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US Air Force serviceman rescues two women from plunging into Vic falls

General News US Air Force serviceman rescues two women from plunging into Vic falls

Quick action by a visiting United States Serviceman saved two women from perishing over the Victoria Falls.

US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Keith Andrews rescued two Zambian women who fell into the Zambezi River some 60 meters from the edge of the falls.

The incident happened when the US Air Force Air War College servicemen visited the Victoria Falls recently.

US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Christopher Wurst, told ZANIS in a statement that the two women were believed to have accidentally fallen into the river.

Mr. Wurst, said eye witnesses narrated that the duo fell in the fast current moving river, when one woman bumped into the other, who was talking on a cellular phone.

“Lt. Col Andrews was downstream posing for a photograph when he heard screams and immediately moved towards the women who were holding onto each other and managed to grab one of them’s wrists at the last moment.” narrated Mr. Wurst.

About 24 US Air Force War College servicemen were in the country on a visit.



    • The circumstances under which these women fell into the “river” are not very clear…however, we are happy that the duo was saved. Kudos to the americano and women please reduce chimpwena when hanging out at the falls

  1. Well done boys.Respect the Mosi-o-tunya falls it is not a place for posing on phones while standing next to the rapids.Otherwise you could have been a sacrifice to the Nyami nyami be careful next time [-x

  2. You can see! It had to take someone from the US to save our own women! I suppose we need to replace RB with someone from the US. Muona bwanji?

    • Ba Moze…. its not politics the whole day! This is just a day to day living at victoria falls. If you were in the USA you would do the same and no one would be interested in RB.

    • Tell me about it! Honestly, Zambians must think RB is an elf running around causing all the world’s ills or something. Was the American supposed to just watch the ladies perish because he’s on Zambian soil? That argument can be torn apart in many ways, but I ahhhh, I can’t be bothered.

  3. Wow, I am impressed. See what talking on the phone while walking can do? Hey?, Just like driving while on the phone. Some people have lost their lives. The bet both women have learnt a thing or two. Thanks to the service man, he’s a hero, well done. I could marry him (lol)

  4. just imagine if it was a Zambian Airforce officer nearby, He could have called his friends to come and watch “these drunken women fighting”. Thumbs up to the US Service guys, God sent them at the right time.

    • Can you please say sensible things instead of castigating the woman? What happened was an accident and it could happen to anyone, even you!

  5. Each year,the Musi oa Tunya claims lives either of ordinary Zambians or Tourists.It is a sacrifice for the local Gods who have been deprived of what they believe is due to them.They are waiting for the next prey like it or not.

    • can u name some of the “localgods”?? zambia is a christian nation. we just have to thank God that that guy was used by the Almighty. God can use anyone anywhere regardless of yo nationality,……………

    • I have never understood the Christian nation nosense. How can we all be Christian? If fjt had declared zed a country of cabbages, I guess we would all be cabbages.

    • Yeah my man,
      Our Journalist should get more professional, this is serious business. No crude staff or don’t report. They can’t even tell us the proper identity of these women who are local when they are able to give us full ID of the ‘hero’ who’s not local after all. Guys where are the Editors or is it that we need more scholarships?

    • Thanks to the American service man for saving those lives. But for your informatiion, Zambian service men do heroic acts saving lives almost daily, risking their lives protecting us from criminals for example. On this blog some (maybe most) Zambians try to outdo each other in condemning their brethren and their leaders, RB this and RB that, or HH this and HH that. But this must be the ultimate in inferiority complex, quite sickening really .

  6. Come on fellow Zambians!
    Don’t run down our own people, Service men/women or “ordinary” folk, Zambians always look out for each other.
    You probably have not been to some European countries where you are publicly advised not to intervene in a situation where someone was probably being attacked and murdered, only to be asked after someone has lost their life, to come forward as a witness.
    At least you know if you have lived in Zambia that we all come to the rescue of anyone being attacked by violent people. We in a way police each others’ welbeing.
    And of course, this does not take anything away from the heroic act of the two US Airforce Service men. Well done and thank you.

  7. ‘One of them’s wrists’. As soon as I typed that my browser’s spell checker highlighted the mistake – them’s. Sloppy LT. Is it too much to say ‘one of the women’s wrists’?

  8. What saving? Ba Zambia, they were shooting a scene for the David Livingstone movie and the US serviceman ndiye mwine film…

  9. Yah! Ladies, mind what you do and where you do it from. I smell some big rat here; seems like the girls were eying the Americans!

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