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Compel Albidon Nickel Mine to compensate settlers- HH

Headlines Compel Albidon Nickel Mine to compensate settlers- HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

The UPND says government should compel Albidon Nickel Mine in Mazabuka to compensate people who were displaced from their areas by mine.

UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema, says the mine which has now suspended operations has failed to fulfil its contractual obligations to the community.

Mr. Hichilema says Albidon Mine has not fully implemented several community projects including building new houses for the local people after demolishing their old ones.

He was speaking in Mazabuka when he visited communities in Magoto area who were relocated from their settlement by Albidon Nickel Mine.

And Mazabuka Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo, said the mine has abandoned the community, a situation which he described as unfortunate.

Albidon Nickel mine in Mazabuka has suspended operations indefinitely citing various difficulties.


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  1. Sad news about Albidon Nickel mine suspending operations and their attendant failure to fulfil their contractual obligations.

    On “He was speaking in Mazabuka when he visited communities in Magoto area who were relocated from their settlement by Albidon Nickel Mine”, this is great for president HH is in touch with the voters. Sad enough, the name ‘Magoto’ of an area doesn’t seem to exist for I know of ‘Mugoto’.

    In terms of the statements by both president HH and MP Garry Nkombo both of the UPND Team, I am impressed at their concern for the well being of the people of Mugoto including all Zambians from other areas of the country.

  2. Hakainde fimo fimo himself is well known to have plundered Luanshya mines resources.. What is he yapping about in here???

    ubufi no ubupupu muleke.

  3. This is a very sad state of affairs indeed and quite tricky as well. People were displaced from their farming land to pave way for this mine, which I must say, was very promising and it employed a lot of people (a friend actually left Kansanshi and joined them). But what I can say is that there is plenty of virgin land around that area and the people must make the best of it. Its tough but there is no way they are going to get compensation from those capitalists. The lesson for GRZ is that it should balance interests of the investor with that of its people. Problem is that GRZ sides with foreigners and the poor villager is left out to dry!

  4. Thats true mrs stevens,he is a political passenger only concerned with his Tonga land,he will continue being Nambala 3 as usual.His fellow Tongas are always impressed even if he talks rubbish.

  5. Unfortunately,Mr HH, despite your friendly approach to advise RB’s team, you will be shocked to learn that it will receive a heavy blow and it ‘ll not yield. Goverment is soft on the so called investers. Nice piece of advice though. 😉

  6. Am aware that policies are in place, in Zambia, that dictate that an investor displacing people because of the proposed project must compesate the affected before the project is actually implemented. How come albidon begun operations before compesating the displaced? Thats weired. This implies govt side lined that policy in favour of the investor. Very sad indeed. At the expense of a poor Zambian indeed, like No. 6 said.

  7. That the point #10, policies are there but who implements them when GRZ is always kneeling before the investors? I would also not rule out pocket lining as well yet our fellow Zambians are shifted from their ancestral land. Corrupt Politicians + Selfish Investors = Disaster for Poor People, this equation seems o be applying here.

  8. Bad timing HH, though valid call. From whence cometh amahafu to pay the displaced people? Im sure you are aware where albidon’s priorities are in the face of the current meltdown – certainly not kufukunyuka for the sake of the displaced. Why didn’t you think of putting up measures to avoid such in upcoming companies when you were busy privatising other existing firms? Busy making billions I guess

  9. Nishani ba Major, I have never been #1 before, it seems like some people sleep, eat, drink and do some other things that won’t be mentioned here, on the computor and are always number 1. Give a brother a break, hope you see the lighter side…

  10. LT, you are making this all thing boring!!! You are too quick to moderate yet you can’t even correct your stories….the one on Tax collection case in point, check your facts and figures and give us a break PLEASE!!!!

  11. # 7. i cant see rubish in what HH has said above. you seem to ve eyes of the eagle please spot the rubish so we can learn from ur contribution.

  12. #7 You are right on this one my bro. This fake man is still in lala land. Dreaming about impossibles and not feeling guilty at all that he has contributed oneway or another to the fall of Luashya mines.Has Anyone compelled this Hainde fimo fimo to compensate the poor Luanshya community?

