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Dennis Banda’s late goal sends Zambia into the Semis

Sports Dennis Banda's late goal sends Zambia into the Semis

Zambia qualified for the semi-finals of the African Nations Championship when they drew with Tanzania’s Taifa stars. A 94th minute strike from Dennis Banda earned Zambia a 1-1 and ensured that they made it to the semi-finals of the inaugural tournament. Senegal drew 0-0 with Ivory Coast.

Tanzania took the lead in the 88th minute with a penalty from Shadrack Nsajigwa, and the Taifa Stars seemed to be heading into the the semi final stage. But Banda latched onto a corner kick and scored with a spectacular overhead shot in the fourth minute of stoppage time to put Zambia through.

Zambia finished top of the group on goal difference, ahead of Senegal.

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  1. Zambia can u pull up your socks. this result aint good enough for a championship squad. prepare to battle with Congo DR or Ghana.Get serious boyz.

  2. Wow! that was close,considering that we came from behind with a few minutes remaining.Lets get the goals and be the first team to win this tournament ,we almost there ,get seriou abena ka.

  3. awe guys mwabomba congrats!! @ least ndemona kuti panono panono twafika ukutali naka akalitimu only nga ba mukukulu does not do ma fascho kumasogolo especially ku fuvouringa amakula when picking the national team, tule lolesha

  4. I did not know that Dilamba is still alive! Thankx very much guys for the job well done. And you Dilamba, to hell with your plans.

  5. job well done young boys.this is soccer, it’s not any other sport.I will drink to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank God you said a ray.Its supposed to be a beam of light but i guess you are right, its just a ray and nothing more

    • Bone Collector, I am just trying to be realistic because I know chipolopolo very well. Kust when you tend to trust them, and just when they disappoint. So I said a ray of hope and not beam because even a ray can fade anytime. So I am just giving them a benefit of doubt.

  6. As a Zambian suppoter says :its a job well done. Pliz keep flying the flag higher. You

    Make me fill proud as a Zambian. Chipolopolo eyeeeeeee!!!!!!

  7. Its Sad that the referee wanted to give the game to tanzania by awarding them a a penalty bacause a tanzanian player handled in Zambia’s 18 box and all the ref did is point to the penalty spot in favour of tanzania, can you imagine, but i guess God answered our Prayer.

  8. Chipolopolo coach HR should prepare to meet Mugabe Boys in the semis. Zim will beat Libya 2moro will Ghana and DRC will settle for a goalless draw. It will be a repeat of the 1974 Africa Cup Finals Zambia Vs Zaire (sorry DRC).

  9. We are in semis with our under dog team. Atleast they have tried. Let them see the goal mouth now in semis if we are to win the trouphy or bronze medal.

  10. Kalu will be featuring in the semi finals when Zed meet DRC heading for the finals.Kalu want to bring Zed on a map in futu ball 2009, Well done boys but put more efforts :))

  11. Job well done boys! Its not easy to come from behind especially with a lame ref like the one we had. Lets win this! Much love

  12. Learn to to appreciate Guys……why should you always be neagtive when it comes to the zedian football……….Well done chipolopolo boys keep up the wining spirit

  13. Well done Chipolopolo. Im so glad. Tumbi utu tumatimu ema full squad yabo aya yene, elo twaliba staboni sana. Tawishibe ati last year Tanzania almost eliminated Eto’o/Cameroon from the world cup qualifiers? So well done Zambia we love you.

  14. You rubish zambians!!!!!!!!!. you do not no how to play football. one of you was saying zambia is leading 2-0 but we had already seen Tanzania was leading 1-0. you were served by the bell. You must learn from your mistakes. You are thieves like your former president Chiluba and your rotten Teeth SATA!!!!!!. Banda broken the hearts of Tanzania but it was the result Tanzania should have carried without dought, but wait before you start carrying zambians, the ending is always does not look good for zambia and be prepared for more disasters!!!!!

    • Ba Kizito ninshi, Relaaaax. We are not there to play Holihood/champaigne football, we are there to get results. We know Taifa Stars is not easy so we are glad with result.

    • Follow your History of Football. Tanzania is nothing to zambia and will remain So. How did you fail to go to Africa CAN last time?

  15. So far so good,we attained our first real result,that is to qualify for the semis.Now lets just reformat our mental landscapes and maintain our confidence and composure.We might not be the best team there,but a cup game is a cup game and we are proud of you boys.Good team work !

  16. Congrats to the young chipolopolo for the continued efforts especially for scoring in extra time. Go Zambia Go! Go Manu Go! we behind you no matter what.

  17. TZ made a mistake we simply cashed in right. Thats how football gos nowadays. Take it or leave it. We deserved it we have +3 goals, 5 points, less yellow cards. Who else deserved it more?

    • We will not loose sleep over Zim, let them qualify first! Heaven only knows if they will even qualify. Worse yet they may play Senegal if they top their group.

