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NGO welcomes removal of grade 9 cut off point system

General News NGO welcomes removal of grade 9 cut off point system

A non governmental organisation dealing with issues on disability and HIV/AIDS has lauded the Ministry of Education for abolishing the cut off point system of selection for grade nine examinations.

Zambia Disability HIV/AIDS Human Rights Director Elijah Ngwale said the cut off point system encouraged corruption and malpractices because of its inconsistency and lack of uniformity.

Mr Ngwale expressed confidence that the shift from this system will reduce corruption and malpractices as any pupil with a full certificate will now qualify to go to grade 10.

He also observed that the system discriminated against the blind people who could not be afforded places in most schools as they could not reach the cut off point.

The organisation has further appealed to the Ministry of Education to increase recruitment of teachers in the country this year to meet the anticipated rise in the number of grade 10 pupils.

Mr. Ngwale added that abolishing the cut off point without increasing the number of grade ten teachers will compound the existing problem of teacher shortage in the country.

Recently, Education Minister Professor Geofferey Lungwangwa in his Ministerial Statement to Parliament on this year’s Grade 10 results announced the abolition of the cut off point system saying that all Grade nine pupils who manage to pass in any six subjects qualify to go to Grade 10.



  1. This system has already created problems in some schools. You have schools with five streams of grade nine classes against two streams of grade ten classes!

  2. This is why we have dull chaps in offices today, don’t be surprised when you meet a chief executive who can’t even spell the word Zambia. :-w

  3. This will give way for class discrimanation , more dull children from well to do families will have more than 100 percent chance of going to good High Schools

  4. How are they going to be doing the selection then because you cant tell me that we have enough Secondary schools in Zed to accommodate every Jim and Jack who makes a certificate?
    This is UNIP way of thinking

  5. It seems you guys muchelela pa LT. Bushe mulapema nokupema bane?

    Anyway, a pleasant morning to all of you starting your day. I am almost through with mine.

    Will be back l-)tomorrow. Enjoy!

  6. Isabi yakuluapula naiwe. My point is on the time frame that comments are posted soon after a new thread comes up.

    Anyway, take it easy mwana otherwise you will blindly find yourself in the luangwa river =))

  7. Am back!

    Moderator, Ati shani??

    Back to the topic. Lungwangwa is just trying to accomodate his kids. Fikopo. This system has more demerits than merits. Who is he trying to please? What this means is more dull kids going to grade twelve. The result? Incompetent school levers who will enter Unza and the like, pay off a few lecturers and get a degree. Next, they will be presidents of Zambia!! Twachula again. 😕

  8. Moderator
    As a moderator I expect you to do a professional work than all the bloggers on this site. And just to prove you wrong ,comments are posted from almost all the continents unless you are saying you targeted certain individuals thus basing your generalization.surely I am concerned about your going on ,your really need serious help:(

  9. I have no comment for the story at hand, only greeting everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend.

    LT how about some pictures of the weekend? We are tired of gazing at snow. :d

  10. You people have no sense of history. Colonialists used this system to ensure very few black people were ever educated. Should we be doing the same to our own children? The minister is right in removing this although he should have backed it up with more G10-12 classes. Education is a basic human right that removes people from the trap of poverty many Zambian are stuck in. this is a first step

  11. Ba Moze
    Zed is headed for doom under Rupiah. The man has no vision,no command,no wisdom etc. he is governing the country as if its his family.

  12. This will increase laziness to some children who do not want to work hard in school, as a result the children will become more lazy.

    I hope you will put up measures which will encourage pupils to work hard so that they prepare adquately for their grade 12 exams. Hope grade 12 exams wont be squashed as well. :-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-w:-w:-w:-w:-w:-w

  13. Well, let me try and explain myself in the simplest form that I can, Mr. Luapula fish.

    Most comments are posted at the same time, or same second to be precise, the thread is uploaded, therefore, (Muchelela pa LT). Simply translated as the ‘first birds on LT’. And NOT in reference to ‘Waking up early’ I know very well that we are all in different time zones with an eye on ‘LT hour’

    Even ninth graders can comprehend this one. If they can’t reintroduce the cut off point.


  14. #22

    The first step should have been to increase classes. Unless you are not here, but i’m telling you now that children are stranded. Lets not just copy things simply because the colonialists did it. Its dangerous!

  15. Luapula Fish an Moderator :-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t

    Is it really important sure imwe?

    Can you please comment on important issues please!! :-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t:-t

    I hope this is not the way Zambia is governed. Otherwise twalafwa ne Nsala %-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(

  16. Halo mr Rashid Jones! It is good my sister whom we thought was the gretest chikopo in zambia is now going to grade 10.let us wait and see what next after pushing people to grade 10.

  17. Zambia now is looking like a club.You only have to wake up with dreams and say today,zamtel fimo fimo,2mro another one wakes up and say no exams.We are yet to see this is just a beginning **==

  18. The education sector is a mess! I can see people are not understanding MMD dealings, they want to produce more grade 12 failures who in return will be dull MMD cadres to support every useless plans and vote carelessly. Yes, for MMD to continue being in office they need dull chaps. RBB HAS THE EDUCATION SECTOR TO PRODUCE PARTY CADRES..

  19. This will result in more educated kaponya`s which will be good for a change as they will be selling in English and shouting in English, so there wont be “untis or mami`s” in katondo and city market anymore :)>-

  20. this is compromising with standards. The government is doing this in a bid the to read the MDG on basic education. typical of the zambian government

  21. “Mr. Ngwale added that abolishing the cut off point without increasing the number of grade ten teachers will compound the existing problem of teacher shortage in the country.”