    HH, Stop bickering plse!

  13. Pardon me if I am wrong, but I thought I used see Gary on TV hand-in-hand with Albidon when they were handing over some houses to the displaced people. Didn’t he realise at that time that the houses were of poor quality.

  14. # 14 Uwakwisano, I hear man. Congrats for being nambala 1. My failure of being nambala 1 got into me………

  15. #16I wish I had time to help you see that,in anyways refer to #17 and #5 thats what am talking about, you feel me!

  16. 17, Thenjiwe Stevens (Mrs), greetings. On your “Dreaming about impossibles and not feeling guilty at all that he has contributed oneway or another to the fall of Luashya mines.Has Anyone compelled this Hainde fimo fimo to compensate the poor Luanshya community?”, why do not you do the compelling of HH you are alluding to? I need serious people not isolated characters writing about things which are mere claims they do not have guts to do and so here is your own generated challenge and please do it for all Zambians?
    On “HH, Stop bickering plse!”, what do you mean by ‘bickering’? I am ready to give you its definition if you need it!

  17. We are missing the point here despite the man being Tonga and affiliated to a Tonga party he is talking some sense these chaps ba Albidon fitu fitu displaced settlers there promising them development in the area, people gave up homes on the basis that they will be provided with jobs, schools and health care facilities now they (Albidon) make a u-turn citing mining difficulties ma LUBISHHIII!!!

  18. Maestro,
    In the first place I do not wish to converse with you. Secondly just respect my opinion as I will respect yours.
    HH is a failure in everything except being what he is. Dont expect me to answer your questions again as they are always repititions and nonsense.So if you reply to me just know that I havent seen your posting hence you will be bickering for nothing and wasting your time.!.

  19. What is HH talking about?This man appears to have a very short memory,i wish he could do the same for the people of Luanshya.

  20. There are times I tempted to think , by holy indignation , that most Zambians in the diaspora are ghosts , demons name them. How do you fail to have sympathy for the displaced poor villages ,purely on account of geographical location. Why condemn HH? Would you not want to know the govt position on this ?Shame upon you all masqueraders. Why have this venomous hate for HH for visiting the poor made homeless by the greed investors.

  21. #4 Maestro, The problem which you overlook is that HH was not trying to get to Nabwalya to go and see the condition of the incomplete bridge on the Muti Nondo River. HH should try to be on the ground everywhere and build confidence. I think he ia s better angel than the other angel (rather disaster) we Bembas are trying to put in power if you see my drift —- the devel you know….

  22. Iwe Nkole Wa fimo fimo, in the spirit of respect, you owe me an apology for your unwarranted outburst against me yesterday. I patiently await to hear from you.

  23. how u learned bloggers like shifting attention from real issues, HH is talking about albidon keeping their promise, if u are hurting that yo relatives were mistreated by HH, find a way of making him pay for it, than hating him.

  24. Dr. Sixtus Mulenga was heading Abildon Mine from beginning until closure and he is a respected mining engineer. Perhaps you people could ask him about the contract with Chief Mwanachingwala over the mine. Issues of investment are difficult. Sheraton were going to put up a hotel in Zambia in the early 80s but the government gave difficult conditionalities and as you know the hotel went to Harare. One ANC leader once said in frustration over the world economic order that “the only thing worse than being exploited is NOT to be exploited”.

  25. HH is only looking at the welfare of those poor displaced citizens, and therefore i dont see what wrong he has done. There is so much hatred for the man on this blogg. Why? People were promised compensation, and its only morally right that they get what is due to them.

  26. Infestors at it again. Its better to be mad than poor. Poverty leaves us with no dignity at all. Bloggers how come the provision to reply to comments is no longer there, wasnt that good as it enabled some of us respond directly to other bloggers’ comments?

  27. Two wrongs do not make a right , the case of luanshya remain an important concern, yet HH visiting the poor should be appreciated. I suppose a lot of the demagogues on this blog did not know that , there was/is a nickel mine in Zambia.

