Government plans to increase safe water coverage in rural areas from the current 37 per cent to 75 per cent by 2015.

Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Permanent Secretary, Peter Mumba, said once the goal is achieved, it would help address the spread of diarrhea diseases and Malaria, which are a drain on budgetary expenditure in the health sector.

Mr. Mumba said improving the supply of safe water would also help achieve positive outcome in the fight against poverty and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, MDGS.

He was speaking when he commissioned a borehole donated to the Women of Kabweza Community, installed at the newly constructed health centre in Kafue’s Shibamala area yesterday.

He also said government, through the ministry of energy and water development is undertaking programmes to increase equitable access to clean, safe water at all levels of society.

Mr. Mumba said in view of this, government is encouraging communities to adopt the use of boreholes and protected wells fitted with hand pumps as they were appropriate in reducing water shortages.

He urged the people of Shimabala to take good care of the borehole and ensure it is utilised for the intended purpose of contributing to the provision of safe water in the area.

Kafue’s Shimabala Mungu ward Councillor, Obvious Mwaliteta, appealed to government to consider electrifying Kabweza health centre to facilitate the quick opening of the institution.


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  1. Good thought are never implemented. This makes good reading but we dont like govt doing a lot of talking than working. RB’s govt is just bent on finishing other people’s political careers than actually helping those in rural areas. Health delivery is poor, social amenities are lacking and they say they are a listening govt.


  2. To me this sounds to be a very good target. My hope and prayer is that this theoretical target becomes an achieved target. Remember that the annoucer feeds on the stories he is announcing whilst us the listners will only feed on the emplemented announcements.


  3. From 37 % to 75 %,this target is too much for RB’s government,characterised with inefficiency and corruption.Come 2015 ,it will even be less than 37%. I was amazed to learn that.luapula province which is tatoed with many rivers, streams and lake,people have no water from their taps.



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