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Communications and Transport Minister Dora Siliya tenders in her resignation

Headlines Communications and Transport Minister Dora Siliya tenders in her resignation

Ms. Siliya
Ms. Siliya

Communications and Transport Minister, Dora Siliya, has resigned from her ministerial position.

And President, Rupiah Banda, has accepted Ms. Siliya’s resignation.

A statement issued by State House Chief Analyst for Press and Public Relations Dickson Jere says the president has also thanked Ms. Siliya for her contribution to the development of the country.

The statement says Ms. Siliya decided to step down in view of the findings of the Tribunal that probed her alleged abuse of office.

And President Banda has noted that the Tribunal did find as a fact that Ms. Siliya was somewhat misled by the confusion in the Attorney General’s chambers.

The President has accordingly decided to re-organise the Attorney General’s Chambers in a bid to prevent the reoccurance of the same confusion in future.

Mr. Banda said he will table before cabinet the MOU signed with RP Capital Partners over the evaluation of ZAMTEL assets, for determination.

He urged the nation not to lose focus on various problems facing ZAMTEL and the plight of its workers.

The President has observed that ZAMTEL has continued to acrue huge debts which need to be resolved before the situation gets out of hand.

Meanwhile, President Banda has urged people who are not happy with the findings of the Tribunal to avoid making unwarranted statements in the press.

He said the normal procedures provided for in the law should be followed as opposed to attacking the Tribunal.

He said the findings of the Tribunal showed that Zambia’s judiciary is independent and must be supported at all times.

The Tribunal found that Ms. Siliya had breached Article 54 of the constitution by ignoring the Attorney General’s Legal advise on the MOU between government and RP Capital Partners.

The Tribunal chaired by Judge Dennis Chirwa however, cleared Ms. Siliya on allegations that she breached part two of the parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct.



  1. Even with this some people will come up with something to turn a good decision into a bad one. Well done you did not have to wait to be fired or forgiven

  2. Dora the explorer has just shamed the president due to his indecision! RB should either resign or kill himself tooooo!!

  3. The pressure must have been too much for her to bear. Sleepless nights, I guess…like the Psalmist would say: Man as such is smoke, woman as such, a mirage. Put them together, they’re nothing.

  4. stripper #3
    just because she has resigned dont me she is guilty this is why you make life difficult for people. African politics are what they are coz of that kind of attitude why not just accept she has made the right move others might do the same when found wanting others wise bayopa ati they will say guity

  5. all you men that haunts Dora are fulls
    how do you all spend sleepless nights just to see a woman fall
    how many of your men in govt are gulty of corruption
    am angry all men who supported are foo ls
    long live Dora

  6. I think RB is behind the this resignation…..It was a strategy to confuse all of you who have been calling for him to make a decision. He must have said to her,
    ” Iwe Dola, just resign.”
    Dora, ” No sir, I am Innocent.”
    RB, ” Dola naiwe, i know what i am telling you.”
    Dora, ” But sir, have you read the findings?”
    RB, ” Dola, this not becoming a circus, nvela iwe..”
    Dora, ” Ok, Sir, i will.”
    RB, ” Thank you Dola, i will send you in foreign mission..”

    And phone were hanged up….!!

  7. Nine Chale..
    l have already applied and the President has already accepted my application so you are too late boss.

  8. #11 C.I.A…I know you did not get what i said…don’t you see that i have a question mark? I am asking whether she is guilty or not…think smart, you are CIA.

  9. We the people have spoken. It is nice to taste democracy, this feels like 1991 months before MMD showed its true colours. I am happy for the truth setting us free. Thank God she resigned. I hope Mulongoti and Teta one day follow suit. Send her into a foreign mission to Haiti. Let us all take this one in and thank the good Lord Jesus for putting fight onto us.

  10. Wonderful news, Kunda should also do the same. shame on Cozmo, Lifwekelo and disgraced Rev Lungu.
    Akapondo dont worry about SG and AG they will leave honourably even if the are fired and may the Lord be with them

  11. Mwachelwa Ba L.T. kale tu umfwile iyo ilyashi. All the same let her go. But what is the next step??Dora the ExploRer, kulimonesha doesnt pay… THERE GOES NULLITY……

  12. #16 Govt spokesman …too bad, I was looking forward to my turn of dumbfounding the entire nation like Dora has just done.

