harrington argued that this was done without due regard or compliance with the provisions of the Zambia National Tender Board (ZNTB) Act, Cap 394 of the Laws of Zambia.

He said Ms. Siliya did also arbitrarily cancel a duly awarded contract by ZNTB for the supply, delivery and installation of a Zambia Air Traffic Management Surveillance Radar System.

The former minister said this was supposed to be installed at Lusaka and Livingstone in favor of SELEX Sistemi Integrati Company of Italy.

He said ZNTB had awarded the contract to Thales Air Systems of South Africa as the successful bidder.

He hoped that through the Acting Chief Justice’s Office, an independent and competent tribunal should take necessary steps under section 16 Act (3) to allow for thorough investigations on the allegations surrounding Ms. Siliya’s actions.

“I refer to the above quoted subject matter and hereby submit to your office a complaint pursuant to section 13 (1) as read together with section 4 (a) and (b) of the Parliamentary and Ministerial code of conduct in respect of the Honourable Minister of Transport and Communications Dora Siliya,” he said.

The former minister said the complaint was not meant to victimize Ms. Siliya but let her prove herself.



  1. Latest!! George Kunda’s press briefing confirms that the Solictor General on behalf of Attorney General recommendation the engaging of RP Capital, he says there was no law breached. He also wonders why the fact that ZDA was consulted over the transaction are not bin highlighed in the post newspapers one sided articles.

  2. Kansi Dora azakonkha Gladys Nyirongo ku ndende manje manje apa… bazikamba nkhani babili. ( at least she will have company).Watch out Dora, the time is nigh… @-)


  4. What is lacking in this country is people power,thats why even people like Dora have became big headed.We have been disempowered so much that RB has the guts of calling all our opinions to be nosense.They have weakened us so much that we can no longer react even when we are buying a 25kg of ubunga at K100,000.Where is poeple power in this country.

  5. It appears Dora has a lot of explaining and self exculpation out of all these sagas.. Too big for some. ya ya ya.. :((:o

  6. #11,
    Ba Chewe ,Umutende mukwai,
    Ine ndifye bwino mwe. Kanofye uyu munensu Dora ba lamwingisha kwashala panono fye.

    Kalebalika ba Chewe. ;))

  7. Viva Brother William Harrington, for us who know you, know how principled you are. Go on, you have our support.

  8. Looking at the way pressure is mounting on this issue of Dora,i can easily tell that Dora is in a deep trouble.The pressure is really growing so much that even Rb is going to fail to defend her.Mark my words Dora is not going to be a minister upto 2011.Very soon she will loose that position. PF die hard munandi uli shani boyi? Ala mu 2011 i will campaign with all my energy for PF.

  9. The Post hav bin caught in their own web of lies, they jst tried too hard to protect their asses! RP Capital is not buying ZAMTEL. The partial privatisation of ZAMTEL started in the Levy days after a cabinet decision. The company has bin run poorly and like every gud business decision, an asset evaluation was to be done, why single source, well, the local guys hav done poor jobs in the past (e.g, Grant Thornton in the mines) so the idea to go abroad was entirely right in the case and the fact that the new Public Procurement Act of 2008 allows the Minister to disregard the recommendations of the Ministerial Tender Committe (if there was any in this case) especially for consultancy services

  10. UMUGAZEBO munchende! U know pipo, somtimes i feel so frustrated and angry to know that theres very little i can do between now and next voting time. These are raping my intelligence and i am powerless to do jack about it.

  11. There was no need for Mmembe to start crying over this transaction and implication poor Dora in here. The ZDA recommended, the Solicitor General recommended and about the local contact in Zambia for RP, i dont think that is important unless they fail to do a good job. We’ve had people like Valentine Chitalu who have made money as investment advisers, are you also going to prosecute him because he introduced certain business people to a sale of some parastatal in Zambia, in that case, Mwanawasa should have prosecuted Mahtani because that i wat Mahtani knows best. I for one who have loved a neutral person to have pushed for this issue if indeed there was sumthin fishy and that person is not

  12. What William Harrington is the way that things should be done – act and not just talk. I got sick and tired of hearing all those politicians and ordinary people complain about the “Dora Saga” without doing anything. As Zambians we are good at condemning and blubbing without taking any action. Enoch Kavendale in his analysis of the situation gave advise as to what was required to correct this mess. But people continued saying this and that. Bravo Harrington. We need more people like yourself in Zambia. Brave people that will be courageous enough to hold the bull by the horns. So now acting chief justice – let justice prevail now!

  13. Mayi weeeh! Nkhani iyi ilu kulilakonso? Ti thani a mbuye? Khoma apa a Harrrington amasula mabuku yolongosoka kwa basi. The scroll is just being opened. Lets watch it unfold…………..

  14. Wel Done Will Harring fimo fimo. This BILOMO is definitly going in so that she makes a choir with the Rev.

    Bon Soir Bloggers !

  15. There is evident of unfamiliar ignorance here by weak souls confused by Mmembe fighting for his survival.Minister of Justice George Kunda has articulated it all.cabinet decided to get an asset evaluator and RB was awarded picked to do the job before a partial privatization is done.Anyone that showed interest in valuating the ZAMTEL asset come forward now with evidence that he was rejected.don’t buy rubbih from that gay sexist Mmembe who is so envious of successful women and successful fathers.

  16. Ine, I think you missed the point. The issue is not about whether the Post wins or not. The issue is about a minister disregarding tender procedures and handpicks a company of her choice to evaluate ZAMTEL assets. Hope you get the point now!!

  17. Does ACC still exist and do they have teeth to bite?If yes then let them investigate this Saga rather than rushing to investigate a poor policeman for getting a 10 pin leaving ANYANDULE in the animal farm committing all sorts of crimes.

  18. Fred is an interest party, wrong chap to be pushing this agenda! Just pay our money (pulic funds), u blinded Levy, Magande, Maureen but u will not blind RB.Fred cant run a telecoms firm, he has failed to run a newspaper!

  19. #28, yeah right! He must be jealous of chiluba, bulaya, Nyirongo, singogo, mabenge, xavier chungu, shansonga etc too! We are not so intellectually challenged that we just get hoodwinked by the Post, we are very much able to analyze issues. Let the courts decide and not government machinery. There are legitimate questions requiring legitimate answer kwapwa. That is why Govt should improve on informing the public of what its doing!

  20. :o:o:oBasilya baoneka monga bazativuta….where is she getting all this muscle, that is what that ZAF genaral has gone in for, nanga eve is she immune???????:o:o:o:o

  21. Ba Cutey tuli fye bwino,twalafwa fye ku bushimbe. Twatotela mukwai.uyu mayo Dora Siliya fya kuifwaila.You see the problem is tha power has gotten to her head.She has become so big headed that she can even ignore the advice from the Atorney General and the controlling officers in her ministry.The problem is that she was just a mere news reader at Znbc.She never imagined that one day she would get to such a position.Hence all this mess she has created for herself.

  22. Kapena the big fish has a special interest in Dora. Why bending the law at press briefing just to defend the nosense. Anyway sitingadabwe, muziwa maule wa pa Petauke. As for the big fish, Acenjele, izamudya Petauke.

  23. Stop being emormously ignorant on this issue. Some of you dislike either party atthe centre of this mess and your sentiments are not credible cause they are full of empathy for either Dora or Fred. Have you asked yourselves
    1. The depth of this case and what it portrays in the hierachy of our leadership?
    2. The credentials of RP and any history of it conducting evaluations on behalf of governments in Africa, let alone remmendations from such governments?

    My advice to fellow Zambians is to stop being petty with charactors and deal with the issues instead.
    Both Dora and Fred are not the best of role models for youths if you go by thier private lives but we obliged to accommodate them


    Both Dora and Fred are not the best of role models for youths if you go by thier private lives but we obliged to accommodate them in this regard.

  25. Interesting times lay ahead, and just who is RB Capital, a visit at their website gives very scanty information about them, has anybody mined any data yet?

  26. The first time Dora contested an election in Petauke which she lost, she collapsed when the results were announced. This time around when the verdict is pronounced she may not come round

  27. Girl power is ladies to go in first than GENTS like ka FTJ and the gang to follow . I had o-+ for valentines and abit of [-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<

  28. Hi guys, does anyone have any detailed knowledge on Zamtel valueaters RB CAPITAL?,

    Have you heard of there previous works were you’re etc, the website is very basic and amatuerish (i suspect deliberately)

    Please let me in the WHO IS RB CAPITAL? thread, General section at the following link….. pls add 3 Ws at the beginning


    many thanks

  29. # 20 – Ine.
    Lets call a spade a spade; do you honestly think Mmeembe has a card up his sleeves? What have you got to say about all the other corrupt cases that he has exposed thru his newspaper. Need I remind you of them? Would you say all those cases that’ve been exposed,there is something “fishy”? In my opinion all he is doing is excercsing his rights as a Zambain and quesitioning some of the things that are been carried out by those we have intrusted to be custodians of OUR assets. Something I would encourage not only you to do but each and every Zambian. The sooner we get into the habit of doing so; the quicker that corrupt practices will end and Zambia will devlopment.

  30. Abuse of office daylight. Mponyeni mndende uyo!
    #23 tangoona chichewa cabwino taziwa kuti ndinu akum’mawa.
    mukuza ku nc’wala mwati?
    Nanga cidzina uipa ‘Nakabalika’ pa zinthu zonse? Bwanji osangoti ‘lawomba’

  31. The thing about Corruption is that you only talk if you were left out of the deal. It does not mean that those pointing fingers are innocent.
    Actually that is the best part!! You can not satisfy everyone and so those who are hungry will talk!!

