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Kalu Says Sorry to Sports Council

Sports Kalu Says Sorry to Sports Council
Kalusha Bwalya’s suspension from all sporting actives has been lifted by the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) after the Faz president made a public apology on ZNBC TV on Friday evening for failing to heed to the sports watchdog summons.

The news ends a two-day stand-off between Kalusha and the NSCZ that saw Fifa intervene over the matter on March 19.

“I would like to apologize to the National Sports Council and (NSCZ chairperson) Dr Julius Sakala for any inconvenience that is caused by my not appearing at the said meeting,” Kalusha told ZNBC  TV.

“Faz will try to work extremely hard, extremely well with cordial relation with the National Sports Council and the ministry (of sport).”

Kalusha said to be ready to appear before the NSCZ who had summoned him last Thursday over Emmanuel Mayuka’s controversial transfer from Kabwe Warriors to Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel.



  1. There we are. Kalusha Bwalya needs to be caged otherwise he will take everybody for a ride. He bites more than he can swallow

  2. Brilliant example and role model. … and what are the consequences of indiscipline, disregard of authority or lack of judgment again?

  3. Love him or hate him but give him respect for who he is: Zambia’s best soccer ambassador so far. At least this chapter has a happy ending. Evander Hollyfield once remarked: why can’t I be a hero and still be able to make mistakes?

  4. YEESSS!! “Now where are those chaps like LUAPULA FISH, SOCCER FAN NO 2, SON OF …..naka PRINCESS-Y who were blindly supporting KALU’s actions without understanding issues (especially the indiscipline part on Great KALU). Gentlemen come out of your hiding now that your BOSS has realised that what he did was wrong. Especially LUAPULA FISH, come out with your “tuma” intricacies of affiliation and the likes. Any way all KUDOS to Great KALU!! That’s the way. It takes a MAN to accept publicly that one is wrong and apologise. Guard against your LEGEND tag diligently. And the only way to achieve this is through HUMILITY!!!

    • Mean Man, dont be over excited for nothing . In desperation wondering the next move, NSCZ were told by the president to lift the Ban as directed by FIFA and on other hand Kalu was told to issue a formality apology by the President as a sign of respect for the national sports authority.The state advised Kalu to issue a formal apologgy to NSCZ in order not to undermine the limited powers of the state over internattionally protected soccer body like FAZ. Looking at excitement , I can acknowledge that you have a lot tolearn.I davise you to take some time blogging on Zambianfootball.net,kick off,african socer,Fifa,Caf,Goal,soccernet,euefa websites and you wont be short of this knowledge ..

  5. Hat in hand,head bowed and tail between his legs.ls it genuine repentance-l doubt-its the prospect of him losing those dollars he desperately needs that have brought him low

  6. Kalu just realised and tested the ‘just dessert’ he deserved. Misplaced prioirties always pay out badly.

  7. Remember it is the govt that funds the national team and not FIFA. Kalu had to think hard. I think he was offered a bridge and wisely chose to cross it. Any see-saw sheninnanigans trying to play the ‘FIFA independence’ BS would have led to govt cutting off the blood supply lines to what makes FAZ i.e the Zambian National Team and Kalusha would be nada.

  8. You chaps are dull. Does it always mean that when someone appologises then they were wrong? It does not work that way. People appologise for many reasons and some of those reasons its to buy peace even when you are right.In this case Zambia was at risk of being banned by FIFA if Kalu’s suspension was not lifted.Therefore,am of the view that Kalu appologised in national interest and that just shows how selfless he is.NSCZ could not stand the embarassment of lifting the suspension on FIFA orders but they had to do it anyway so Kalu made their life easy by sacificing himself so that those NSCZ ignorant administrators could save face. Bravo Kalu!!!

    • Sensible posting. You are right on target. It is not always the best team that wins. Kalusha with his name stood to lose more than the all entire Zambia if FIFA took its action. Infact FIFA listens more to Kalu than to Sakala. And those that call Kalusha big headed, how so and what has he done that justifies your sentiments? How is he big headed?

  9. taking into consideration the reasons i have given above,i still stand by the comments i made yesterday.NSCZ made a serious blunder and you should be rest assured that this issue will now die a natural death as they have learnt a had lesson

  10. Do people still believe that Kalu is the best player Zambia has ever produced? Was he better than the likes of Chitalu, Peter Kaumba, Alex Chola, et al?

  11. Yes, he is the best player Southern Africa has ever produced. The only one south of the equator to be named Africa footballer of the year. Those you have mentioned were good players but Kalu stands out.

  12. thats the way to go. humility doesnt coast any thing, at least for the many soccer funs and the love of the game tht the zambian people have, its better to solve the problem this way. no one is a looser, bt we are all winners as mother zambia. Egyt 0 zam1.

  13. Mind you do not forget that when our national team perished in the cost of Gabon in 1993,Kalu played a very critical role in rebuilding the team.Other professionals like Charles Musonda just stood aloof. It seems Zambians have a short memory.However,this does not mean that he does not make mistakes or nothing should be done to correct him if he errors.The English say. “its not what you say that matters but how you say it”. If people were really interested in positive criticism that builds, surely we would not be having the problems we havin today but most of those who make the loudest noise want to see him down at all costs.shame…

  14. ZNBC website says Kalusha made a public appology after a meeting with the Ministry of Sports. This shows that your was some understanding of some sort before the appology was made.Bloggers should learn to read in between the lines…

  15. I have to admit to NOT having seen Kalu enough times when he played. Africans of all natinalities speak very highly of him. Zambia and its institutions seem to corrupt and then destroy people. I feel that he should have spent more time in South America or Europe coaching. Unfortunately, he is in danger of ending up like most former Zambian sportsmen. Look how the likes of Lottie Mwale, Charm Chiteule and others ended up. Contrast that with the likes of Abede Pele and Zuma Nelson who had longer careers in Europe and United States. They are dolar multi-millionaires who are actually putting their money into local sport, instead of engaging in curruption.