    #20Abigail cool down my dear. Don’t get yourself emotionally involved in this…unless you’re related to Dora. In that case, blood is thicker than water.

  13. zambia, why did you take my pride?
    Angles took the wrong one – not not my job
    Regret is a feeling that I feel now;
    zambians took it from me, and I didn’t say –

    “I Love my job, ,” in my own way;
    Only to hear you say it back to me.
    zambian, why couldn’t you just let me be?
    I didn’t deserve to resign;
    Didn’t deserve to be in pain,
    Only to leave me here asking you why –
    Night after night I will cry in vain.
    Zambai mother Zambia
    why why why why

  14. #3 sorry if i got you on the wrong side #14 its more like she said in the tribunal ignorance she make a rush decision thinking its in the best interest of Zamtel employees women can be emotional like that. She is guilty of not taking advice beyond that there is nothing to prosecute her on she did not benefit directly or maybe did indirectly but no one is arguing that at the moment.

  15. Its amazing the hate some of you have for this woman. Are you related to her former husband? You all wanted her to resign and this woman has done a noble thing and resigned. This is a first for Zambia and you ought to praise her. It’s shocking how some of you take pleasure in beating a dead dog. what is the point really? As somebody pointed out how many corrupt men who are in cabinet and have no guts to resign? Maybe we should have more women in cabinet in future and they admit their wrong and nothing to be ashamed about that.

    And those saying she will be sent in diplomatic service are misguided. This is an elected member of parliament and she will continue to represent her people in the parliament.

  16. #13 & 21 abigelo fimo fimo,
    just accept that your aunt was wrong and she has seen it in that way. Fighting for genda doesn’t mean that women’s wrongs will ever be tolerlated. Don’t misuse genda issues to deffend wrong. Hope she is gonna be your model. we asked her to resign on moral ground and she has done so though not on moral grounds but just that its the only way out. gud night

  17. Now I will stand for Petauke Constituency …Haaaahaahhaa….
    I am joking.. politics is not my kind of life….seriously..

  18. She has shown integrity in her exit. I am not subtracting fromthe fact that she inolved herself in corruption, but i think she now needs to be praised. She has shown SOME repentance. Its people like FTJ who do not repent who need perpetual pressure…

  19. Do not judge others. Dora your future is still bright, do not let what has happened to you to dumpen your spirit.

  20. Its not yet over for dora rembember she lied in parliament when giving statement over the same RP fimo fimo therefore she should be removed from parliament as well, moreover breaching the constitution is a serious case. Then next will be VP Kunda.

  21. Chachine abena abigelo fimo fimo i think muleyafye mukulala. tabwilile? I jst wonder whoz pic that is palika blog kobe

  22. Abigail malama,
    are you a poet.i can imagine how many you shower him with after every rigorous steamy session.

  23. # 47 you think so? Actually it’s the light of a train you are seeing not the future. Move away from the rail line. Wafwa iwe!

  24. Does anyone seriously belief Dora “resigned” on her own? The President asked her to resign as a face-saver for Dora, the vice president and the president himself. That’s how I read the situation. Can’t you see he is already looking for scapegoats in the Attorney-General’s chambers? This man is a disc=grace! He and his ministers – the entire cabinet, from the presdinet down can’t accept responsibility for their own ineptitude. What kind of nonsense is this? Now he wants to dismiss both Malila and his number two!! Watch this space.

  25. Re-organise the Attorney General’s Chambers? For what? For advising Dora correctly and she chooses to act according to what she thought was right? That is not fair.

    Which part of the tribunal has condemned the Attorney General’s Chambers? Are we following Lifwekelo’s recommendation to fire Sichinga or what? The VP George Kunda is the only one who could have confused both Dora and RP in this matter. What do you think bloggars?

  26. ok bane, twayasendamako, abena dora go bak to znbc, abigelo why not come c my boxers. bye!