    You are all doomed!! One by One!! Sooner or later.:-$

  32. Ine # 24.
    Its not about the post winning. You have your bearings wrong. Its about whats best for Zambia. I also don’t get you. You say “We’ve had people like Valentine Chitalu who have made money as investment advisers, are you also going to prosecute him because he introduced certain business people to a sale of some parastatal in Zambia”. Dude – lets think outside the box? Who would you prefer to have the contract? a Zambian that will reinvest it in Zambia, create employment and allow the money to trickle down to the rural areas; or RP Captial,an offshore company in the Cayman Isalnds who will not put back not even a single ngwee in Zambia? Wake up and smell the coffee mate.

  33. je suis fatige. Bonne nuit tu le monde. Na naka sendamenipo bonse. Mugone bwino bonse. Amugone kabotu nonse ba sankwa na ba dadaala.

  34. #42 you are right, this forum just shows how petty Zambians can be when it comes to political matters. If it’s not tribalism then it’s either gossip or ad hominems. Every topic deviates from the facts at hand into useless chatter about people’s past characters.

  35. Where would we be without the post? Whatever you may have against Membe, you have to admit that he has stirred the water right this time. I really don’t care what his motives are. The issue about RP Capital sucking money from Zambia like a Vulture fund corp.

  36. While it is good for the laws of the land to be obeyed and indeed Dora is suppose to follow the tender procedures. But I think we are missing the point. Engaging RP is not the main problem in this whole saga. The issue is… “is this the right call to partially privatize Zamtel?” a definate no! There is a global recession and the west is nationalizing and restructuring. We need to be convinced that privatizing is the solution. Could it be that all that zamtel needs is for government to pay it’s debt, restructure and appoint a new management. Zamtel with the financial crisis won’t fetch for much. It will be sold at a loss. We needs to put an end to this “nonsense”

  37. Its been long Harrington. Good to hear from you. Well done and bravo! You have the support of all Zambians who care about their country.

  38. Dora will go in if she continues to be arrogant. Rev Nyirongo is in, Singogo is in, Richard Sakala keeps going back in. If she was as smart as the President claims, one would have expected her to learn from the mistakes made by the people I’ve mentioned.

  39. @ 51 Lomwe dzina lo iyipa indeye la makolo. Khoma ine ndilibe khantu na Dzina pakuti ndine ookhondwa kunkala mu zambian. Mbuya…. ndi mubemba nkonko uwaku chinsali kulya batila twalinwa isha kwa Lenshina. Proud Zambian with ability to read and write several local and foregn lingwa. Happy to know I have not lost my chewa. ADADE keep it real.

  40. Dora balimuchekelako ba RP capital elyo naena achekelako nyama soya, so the story is not going anywhere, just forget it efyo paba pazed mwalabashani

  41. The VP gave a ka fake press statement this evening. This issue will cost MMD alot in 2011. Corruption does not pay. . .

  42. #60 I would wait for the facts at hand and the findings of the courts before I give my opinion on the matter. Dora siliya went against the advice not an order, advice is not binding it’s a choice. the ononous is on Miss Siliya to show why she went against the advice from the attorney general and why she tought it fit to award the contract differently. I will not pass on opinion on her before I know everything because as the article says she has to prove herself as to why she made that decision

  43. I miss LPM…right now we would have heard a press conference withdrawing the Ministerial post and the law visiting someone!!! But for RB expect the worst!!!

  44. #70. The matter is simple. Why wait for Nyama Soya judges to tell you what to think? You mean you don’t know what the tender board is there for?

  45. No question, the post have ulterior motives, whether financial or pure megalomania. True of any paper. But that does not make Dora innocent of the charge before her. Only a politically, economically socially and legally acceptable explanation will do. Today we are the grass benefiting from the fighting elephants.

  46. Oh my goodness!2011 seems so far away with all this circus going on.
    The trouble with our Zambian politicians is that they are not there to serve but to be served and behave as if they own the country.
    I would rather not even discuss Zambian politics as it is the most depressing topic after the recession.

  47. #70 Dora, alone in her office, had a revalation; ZNTB would not be a good route to use for this tender. I, Dora Siliya, will decide who I will give this USD2m contract to.” Do you really think there could possibly be another reason apart from corruption? Be real.

  48. #77 leave the law to the judges, the law was written for them to interpret not for bloggers to decide based on news articles. The matter is only simple to you because you already think you know the facts from an article. The matter has to be investigated if there has been a breach of the law. Your analogy of a simple matter is similar to looking at someone saying jsut because they look like a thief then they are guilty and must go to jail. It is an allegation not a conviction not the difference

  49. Utulo twaya…..

    Do we have an association for evalutators that could give us more insight? Did they get offers to bid and were they given any regard? If they got negative responses, were reasons based on ability to deliver or by virtue of credentials (reject all local companies) ? Let them tell us their positions also.

  50. PF’s/Undereducate’s William Harrington has done a great job by using his experience to write the Deputy Chief Justice about this Minister Dora Siliya case.

    However, th’s ‘“I refer to the above quoted subject matter and hereby submit to your office a complaint pursuant to section 13 (1) as read together with section 4 (a) and (b) of the Parliamentary and Ministerial code of conduct in respect of the Honourable Minister of Transport and Communications Dora Siliya,” he said”, is suspected as a photo-copying of ideas of others because the UPND’s Vice President Richard Kapita was the first one to release data that the might UPND are going to sue Minister Dora Siliya in a court of law.

  51. #81 I don’t use my imagination to judge people I use facts. If you think Dora siliya was doing corrupt practices rpove it rather than using your imagination, show us documents and even specific legislation. This is national matters this is not marketeer finger pointing .

  52. I am proud of Zambia but to be honest I am very ashamed of our politicians- who wouldn’t be?I mean,how many of you go about bragging about these doppy characters of ours?
    It’s a good thing that the Post people and the current Govt don’t get alone.It creates some accountability in the sense that they (politicians)fear being found out.

  53. Kalingalinga man ullegedly batters wife

    A man of Lusaka’s Kalingalinga Compound has allegedly battered his wife after she asked for bathing soap from a man in the neighborhood.

    The incident which happened last night allegedly prompted Danny Sinkala to beat up his wife, Beatrice Nachela, whom he accused of flirting with the same man..The couple with four children has been married for 17 years.
    Mrs. Sinkala narrated to Muvi TV News today that her husband allegedly beat her the whole night until the early hours of today.
    She has since appealed for help from well wishers to help her seek medical attention from the hospital as her condition is bad.


  54. Akumupando wants the truth!

    These sensitive issues shall be laid on the floor one day

    at the shopping malls in ZAMBIA… Nothing shall ever be hidden!!!

    And by the ones signing the deals

    Its better we continue learning how to do the best for our country…

    I really need developmental stories!!! Maybe can contribute more!!!

  55. #84. your flag Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    A UPND idea published in the POST has been copied and altered by PF to show some intelligence.

    I am nevertheless not surprised at this kind of PF/Undereducate behaviour of copying what other normally operating people do or plan to do.

    It is clear that PF bloggers on LT and cadres including members are always copying and fighting unnecessarily.

    I hope the Zambian PF/Undereducate political party will learn do things from an original perspective in future.

  56. See them fighting for the spoils of corruption, they know not the hour. You will see all forms of oppotunists resurface. is this not the same harrinton who denounced his Zambian citizenship to become Zimbabwean during KKs time ?
    All sorts of vaultures are waiting. Why this time , not during PLM time ?
    RB is weak and corrupt. That is why we are seeing a resugence in corruption and oppotunistic snipping.

  57. Readers lets help this woman and her man they have no cash thus the fights. Blessed is the day when money was created because it does not refuse to do anything. Money should marry money and became pregnant with more money and give birth to more money.

  58. I will if you stop spoiling our LT productive moments.
    You seem to be obcessed with who is educated and all that crap and forget that that is not what defines a human being.

  59. The Justice Minister, Vice President George Kunda, appears to have earned himself the Vice Presidency position by explaining the LAWS OF ZAMBIA to the then Vice President Rupiah Bwezani Banda after the death of the late former President LP Mwanawasa. Again, it appears that now Zambian President Rupiah B. Banda will use the legal background of Justice Minister VP George Kunda to explain the legals issues regarding the Dora Siliya issue and many possible issues with legal background to come.
    I just hope Minister VP G. Kunda wont entangle himself in a difficulty web of trouble for even a 92 yrs old a South American former President was jailed, a clear warning to the President RB Banda Admin.

  60. I write what I deem fit to write based on the amount of truth available and the fact that you have not control of my mind or the words I write is enough to help you understand that I will continue USING THE COMPOUND WORD UNDEREDUCATE in place of Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, 72 years old, until he will get a Grade 12 School Certificate.

    So, you are up for reading more of my writings refer to Michael-Chilufya-Sata political party as Undereducate political party because the two words SATA and UNDEREDUCATE are interchangeable by me or anyone else who needs to use them this way.

    Enjoy yourself!

  61. 103. your flag Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    I will as well continue to use the two words Rupiah-Bwezani-Banda and Zambian-President interchangeably as they currently mean the same thing until the President is out of the Zambian Presidency office.