  16. People, Kalu is a danger to our football. He is in it for himself. FIFA must have advised the Once Great Kalu to behave and not bring its name into ridicule. Here is a man who listens to no one. He was advised not to stand for both Cosafa and Caf posts. Did he listen? No, he had to satisfy his ego first before losing and dropping out in both attempts. Nothing wrong with being ambitous but have a listening ear. Kalu must stop thinking with his left leg. FIFA governs our game not our Laws, Kalu! Lets move on.

    • Everyone is some kind of a danger to something or someone. I really don’t think Kalu is a danger to the sport, but as human as we are, he is bound to make a mistake or some kind of poor judgment about one or two things. So, do we crucify him for that? I say no. By the way, why did they even have to suspend him if they knew and they have the answers? How come just summon Kalu alone? FAZ made the decision, they should have summoned FAZ and then Kalu and his entire or selected few go and appear. They personalized the all entire thing. I would also say sorry. I am not FAZ. I see no reason in summoning Kalusha instead of FAZ.

    • Kalu is doing what every progressive and ambitious man would do: test his potentials to the fullest. And this is perfectly normal in this modern world order where everything is very stiffly competitive but yet accommodative to divergent views. In Zambia we have a serious problem that is killing the zeal of ambitious and progressive people; anyone who dares to rise to higher heights is mercilessly crushed out of shear jealousy and hate. There are many Zambians with tremendous potential in the diaspora, but seeing what is happening to others who have dared to champion there cause in Zambia, they are thinking twice. Perhaps the alternative is stay out of Zambia which is not good for development

  17. would beIt foolish for someone to think that Kalu did a bad thing for him to contest the post of cosafa because he is selfish.21 you are making me to worry coz i don’t understand what you are doing in usa.The fact that Kalu has aimed high does not mean he is selfish.What do mean ambitous?Know one can be arrested for dreaming big or aiming high in life.I think k alu is doing good to himself as i have never seen a football zambian play reach his status of being faz president.Just accept that he is a fighter it will help you.

  18. Kalu did something worng. Only fools can apologise for what they have not done on national interest. What is national interest anyway? Kalu was wrong and someone pumped sense into his head that is why he apologised. He could have been a very good footballer but he wants to control everything in Zambia as far as soccer is concerned. He is poor planner and exhibiting selfish behaviour.

  19. Thats a brilliant point Zambia.Kalu is being insulted and demonised for exercising his right to participate in sports and aspire for higher positions without being discriminated.People should remember that just as those who are educated aspire for higher positions in their careers, the same is the case for Kalusha.Football is his livelihood so why not aspire to reach high levels? Why should people say that he is self centred just because he contested for COSAFA presidency and gave a try on CAF committee member? People should be honest with themselves and stop demonising Kalu out of shire jealous and envy. Lets learn to build not destroy…

  20. The truth of the matter is that with or without an apology ,the ban would have been lifted to avoid FIFA suspension.

  21. Whatever you say fellow bloggers, good or bad, mine is apologising was the way to go for Kalu and I hope he learns from this one.


  23. We don’t recognise Kalu ban—FIFA
    …as Sports Council of Zambia insists that today’s FAZ AGM should go on without president Kalusha Bwalya

    By Sports Reporter

    THE World soccer governing-body, FIFA has said it does not recognise the suspension slapped on FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya or any action of any type, which will limit the autonomy of FAZ or any mandate of its democratically elected officials.

    FIFA general secretary, Mustapha Fahmy in a letter addressed to FAZ general secretary George Kasengele dated March 19, 2009 says any violation of these principles would be analysed in light of the FIFA statutes and its articles, in particular article 13, 14 and 17.


  24. Its a crime to be successful pa Zed! Every1 will hurt, if not envy, you for your achievements. Kalu has proved all those hurters that he is not what they portray him to be. Not even your politicians have ever dared to appologize for their perpetual short comings. But he was man enough and did what was right because he always tries to do what is right!

  25. Pipo are just envious of him,Pipo will never appreciate one day you are a hero and the other day you are nothing to them,I ve ready all the blogs and sum have appreciated kalu thats the spirit and sum have completely criticised him,now tell what did they expect him to do? Time and time and again Kalu has sacrificed for zambian football,the only player from the kk11 who has done zamba gud to the last drop him blood!!! So dont just look at one side of the coin turn it the other also and you will be able to sumthing else different!!! Critics be wise!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mukulu mpuno ignore people like Mwale. They are tinpot dictators in disguise. When a man doesnt do what they want they condemn him forever. A man is free to stand for any position and if he loses that should not be interpreted as a failure. That is life. We all know why footballers dont win elections. The people in admin positions like Hayatou are scared of the footballers’ popularity so they will bribe all their fellow henchmen. Abedi Pele also challenged Hayatou but was threatened by these nitwits.

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