Bubonic plague breaks out in Namwala


Yersinia pestis
Yersinia pestis
Bubonic Plague has broken out in Kabulamwanda ward in Namwala

District with six people admitted to the District Hospital with the disease.

District Director of Health, Dr Davy Kaile, confirmed to ZANIS yesterday that blood samples taken from the three patients were taken to Lusaka for testing and the results were positive.

“We received the positive results for bubonic plague after we took blood samples of three patients currently admitted at the hospital to Lusaka for testING at tHe laboratory,” said Dr Kaile.

“ But the other three are also showing the same symptoms of the disease such as fever and swollen lymph nodes,” said Dr Kaile, adding that the conditions of all the six people admitted was stable as they were responding well to treatment.

Bubonic plague is a disease caused by fleas which feed on both human blood and rats which are reported to be in large numbers in the area.

However, Dr Kaile said there was no need for panic among the community in the affected area as the District Hospital had mobilized logistics to contain the disease and prevent it from spreading to other areas.

He said the District Hospital has mounted a massive spraying exercise in the area and surrounding areas to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dr Kaile further said an education programe has also been put in place to educate people on the disease and how to prevent it.

The deadliest bubonic plague broke out in Katengwa between 2003 and 2004 and claimed 25 lives in district.



  1. Please put effective measures in time, to prevent more lives being claimed/lost by the disease…..

    Used to think this was an STD….silly me..lol

  2. This is the first time I’m hearing of this Bubonic. Ati human blood & rats, mayo wee! That really sounds gruesome.

  3. Announcement to all the Bembas and Nyanjas, that they will be a Easter weekend braii in Namwala so that they can help and eat all the rats before hell breaks lose, the rats are reported to be in large numbers in the area that are causing Bubonic Plague . [-x

  4. Bubonic fimo fimo? Ama symptoms kwati ni HIV sure? Yangu! The Authorities are good at saying ‘they have put measures’, and yet next week we will have a headline screaming, “Bubonic fimo fimo spreads!”.

  5. Bubonic, this disease was for sailors in the 16th and 17th centuries….but pa Zed, awe mwandini. How can we fail to eradicate impantila sure….kwena zo’ona!

  6. As health professionals we are up to the goal in eradicating rodents & fleas ! just assist us transport to ensure all Bembas come 4 da braii

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