    To this end, you better get used to the idea that I will continue writing according to how I know best and like it – writing.

  62. Comrade bloggers, i told you about Dora the explorer! now just wait, the worst is yet to come. i am eagerly waiting for mmembe to exculpate himself too!.As at now Dora has RB under her petticoat so we just have to chill for now, but she will end up sharing a cell with glays!

  63. Dora didn’t follow procedure as far as the Auditor General and Parliament are concerned. She didn’t follow tender procedures too. I doubt if US$2 M is in her threshold at the Ministry. Even if RBB and Kunda defend her, there are too many anomalies in her work. She will have to answer questions. I think the Post is good at providing checks and balances. Dont be too quick to write them off. Who would be telling us all this information if it werent for Mmembe. Bonse tuli mu diaspora!!

  64. 111. 3RqU

    please reply to the Mail I have sent to you!! Otherwise I will not believe it is you.

    I have sent you a Mail. Please check your Mailbox!!

    108. Supergal

    pls wait until he writes back and I will confirm!!!!

  65. the issue of zamtel like i told you chaps started in LPM time. cabinet decision was made before Rb became President. Since george kunda has come in now Dora will be defended by the State. Membe is kicking the last kicks of a dying horse. if he had real info of corruption he would have revealed but the problem for him is he himself will get caught up. in fact if you notice some of the stuff isdeliberately being peddled by his reporters who are not happy with the money membe spends on himself. sometimes his staff go for two months without pay while he spends millions on himself and his to musungu chicks from the backpacker place in rhodespark

  66. membe is trying to avoid the commission of enquiry on the 6.5 million dollar loan they got dubiously from DBZ. Harrington is upset because they removed him from the board of the Road Transport Safety Agency. Membe and nchito will fry including Magande and former first lady. have you noticed how silent she is? she knows whats coming if this chap is not shut up.

  67. 115. your flag MR. THRIFT greetings. Firstly how old are you to call us all CHAPS? Secondly, I am glad you have referred to a MUSUNGU backpackers place in Rhodespark, Lusaka.

    I just hope the backpackers place you are referring to is the one which is in the ROAD that branches off to the right if you are the Bwinjimfumu Road from Great East Road before you just reach the Crossroad as you are going to Evelyn Hone College.

    Very impressive indeed and keep well.

    By the way, the Undereducate lives along 2 parallel roads to Bwinjimfumu Road away from Bwinjimfumu turn off the Great East Road on the Rhodes park side and as you go towards Northmead.

  68. I know Dora very closely and she is one person that makes very sensible and smart decisions. she sure will be vindicated.

  69. #34 Ine, You are doing a hit job. Its easy to see and most likely ,you know Dora in person or you have personal issues with Fred. Slow down, Dora has messed up herself. Anyway, she is used. i dont want to get personal here coz some of us know alot from Lusaka up to Cairo. So please stop these personal attacks and just accept that Dora will soon be with Rev. Nyirongo.

  70. nO #117! Pliz let’s deal with facts here isntead of innuendos.. The Post did not and i repeat did not obtain any $6.5m from DBZ. Gentlemen, i thought this issue was been analysed by eduacted brains but i read here is worse that listiening to PF adres making noise at the High court. Ask yourselves this simple question: why is the VP, THE Solicitor General being brought into the case now? we have been told all along that the Attorney General is the chief govt legal advisor. so at what stage does the solicitor general come in? smell a rat. why are they talking of payment of $2m – whoever said this money had already been paid?

  71. maestro that is the one. Sorry chaps is used as a friendly term for those who do not understand that membe is not zambia and he is not an angel. he is as evil as all these old men who still want to rule. u know these backpacker places are becoming dens for looking for white women and membe is notorious on this. LPM had all this info and used it to make membe stop attacking him

  72. my friend Zambian airways obtained money from DBZ just before LPM died. they tried to get from it ZSIC but the board refused. we are talking facts and not lies

  73. Pipo, the issue here is very clear, procedure was not followed in awarding a contract of huge amounts of money. This was supposed to have been competitive tender and evidently someone is looking for a cut from this deal. Also, why cancel duly awarded tenders? Does Dora know how much the country will lose in terms of breaches? The lady has her work cut out. She may be the next in line at Kampala Central Prison. Open those doors wide ba Buju, here she comes!

  74. Post said the contract Dora issued was worth $2 million. Why are you refusing on behalf of people who have not responded? Membe has personally guaranteed some of the money and has used assey=ts belonging to Post as collateral which is not allowed under company law. A limited company is legal person and membe cannot use assets that do not belong to him even though he is majority shareholder. my friend dont look at my flag and think I have not been in Zambia. I cannot say more but just wait and see as this thing rumbles on. That AG you keep talking about is compromised because he allowed Magande to do certain things with Mahtani/Maureen/membe which are illegal

  75. George Kunda is still Justice Minister and that is one man who cannot be bought or corrupted. For him to speak on behalf of GRZ means Dora is standing on very strong ground. remember this is the same Kunda who protected Zambia when the vultures were trying to destabiise our wonderful nation. Read between the lines dont follow blindly. If Membe was so concerned about Zambia why support Sata against HH? Think people think. if membe truly believes in a corrupt free country why support an unelected relic from UNIP to be the next president when there was a young educated and well groomed young man HH who has no baggage like sata (merzaf, thugs in chawama, third term and 2 billion mmd convention

  76. Mr Thrift – i totally agree with you when you talk of the magande/maureen/membe matrix. yes, it’s just a matter of time before the trth catches up with them. my main concern (though this now is being addressed by serious concerned citizens like Harrington) is the failure to follow simple laid down procedures and processes and then go to town trying or finding reasons to justfiy the illegality. This to me is using is trying to use ‘hard power’ instead of either ‘soft power’ or even better ‘smart power’.

  77. :o:((:o:-\” We Africans, and Zambians in particular, are very docile. We let few individuals experiment with our assets and wellbeing and do nothing. People power is not known to us no wonder i call myself a chimp coz we still primitive

  78. Hola you have done well to tell it. Maybe it can listen.The creature is very dull,i dont even know what it was doing at school. It feels bad to see how Successfull Sata has been despite his education background.The creature is shallow in thinking full of hatred claiming to be what it is not.Very dull thing indeed!

  79. #130 until you read an understand ‘Capitalist Nigger’ = yes, we shall continue to remain docile, mourn, whine forever…

  80. MR THRIFT – If you have the facts and know that those you have mentioned are corrupt – why not expose them? Show us the facts. If you’re not brave enough; give me those facts and I will expose them. All that George Kunda is trying to do now is an attempt to protect the State and not Dora. It is very important that you understand this – that this case is now beyond him.

  81. 128, I would like to re-echo your well articulated issues:

    “If Membe was so concerned about Zambia why support Sata against HH? Think people think. if membe truly believes in a corrupt free country why support an unelected relic from UNIP to be the next president when there was a young educated and well groomed young man HH who has no baggage like sata (merzaf, thugs in chawama, third term and 2 billion mmd convention”

    Surely, how can a normal corrupt free Zambian support or Imagebuild the Undereducate?

    Zambia is not short of clean people who can be supprted for Presidency even if a character has a personal problem with the main man of the moment president Hakainde Hichilema, HH.

  82. Maestro no problem one zambia one nation always. me i am a northern bull married to a beautiful southerner. so lets understand each other basa and not fight over tribe. Sata is not fit to be president because he is a corrupt man and he is not democractic. what kind of party has no elections? people are picked on the basis of blind loyalty to sata. at least RB and HH went through an election

  83. gentlemen without giving away who I am I can tell you I have worked with all these characters and quite frankly if HH had been able to negotiate with RB he would be Veep now. But anyway if he works hard he may get it 2011 but he has to fight many good young politicians in MMd like Bwalya Chiti, Magande, Austin Chewe, Wila Mungomba to name a few

  84. 136. Impressive stuff. I am only worried for our hard working Justice Minister Vice President George Kunda. I hope nothing catches up with him in future for maybe defending people and things that are clearly not in order.

    Let us wait and see what will happen as the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION and the TASK FORCE ON CORRUPTION will be extended to the current MMD reign in addition to the 1991 to 2001 Chiluba Administration.

    The only thing which gives me motivation is that the REAL TRUTH WILL one day come out over all these activities we are taking note of today and those we took note of in the past.

  85. #132 That book is deep & challenges one’s mindset.It excels as an explosive and jarring indictment of the black race.It’s thought provoking & calls 4 sum serious soul searching.Definitely a great read.

  86. 138. MR. THRIFT, surely its “One Zambia, One Nation”. Let those who enjoy insulting continue and us who like telling it as it is in Truth continue.

    I also hope to marry form any of the Zambian tribes as long as the woman will be a Seventh Day Adventist Christian to avoid putting the Children in confussion and create an atmosphere for real family worship of the Lord God, our Creator and Owner of the Universe including all in it.

    Revelation 22 + KVJ BIBLE
    22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

  87. Revelation 22 + KVJ BIBLE

    22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

    22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward [is] with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

    “Yalaba tomwaaba”. “Sokwe kaamuleya katabi”.

  88. Stop mentioning God or his word in Vain.The heart is full of the devil and his demons of hatred and you wanting to be quoting scriptures.Cheating who now?you hypocrity!

  89. Maestrol
    I have always advised you not to underate the uneducated beacause wisedom is God given and not something that is attained through formal education.
    Chiluba was uneducated and he dominated over you and your collegues in UPND.

