Livingstone town is dirty and needs a facelift, ZTB Chairman


livingstone2The Zambia National Tourist Board (ZTB) has expressed disappointment with the appearance of the tourist capital Livingstone, saying it does not exhibit the status bestowed on it as the tourist capital of the nation.

ZTB Chairman, Errol Hickey, said concerted efforts were needed from residents and the local authority to give Livingstone a facelift since the city was dirty and most of its infrastructure was in urgent need of rehabilitation.

Mr Hickey said this during a program on Zambezi FM radio in Livingstone today.

And the ZTB Chairman said not much could be done to market Zambia as a tourism destination this year because of the limited resources allocated for marketing activities.

He said next to agriculture, tourism was among the top three sectors that government depended on, but this was sometimes not reflected in terms of support given to the sector.

Mr Hickey called on government to address challenges that made the cost of business in the country to be high if investment opportunities were to be fully exploited.



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      A hungry man, will not clean anything. Give the masses food, and all physiological needs

      In no time the place will be clean

      Even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course Anyhow in a corner, some untidy spot Where the dogs go on with their doggy life”

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      Cleanness has nothing to do with poverty. It’s a myth which the poverished people of the world are brought up with. Alot of developed countries are dirty. Simply because children are not taught how to keep their surroundings nice and clean.

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    The facelift shoud also cover roads. Its disappointing that the Zimba-Livingstone is in a very bad state

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      This a simple problem, here is my solution
      Council should sweep the road and dispose off garbage ku malabo
      The city should paint the buildings in town
      They should mount ingungula made of concrete
      Fine pipo who liter
      Arrest the men who pee around trees

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      Stripper… I personally agree with what you’re saying to a certain degree… but one thing and only one thing I have in mind is this. Livingstone makes a substantial amount of money from tourism, now where does the money end up?… you guessed right Lusaka… if you drill further… probably campain to bribe some of the electorates. Those buildings are colonial no matter how clean we leak the streets clean… The money Livistone gets, from tourism can be used to start constructing modern buldings and create a conduisive place as a sweetener to attract more tourist and also to match Sun Hotel, which happens to be the only modern building in the whole of livingstone.

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      Iwe Kelly, even here in America, there are a lot of dirty places that we never imagined before we came.

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      Kelly Thats too cruel ! You dont speak aganst your motherland like that. Remenber that you were born and grew up there and you owe Zambia love and care.

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      iwe zambia is not the dirtest,have u ever been to egypt,the place is dirty,even italy venezia,i dont know if its dirty,parts of new york,russia…

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    Despite the dirty, Livingstone has a good night beauty. The town has splendid drinking places and restaurants. I enjoyd my time last year at a place called Kazmen. The shopping complex on falls road is another beautiful place. SEPA SAHAWO

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      Yah! But, ba undertaker L/stone is supposed to be a shining example. The town is extremely dirty. Cross into Vic Falls town in Zimbabwe or Kasane in Botswana you will be crying. Kasane is not even what you can call a town. But the place is smart and well structured. Vic Falls town, too. The only impressive places are the two hotels. minus them. L/stone is just another Zambian village toilet. Really, something must be done to that ghetto.

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    The title “Livingstone town…” and the “ZTB Chairman, Errol Hickey, said concerted efforts were needed from residents and the local authority to give Livingstone a facelift since the city was dirty and most of its infrastructure was in urgent need of rehabilitation”, are portraying difeerent messages here.
    LT please make it clear that you are referring to LIVINGSTONE CITY and not TOWN.
    On the news, Livingstone City is definitely dirty but this is how most or all Zambian Cities are save for Ndola maybe. Thus, this message must be extended to all Cities and towns across the whole of Zambia. Zambia is thus a sorry site compared to places like those in Germany. I hope the keep clean will…

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      Thats funny! Maestro is a very funny character, he does the same with every single story on here…i wonder what his profession is…may be he is an editor.

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    I definately agree with Mr. Hickey. Apart from a few well kempt places, the entire city is an infrastructural disaster. RB please do something!

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      Now this is like shooting yourself in the foot. Very painful and the impact on tourism is a retrograde.

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      We need to be honest with ourselves about the situation if we ever want to improve. Most people know that some parts of London, Rome or New York are really filthy but that does not stop them from frequently touring these destinations! Same applies to Libinghy!

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      Nine Chale, let them know when they visit Livingstone first !! This is Africa Zambia and the news we put on the net is recorded by google and other search machines. So if someone wants to visit Livingstone for the first time, it is easier for them to go else where and not to L’stone. Yes we have to be honest but we also have to know how to package this honesty so that it is not misunderstood. There are a lot of Zambians who depend on tourism in that area and are affected negatively by such publications. We write the news so let us be sensitive. the News we write affects our economy directly. you are right, but I believe in diplomacy especially when the world economy is straggling…

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    Can not say much, as has never been to Livingstone recenlty. Please make tourist cities clean and attractive.
    Dirtness will only make tourist speak volumes of ‘ills’ about Zambia.

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      Is that so?. Iam disappointed/discouraged already. But will give it a big benefit of doubt and try visit the tourist city next time I come to Zambia. Dirty city or not dirty.

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    should read.. dirtness will only make tourists speak volumes of ‘ills’ about Zambia… sorry..

