Chadiza District Business Association (CDBA) has expressed concern at the exploitative prices of goods and services in Chadiza District by some businessmen.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Business Association Chairman Bazilio Banda said most businesses were enjoying monopoly in certain areas of trade thereby charging unjustifiably high prices.

He stated that transport costs have not reduced in spite government reducing fuel prices late last year.

Mr Banda said something should be done to compel transporters to reduce transport fares, a move he said would have trickle down affect on prices of other goods and services.

He also said another way of arresting the high prices of goods and services in the district was by attracting investors that would favourably compete with traders that were currently enjoying monopoly in their businesses.

Earlier some residents complained about the high price of cement in the Chadiza which they described as exploitative.

The residents charged that it was unacceptable for a bag of a 50kg cement to be selling at K75,000 when the bag was going just over K60,000 in other places .

They also complained that K70,000 was way too much for a 25 kg bag of mealie meal.


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  1. Yes this is when the government steps into a free market economy. When social Justice is not available government should ensure that certain measures or steps are taken to restore social justice. Please do something before the poor continue to be exploited.



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