  28. #27 wiseman-reborn says, you are indeed wise. Most bloogers here have such venomous hate for HH because of their failures in life and others because of stinking regionism. These chaps who rush to condemn HH are in most cases the same who shout praises for the Blooke whose political past is so chequred only an i*d*i*t would support him.

  29. #28 NKOL NKOLE WA MAPEMBWE UMFWE MILANDU, most times when I read you comments, you give me hope that not all people can be brain washed with regionism to the extent of going to bed with the devil. Keep it up, you are a true nationalist. Lets give credit where its due. As for others who call themselves dogs on this blog, well, what can a dog say? just ignore them

  30. In future govt must ensure that all contractual obligations made by would be investors are met and monitored within a set timeframe. I am made to understand that Albidon were stock piling nickel hoping the metal prices would go higher than what was obtaining at the time. The sudden drop in the last quarter of last year left them heavily indebted as they were borrowing based on forecast future sales. Govt should find an equity partner as most of the developmental work has been done.

  31. Engine Block – From the travels that you do as a result of your job, you must have by now realise that what makes people resort to regionalism is poverty.

  32. People, when you are poor and the Capitalists “invade” you area and they dont get what they need (not what you need) then know things are bad! Capitalism imwe bantu, no mercy. Lesson learnt.

  33. #38: Your gravatar is cool! on your comment, much as I would want to agree with you, am afraid I cant. I have been to countries (as you rightly put it) where people are poor but still embrace each other. What we are seeing in Zambia begs for answers. How can people who are educated, at least enough to blog, still allow themselves to be brain washed like we see on this blog? Some sound sensible on other issues but when there is a political article, their true pathetic natures show up. What wrong for instance, has HH done in this article? If people are so particular about the past of politicians, why do they sing praises for Sata???

  34. Tribal comments, what are those who attack others on tribal bases thinking of? Us chimps dont know of tribes we just know that we are chimps and thus never post tribal sentiments, never will a chimp do that. You see chimps are more civilised than some of you human beings

  35. HH , your gesture is in a positive direction. Engine Bbuloko thanks . Umusungu that is great thinking…

  36. I have a lot of respect for HH but on this one he should be the last person to talk about Albidon compensating the settlers when all along he has been mute on Luanshya miners being compensated coz he knows he is party and parcel of the mess.Sheer hypocrisy HH.

  37. HH, that’s the way to go, some people don’t just appreciate no matter what! batasha angakalikwitobo!!

  38. 23, Thenjiwe Stevens (Mrs), thank for your response and your failure to live up to your inquisition on 17, which I challenged on 21. Thanks also for your cowardice for it shows that you hve nothing to offer expect trying to throw mad at president HH. Your opinionated question and sentiments is thus respected according to your input and response.

    By the way, the word ‘bickering’ means “To quarrel in a tiresome, insulting manner, on petty issues”.
    I was just wondering what “quarrelling in a petty manner president HH is doing on this Albidon mine case.
    Have a great day for I know you have learnt something today which will be useful in your lifeti,e henceforth.

  39. 28, NKOLE WA MAPEMBWE UMFWE MILANDU, greetings and thanks for “#4 Maestro, The problem which you overlook is that HH was not trying to get to Nabwalya to go and see the condition of the incomplete bridge on the Muti Nondo River.” I am however surprised that you have brought in a story about something else. I do appreciate your comments though and I believe president HH will find them useful should some informant send this message you have raised to him.
    Once thing I know is that president HH is doing a great job for all Zambians at home and abroad and will reach as many as he can within this time before 2011 tripartite elections.
    On the other one you mentioned, he is simply a time…

  40. That Dog who is insulting us Tongas canot go unanswered.There is nothing tribal abt HH visitng the pipo of Mugoto and making comments abt Albidon.Any way thats how Dogs are ,they sometimes buk at nothing at all.Us Tongas are not folish to take anything jst because a fellow Tonga has said it.Soooooo yebe omubwa ulilemeke unyina muchila.