  90. 149. Luapula Fish, whatever you impressions I disagree on the Undereducate’s wisdom.
    Which god are you referring to who can let the Undereducate to use MMD thugs to machete fellow Zambians who just had an opposing view over his Third Term Bid for former President Chiluba in the year 2000 or so?
    What wisdom has the Undereducate, and from which god, following his misinterpretation of the 1996 Zambian Consitution which he helped coin when he was an MP to suit Mr FTJ Chiluba’s and his own ambitions to cheat us Zambians out of our money in 2008 by saying any President who wins the by-elevtion will rule upto 2013 when Parliament will dissolve in 2011?
    Please, respond honestly.
    Not my God.

  91. #149, if an uneducated thief steals from you, are you saying he is God given? Chiluba was a thieving crook. Chiluba used what I would term theft by trick to become President. If we all knew what Chiluba stood for and his true credentials, I can bet my life he would never have been president. I personally have no respect for such people and no one will ever convince me no matter how much money they may have. They are a disaster and wallow in vanity.

  92. The $2m that the government wants to pay RP Capital would have surely been used to recapitalise Zamtel. From our experience privatlisation does not benefit Zambia at all. Besides, there are competent Zambians who can easily valuate. You only wonder when these obvious calamitous mistakes will end. The west has proved that they are competent to run their affairs and the Madoff scandals and the current economic crisis attest that and yet we trust them more than they trust themselves. Siliya should know that there is a huge difference between reading a doctored news item on a small camera to actual thinking for the best of Zambians. She has no Zambia at heart at all and this deal attaest that.

  93. The $2m that the government wants to pay RP Capital would have surely been used to recapitalise Zamtel. From our experience privatlisation does not benefit Zambia at all. Besides, there are competent Zambians who can do valuations. You only wonder when these obvious calamitous mistakes will end. The west has proved that they are not competent to run their affairs and the Madoff scandals and the current economic crisis attest that and yet we trust them more than they trust themselves. Siliya should know that there is a huge difference between reading a doctored news item on a small camera to actual thinking for the best of Zambians. She has no Zambia at heart at all and this deal attest that

  94. 149. Luapula Fish, on “Chiluba was uneducated and he dominated over you and your collegues in UPND” what do you exactly mean? The mighty Zambian UPND political party was formed in 1998 if I remember correctly. Chiluba’s MMD was there since about 1990 so where it the domination you are refferring to?

    The first REAL contest between the Chiluba’s MMD and the mighty UPND was in the 2001 presidential and General elections where the UPND Team won clearly in 5 out of the 9 Provinces of Zambia, but by some unknown power late former President LP Mwanawasa was declared winner of the Presidency. Again by forces of darkness the U-Team’s leader was poisoned a thing that lead to his death in 2006.

  95. 154. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    Following these events which god do you refer to as giving wisdom to characters who do such evil things referred to in my above postings, Luapula Fish?
    Have you read the Book of Revelations before or properly?

    Revelation 1 + KJV Bible
    1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified [it] by his angel unto his servant John:
    1:2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

  96. Surely from so many people getting involved one wonders whats in it for them. This is not the only deal that needs questioning there are a lot but this particular one seems to have already been dealt with by some people. I can only assume that there was a few people involved in the deal befor as described by Harry Dora comes into the picture and she decides to take a different direction stepping on some peoples toes hence all the drama. As it stands i feeel the story is one sided and the only side getting excited are those that would be loosing out on a big deal.

  97. 155. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    The Holy Scriptures clearly indicate that:
    Revelation 1 + KJV Bible
    1:3 Blessed [is] he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time [is] at hand.
    Now, I will leave you with homework. Please read the whole of Chapter 18 of Revelation and see whether all LEADERS: Presidents of countries and the like are all given by God, the Creator of the Universe and everything in it or not. You will certainly find a rude shock that God does not appoint all LEADERS and so stop accusing Him of giving us people like former President Chiluba to rule Zambia and let Him tell us when time comes.

  98. Friendly advice Dora…’You are treading on dangerous grounds dear. There are loads of smart and pissed off people in relation to politics in Zambia. Their mission is to justify the validity of anything that you and your cronies come up with. So my dear, throw no stones if you live in a glass house. If its any consolation at all, this is a damn good move by Harrington. Can you prove yourself and come out clean…? :-w

  99. RP Capital owns RP Explorer Master Fund, which is a major shareholder in Katanga Mining Limited. Quote:
    LONDON, United Kingdom, June 27 /CNW Telbec/ – RP Explorer Master Fund
    (“RPEMF”) has today purchased 4,675,000 common shares of Katanga Mining
    Limited (“Katanga”) pursuant to a private agreement with a shareholder of
    Katanga. This represents approximately 6% of the outstanding common shares of
    Katanga, based on publicly available information as to Katanga’s total
    outstanding common shares. RPEMF now owns directly or indirectly 12,275,000
    common shares of Katanga or approximately 15.7% of the 78,087,476 outstanding
    common shares of Katanga.

  100. 157. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    To end my contribution on 157 here is how the ed will be for some cahracters and institutions you trust that they are given by God, our Creator:
    Rev. 18
    18:8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong [is] the Lord God who judgeth her.
    18:9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,
    18:10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

  101. Maestrol

    The point I was putting across is that wisdoom is God given and its has nothing to do with formal learning. I wouldnt like to implicate Mr.Chilufya Sata in this statement but rather emphasise that wisdom has nothing to do with formal education.The biggest problem that you facing is the political interpretation of my statement in the Zambian scenario.It might not apply but my statement is 100percent correct.

  102. 161. Luapula Fish thanks, but I will re-post stuff I posted above for you.
    In posting 150, I wrote “149. Luapula Fish, whatever you impressions I disagree on the Undereducate’s wisdom”, simply to show you that not all UNDEREDUCATES have wisdom. You also referred to former President FTJ Chiluba by “Chiluba was uneducated and he dominated over you and your collegues in UPND” and I have written to you may clear knowledge on Mr Chiluba and the mighty UPND in some of the above postings.
    So while God, the Creator of everything, gives wisdom to people He deems fit, certainly our ACCURATE GOD who doesn’t CHANGE from the beginning will not make mistakes like the ones the Undereducate ….

  103. #32,
    Dora azasanduka mbuzi.. udzu kupaka , awe namvera chifundo.
    Pobrem nayebve Dora ali pakamwa gwaaaa!!!!nanthota maningi steleki!!!

    #111, What are doing in Iraq??
    please help find Osama’s half brother, he is somewhere near there.lol :)>-

  104. 162 continued.

    or Mr FTJ Chiluba made.

    Check the Holy Scriptures on Joseph the son of Israel, King Solomon and Daniel.

    Let us not use the good Lord God for our selfish ideas.

    You will notice that I support the UPND Team as a whole but I personally do not claim that God has given wisdom to the UPND’s Mr HH. I have also mentioned that I am personally not infallable for I am human, but I’ve committed myself to seeking, speaking and writing only the TRUTH. If I err, I MUST apologise, but if all is truth then there is no need to panic!

    I hope this helps you.

  105. Maestrol

    ‘simply to show you that not all UNDEREDUCATES have wisdom’
    Not all uneducated have wisdom,just like not all educated are intelligent.The real truth is what God has given you something no man can take it away.Chiluba is not wise but has talent and you cant take it from him.
    Unlike my self and a few collegues ,most educated people underestimates the potential of uneducated people ,some have even reached the heights of disputing the existance of God.

  106. According to Katanga Mining website, founder of RP Capital is on their board – check it out on katangamining dot com. Quote:
    Rafael Berber is Managing Partner of RP Capital Group, a London-based investment firm he co-founded in 2004 which specializes in emerging markets. Mr. Berber formerly served as Vice Chairman of Global Capital Markets & Financing and Global Head of the Equity-Linked Products Group at Merrill Lynch, where he spent 16 years spearheading the development of the firm”s equity derivatives and emerging markets businesses.

    He holds an MBA in Finance from New York University and a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

  107. Also investors in Wimax Telecom – Founders: Dov Bar-Gera, Werner Kastzler. Project co-funded by InCentive Private Equity Holding AG, Switzerland and RP Capital Group, UK.

    Incentive Asset management is an investment company focused on private equity and hedge funds. RP Explorer Fund – emerging markets fund that focuses on Eastern Europe and certain countries in the Middle East and Africa. The Fund employs strategies across multiple asset classes investing in both actively-traded, liquid securities and privately-negotiated structured transactions and private equity. RP Capital Group is a London-based investment firm founded by Rafael Berber and Petr Kellner.

    Explains interest in telecoms

  108. 165. Luapula Fish, relax. I have been taught by very intelligent people who do not believe in God as a physics student but I still remain a practising Seventh Day Adventist Christian.
    So, there is no need for you to start running about. The truth is all in the Holy Scriptures and so do not think that I just read the Holy Bible passively.
    My late father who died approximately 20 years old was a devoted Anglican member although I have been in the SDA Church since I was born due to my mother’ active membership there. I attended Roman Catholic schools. But became an SDA baptised member in about 2001 after reading the Holy Bible for myself: establishing that the SDA Church is the true church.