    And also building New School to help in handling the increase in the number of pupils from Grade 10 to 12 across the whole country.

  22. I think much thought should be put in all these pronouncements that are being made before any bylaws are put in place. The quality of pupils that we have now leaves much to be desired. The poor boys and girls cannot even read do you expect them to pass the exams. It is not about getting everyone to grade 12 but having quality pupils sent through higher grades. If one can allow this to pass then I don’t know what favors they are trying to get from the Minister. We should not be thinking about quantity but quality. Think straight before you make your thumbs for anything. Do you have to make a sound to everything?

  23. Moderator
    While I respect your opinion and course of thinking ,your reasoning is some how weak
    Am still not impressed with your explnation ,if you are smarter enough cite an example from this subject posted on the same second.

    I dont easily get offended coz I understand how society systems operates and I was not trying to shoot at you but rather get cralification.

    I totally agree with you that there is so much sense in what # 22 has pointed out,but the main issue we should belooking at is,do we have the capacity to acommodate a large number of pupils at grade 10.My fomer shool has eight streams at junior level(A-H) and only four at senior level (A-D).In other word there are only four blocks for those in senior level.Mind you,even chairs and table were not enough to go round.The government should have first done its home work before making such prnoucements.These NGOs also,you will wonder how they analyse issues.

  25. The price of whipping teachers
    A regional official in Tanzania has been sacked for ordering police to whip primary school teachers as a punishment for arriving at school late.

    In a statement, the government said the official had broken public-service rules and humiliated the teachers.
    This is
    Nineteen teachers were caned in front of their pupils after an inquiry into poor exam results at three schools.

    The inquiry blamed teachers for being late or not showing up for work and not teaching the official syllabus.

    The official who ordered the canings in the northern town of Bukoba, district commissioner Albert Mnali, told AFP news agency that it had been the right way to treat the teachers.

  26. This is not the way to improve the already pathetic education standards in this country.
    This will only encourage lazyness as pupils will nt hv to work hard.
    Wht kind of leaders are we gonna hv by the year 2020?

  27. It is said that the truth is like a lion. It is bold and determined. It requires no defence. It speaks for itself. Those who want to tell lies should learn this lesson and understand it well. It is very difficult to lie consistently. Lies are unnatural. They don’t flow but stand awkwardly when analysed honestly and sincerely

  28. There is nothing wrong with removing the cut-off point but the system is being wrongly implemented. The government should have first increased the capacity of the secondary schools to absorb all these pupils, and secondly introduce a system where pupils depending on their strengths can work towards going to the one university, vocational, or minimum wage jobs as it is in the western world. Removing the cut-off is the way to go but only implement a system to accomodate all these chidren.

  29. What? Cut off system abolished.If educational standards have to be maintained the cut off point sytem has to be put in place.Even in developed countries the best top ranking students are usually selected and enrolled into selected best schools.
    The educational standards will definately go down.Five years from now if records will be kept it will show the downward trend of these students perfomances.
    Any way in Zambia we are good at making wild decisions without proper anaysis of issues.

  30. This is good because then you don’t have 15 year olds roaming the street. I would rather keep them in school until Grade 12 when they would be mature enough to look at other options. We also have some children who start performing better in later years. In fact even with cut off points, parents did everything possible, even to the extent of ‘buying’ places to get their children in school.

  31. Well as it might be a good idea to remove the cut off point for the grade nines, still the number of people completing schools will not change. Removing the cut off point will not guarantee the completion of high school. Schools are expensive in Zambia as majority of the citizens cannot afford them and besides many are losing jobs especially in the mining sector, even those that are working in Govt, how many can afford to pay the high schools fees? This idea can look good but is it going to work or Govt is just trying to play its matric games as usual?The only way to help the citizens get the education and probably contribute to national development is have free education with cut off point

  32. I agree with #s 12, 22, 41 & 45 .

    Good innovation , but we need to increase capacity first. Already with the cut-off mark process the places do not go round for everyone.

    I presume that when we talk about full certificates the pupils would have passed the exam of which I also presume is set to a certain standard, so the issue of non-performers should be eliminated.

  33. Hey! Hey! It is high time we got everybody in Zambia to get as educated as their abilities will allow. The idea of jobs or ability to accommodate everybody is baseless. Zambians as a population are poorly educated in that region (SADC or SOUTHERN AFRICA) if you must know. We are worse than Zimbabweans in terms of education believe me. Get everybody educated and what they do with the education they get is their business. CREATIVITY AND INTIATIVE MAN! Education helps a lot.

    So dont restrict people to get educated just because you cannot see jobs beyond your nose. that is not the point!

  34. 61. Muumo greetings and I am glad you are on the spot.

    On “We are worse than Zimbabweans in terms of education believe me”, I totally agree with you. In terms of numbers with population as a weight, the Zimbabweans are more educated than Zambians.

    I hope our government will do their best to close the gap and probably make us the number one educated Nation in Africa in the Next 10 years.

  35. Even if they have, there are no jobs in Zambia … so what then? The GDP of Zambia is a joke. you have to fend for your self and its not fair. Social Welfare in Zambia is a foreign concept :-t

  36. Why can’t this people adapt the Italian system and you will how many will make to grade 10, even college or University level. There is nothing like malpractice in the Education you get in Itaaly. If you did not just study it will show off during the exam where you will be found only you and the professor giving the exams. Nothing I did toched this part. You just have to study. If you are not good in history then this system can be a abunder to our Zambian system. But if they want the same problems to be rising time after time when there are exams then, let then continue with it.

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