  41. 32, Ba Moze , people who have nothing to offer or simply seek to find ways of throwing mad at president HH because of jealous will continue to do such because it (jealous) is imbedded in their nature. Just understand tham and hope they will realise that Zambia is for all Zambians, us villagers, and those who think they are town dwellers.
    Interesting enough, they president HH haters do even want to take him to task head on except throw dirty at him from afar. Interesting enough former Zambian President Mr Chiluba is doing a great job to campaign for president HH on the misconceptions of some characters as regards the Luanshya Mine and the people from there, which is best than HH doing it.

  42. f**ls I Burst,lame Engines I break,and wise fags I deflect.Its not my fault that am Permanently Head Damaged (Phd) in Structural Engineering ,you feel me you Smegmas, I remain a Serj Tankian that puts all ya in check.If wisdom had a measure I will weigh tonnes,whilst chavs like you wiegh less than a gram.Dont speak to me like you gat your dic in your mouth,open up u ,and stop running that mouth before we shut da fuk up.I mean business!

  43. 47, sachers-the livingstone bull, akaka ndakomba buya kamuyozyayozya mabala basa abantu nyoko. Inzya baciindilya ibabandika musyobo uulya pele nwebo nomuli amaano muyandika kubalesya mabala aayaka cisi a munzi.
    A mupone cibotu akulilekelela kubantu boonse babala imakani a LT basa.

  44. It’s the feast of the blood with Sin,
    Unleash the Beast within,
    I walk around with the strength of a hundred men,
    Blood drippin’ from my canine like a fountain pen.

  45. #45…keep trying my friend maybe some people will learn to think with the right ends of their bodies. Even straight forward things, they cant see sense. UPND has been talking about this issue for a long time. At some point, the Mazabuka MP (Nkombo) even had an open difference with Mwanawasa over these compesations. What HH is now doing is just follow up in case some bloggers think this is a new issue!

  46. Remember that am Built on today’s mathematic ballistics,only Engineers can play with me not some LITERATURE lame fag,thats too feminine for me,way to go.

  47. 35, Engine Bbuloko, I understand your great posting. Like you put it, not all Zambians can be swayed by what is reported in the POST where characters just say things while they are out of touch with the Zambian people in all parts of the country like ba-NKOLE put it correctly.

    Anyhow, with time Zambian people who vote and perecive things in reality will make a prudent decision on president HH and the UNPD Team.

  48. 52, Engine Bbuloko, thank you very much for everything. Indeed slowly, the real word and work about president HH is getting there. Very soon I will be in Zambia exchanging notes and words with the real voters and educating them on the importance to take National matters seriously, by God’s grace.

    Later and keep well.

  49. I paid a visit to the mine last year and they appeared to be doing fine. There is need for government to investigate the matter.

  50. Am great mind that surpass space and time
    plus my Seven plains of energy, is interlaced and combined
    with Five conscious stages,I stand up courageous and
    Change your plurality, for you to seek mental clarity…….hahahaha

  51. This guy has a high concentration of his political base in Southern Province only. His discussions and worries is about people in the South, does he envision Southern Province as a country one day? This guy does not seem to have any leadership and all those that follow him must just give up. He cannot win Presidency by winning Southern Province alone. Banene, Maestro and others, please help this guy go national. Obama won elections by campaigning even in the so called “red states”, and getting some of those states. He should let go some of those small issues in Southern Province. Show that he is a national leader.

  52. Wooo!woooo!wooo dudes this site is becoming unpleasant. 51 please calm down. Yo, everyone got the right to express him/her self. All you shootists, got to respect ones views. 51 is only airing what he thinks. So give him respect and chance due to him. Opinions got to flow and respected. if we did not have divergent views on this site, it was gonna be pretty boring. Give the dude a chance. my point is you guys got to rock. Accept the fundermental premises of different opinions whether they be nasty or cool. Sata, RB and HH will always have funs, like it or not. So stop getting at one another!!! Peace :>

  53. 38, Umusungu, and 40, Engine Bbuloko, nice postings. I would like to mention that some of the comments we read on LT are due to deficiency of true information. Some characters are young and can not comprehend issues at the level of well natured and learned bloggers. Others are sick, very sick, and they need our prayers so that the good Lord God can help them. In all, let us not insult them, but seek ways to help them become of age in this 21st centuary.
    I truly believe that with good guidance, all will be well on LT very soon for we are setting the standards high, higher and highest by leadership.