  109. Dora should go to jail!why selling zamtel when the world is in crisis.We don’t want to sell zamtel at cheap price.what the hell Rb is doing?He wants money before 2011.He knows he has no chance to win elections in 2011 therefore wants to steal money through Dora.Dora will be be in jail.why do they like selling companies to foreighners not to zambians?Nowonder zambia is poor.They’re jelours to give zambians contracts.Do they really think about the future of our county these politicians?Really we’ve people in govt with low IQ.Rb is one of them.Filefwaya $ chi RB and chi Dora.Ifo fyaininna kwati nikoko yamaloni

  110. 168. continued.

    With this background, I assure you I know GOD, the Creator, through Holy Scriptures.
    I will also take this opportunity to inform you that I have a Quoran , now at home, which I read and will continue reading. It is just some kind of copy of what is in the Holy Bible. I have a Hebrew Pentateuch at home in Zambia, it is just like the King James Version Bible’s Old Testament except that a few Books are missing if I remember correctly.
    So, there is about nothing that you can lecture me regarding the Holy Scriptural issues. God gives wisdom to all and an opportunity to change bad behaviour for the wrong doers who enjoy it. But alas some continue INSULTING. Why?

  111. 171. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe comtinued.

    Why do some continue insulting?

    It is simply because they are far from Christ Jesus, our God, Lord and Saviour.
    Thus, they are in deception following:
    Revelation 12 + KJV Bible
    12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    There end will be seen at the very end when our Christ Jesus shall destroy all evil doers. Just wait and see what will happen for the Holy Bible doesn’t give lies but only TRUTH.


  112. What is that I see another Maestro lie

    “The hebrew Pentateuch has books missing”

    This is lie number 11 now I wonder what next are you going to lie about

    Maestro will you ever change in your haughty hypocrite ways. Busy telling people they are deceived and yet you are the one with a lieing tongue. You claim to be educated and yet the pettyness and ignorance you show rivals an illerate villagers . You are the same one that cannot think on his own and needs google and yet you are calling people undereducated [-(

  113. LY your attempts at censorship are pathetic! You mean we shouldn’;t even metion Maureen Mwanawasa by name on this blog?

  114. This blog is not worth wasting my precious time on if we cant even metion maureen mwanawasa’s name in our positing! You can take it and shove it up your know what, LT

  115. 34 Ine.Thanks for your great insight.Local Zambians Auditing firms made millions of dollars for a poor job in the sale of the mines.Indivduals involved are now rich at the expense of poor Zambians!!!Its only that the latest procurement clause looks suspicious.

  116. 34 Ine

    You are clearly hurt. There is no reasonable justifcation for hand picking a consultant in a country where we are bogged down by corruption. Can you explain the procurement model used and verify its adherence to best practice. Fred Mmembe whom you label as gay has done more work for this country than your straight ness multiplied seven times seventy. Dora Siliya is not a virgin either. Wake up, and think straight.

  117. Maestro

    Are you sure the SDA is the only true church of God. As far as my studies can show, the SDA falls into the category of a ‘Laodicean, church i.e. luke warm, spew you out, naked, blind, …. You want to belong to such a group? Why not search some more. There is a true church of God on this earth, and you can find it if you are sincere. It is the church that Jesus built. They worship on the Sabbath, Keep the Feasts, Do not believe in the Trinity, and shall be protected from the Tribulation. Find it if you really want to eneter the Kingdom of God and rule with Christ for a thousand years on earth as a priest and a king.

  118. Slumdog Shalapungu

    I agree with you. To label Sata as an undereducate is to assume that knowledge is absolute. No one is really educated on this earth. The truly educated are those that keep the word of God. True education is the knowledge of God. So, for one to claim Sat is undereducate is in itslef a sign that they are as well. I belive Sata is one hell of an educated man who given the same chance as soem of you fellows would have doen even greater things for our country. In that vein, you fellows are all undereducates. Means with your education you failed to contribute positively to your own country. Sata stills beats you at it. Cheap skates.

  119. The issue here is that RP Capital Cayman Island is a hedge fund and not a telecom firm. How will it run Zamtel? According to its website it is an ” alternative investment firm specialising in identifying superior intermediate and long term investors and qualified high net worth individuals. The nature of hedge funds is speculative and it is alleged hedge funds have brought about the credit crunch. They dont like paying tax that is why most of them operate in tax havens such as Cayman island. Governments should not deal with speculators using public funds. It has also got in a Katanga mining company.

  120. Well done Harrington, at least you have shown that you are not a coward but a brave man like Lubinda Given. Kindly Join PF to consolidate the opposition if you are not yet a memebr.Thats the way to do it, your complaint will go through,Dora should be charged with abuse of authority and should join Gladys Nyirongo, in jail. I’m not celebrating but Dora has been arrogant against the whole country cause has backing of NyamaSoya or sorry SoyaNyama.

  121. Chinese whispers…who said RP was going to run Zamtel!!!! All they are doing is a valuation of the Company. To make all this go away GRZ should just tender the job, what is the big fussy. Dora screwed up – naive or otherwise.

  122. #84. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe Your implying Harrington copied UPND as they also indicated that they might sue Dora.Well UPND haven’t sued why the delay from them? are the courts on Break?UPND has been in a coma, they can have good ideas but implematation is just not there. We can’t wiat until they make up their mind which I know they wont. So Harrington did not copy from anybody, it is his idea maybe shared by comatose UPND. Again on #137 u question M’membe’s support for Sata instead of HH, well u can only support a sellable brand. Zambia rejected H.H massively, confined him to Southern province mostly so dont blame M’membe blame H.H 4reducing UPND’s power. Mazoka left a powerful UPND.

  123. Dora! Dora! ask Rev. G Nyirongo, will tell you about being a ‘centre forward’. Richard Sakala how it feel to be a ‘goal keeper’Pa Zed Ni Zeeeeeeee!

  124. As at close of day yesterday the US Dollar was selling at K5,800 and British Pounds at K8,227.59.

    There are strong indicators that the Kwacha is under massive pressure from major international currencies. To pay RP Capital and Cayman Govt will release Kwacha into the money market to get the needed US Dollar further putting more pressure on the Kwacha.

    We have considered using one of our local proffessional firms to value the Zamtel assests?

  125. Luapula fish please stay away from Maestro. He is one confused character. He does not want to accept that he is a Tonga tribalist who keeps dragging PF & Sata in all the topics. He might be educated but not wise. He cant even see that though HH highly educated he cant be a good political leader.Maestro just continue studying your Physics we need lecturers for our kids. We will pay you well.Though we are not very educated we are making good straight money enough to look after you as Teacher/Lecturer.

  126. Dora may not be very guilty over the Zamtel saga and with what Zee biggie William Harrington has done the truth will definetly come out. My concern is over RSZ Dora has been completely compromised. She was firm and ambitous over revamping RSZ now she is so quiet , she infact is trying to offer the same guys who a failing to run RSZ to even run TAZARA !!! The trouble is that now there is information to the effect that she is sleeping with the RSZ boss. So expect no surprises from her. Its a pity how we Zambians are taken for a ride by people will elect. God save this nation NOW !!!!

  127. The truth will eventually come out and the MMEMBE will be seen for who he really is. Just be patient. We know what we are talking about.

  128. The Truth is ZAMTEL needs to be privatised and it must be very soon. The company is the sinking titanic. The Bank can give it a loan because it has a negative balance sheet.

    Dora should not take advantage of the urgency of the matter. Patience pays. let her clarify herself before the courts of law. After she is cleared she must advertise the tender in UK. who knows Vodafone may just be interested :)>-3:-o

  129. Mwisho, the way things are unfolding, no matter what we say nothing will happen to Dorika.Now even the Veep who is a lawyer is defending her position, we have caught them pants down but being politicians they will use every trick to protect their own interests. In private they are guilt of wrong doings by one of theirs in Cabinet. If such happenings are doing rounds in Agric and Communications & Transport what about other key ministries. The whole system is in a mess and its up to every caring Zambian that next elections choose up right men and women who will have a heart to look after our interests not as is th case at the moment.Noboby from outside will clean our mess other than ourselves.

  130. MR THRIFT…. I have a message for you. 2011 is not for HH. You can stop dreaming. He may be younger than SATA and RB, but he’s too slow in thinking. I am also for the idea of a younger and more intelligent president. Now is the time to start looking around for that person. Good day

  131. way to go Willie=d>.Ba Dora I hope u will consider the ZAMTEL current as well as retired employees in your agenda.I love this country and any one who screws with it is an enemy of the sate.
    Viva Zambia**==

  132. Its seems Noah’s Ark is gonna sink. This RB man is corrupt No two ways. Dora sis, your day in court may be getting very close. You are still too young to dent your image. Its seems the TV woman is too big headed

  133. Name & Registered Office:
    SW1X 7XD

    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 09/06/2004

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company

  134. To criticise GRZ positively is wellcome but to judge and condemn without the due process of the law is totally unacceptable and costly not only here in Zambia but everywhere else.

    The Judgemental pronoucements by the POST are without merit and have the misfortune of painting a wrong picture on the Public. The fact that they have not been sued is not proof that she is in the wrong. Wisdom calls for realistic assesment of circumstances and her reaction so far has proved her intelligence and sense of wisdom.

    As long as she holds true to her mandate and professionalism, her vindication stands on no surer ground to the dismay of her persecutors and enemies.

  135. Dora should be investigated…finnish and klaar!

    RB is a wrong Person for Zed…all the strides we made under Levy, he is taking us backwards!

    If its true that the minister has the power to overull tender committes, then we are in for major underdevelopment.

    Terrible…but we are nigas! We will never learn!

