Two Choma women vendors sentenced to 30 days community service


Two Choma women were convicted of street vending offences by a Choma magistrate to 30 days community service for selling food in an unsanitary environment.

Before resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe was Loveness Mweemba, 25, and Rebecca Sakala, 30, of Zambia compound who both pleaded guilty.

The particulars of the offence were that Mweemba and Sakala were on February 27, 2009 found selling food under insanitary environment contrary to section 7 of the Food and Drug Act chapter 303 of the laws of Zambia.

Magistrate Sinyangwe sentenced Mweemba to 30 days community service in which she would be sweeping streets in the central business district where street vending is more pronounced.

The court ordered Mweemba to be reporting for community service at 12.00 hours every day under the supervision of a council police officer.

Sakala was also sentenced to 30 days community service which will involve working at the subordinate court and surrounding areas where vending is also prevalent.

The District Joint Monitoring Team on Sanitation chaired by chief Macha has launched a campaign against street vending in which culprits are being arrested and prosecuted in the courts of law.


  1. The problem is chief Macha, the man has really nothing to do in his area. travellin all the way from his area about 100kms from choma to come and chase street vendors come on chief Macha has more problems than these ladies who are tryin to survive. Zambia and unemployment

  2. unfair world, some people shake national economy with corruption and they are let free..simply street vendors are sent t jail… sad

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