  54. 49, 51 Ghost dog says: Dont waste your time trying to threaten me here. Who do you think you can intimidate by saying you have a Phd in Structural Engineering???? dont even go there my friend! am a seasoned Engineer myself. I take it as a blessing from God to be what Iam and would not use it to potray myself as better than others. Engineering is just a career! You are very childish and you need to grow up and have a life! If you want my full credentials, get me at [email protected] and you will be embarased you tried to boost! Be humble!

  55. I walk with the utmost honorable respect, I’m the sun sitting still, while you trapped in rotation
    I master my circumference,am more deadly than ever
    I can scorch you to death

  56. 58, Ghost dog, greetings. Please relax and keep cool. We need to set the standards right on LT and your input is very much needed.

    In light of the president HH issue as Grant Thornton Managing Director when Lyanshya Copper Mine was place in RECEIVERSHIP under him, I believe that he is not the best person to offer the Nation any information unless someone who has real proofs of any misdeeds by HH takes him to task or court. I must make mention that like the way president HH has let former Zambian President Chiluba FTJ to explain what exactly happened to the Zambians. This is why the Bemba people say “abakali tabalanda” for others around them speak REAL TRUTH on their behalf. Later.

  57. Gentlmen ,like Hhe Hhe Hhe have pointed out let contribute wth level headedness.Am out ,its time to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. #61, I hear you and thanks, I will not allow my IQ to get lowered by exchanging views with small boys and girls whose defination of the world is what they watched on Tom and Jerry and the fare tells got from the streets…..The rest of real thinkers on this site, keep it!

  59. ho ho ho ho ho iwe rabid Ghost dog, switch of the computer its time to change your dypers before your momi walks in!

  60. 59, Kalos2020, thank you very much for your sentiments and greetings. Firstly what makes you think that presidet HH has no interest in National issues and please cite examples, for I believe HH has done enough by meeting late former President LP Mwanawasa and incumbent President RB Banda on issues affaectig all Zambians. President HH did very well in Northwestern Province in the past two elections which is not a part of Southern province, unless you provide contrary to real proof following your claims that HH only concentrates on the Southern Province in your “This guy has a high concentration of his political base in Southern Province only”. He campaigned throughout all Zambia in 2008.

  61. #63 Maestro greetings dude,the blog doesnt need any standards neither a code for your own info,its free flow,its all about oppinions ,and one has just to respect ones oppinion just that ,whether right or wrong,you feel me.

  62. Kalos2020, I believe you very much know that the POST which creted a false impression that it writes gospel truth always for all Zambian people is the one that has feed unsuspecting Zambian people with wrong information about HH including the former MMD members like the Undereducate. I was shocked when I was told by my brother in Kitwe that people around surrounding areas there we told that president HH was crippled or “lame” and hence not fit to be Zambian President by some campaigners in the time for 2006 elections. In the 2008 elections, people came to know HH as a real fit peorson, but were cheated about his populaty due to false pictures and campaign news in the media.

  63. 68, Ghost dog, thanks for your nice and correct response. However, I believe that you are educated enough not to bicker with those who seriously lack formal academic education or basic wisdom due to self-delusion. It was in this respect that I sought to inform you that you can leave a great impression about yourslef if you focussed your contributions on maintaining a credible name of integrity to yourself.
    I have a lot of respect for your level of analysis on many topics, but I think they way you have taken this topic is not helping the situation. Anyhow, take care and keep well. Greetings to your family chief.

  64. #62 Ghost Dog,I Love the rhyme of your poetry.That is splendid. That said , it will be important to mention that on the issue of HH today ,you misdirected yourself. Your postings have been superb but not this one on HH.