  136. Justice headed by poor Harrington. what a joke. Even the courts barely function. Unemployment and economic stagnation have engulfed us. Tribalism is practised as Government policy on both sides of the political isle. We have a Government that has no idea why it is in power, and even less on what to do with it. shemuna bane shame!

  137. #84. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe

    “is suspected as a photo-copying of ideas of others because the UPND’s Vice President Richard Kapita was the first.”


    If it is a “photo-copying” of ideas at least we have some one take necessary action than just talking.

  138. It is irresponsible and highly malicious to vent condemnation without proof or allowing the due process of the law. As obvious as this statement may sound, it is non the less at variance with the principle objectives of the POST.

    One must not forget that the POST IS A BUSINESS enterprise whose sole aim is PROFIT. Profit it will pursue even at expense of truth though they often hide behind this veil of being champions of the truth.

    The POST have never and will never ever be the champions of truth!

  139. #208 Anynonimous; You are wrong there. The Post brought out Chiluba’s misdeeds. When the Post revealed the norctenal meets with Regina, my former office mate who was some MMD Distric official said there was no a president could do such a thing, the POST were just jealous because MMembe was denied the job which was given to Richard Sakala. But is that the state to day? As for Dora, lets wait without passing judment guilty or innocent

  140. Publicity churns opportunity to make profit and if it means exciting and tickling the ears of the public with half truths and popular subjects, the POST will do just that. Politics has been one fovourite Subject that has given them maximum profit.

    Gossip has ever been exciting an vice for busy bodies with nothing much on their sleeves and the POST has such a fertile soil to plant their seed.

  141. Deja Vu

    In doing their business, they will deal with truth. The fact that Chiluba’s missdeeds came out partly because of them is commendable and noone should take away that from them. The issues they have helped bring out are many and for that they aught to be commended but they are in the business of PROFIT a side that is the over ruling, primary goal. I dont think I am wrong in stating this obvious fact. And what Iam saying is that they are not infallable as far as championing the truth because of this side of the matter- profit making. And it is as wrong to completely take whatever they churn out as absolute truth.

  142. Muvi TV interviewed a former casual Zamtel employee not a bona fide employee. However, a bigger percentage of employees are willing to go. The mismanagement of Zamtel is caused by Management and Politicians but suffering effects goes the unionised employees for the past six or more years. Zamtel has a bulk of experienced technical staff in which ZAIN and MTN have benefited alot.

  143. #214 Thanx. But if read my last sentence, Iam not judging her and as such I do not say the Post is right or wrong. Time will tell.

  144. Deja Vu

    A lot of scandals beside Political scandals have been taking place but have not been reported about by the POST reason being that they lack the abillity to attract attention/BUSINESS. THIS IS AN OBVIOUS FACT.

    Businesses do face challenges in achieving goals and often subject to temptations of carrying out shoody deals to make ends meet. It would utterly be unwise to begin to regard whatever comes out of the POST as gospel truth. On the other hand, it would be wise to examine the motives and evidence before passing judgement. The POST are not the JUDGES, another fact.

  145. Dora’s pomposity level has all of a sudden gone up.Where is she getting the nerve?.I suspect she must have had her entrails chawched by the big man if ya know what I mean.:-?

  146. This is the problem between the way MEN versus WOMEN make decisions. Men go for cold facts. Women go for that intuitive feeling. It may not make sense to the men, what Dora did but it is perfectly OK for her to simply decide on the basis of how she feels. Prof. Luo has tried to act as a MAN for a long time in her life so, she could not come to the aid of her fellow woman. Luo thinks that to get to the top she has to imitate men, but these differences are God given. Women must trust their ‘instincts’ and they are usually right. If they had been the ones who wrote the Law, it would have been different. (NB: This is true in 78-80%)

  147. She would be liable if and only if, she personally gains from this deal. If she made this deal in the interest of Zambia, I see nothing wrong with it. We all take risks and at the end of the day we should be judged on the results. Just having a tender board does not mean that right decisions will be made. Yes, there is transparency but, even tender board members can be corruptly influenced. Those who bid for the business are the ones who should be complaining if there was anything unseemly.

  148. #220, i totally concur with you, there is nothing wrong with her not going through George corrupt Kunda if she had already established that this company deserves the deal, its only a f up if she had a nchekelako in the deal.

  149. There is a king in the Bible called Asa. He started very well, but towards the end of his life he blundered and died a terrible painful death. King Saul also started very well but soon pride got the better of him and he ended a failure. The fact that a newspaper editorial has started well does not guarantee that they will alwys be correct. Pride comes so close to all of us when we become successful. Strange that in heaven, someone became so proud that he was kicked out. Newspapers are like States. Leadership must constantly change to avoid staleness. A constant Editorial is just as bad as a Dictator. The Editorial of the Post must now change.

  150. We cannot be ruled by peoples intuitions when there are procedures, rules and regulations for awarding tenders which,its suspected, Dora did not follow. Even her decision to award RP the contract was not by instinct. Its a well calculated move of corruption!

  151. 203. Anonymous
    I agree with you, what the Post is basically doing is create the impression of a very unstable investment climate in Zambia, make it difficult to attract both local and foreign investment and thereby Blackmail RB and his govnment into submission to Membes Business demands.Parliament passed a law under public private participation that allows single sourcing for consultance services of below $7 billion.If this is a bad Law thats not Doras fault. why are we passing judgement on Dora without explaining the implications of the PPP act.

  152. For now, we dont care who writes the posts editorials. We are just interested in them digging out the dirt. Indeed they cannot always be correct but the good outweighs the bad!

  153. #226, are you sure its not the other way round..bad always overway the good.

    Look at how we have forgoteen every single good thing Chiluda did!

  154. M’membe is a piece of 5h#t.The punk always wants to be the winner.He should keep himself in check.His pestery moves will land him in s4#t one of these days.You don’t play hide and seek with the govt.

  155. 217. Anonymous, 220. VOTE RIGGER
    Iam glad that you guys do recognised that no one has the monopoly of wisdom and truth. the post are writting these stories in their editorials and no where else knowing fully well that taking them to court based on editorials would be a very weak case before a judge under our current media laws. They too cant take Dora to court knowing fully well that the 2008 PPP act of parliament gives her power to single source for as long as the amount is below 7 billion and if this is a bad act it has surely nothing to do with her. Dora is only liable if there is sulficient evidence to suggest that she personally benefited from the deal.to be contld

  156. Since the Tender was not advertised how did RP Capital come to know about it? Is it a normal govt procedure in Zambia the 17th most corrupt country in the world to pay upfront for services that have not been delivered? The last time the govt paid $20m upfront to Soriano Katebe Katoto in a no bid contract to supply arms to Zambia. Did Zambia get the arms? No. Did Zambia get back the $20m? No.Zambia is indeed on the move! Lets for arguments sake agree that Mmembe is all that some people are accusing him of….Does this justify Dora’s under the table contracts? Has she followed laid done rules and regulations of the govt tender process? Hate Mmembe and find Dora guilty?.Yea its possible

  157. #179 and 180 Zambia Prophet. You have put in right in just a few sentences. Thanks.

    SDA is like the petecostal church. Instead of preaching, they spend most of their time talking about other churches. They think their way of worshiping is the best and God will save them only. I believe that we are all seekers. No one knows the truth and thus let us respect one anothers beliefs.

    On being undereducated…..I will give you one example of one lozi man and a ngoni woman I work with. They report for work at 10 hours everyday and knock off at 16 hours. These chaps have PHDs. Very educated, but talk about their attitude when dealing with serious issues, they have no clue.

  158. just wait and see what happens. When FX finishes his six months you will see what will happen to that useless faggot. membe is a traitor selling info to donors and sleeping with them as well. remember german ambassador??? system release those photos and finish off this membe boy

  159. 180 ZAMBIA PROPHET-Excellent. There are alot of people who are not very educated and have done far more than us so called OVER EDUCATED ZAMBIANS. We got nothing to show from the education we proclaim. All what we do is talk. We may have PHDS but I m afraid not all are blessed with the wisdom to lead.

  160. 233. Mbulawa
    with single sourcing under PPP act of parliament of 2008 invitation for Bids for consultance services like the Zamtel evaluation is not mandatory, all you do is invite for expression of interest by even a mere Govnt official anouncement by a controlling officer with consent of a minister.If Gont so decided it could have given it to Grand thornton abitrary as long as the K7 Billion threshold is not exceeded like it was done with ZCCM assets.There is plenty of precedence to this and there is nothing wrong for as long as no one personally benefits during the awarding of the contract and govnt is not defauded of any revenue.

  161. #224. nigger nature
    What I write about intuition is neither to condone or condemn Dora. I write this to remove the assertion that just because a Tender procedure is not followed as alleged, there is corruption involved. This is the crux of the matter. There are two lines of debate here. 1. Did Dora break the law in her dealings? 2. Was she corrupted?
    The first is what was suggested by the Post because it is alleged to have been contrary to Attorney General’s advice. The second, is insinuated by the numerous postings on this blog. We wait to hear from Government about the legality of the decision. As for the second, it must be shown that there was personal gain from the decision.

