Traffic suspended from using strategic N.P road which has been under construction for last 7 years


Authorities in Northern Province have with immediate effect suspended heavy traffic on the Kasama-Luwingu Road following the extensive damage caused to Lunte Bridge by heavy rains.

The Kasama –Luwingu Road, which is currently under construction, is one of the strategic roads in Northern Province though it has taken over seven years without completion.

Once completed, the Road would provide the shortest distance to three provinces namely the Copperbelt, Luapula and North-western respectively.

Sable Construction Company is tarring the Kasama-Luwingu Road while another contractor has been sub-contracted to carry out works in Luwingu District.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Mwalimu Simfukwe said the temporal suspension of the movement of vehicles weighing above two tonnes on the Kasama-Luwingu Road would remain in force until further notice.

He explained that Lunte Bridge which connects Kasama and Luwingu Districts was badly damaged by heavy rains on Tuesday night.

Mr. Simfukwe has since advised motorists to adhere to the suspension and desist from using the Kasama-Luwingu Road so as to avoid road accidents.

He observed that it will be unfortunate if motorists especially mini-bus drivers ignored the timely advice, which is meant to safeguard people’s lives from avoidable accidents.

The PS further directed the Road Development Agency (RDA) to immediately carry out assessments on the damaged bridge in order to facilitate the quick repair of the bridge.

The Kasama –Luwingu Road, which is currently under construction, is one of the strategic roads in Northern Province though it has taken over seven years without completion.



  1. But why has it taken so long for the road to be completed? Can the higher authorities do something about it…. honestly this is derailing development in the area! Good roads play a vital role in the development of other sectors as well!

  2. Is a warning enough on this one? Mini Buses and other heavy traffic will not just stop upon issuing this advice!!
    The Authorities should do just more than advising the public. Please set up road blocks , we surely do not want to hear another tragedy. No one will stop using the bridge if their business entirely depends on this route!

    • I am doing fine and greetings to you and all the bloggers!

      Let us all continue to contribute positively to our beloved country and show great appreciation to our fellow Zambians who keep us informed at LT day in and day out.

    • Yes Jamaco & Baby C, ku chaya ko ka small talk once in a while bane. It lightens up the atmosphere, I hope we have something to smile about when LT sends the pictures of the week later. Serious topics are not all there is in life. Laughter is medicine for the heart.

  3. Its taken long to complete because it isused as political football by politicians when jockeying for villagers votes.

    • Ok! i get your point tula, so in this case it will only be completed in 2011, a month before the presidential elections…..hmmmm! interesting

  4. Where have all bloggers gone to? I see only a few of the ‘usual suspects’…..Abena Jamaco, Baby C, Nine Chale, Cutey…….what’s up!

  5. The road should be in a messy state for the authorities to allow only vehicles under two tonnes. Please do something about it, its about time. I wonder whether this road is one of those used as campaign tools….

  6. You guys are not serious-7 years on one short distance road with very good geographical conditions. The land ther is almost flat through out. By the way why should the tarring only end in Luwingu. Why not go as far as Mansa? I passed there three years ago. It was unbelievable. Zambia is not living in this century, at all.

  7. The last time i used the road to go and see my folks sometime in August in 2006 it took us 7 hours from Kasama to Luwingu and you call yourselves a working govt, my butt. You have been asleep for 7 productive y.ears

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