  27. OK but o be fair, Dora does not deserve some of the comments Lusaka Times bloggers are throwing at her.

    She has resigned, that is what some of you wanted but some people are such huge sadists or maybe so jealous of her that they want to see her fall further. She has done the honorable thing and has not committed any crime, leave her alone and let her represent her people.

    It is time most of you bloggers grow up.

  28. Ba MMD Chief Bootlicker,

    its not that we hate her, we hate corruption and lies. and what first in Zambia, this is not a resignation but an agreement with RB after being found wanting.

  29. There was no way out;either get fired or fire yourself! Next to do that should be useless kunda. He to must resign.

  30. This is good for zambia, atlist now maybe ministers will stop coruption for fear that they will be found out, am glad that the pipo of zambia can now talk against a minister.

  31. I think when it was said that the report was not straight forward it is the very reasons that people are bringing up now. Kunda should go AG office needs to be reshuffled all those things that need consideration mind you the report also showed that the leaking of information was also a breach so we will need to see who from AG office is responsible for submitting such papers to the POST NEWS paper and why???

  32. Kwena ba Bwezani has played his cards right, the fire has been quenched and he did not have to suffer the embarrassment of holding a press conference. Dora remains in parliament and if she remains quiet enough, she will not be visited by the DEC and/or ACC. If this happens, Bwezani will tell the nation that the problem has been resolved and there is no need to revisit it. Once everything dies down, she will re-emerge as chariperson of some spearheading committee in parliament and start to fatten her pockets again. Abigail Malama, do not be blinded by loyalty based on gender, if this woman (Dora the explorer) had any credibility, you would not be the only woman running to her defense. Let us not defend corruption just because its a woman caught with her hand in the kitty!!!

  33. Except for the time he burst out at the post and fired ministers at an MMD sebanya pep rally, i think Bwezani has shown great maturity. The post attacked him from the day he was democratically elected in MMD choosing instead to talk some rubbish ‘annointing’ abandoning their own singsongs of democracy. Being self righteous and quoting from Sirach all day. Dora’s resignation is welcome. Dora broke the law… the things we do when we reach cloud 9. Oh but she will rise from this a better person.

  34. Watupenzya maningi Dora. Twalumba nkambo walitanda. Wakatyola mulowa wa cisi baka mula makulo. Dora Zwa koya ukalikali toyelede kuba mufulumende.

  35. # 60, Dora was not fired from ZNBC, she actually got a scholarship from the British Council to study at Cambridge University. She is extremely book smart (a 6 pointer at Grade 12) which makes it even more painful (for me as a woman) that she has been so disappointing in the political arena. Without this scandal, she could have emerged as one of the rising young politicians that we could have been counting on to move the country forward, but now, she is just another Zambian politician who has fallen from grace.

  36. RB was supposed to fired her and not accept her resignation. She may have resigned but GRZ can re-hire her coz she was not fired

    So at the end of the day Dora is the winner here coz she give up the position formally instead of been dismissed well! aka RB made a wrong desicion

  37. House mates this is big brotha. While this may bring joy to a lot of you for the wrong reasons, a positve to take from this is that this is democracy in the right direction. When was the last time you saw a Government official stepping down. We are used to watching them cling onto power. Now her boss Bwezani, who has attmitted being president is hard, should follow suit and pave way for people who will see it as a challenge and an opportunity to move the country forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. This is purely “saving face” for the people that were behind the scandal and we know who those people are. I find it hard to believe that this woman resigned on her own. Culprits, show your faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. #65 Olympia Extension Chick!, thanks for the info. Now what happened after her scholaship? Did she go back to ZNBC?

  40. The Post headed by a Lawyer started the story, another Lawyer in the name of veep typical of his behavior and character was quick to refute anomalies . Today Hon Siliya resigns …..Shame on our veep, seems you are allergic to truth….bulaya you defended ,now siliya all with similar ending ….

  41. # 53, your analysis is spot on. The Attorney General’s Office is really not the problem, but since some one has to be fired in order to officially conclude this saga, Mumba Malila and his deputy are the easiest targets.

  42. I am sure RB advised her to resign!! Why didn’t she do it earlier. At least she has spared RB the embarassement of making a decision upon the findings of the tribunal.- Who knows what he could have said. It may have been another chapter of washing dirty clothes in public. Still there should be more consequences to such misconduct than just letting her walk away.