  162. #236 Mr THRIFT Your morbid hatred of Mmembe does not justify Dora’s actions.Okay, I repeat, if all that you are accussing Mmembe of is true. Does this justify Dora’s violation of Tender procedures? Why cant we look at Dora’s dealings in isolation to Mmembe’s stinking corpse? Why are you unable to separate the two? Is Dora right simply because Mmembe is not a good person? Show a bit of intelligence my dear…

  163. When are we going to have real leaders who will be there to serve the under valued majority. A leader who will be proud to be Zambian and presindindg over Happy and patriotic People, a leader who will choose to be treated in the local Hospitals than fly out of the country for dental extraction.When i think about what the Zambian Politicians and what they have done to the once proud Zambian People, i excuse myself for hate i have for almost all the politicians, the are all fit for prison. I wish them bad luck!!

  164. Can someone confirm or refute that in Zambia, anyone who clinches a deal on behalf of Govt has a certain percentage cut from it? Let’s hear from those who ARE IN THE KNOW and not mere speculators. Have you ever been in the echelons of power? Do you know about such a process?

  165. What I have against Dora is this: Why didn’t she report the people who were offering her money to the Anti corruption commission? Kebby Musokotwane did this many years ago. It is no use just talking about it. If she did not report them, we strike it off.

  166. Single Sourcing is used everywhere in the world including Zambia.I.e The Nchito brothers were given a multi million dollar prosecution job without a single advert. He is still receiving this money, the cases are still going on with no end in sight.

  167. #179

    Very true Maestro is brain washed into blindly following the SDA . I have on several occasions shown him false prophesies from the founder onf the SDA and amazingly enough Maestro blocks the truth from himself. The SDA are frauds that think by keeping one commandment then that somehow makes them righteous. The true Ekklesia of YHWH shall keep the ‘whole law’ torah which is 613 rules. Maestro doesn’t even know what a high sabbath is/appointed feast he doesn’t even know or keep the jubilee sabbath. When you tell him of these truths Maestro calls you the dragon of revelations[-(

  168. 244. VOTE RIGGER
    whether govnt or private sector there is always a commission for consultance service each time you clinch a deal usually 10% but negotiable,in addition to this some money maybe paid for logistics depending on your reputation as regards to similar transactions. Sometimes you can be an individual(lobbyst) like Bob sichinga or a company like HHs grand thornton. This money will usually be paid by the provider of the service in the contract.

  169. #238 Engines. Hope you have not benefited from such deals. What would happen to people who have no connections with GRZ if bids are not invited openly? Imagine a minster wakes up in the morning and finds that there is contract which he must award, what will he do? He will give it to his kin. About evidence if one gets kick backs-you think a person with his full senses will anounce that they got something out of thedeal?

  170. 246. nigger nature
    Govnt contracts are signed based on the BOZ exchange rate at the time of signing the contract.if you can recall the rates on the day the contract was signed subtract about a K300 to get the BOZ rate and multiply by the contract value. by the way the $2m is a rounded off figure and so you have to use the actual value that was tabled before parliament.

  171. Dora should heed to Request Muntanga’s advice that she should just apologise to the Zambians and reverse the whole process. In Bemba we Pakomaila nondo ninshi pali ubulema. I was ashamed to listen to George Kunda’s speach last night, the man was fumbling a sign that even his heart was condemning him as he tried to defend Dora. Ba VP the whole nation has risen against Dora, the only way out is to follow tender procedures and let RP capital bid. Harringston and Mmembe we say viva you are great men keep it up. We need people like you in our nation otherwise we are not safe.

  172. 250. Deja Vu
    usually with consultance services below what is mandated to be handled by the national tender board people will only be asked to file in expressions of interest. Such invitations may be sent to suppliers registered with the ministry in the category of services in question, Just like the way the Nchito brothers were selected to be private prosecutors for lack of a better example since there bills went overboard.Ask anyone who supplies the mines they will tell you that sometimes they receive orders that they did not bid for and its normal.If you feel these are bad laws blame parliament although the measure is mearnt to reduce bueraucracy(SP) in business

  173. Why Zambians like talking about God issues where it’s not even necessary?That shows how we think.There’s no need of talking about true church here.We don’t even know how the church came up but we’re busy accusing each other of the true church.we’ll die poor in the name of God if not careful . Whites know better about church however u’ll never find them talking about it all the time.Church issues must be discussed in church or when the topic is about church.

  174. Mmembe is doing good job.Let those thieve jailed.we don’t need corruption in zed.People blaming mwembe must relatives of thieves.If it were in USA Dora would have resigned herself.Look at japan,Finance minister just resigned because of being drunk.Zambians can’t resign until they put in jail.Infact Dora should resign before court procedures start.Post must be given credit for the work it’s doing.Viva post!

  175. 173. Slumdog Shalapungu greetings. You wrote “What is that I see another Maestro lie “The hebrew Pentateuch has books missing” This is lie number 11 now I wonder what next are you going to lie about” which is funny and shows how evil-driven to find a fault in me.
    Kindly re-read my posting on 171 which is “I clearly wrote “I have a Hebrew Pentateuch at home in Zambia, it is just like the King James Version Bible’s Old Testament except that a few Books are missing if I remember correctly”.
    You overzealousness shows that you have an English comprehension problem. A Grade 8 drop out will easily understand that my statement is CONDITIONAL and not a lie in any form.
    Therefore, you have lied.

  176. #255 russia -moscow

    Try some business in africa my dear, Nothing is as it seems not even murder. Anybody who can take dora to court over this will just waste his money and time, its a very weak case to prosecute. ask membe if there was any tender process followed when they bought mine air services to turn it into Zambian airways or if there was any advert for the Nchito brothers to get the task force multi million dollar prosecution job. Our law allows single sourcing in certain circumstatnces provided personal benefit is absent.

  177. 260. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    173. Slumdog Shalapungu, because of your overzealousness, you have lied by indicating that “This is lie number 11 now I wonder what next are you going to lie about” because of bad english especially for a claimant like you you writes that you did an LLB degree programme.
    Which institution trained you in LAW?
    To the best of my knowledge, any UNZA first year LAW student is taught English to learn how to have a good command of the English Language. And thus, UNZA graduates are more knowledgeable than you younger man (dobo) Shalapungu (.LLB) who doesn’t know that “if” gives a CONDITION to a sentence.

  178. 265. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    173. Slumdog Shalapungu,whatever the case I will be in Zambia hopefully to use the Pentateuch directly to quote for you things I have written on here hopefully soon. Just wait and see how your behaviour like that of the Pharisees whom Jesus Christ called VIPERS in likeness to the Serpent or Devil (Satan) as they were always trying to find a fault in Jesus Chrsit.
    Your spirit of lying and accusing me is from the devil as expressed in Revelations 12 which I will post below.

  179. Revelation 12 + KJV Bible

    12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

    Shalapungu, do you understand now who motivates your accusations on me? It is the DEVIL as he is the one who takes pleasure in accusing others.


  180. 179. Zambia Prophet greetings, you asked “Maestro Are you sure the SDA is the only true church of God. As far as my studies can show, the SDA falls into the category of a ‘Laodicean, church i.e. luke warm, spew you out, naked, blind, …. You want to belong to such a group?”
    YES, I am very sure that ONLY the SDA Church is the TRUE Church of God. I do appreciate like I wrote to you some other time that the SDA Church is in the STATE of LUKE-WARM and God, the Creator, will deal with the SDA Church according to each member at the time of the harvest as in separating the Wheat and the Tares. For your own info. the Laodicean Church is the last Church and so you better get used to this fact.

  181. Iam lost whats all this religion on the blog about? This talk about serpents, devil,vipers,hebrew Pentateuch or Baphomets what has it got to do with Harrington or Siliya iam i lost?

  182. #254 Engines. I wont comment on GRZ, but I will share something that I know about the mine comptently. In the mines suppliers are given a day when they should come to see what is called enquiries-end users have asked supply dpt to source items-And depending on what a supplier can manage to supply they will bid/quote for these. Normally three quote will be the minimum. Where you see a supplier receives an order without eveen knowing about, then there is a corrupt element involved and culprits have been fired over these cases. The only supplier who get orders without bidding are those with “binding” contracts to supply usually high value items which sourced only from overseas for which the

  183. Unfweni!
    ‘RP Capital Group is an alternative investment firm specialising in IDENTIFYING superior intermediate and long-term investment opportunities ON BEHALF OFinstitutional investors and qualified high-net worth INDIVIDUALS. We have offices in the United Kingdom and United States. Our investment team has significant experience investing in regions such as … Africa and Japan, USING A WIDE VARIETY OF STRATEGIES. Of particular note is our unique merchant banking approach and our ability to structure a wide range of PRIVATELY NEGOTIATED transactions.’
    This is what Dora Siliya signed up to. RP Capital does not buy companies.

  184. 269. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.
    So, YES I want to belong to that SDA, Laodicean, Church as it is the last one before Jesus Christ descends to take His own home to heaven.
    There is no need to LOOK for another church apart form the SDA Church. A simple motivation is that even in NOAH’s Ark, the conditions existing where not nice but those who endured therin unto the end were saved from the rain and floods.
    Thus, Matthew wrote:
    Matthew 24 + KJV Bible
    24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    Note that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, all issues of feasts were cut for good and now we only have ONE HIGHPRIEST in HEAVEN, Jesus Christ.