  65. 59, Kalos2020, following my comments on 69 for you and other interested characters, if you call on any Zambian in Zambia or elsewhere now I believe they will tell you that president HH is fit to be Zambian President because all his motor functions are in good shape and he is a Zambian Citizen with a sense of helping others. This is because almost all Zambians have had the opportunity to see him at campaign meetings, on TV or hear him from the radio. In light of this, cheating of the sort I described on #69 will not work in the 2011 tripartite elections if president HH participates by God’s grace.
    In light of this, this is time for HH and UPND Team skeptics to join in in the winning team.

  66. 59, Kalos2020, continuing on my posting on #73 and following on your “Banene, Maestro and others, please help this guy go national. Obama won elections by campaigning even in the so called “red states”, and getting some of those states. He should let go some of those small issues in Southern Province. Show that he is a national leader.” i am personally challenging you to join us and not leave the task of getting president HH to be accepted by all Zambians to me including a few others.
    There is not time of finger point who must do the job of getting the message to all corners of Zambia, we all (you kalos2020 also) SHOULD participate effectively like the USA Citizens did it for B…

  67. 59, Kalos2020, with these few postings I hope to read positive things for the better future of all Zambians from your part regarding president HH and the U(PND) Team jst like the young educated USA Citizens did it for President Barrack Obama.

    Zambia is for all Zambians as “One Zambia, One Nation”, a great thing our UNIP brothers championed in their time of ruling Zambia as a government.

    Have a blessed day and keep well.

  68. # 53 Engine Bbuloko, That is a very valid point you have raised about Hon Gary Nkombo deferring with LPM. I wish Ghost dog would read that before posting the unprintables to corrupt our souls/mind/brain.

  69. All you
    adolescents value the leso n,those disrespecting my name and what I rep,take this as your last step,You fight mine and I respond fast, perhaps I can lead you to the right path,We all move with a purpose,Never talk in a manner worthless,cause that road leads to curtains, dead end like a figure 8 with no exit.

  70. How about giving local people shares in Albion Mine for compensation. Or give them some of their bonds.

    Local communities and governments must directly benefit from the economic activity in their areas.
    Just building a few schools is not even close to enough compensation for millions or billions of dollars of nickel that are going to be gained from this mine.

  71. My Message to the young Zambians: Lets take a leaf from the youths in USA! who used their education to analyse things above petty racism which they left with the old guards. It was no accident that Obama was HEAVILY supported by college graduates. Am sure the Zambian young turks can raise to the occasion. Lets leave this regionism to the days of UNIP, UPP and ANC. Lets show the country that their investment to educate us was money well spent. Lets lead the way and dont allow tribal or regional allegencies blind us. Ladies and gentlemen, we can….yes we can!

  72. Yes know it all
    Indeed stones and sticks do break bones yet words don’t kill. On the subject matter, Hon Gary Nkombo is a product of Unza ,he is not a retard. He understands the issue of Albidon Nickel Mine far much better. He is, the right authority on this issue and the right adviser of HH.

  73. Oh my God, Cant believe how lowminded people can still be……….Dont you understand the time we live……..you are still making an isue of race, tribe, colour, what planet are you living? Hey, look at Obama!!……………………..Whats you problem?

  74. It seems some people just hate this young man. Some of you have no information and us such you can comment on even what you do not know. Two years ago HH sponsored a traditional celemony in Bhahati constituency which is a Bemba area and the area mp by the name of Chimbaka thanked him. HH has done a lot for so many people in Zambia but we cannot see that because of our natural hate for him and his money. Let us rise to the challenge and choose the best in hh. HH has no hand in Luansha mine unless if you listen to hear say and not facts. If you have anything bring it up and testfy in court so that they can set tribunal.

  75. People who do like performers hate HH, because he is a man of action, he does not just make noise for the sake of talking without solutions. HH is the best man zambia can ever have, and the more we accept this fact the better for you and me. We should not be influenced by these old people who never invested in life and now want to live on our tax payers money. These old people this time are suppose to be advisors, what can they offer at old age now that they could not do when they were young like me. Too much mud throwing now because they think we are still in the unip days. Big SHAME on you and me for not reasoning when choosing leaders.