  43. # 70, Well after her scholarship, Dora came back to Zambia and continued to work with ZNBC until she was recruited by the EU, a job she left to go into politics. She lost the first round of elections in Petauke on the MMD ticket but impressed the late State Counsel and was given a diplomatic position in Egypt. She came back from Egypt to re-contest the Petauke seat, which she won and was immediately given a deputy minister position. She rose through the ranks to full cabinet minister until the “s%$t” hit the fan (as they would say here)… the rest is what has followed…. May her political career rest in peace.

  44. Hon Siliya you are not the first woman MP to change positions from the front bench to the back bench, only it will seem strange at first…. the best you can do for LPM is simply to reconcile with Maureen Mwanawasa

  45. Dora we will miss your threads. What next Bloggers? Which story is hotter than the Dora case? Who should hang next?

  46. Tonga Bull

    You cannot meet her in Chainama rd, Bende or Mumana rd so you can weigh the virtual option

  47. A true confirmation that nothing goes on in Zambia. Months on end of the same story and yet everyone knew the verdict.

  48. # 84, Tonga Bull, you flatter me. wink wink, lol!!!! Luapula Fish, you know the roads very well, are you from around those parts???

  49. Hi sis.Abigail malama! I would love to suggest that you stick with poetry. You are good at it and inspire our zambian love. No point calling people “fulls”. You will lose your fun base soon.
    Ba stripper namupopoka! your shoe is cool.
    Jamaco you are a cute angel, when was this one pic taken?

  50. # Badala,

    There is no ground for criminal charges to be prosecuted.Breaching the constitution is not criminal.Had evidence of material gain been established and substantiated, yes she could have been liable to prosecution.This resignation is good in many ways for her public career life.She has resigned without criminal tag or dismissal meaning that under implied powers of the President or indeed competitive aspiration process, Madam Siliya stands an equal chance with any Zambian and MMD member to be reappointed, elected or redeployed constitutionally.

  51. If Dola Sillier resigned merely to save Lupiya Abandon’s ugly face, then it didn’t work. Lupiya and his VP nKunda openly supported Dola and her resignation is merely an act of appeasement for those that cried for blood – mark my words, this cancer has not been excised completely.

    Will other erring Zambian politicians follow Dola’s ‘example’? It is clear that she did not leap of her own accord, but was shoved so there isn’t much of an example to follow.

    As for Malila, he will not be short of a job. Instead of chasing insects on the ground, Malila should be plucking fruit far from the ground in the international labour market.

    #78 Olmypia extension , the view from where I stand is lurvely. Care for a peek?

  52. Dora Siliya should have resigned a long time ago.Not after spending tax payers money on the tribunal. She should go to prison now.She stole money after claiming that the water pumps costed more but it was a lie.What genda is Abigail talking about? A wrong is a wrong regardless of who comitts it.She should pay for her sins period.

  53. #85, the next is Regina fimo fimo, husband snatcher/grabber, then come July, its kafupi himself…. We will have a feast blogging on these soon.. trust me….

  54. The President prerogative to appoint his team is beyond dictation of these rubble rousing vents here.Do you really think RB would take orders from John Mambo, Roger Chongwe, Harrington, Mmembe or these thread entries? That is wishful thinking.Already i hear RB has eyes on a hardliner MMD loyalist for the Communication ministry at both ministerial and PS portfolio.I have no doubt also that AG & SG are on the knife edge.Some state counsel are moving in.In the 80s, late Levy Mwanawasa was fired by KK for similar breaches when Government documents started filtering through to the African confidential.

  55. I think Dora has been asked to resign by the President himself. If this was from her own conviction, she could have resigned some weeks ago, before the report was submitted. Just watch RB’s pace, Dora will soon be given a job.

  56. # 91, I am not sure what you are standing on!!! lol!! But are you right about Malila, he is extremely marketable and will not be short of offers.

  57. Dora its too late you should have resigned long ago. Spending money on the tribunal because of you.Go to prison now,am tired of people like you.

  58. #94, Alrighty now! Yeah, I have spent all my life in both Park and Extension, so I know that place like the back of my hand.

