Veep directs MMD MPs to explain Govt programmes to villagers


Vice President, George Kunda, has directed MMD Members of Parliament (MPs) to explain government programmes to the people in rural areas.

Mr Kunda says people in rural areas are in dire need of assistance and want to see development come to their door steps.

He says government has now changed the new approach of sending ministers and deputy ministers more often to rural areas to explain the fiscal government policies set by the MMD administration.

The Vice President said this at a mammoth public gathering held at Chavuma Boma yesterday.

He disclosed that government has released K10 billion to the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) in all the nine provinces so that rural populace benefits as a way of alleviating poverty among the people in rural areas.

He said now that the 2009 national budget was out, MPs should often visit their constituencies to sensitize the rural people on what government intends to do for them especially in areas of education, health, tourism and mining among other key sectors of the economy.

He said government is revising the conditions of accessing the CEEC funds because government is in a hurry to developing the nation so that it becomes a middle-income nation by the year 2030.

Mr Kunda said each district will be apportioned a share from the K10 billion, adding that 40 per cent is for women vulnerability development while the rest (60 per cent) will go towards men, women and the youths.

Mr Kunda announced that government intends to link Chavuma with an all-weather road by rehabilitating the Chavuma /Zambezi road to remove the barriers that impede development in that district.

He challenged civil servants not to frustrate government’s efforts, but to ensure that funds released by the central government are used prudently and reach the intended people.

Meanwhile, Mr Kunda has condemned politics of insults and appealed to the Zambian people to concentrate on national building of the economy.

The Vice President said government has realized that politics of insults is a sheer waste of time because it diverts attention to developing the country.

He disclosed that the just-ended indaba is one way of consultative approach that government has embarked on so that all the people are on board towards attaining national development.

He noted that Zambezi is affected by floods and he disclosed that government has sent 200 metric tonnes of food relief to the flood victims.

Mr Kunda is on a tour of North-Western Province on a fact-finding mission of floods.

He is accompanied by Gender Minister, Sarah Sayifwanda, Local Government and Housing Minister, Benny Tetamashimba, MMD Deputy National Secretary Jeff Kaande and senior government officials.

And Mr Kunda has described the flood situation in Zambezi and Chavuma districts as serious.

He, however, said government is tackling the disaster situation with a matter of urgency.

The Vice President is using the ZAF helicopter having Ariel views of floods in flood inflicted areas.

Mr Kunda said his office has deployed Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Teams to flood inflicted areas to access the damage and provide resources and other needed materials such as tents and food.

The Vice President, who has just returned from Western Province on a similar mission, has disclosed that a vulnerability report will be compiled and the nation will be told.

Mr Kunda and his entourage aboard a ZAF AF-219 plane departed at 07-30 hours for Kabompo on a similar mission.

Mr Kunda is expected back to Lusaka on Thursday this week (tomorrow).




  1. Yes do that. Villagers have been left out for too long. Also use their respective languages please.


  2. Infact it is villagers who voted for them.But they need to deliver and not just be talking. We are tired of their empty talks


  3. I hope these Ministers of yours will heed to your advice. Otherswise it is easier said than done. Politician’s language.


  4. Good advice. There should be a requirement for MPs to spend a certain amount of their time in their constituencies, visiting rural inhabitants and being available for consultation. That’s what they are paid for.


  5. Nigaz talk too much……..we are not small boyz to be given sweets everytime. we need real things



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