    • who do you think you are?its you who is a looser.uli labishi sana.To hell with your comments,MISS DAISY can you tell this guy to shut up the way you did to me.

  18. Good work boys. Just sharpen that front line because against tough opponents, we need more goals otherwise we’ll be sent packing back home.

  19. Our coach should shape-up. He made some poor decisions by removing Lwipa and Singuluma who were attaching to put in more defenders thereby puting ourselves under-pressure – hence the penalty though dubious it was. With such tacticis the boys should as well pack their bags so that they head for the airport strait from the game.

  20. Watch your big mouth you black Kafer kizito we know you.Dont think you u are clever.We are untouchables in every corner.

  21. To hell. Thats why baby c alandila ati baice aba makula. We almost lost and you are busy celebrating. what is there to celebrate about? I now get baby c’s point.

    • Football is played over 90mins plus any added time. Concentration is crucial throughout the match; Zambia were determined to get something out of the game and that is the reason they did not hold back! You should give credit where it is due. Yes, we know the standards have gone down, but at least they are trying. To me, Tanzania is the “makula” because they had the game in their grasp but for lack of concentration. Go boys go!!

    • Yeah mon, it nuh easy fi hold de ball over 90 mins, like me breddah seh. Even big teams like Manchester or Arsenal have a bad day sometimes. Just big up de boys & move on!

  22. Congratulations Chipolopolo boys for making the semis.This reminds me of the greatest upset and come back in UEFA champs history when MAN U hit Bayern with two quick ones in injury time.

    • The best teams tend to become self-satisfied and lazy, and must be forced to stay active. Struggling teams like ours must be pushed to achieve good results. This is why we will never stop support.ing our boys!

  23. POOR AFRICAN REFERING: sometimes people make mistakes,but sometimes its too far.The game we played I Coast we were denied a clear go.Yestday,the name sake to a Tz player referee awarded Tz a fake penalty.This reminds me of Togo Zmb game on 03/06/05 whn togo were awarded 2 penalties and Kalu(Coach) was red carded and Baned for 2 games by the Moroccan referee Mohamed Guezzaz for spitting at Linesman Ibrahim Djezzar which was later discovered was not true.Not forgeting de 10/10/93 game against Morocco which was pooly officiated by Jean Fedele DIRAMBA and eventually Moroco qualified to the Africa cupThse r but just som of th instances Zmb hs falln bcoz of BIASED oficiating.WE NEED FAIR PLAY…

    • its true bala tulila sana ifwe. You wonder why. Bushe majelasi nagula twalishipulafye mu Zed? I think tekushipula iyo, foregner take advantage of us even in soccer at these tournaments becuase of this thing of saying Zambians are peaceful pipo. So even if we disadvantage them, they will not do anything. Lets wake up guys. I liked the way Herve Renald was shouting at the referees in the TZ vs Zmb match yesterday. Thats the spirit. No violence but just be firm and strong.

  24. We started with a 3 – 0 Win, then faded into a most boring game a 0 – 0 draw with Senegal. We escaped a 1 – 1 draw with Tanzania. Rememebr Tanzania scored in the 88th minutes. At that time, we were out of the competition until a super strike from Banda in the 94th Minutes. Analysis: we have deteriorated as the copetition has progressed, and this has me worried.

    • Performance wasn’t as bad as you may think. This days in football there’s no underdogs as may think. the boys played well and they deserve a pat on their bags looking at the dramatic way in which they came back and qualified to the semis. Congrats boys. Abash Diramba type of refereeing.

  25. Yangu tata! Our boys can surely make you have a heart attack….oweee! what a game.

    Soccer yesu yena teyakukonkelesha. Kuti wafwa sure.
    Awe kupukunyafye umutwe.

  26. Tuleshukako naifwe sometimes, nifye lyonse banyengelela fye? Awe Infact ngate kubapela ilya dubious penalty nga twalibawina 1 : 0

  27. Good morning ladys and gentlemen,

    I am personally elated by Dennis Banda’s goal. Had it not been for him, this time around we would have been brushing shoulders in Cairo Road with the team! Muletoola no bwapona!

    • Hi Baby C. Sis this is great news from a team which went down to nothing and is just rising up to something again. The Ref was against us but God was for us and we thank Him for that. Go boys go. We wish Tana happy birth day.

    • typical of a lady in football as usual.Why loosing hope when you can see for yourself that even in the injury time things can happen? Don’t discourage us just now not until the game with Congo DR and that after the final whistle. Just hope that there will no Diramaba again.

  28. Eyeeh!! Chipolopolo! Feels good to sing that again – Good job boys. Now if only he internationals could have as much determination as the locals.

  29. I stand to be corrected/educated, since wen did any “official complaint” about bad/poor reffereeing yeild any favourable rezult? Unfortunately, the reffereez decision good or bad iz final! Yes it iz very painful and unjust, but writing an “official complaint” wont take us anywhere.

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