  76. Hahaha,there was a battle of Mlathuzi river on the blogg today. This Livingstone bull why should he call his fellow human beings as dogs with tails?Shame! Most of you guys cant change why?

  77. I like the way upnd guys pushed for the rights of these people. Keep it up. If all mps could work for their people’s rights like that then zambia would be a better place. I also like Kambwili and Chishimba for fighting for their people in their constituencies when they lost jobs in the mines.

  78. Father in Jesus name we bind the spirit of tribalism that has been hovering over Zambia the past few years.We speak unity and love in our land,let the root cause of this tribalism be destroyed,Lord raise up leaders and a generation that will stand for oness in Zambia.We thank you for Former President KK whom you used to bring about unity and oness in Zambia, Lord bless him.We thank you for Former President Chiluba who you used to declare Zambia as a christian nation, Lord bless him.We thank you for Former President Mwanawasa whom you used to start a war on corruption.Father we know these former presidents may have their weaknesses but we choose to praise you for their strenghs.

  79. Sata brought about all this tribal talk nosense..Remember he accused levy,HH and now RB. He has managed to convice his followers that only a bemba can make a good Zambian President.He worked closely with Chiluba whom he praised and even supported his 3rd term publicly and no one called them tribal.God is watching your lips Micheal and your sympathisers.Mark my words, You will never RULE this country with your hatrate.The more you exibit your hatrate for other tribes the more they hate you. As for HH that was a good observation on Abidon.

  80. #94 I hear you my bro/sis just to add on your comment, at the time these mines were being Privatized Sata was a no. 3 man in this country, now my question is, what did he do, to stop the Privatization of Luanshya mine? HH was just appointed as a liquidator, the decision of selling the mines were made by Chiluba and his his friend at that was sata.

  81. Iam impressed we are heading somewhere on this blog. Maestro keep up with that kind of approach of responding to those that become missguided in a mature manner. You have exibited maturity on this blog and because of ur leadership i ‘ve seen change in postings on the blog.

    God bless you and the rest of the bloggers!!!!

  82. #26 it appears you don’t read. HH was on the Copperbelt and hosted by The Press Freedom Committee of the Post newspapers at Edinburgh Hotel where he addressed issues concerning the mines. He was very clear on what needed to be done over problems in Luanshya. Don’t be led by hate. Always ask yourself ” what if he has already said something about this thing i am about to condemn him for”. In actual fact, I am challenging you to check your facts first before you comment.

  83. 98, Plot ONE, thank you very much for everything and thank the good lord for the wisdom He has continued to give His own.

    I truly believe that we as Zambians are slowly but surely getting there in terms of respect for one another. We as a people now know who is impeding the progress of Zambia politically and economically.

    I strongly believe that the 2011 elections will yield positive results for our young democracy which is somehow giving me hope that Zambian democracy will be a model that the whole world can look up to.

    Be blessed my friend and keep well.

  84. People, what did HH do in Luanshya. Can someone please educate me with facts before I shoot from the hip.

  85. HH is making a lot of sense. it is not only in Mazabuka where he has asked GRZ to consider the plight of zambian but also plight of workers in the copperbelt

  86. If you listen to HH’s znbc interview with Frank last year which is still existing on his website, you will like me believe that he has a plan for the country. The man admires the economy of Botswana where foreign invester partner with the local people to move the economy, and if those foreigners leave businesses can continue operating. We need to wake up zambians. HH is a man of people and I know he is the best for zambia. As for Sata its enough he has done so many attrocities for the country including selling the mines at cheaper prices with his Chiluba regime. This man for God’s sake was chiluba’s fountain of knowledge, and I blame him for Chiluba’s mistakes. He was a bad…

  87. People here are so shallow minded,most of you are saying HH did something to Luanshya mine,come on people,this jst shows how incompetent you are to comment on the same.Most of you ,your love for Sata has blinded you to reality.truth be told.Sata will never be president of Zambia.I challenge you armchair critics to tell us what HH did to Luanshya mine?

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