  59. Wow wow bravo Mr.President at least there is a nice public statement though it has every appearance of a stage managed resignation the principle good, thumbs up. I am now waiting to hear another one from the state council Hon. G Kunda must follow suite. Your excellence we are waiting for that one too.May you look at that as well. Going by the way you have pulled this one, I have every confidence you could do us another one for Kunda. There is plenty people who could do that job with dignity (VIP).Lve long Mr president live long. Kunda ba SC please naimwe bene ingilenimo mudala. Professionally and morally, ba SC is not worth of presidencY(vip)Kunda ZWA.

  60. One thing-this is the very first time I have ever heard of a minister resigning from her post. For once I give her a thumbs up! She has actually set a precedent in Zambian politics.Just look at at all these scandalous menfolk still insisting that they have ever stolen from govt coffers from UNIP to MMD days.They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  61. Olympia extension Chick,how are you?am a virgin here dont listen to those character telling lies that they love you.Am fresh my dear!at shani nomba?

  62. She is the first Zambian politician ever to resign from her post over allegations.Others especially the men in politics it’s till death do us part.

  63. Its a pity that when a women makes a mistake, people are always quick at judging and calling for punishment. yes i know that leading by good example is important, which Dora should have doner, but when people attack, haul insults at her, I feel very sad. men have committed worse ofcrimes i public office, some still have leadership positions, but they are not so much insulted as the case with Dora. she has resigned and that is not enough. Please leave her alone.

  64. Olympia extension chick dont even waste time chating with some of these characters.They dont even know what true love is.Fya bufi,as a virgin still energetic and great.Ati shani the real lady now?

  65. lol!!!! Awe ama virgin nayo awe!!! lol!!! Just teasing you… I am good. But seriously, I am just trying to make meaningful contributions to our beloved country in my own way. So not looking for love on this site!!!

  66. I do not understand y ppl are still going on about the support that Kunda and RB gave to Dora, how can you honestly appoint someone and not be on there side when such a thing happens remember these ppl are only human like you and me in work you form friendships. As there leader you show support but when all points south thats when the decision has to be made with people you trust to do the job you give them options resign be fired etc if they are ppl working against you fire them at a rally ie Shaka lol. So put it to rest it was within there authority to show support for there Minister

  67. Sorry Dora funs, we wish her the best, it is surprising how the women movement in zambia did not want anything to do this dora, they did not offer any consolations.
    Women in zambia learn to stand by your sister even when they make mistakes. dora was learning in politics and needed the support of women.

  68. Luapula Fish am fine and how are you?missing you my brother.Iwe jazzie Jezzie what ever your name. Dora breached the constitution apart from resigning which she has done too late,she should go to prison.What do you mean when you say we leave her alone.Masobela iwe.

  69. How much was spent on this tribal – sorry- tribunal. Dora could have spared the nation the colossal amount paid in seating allowances (emphasis on seating). The versict was known by all, even Kunda but they opted to play hard to catch. Kunda should resign too for misleading the nation!

  70. #108 C.I.A, your concept of leadership is like a burnt chitumbuwa with no sugar or yeast. Firstly leaders should be accountable to the people and what your are advancing is tastes like cronyism – the well known trick of appointing all my friends to top positions and expecting their loyalty at the expense of the people.

    #106 Chewe the career virgin, ni shani ama spanner? I would happily end your career as an unplucked flower, but for tonight I am happy that Dola’s has paused (not ended) her political career so chill out.

  71. Chief Mpezeni was asked this quetion in 2004,”chief Mpezeni what do you say about this deadly disease aids that has taken so many lives?” he then answered “aya matenda niya ipa ngako ndaba ye ifya kuti nkalila pa chakulya chasu”.Thats Mpezeni for you. Bye everyone am out of here.

  72. Speaking as a woman, I think it is very difficult to defend something that is clearly indefensible. Had Dora been wrongly accused, I strongly feel that the Emily Sikazwes of this world would have come out and rallied behind her. The fact is that the tribunal found her wanting and there have to be consequences to wrong actions.