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    Now this heading is for tourists!! Who will book a trip to Livingstone? It may be true but be careful about the manor in which you issue such news. There are ratings done by independent institutions and if the see anything like this in the news then be sure of being rated badly or even blacklisted. People have to learn to be diplomatic when issuing such propaganda.

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      I just listened to a report about how Zim is trying to revamp its tourism sector. Watch them, if we are not serious the boost in tourism we’ve enjoyed over the past few ways will slip away. This was/is our chance to create a competitive advantage over zim in terms of tourism, esp where it comes to the vic falls. It’ll be a shame if as zim recovers we lose ground to them. we’re just over 12 months away from the world cup, and our tourist capital is ‘a dirty city’ still no concrete plans to take advantage of what’s coming. I can almost bet, zim will make more

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      Akon when were you last in Zambia? I was in Chingola recently and believe me, the place is reasonable clean considering the resources available there…You are the one who needs to wake up…Mwankalisa ku UK….take care dear!

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    Even in this context, I am not going to get too uptight about it. When (officials such as Errol Hickey,) make statements that can be interpreted as political statements, the government should not be underwriting it. You just caught the fellow with a little egg on his vest, looking untidy.
    The Livingstone i know is a close corporation of jolly, untidy, lazy, good-for-nothing humorous old men, who have been electing their own successors ever since the world began and who intend to go on with it. They’ll squeeze under the Revolution or leap over it when the time comes, don’t you worry.

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    They sweep today and they will swept tomorrow LOL

    Tolya Zungu iwe after all ba RB says ” there is selfishness in some foreign missions where ambassadors and their wives want everything to themselves”.

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    Of course you have to treat whatever certain Zambians say with a pinch of salt because in most cases their nearest comparable is Katanga where stealing and dirt are welded in their “kaca”. To claim Zambia is clean is sick, one needs their head examined!

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    I have been to Livingi and I totally agree with Errol. This town has a special place in my heart. It has not changed much over the last 50 years but changed for the worse. The old town area and the banks of the Zambezi are totally different from the main town. Somone should use their brains and think. This is the mayor’s and council responsibility.

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    RB with the local government need to step in as the Tourist Capital Livingstone is in a bad state especially for marketing purposes,RB please demostrate your Keep Zambia clean campaign……………….stating with the Roads and the buildings are the worst in Zed……….Shame!

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    imwe ba Zedian, ba some of us, mulebafye bwino. we know mwalienda but that should not make you turn a blind eye on the dirty that exists in some of the cities were you live. Even in South Africa, go to central Jozi, mwila tube pa. Malawi, Zimzim, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria etc. Most of you chaps were born and bread in Zed in the same environment. Bambi na one year tailakwani abroad. Indeed dont speak ill of your mother land.

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    in 1991, Zambians shouted the HOUR! And it came to pass. Ka Chiluba sold all the council houses, the ones that gave the Councils revenue to repair roads, lit street lights etc. The councils cant even pay salaries right now. Its the onus of the Government to now take up the responsibility of starting afresh.
    those of us who group up Kwalibingi still hold dear memories of that some smart town, with ecient buildings.

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    I agree with most of the bloggers on this topic, Zimbabwe may be going through hardships economically, but honestly speaking we zambians are beaten by far where tourism attractions are concerned. When you just cross over to Zim at vic falls town, there is fresh air, no litter and vendors, but cross to zambia at same point yaba vending even from the boarder post. Doti its too much on the zambian side, I visited sadc with a friend, and was wondering why I never settled in Bots or Namibia as she was very impressed with those areas, and what do you say,, you see you see these politicians and thats it.

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    17 Hola and 21 stripper cool and take care. I am indeed an Editor in a group work effort here. Later.

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    When I finished high sch in ’86 most parts of Zambia were very clean e.g. chingola, ndola, Livingstone, Lusaka (sata era) but alas over the borders; tuduma-Tanzania was dirty. So this dirt must been inherited and the other cause; urbanisation. There was no need to kill luangwa bicycle co. Mansa batteries, Mwinilunga pinenaple, Munushi pantation, etc, weaken booming tanzara, Chinasali endco milling. KK had good ideas but these companies should have been private at later stage. Civi servants will never stop stealing, ati va boma nivanga, kulya mwibala, etc …

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    The Local Authority in Lstone are too hungry to uphold the status of the tourist capital. Perhaps they need donor assistance to buy cleaning material?? But we should not think that Lstone is one of the dirtiest cities of the world, we are far much better than other towns/cities in the developed regions. Cleanliness starts from an individual so people should be responsible other than expecting the Local Authorities to do everything.

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    At long last someone in authority has owned up that Livingstone is a dirty town. People have been saying this for years now their concerns have always fallen on deaf or uncaring ears. The truth is that the Livingstone Council makes a lot of money levies from hotels and other business houses but the people in charge are (1) concerned only about their pockets (2) downright ignorant (3) running the affairs of the town like they are managing a chiefdom. What do you expect from those councillors as most of them are reside in shanties? They are clueless.

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    Who owns the shop next door? Who is running the council? Combine the answers to the two questions and you will know why Livingstone is fighting to become as dirty as Mumbai or Calcutta.

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