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Over 400 people displaced by floods in Western Province

Rural News Feature Rural News Over 400 people displaced by floods in Western Province

A flooded classroom block at Nakaywe Basic School in western province after the Barotse plains were submerged
A flooded classroom block at Nakaywe Basic School in western province after the Barotse plains were submerged
About 400 households and livestock in Naliywa ward of

Senanga Central Constituency in Western Province face displacement due to heavy floods that have hit the area.

Pupils at Ngundi basic school in the same area are reportedly camping at the school premises as their villages are submerged in water.
Naliywa MMD ward Councilor Mutumba Mabele told ZANIS in Mongu today that the situation in the area is critical as most crops have been submerged in water.

Mr. Mabele named the affected seven areas as Namaenya, Ngundi, Sabelo, Sikumbi, Mashabu, Songa and Milenga.He said the high rising flood waters being experienced in the area have not been witnessed for many years.

Mr. Mabele has since appealed to government for assistance in form of shelter and food saying that the situation needs urgent attention.
Meanwhile four pupils have died after they were swept away by floods in Shang’ombo District in Western Zambia.

Sinjembela Member of Parliament, Mubika Mubika, says the four pupils are from Mambolomoka and Lisisi areas of Shangombo.

Mr. Mubika says the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit learnt during a fact finding mission on Saturday that the pupils died recently.

He told ZNBC news in Lusaka that the bodies of the four pupils have not yet been found.

Mr. Mubika also said communication between Shangombo and the rest of country may be cut off because ZAIN Zambia which is the only phone provider in the district is likely to run out of fuel to run its equipment.

The main road to the area has also been destroyed by the floods.

Heavy rains have caused floods in some parts of the country and Shang’ombo is among the worst affected so far.


  1. The Lozi people have for centuries found a way to celebrate this natural phenomena by initiating the Kuomboka ceremony.Whilst there is need for emergency supplies,it is now common knowledge that some villagers remain behind when floods rise in order to receive free tents and food.Previously,Aid would come in the dry season after the floods have subsided as people learnt to save their previous harvest for this period.Its obviously different when you had a bad harvest in the previous season.

    • That does not mean construction of such structures as bridges can not be initiated instead of allowing people to wad in such floods risking their lives . This a working govt indeed, let them demonstrate against Hon Mubika Mubika MMD area MP,for not providing emergency boats

    • You have made my day. On a serious note what do you think should be the role of the Barotse Royal Establishment in such natural disasters ? Any viable suggestions?

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