  73. #96 my fragrant olympia extension chick,
    I am standing on a small mountain of approximately 50 cobs of stolen maize and sweet potatoes and there is a fire where I am roasting a feast for you. I can tell you of my many adventures and of how I was once upon a time king of the jungle. I am not a rich man, so the stars will have to do for a roof and the crickets and frogs calling for music. Please come quickly because my tummy is beginning to hurt from eating too many sweet potatoes.

  74. Is ours a banana republic governed by the trio …RB, Veep and Dora , no longer a govt of laws not men……Rest for while as you await your next posting Hon. Has RB finished studying the report? How very interesting….

  75. #115 my fragrant olympia extension flower,

    I am standing on a small mountain of approximately 5 dozen pieces of stolen maize and sweet potatoes. There is a fire where this feast is being roasted and a stream of clean sparkling water runs close by to quench our thirst. I am not a rich man so the stars will have to do for a roof. But once you have tasted my roasted maize, the noise of the crickets and the frogs calling will sound like the romantic music of Luther Vandross or Michael Bolton.

    Please come quickly as my tummy is beginning to hurt from gorging too many sweet potatoes !

  76. RB should seriously consider bundling up the Attorney General position to his VP George Kunda the way Mwanawasa did. She should also fire Dominic Sichinga without delay.There are many senior and experienced attorneys to pick from than this business of allowing family ties he found imposing on the country job on trainees at high and sensitive level.Sikaneta dynastry must be terminated now than later.

  77. Sinjoko mwa mbonyi #113
    Sorry if my explanation was not clear enough but i dont get the suger and whatever explanation you have given. But i will take ask you to revisit the concept of a team and being a team leader your team members become your responsibility to the death and for as long as you still feel a team member can explain there actions then you are by there side. When the ie tribunal in this case finds that person wanting, as there team leader you advise whats is the best action to take. A good team sticks together to deliver results in the case the Zambian ppl its the same principles company or country

  78. If it wasn’t for her parliamentary seat, I would bet anyone three cobs of stolen maize, Dola would have been being given a diplomatic post. 10 cobs say she would have landed in London or one of the capitals of any of the G7 countries

  79. #121 C.I.A,
    I speak simple for you. There was no need to waste tax payers money on a tribunal when Dora had no legal or moral ground to prop up her case. Are you suggesting that the money spent on this tribunal was perfectly justified merely because RB appointed Dora? If you do, you need a brain transplant mudala.

  80. When the Zambians rise against him, RB will resign….but you can be rest assured that Zambians will not do anything as they are very peace and people who do not know how to express their feelings.

  81. Zambians in the diaspora, listen very carefully. Dora Siliya has resigned, O.k. you now know that. What it means to us Zambians is that the Mwanawasa legacy, is not something neither here nor there. The legacy depends on each of us to stand up and fight for what is legally ours. Harrington stood. Mumbi stood. Who is Levy MWANAWASA? Levy Mwanawasa is you and me. Stand up for what is right for every Zambian, in the courts of law. As an individual Zambian, be ready to stand up for every Zambian, in your own right take the matter to the courts of law, and stand. Harrington did it. Mumbi it. You and I can did it. This is Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, SC, in us. You and me, ready to stand up for every Zambian, at any given opportunity, in the courts of law, against anyone.

  82. Please! all those who can’t read between the lines to see that all this is a planned move. should shut up and go to bed.

  83. #127 Herbalist you are disoriented with all this Mwanawasa uprising. Get some rest and come back to the blog in the morning. Mwanawasa died of a bad heart, he is not a matyr for us to stand up in his name.


  85. Bayethe nkhosi ya ma nkhosi! Mwana wa nsingo, Mpezeni Jere! Manje Chewe be careful na interest you are developing in manjimela. You’ll become nkhosi’s phenotypically identical twin- chic skeleton, large lymph nodes and all.

  86. # 129, #131 c’mon guys. You can’t simply get it? Who took Dora files to the courts? Are you guys serious? Get a herb.

  87. iwe chi herbalist \134 we are not kindergarten doodles. you are who does not take the audience. these things don’t happen anyhow,eclipse badala.

  88. #133 Mbubo basa.
    #136 Kala Marketeer. Bane ati shani. Nshi le umfwa ufwe mu le tontonkanya. Be specific. You mean these things happen anyhow…..? Resignation happen anyhow? Are you a real Zambian?