  185. mine(s) has committed it self that it will buy these items and even here initially the supplier had bidded with other suppliers. In this contract an annual quantity will have been agreed on. If the supplier for some reason fails to supply, the mine will get the item from another source and the contracted supplier will pay the difference if the other source is more expensive. If you see something different just know that these get rich fast acts in action

  186. 187. Mpangula Mputyu greetings and thanks. Whatever your opinion on president HH and the remaining part of the U(PND)-Team, I believe that late UPND president Mazoka did his part and the new team is carrying forward the vision.
    They lost some members who made PF/Undereducate become popular in Lusaka but this is how life is.
    Late Mazoka won clearly in 5 provinces out of 9 in 2001 elections namely Lusaka, the Southern, Western, Northwestern and Central provinces. President HH is doing well in Northwest.; the South.; regaining Western, Central and Lusaka; and now breaking ground in Luapula, East., Copperbelt and hopefully North. provinces. In all, the current U-Team is on the right track.

  187. 271. Deja Vu
    Most of what you have said is correct, however their are several occations where an order is given to a supplier to supply items similar to what he has supplied before under single sourcing without a bid. To give you an example, if the required service is offered by say several companies and only two are registered with the mines, depending on the urgency of the Need, the mine might just ask the two to send quatations and the next day or two you have one of the companies receiving the order for the supply of service or goods.This is very common with technical services and the same applies to govnt.

  188. 276. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    My analysis in #276 is unprecedented in the history of the U-Team since its inception and any sensible and honest person can surely understand these simple facts.

    Thus, like it or not the president HH U-Team is more ready to reach out to every Zambian heart than the Mazoka one was ever.

    Soon and very soon, I believe that more of you HH-led UPND skeptics/critics will learn these simple facts.

  189. 190. Zambian Boy greetings, your advise “Luapula fish please stay away from Maestro. He is one confused character. He does not want to accept that he is a Tonga tribalist who keeps dragging PF & Sata in all the topics. He might be educated but not wise. He cant even see that though HH highly educated he cant be a good political leader.” is best for Luapula Fish and I respect your OPINION.

    What matters to me is the real truth on the ground. The TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE as the Holy Scriptures put it.

  190. #269. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe
    Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. He did not come to appoint a church. Nowhere in the Bible is belonging to a church a means to salvation. It is those who are saved who belong to the true church. It is like: you do not become a Zambian because you go into Zambia or meet with Zambians. You are a Zambian because you were born in Zambia. You could live in Malawi and still be Zambian, unless of course you renounce that right. John 1v12 “osoi de elabon auton edken autois ezousian tekna Theou genesthai tois pisteuousin eis to onoma auton”

  191. 279. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe continued.

    190. Zambian Boy, on “Maestro just continue studying your Physics we need lecturers for our kids. We will pay you well.Though we are not very educated we are making good straight money enough to look after you as Teacher/Lecturer.” thanks very much and I promise you I will continue doing my very best to make sure I contribute positively to education of Zambians at all levels.


  192. TO the rest of you, I will respond to your arguments on me later on for chakwana ciindi cakucita inchito izi yaka munzi.

  193. bravo goes to harrington,let the law visit the excited dora as soon as possible and see if nyama soya ll ever visit her in prison.money earned through political power can be so sweety but dangerous.

  194. 275. Deja Vu
    i will share with you my experience with the mines.I have had some technical consultance service with almost all the big mines, not even on one occation have i submitted a Bid.In one case we where not registered and the registration form was sent while we where almost completing the job.In another we did consultance and the mine insisted we do even the implementation and when we told them we have no labour and time to do that, they asked us to recommend who can do it.We gave them a list of 8 south african companies and highly recommended one.Even today when such jobs come up i just recieve an email requesting for a quote.we have never corrupted anyone for this.

  195. John 1v12 “As many as received (taken hold of as their own) Him (Jesus), to them (and not anyother) He (God) gave the authority (right) to be (generated) the children of God (by relation), to them that believe (trust, rest, lean on) His (Jesus’s) name. The Hebrew name translated JESUS is Yeshuwa. It means Yehova saves. This name was given to Him because he will save his people from their sins. Trust in the NAME of God as saviour and you will be saved. True Christianity has nothing to do with 10 commandments, but with 1. RECEIVING and 2. TRUSTING. Then one becomes a family member. In the family there is no state laws! Your child steals from the kitchen, you don’t report to police Galati 5v23

  196. #284 engines; That as may be but there are controls except that man is a complicated animal and needs very complicated weapons to put him down. Yes it happens and sometimes people have been paid huge amounts for supplying “AIR.” Indeed the CEO of the mines are not the ones that handle business. You heads of supply and buyers who are supposed to be above board.

  197. #171.#172, Maestro.
    Who is insulting in here? Please name them. Maybe you have started insulting yourself?.
    No one knows whats with you boy.

  198. 289. Anonymous, who ever is talking and writings ill on and about President RB Banda using accusations are insulting him, my President. Even Nervous Mumba made mention in the 2008 presidential by-election campaign period that characters were insulting the then Vice President and now President of Zambia Mr RB Banda.

    To this end, I would like you to write to me or recommend that you start using a consistent LT username so that I can write for you particularly insults and those that insult with their own direct words through quotes that I can find on the web.

    I hope to read your response.

  199. 280. VOTE RIGGER, your writings:
    “#269. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe
    Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. He did not come to appoint a church. Nowhere in the Bible is belonging to a church a means to salvation. It is those who are saved who belong to the true church. It is like: you do not become a Zambian because you go into Zambia or meet with Zambians. You are a Zambian because you were born in Zambia. You could live in Malawi and still be Zambian, unless of course you renounce that right.”
    is misplaced and aimed at deceiving the people who have little knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Please read Acts 5: 32 for the moment. I hope to come to you later on when I have time.

  200. 285. VOTE RIGGER, on “Trust in the NAME of God as saviour and you will be saved. True Christianity has nothing to do with 10 commandments, but with 1. RECEIVING and 2. TRUSTING.” I believe that your statement is a direct move that the devil wants deceived people to believe.

    Check 2 Thessalonians 2, the whole chapter and Acts 5:32 which I recommended above.

    I hope to come back to you later when I will have time.

    If you have any confusion, feel free to write me email on [email protected].

  201. 248. Slumdog Shalapungu, you can write whatever you want but I called you a satanist because you lied. You also agreed that you lied and so why are you behaving in a funny way by writing “When you tell him of these truths Maestro calls you the dragon of revelations”?

    Young on one of the LT threads you acknowledged that you ” lied about John Miller in palce of the William Miller I wrote to you about. Impressive enough. I can not find the thread where you agreed that you lied. This is very suspicious as you might be one of the LT people and decided to erase the stuff where you acknowledged being a liar. I will look for that data later on for now I have to read my school work.

  202. 207. Step Aside greetings and just keep your ear open to News. I am sure you will read something from the UPND on sueing Minister Dora Siliya even though PF’s/Undereducate’s William H. has somehow pre-emptied the UPND move.

  203. #290,

    The minute you mention the word insult ,your mind becomes infested with dirty.
    Will continue using my present name as I am too clean to be mudslinging with your contaminated overused grey matter.
    Grow up and give space to bloggers who have clean concise minds.
    You are one of the people insulting president RB in some of your postings, just revisit.

    Find a groovy life, this one is cooookkkuuu and unhealthy.!

  204. #295. Anonymous, you character the lie about “You are one of the people insulting president RB in some of your postings, just revisit” is misplaced terribly.

    Check w w w.lusakatimes.c om/ ?p= 8500 to see how much I respect and appreciate my President RB Banda. There you will find “All the very best President RB Banda, Minister Dora Siliya and the rest of the MMD GRZ members” on posting ##
    140. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe.

    For this reason, your ill-motivated aim to bring my name to disrepute won’t work. Just behave yourself and come out of cowardice-ness.

    Until you grow up, later.

  205. Maestro show me where I said I lied, I simply put the name John instead of william and admitted it to my mistake . I do not like like you. A person like you needs psychiatric help because even when proof is shown to you , you still show signs of denial. You are holding on to a simple typo as a lie and yet I have caught you lieing more than 10 times and you can’t even admit or rebut your lies. Everyyone on LSKTIMES can see how confused and how much of a joke you are.

    Lets not forget you just lied in this thread about the hebrew pentateuch.

  206. #290.
    Grow up yourself. will not continue being bothered by a lunatic like you.

    2% lunacy, all sides and angles. :-h

  207. lets not divert from real issues here,if one is tired best is to take leave and not to bore other people with personnal and irrelevant topics.There are some who blog for the sake of knowledge and others are interested parties who can be helped with good and upbuilding comments,religiuos matters should have there own agenda.Why mix Dora and Fred into religious topics?Anything religiuos can be blogged under Gladsy because thats where she comes from first before entering the political field,no need to insult anyone here.We do not have the protection and the freedom that Dora and Fred enjoy,this site can be closed where are we going to share knowlleage and chat,comfort the depressed souls

  208. 300. your flag mubukwanu greetings and impressive data. However, we are here to write what is on our minds and so feel free to write anything except insults which a bad for the Zambian society image as a lot of people read stuff on the Internet on pages like these ones LT offers.

    #297. your flag Slumdog Shalapungu, you lied and this “Maestro show me where I said I lied, I simply put the name John instead of william and admitted it to my mistake” is confirmation so I will not waste mu useful time on your insults.

    Later if necessary.

  209. # 234 sister

    Maestro is crazy. Who moves us inot the next dimension? Take it up perhaps it’s time we had a female president.

  210. My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site. He was once entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t believe just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  211. You’re in point of fact a good webmaster. The web site loading velocity is amazing. It seems that you are doing any unique trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. you have done a great task in this matter!

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