  89. Only in banana republics do we see and witness camouflage resignations, the likes of Hon Siliya ……The true ones were those in the first term of Kafupi , notably among the genuine ones was that of LPM…… citing corruption and insubordination

  90. Herbalist # 127,Since you claim to be Mwanawasa,give the sokoni letter.Reality, MMD will never stop amuzing us with their ever theatrical political acrobates that gives them the edge.How they manuveur through emotions and pull it to another level is a mystery.Look at how they are leaving many in worthless emotional busts but consolidating their grip.This has practically gained the opposition nothing.It has not changed any goal post or built political mileage. Instead,new jobs for more MMD loyalists are being created.In a matter of days will see that the Minister, PS, AG & SG slots will all be staffed with MMD . This leaves us into life armchair critics who achieve nothing. Zambians are not rallying behind these vents if anything, 80% of voters are disinterested and in dark.

  91. #125Sinjoko mwa mbonyi
    Democracy is not Cheap no matter how wrong you maybe in a democracy you have the right to have you time be it in court or tribunal. No short cuts otherwise its not democracy. No need for a brain transplant if i did i dought you would have replied to my first post but i am sorry i followed up with your ealier post i only expressed my view but we are Zambians always thinking we are smarter than others (zambians that is) if you dont agree express that in a civilized manner

  92. Olympia Extention you are so clever,just been reading your analysis keep it babe,Iwe ine umutima uli pali iwe.Everything you want the answer will be always YES unless No is required.

  93. We are too much a christian country to proceed with any prosecution against Dora!! She has been forgiven and RB has thanked her for her services. The Case is closed, like it or not. Next time you will see her in a different position far away from your critics. It is zambia, how can you all forget? This is how we live and nothing will change. No one will continue with Dora Matters when 2011 is just around the corner. jokers!!!! RB has done his part by getting Dora resign on her own. That way she can come back nice and clean.

    its over over, Siliya ayenda!!! kulibe kubwela. LOL

  94. The job of Attorney General is the most insecure position in the world.In the 80s KK fired Mwanawasa, while Levy fired Sunday Nkonde and now it RB knocking off Mumba Malila and trainee Dominic Sichinga.The US had its AG Gonzara forcefully exit.South Korea and Japan has had 2 each.Its not worth counting on. Reorganisation means through two are imcompetent lot who must prepare for private careers.

  95. Tonga Bull and Hunky wanky just go toe to toe!! We are watching. Olympia fimo fimo put up your pic and make these guys collapse.

  96. what is so unreal to think differently? pragmatizm before hope, of all things you with your PDH’s CAN THINK AN AFRCAN PRESIDDENT can give up over such simple things?

  97. It will not surprise me if Dora had to change camps. She will be sitting on Cosmos Mumba’s laps or join PF. She will not remain silent.

  98. ba joze pa 145 mulishimbi.that is a very sensitive job that can cause wind to change direction,IT’S NOT JUST ZAMBIA BUT WORLD OVER. good observation

  99. There is consolation even in desolate ……some one had to give up, though momentarily a ministerial position because justice dictated so….. the world at least is watching a plus for Zambia in disguise

  100. Lets cage her now. She must go to jail. Why should women support her when she is busy sleeping with other people`s husbands?

  101. RB has played his cards well.That stone hearted girl cant resign on her own,she was advised pantu umusebanya wakulisha.Ubufi ba VP,Ba kateka.They cant walk with their heads high.

  102. Okay folks. We cannot live on talking all the time. Let’s get down to work for a change. When you wake up on Wednesday morning I suggest that we all get down to work after a long time. I have been working late to better my life and I hope that you do the same.

  103. What Dora has done, by resigning, is the most sensible thing to do. It should have come much earlier though even before the tribunal hearing because she already knew about the extent of her misconduct. Her resignation also comes as a sigh of relief to Rupiah Banda and his government because they were entangled in Dora’s conundrum. It still remains to be seen whether this government is committed in upholding the rule of law and in the fight against corruption.

  104. Assumption is the mother all mistakes #157 Always take into account the time difference….. Politicians assume and that signals their down fall…..

  105. Interesting writing #158 a relief there is eye to eye on certain topics of Zambia…….I truly miss LMP the great person above gives and takes at the appointed time…..

    Assumption the mother of all mistakes ……to read

  106. Ba RB nabena, if Dora was confused by the Attorney Generals office, why didnt the tribunal say so? Why should they shield Malila and Sichinga knowing that they too should have been culprits? Matters of the law must be taken seriously and its because people dont want to read the voluminous constitution they are given especially relating to their duties, this is what is killing them. IGNORANCE in the courts of LAW is never an excuse. the tribunal even used the word NOTORIOUSLY meaning this issue of making oaths to protect and uphold the constitution is as old as zambia has lived

  107. Yaba,!!!!!! Dora abvutisa nkhani pa .L.T….by day- break, it will be nise utambe…

    I will be watching from downunder terraces….

  108. What wrong has the Attorney General commited? If he is innocent Zambians need to stand their ground and refuse politicians to interfere with Zambia’s justice system, we need an independent and strong judicial system free of political interference, not one that will side with the political party of the day but one which will stand for the Zambian people.2011 is still coming and everyone abusing their authority will be dealt with, Zambians are becoming more informed and knowing their rights. God bless Zambia.

  109. The resigntation is long overdue – She should have resigned long time ago just when the tribunal convened! In any case I welcome her resignation. One more step, she should resign as an MP too as she has betrayed the trust of the people in her constituency!

  110. Am sure that RB is behind this resignation.This is the sign that she’s guilt and she must join Gladis in prison.This kind of working is not good for the country

  111. If the AG confused Dora and her actions were as a result of that confusion (meaning she acted in ignorance but in good faith), the tribunal wouldn’t have found her wanting. So RB is misleading us on this. The tribunal said she breached the Constitution by IGNORING the ADVICE of the AG. By simple understanding of English here is that the AG had not erred in all this ignominy.
    This whole mess could have been avoided by RB and Dora if they accepted their abuse of power from the start. Kudos to The Post Newspapers, William Harrington and the NGOs who petitioned this abuse of power to the bitter end. If all Zambians were this alert, I bet we wouldn’t have politicians abusing their power with impunity. The Post has won yet again! George Kunda must be embarrased, if at all he has integrity!

  112. #145, The case of the US Attorney General cannot be placed in the same category as Zambia and the other countries. Gonzales (the former US Attorney) had been accused of authorizing the improper use of the patriot act to uncover personal information about US citizens. He also failed to explain his role & influence in dismissing several US attorneys; an act that led the US congress from both democrat and republican side to call for his resignation. By the way… throughout his testimony before Congress, he also commonly admitted ignorance on a # of issues. Mmmmm.. sounds like a story that I have heard somewhere else…….

  113. Ladies and gentlemen, is Banda reading the same report we are also reading? Where in the report is the AG’s office somewhat blamed for misleading that girl? If that is the case, why not fire the minister too because he is the one who claimed the advise was complied with! I think this monkey we have for president is crossing the line here.

  114. All the scums of the world that lined up this noble site with vexacious and stinking excrement in support of a thief are once and for all shamed. Further, the Speaker should now move to fire the thieving whore from parliament for breach of the constitution. We are going back to the drawing board, we are just starting to warm up for a fight. Kunda, “uce u buluke”. Sick and tired to the core of our beings we are of people with criminal minds plundering us. The hour for pay back has come.

  115. Can we all speak very plainly and with a touch of intellectual analysis……simply put . Defense of any sort will not help Zambia…….the young unadulterated will rule Zambia… Dora , yes the subject of our discussion yet a disgrace associated with day light hard truth foreign in the vocabulary of kafupi….. to the disappointment of many young persons whom adored Hon Siliya and saw a promising young..

  116. Can the old bones retire ,your brains are atrophied and demented with all sorts of tangles and amyloid ….let the young rule

  117. RB’s statement on re-organising simply means he wants to fire the people that embarassed him. Had Malila testified differently all this talk wasnt going to be heard. Dora just simply ignored legal advise and Malila shouldnt be punished for it. Like he said in his testimony that i read in the Post newspaper, his job was simply to ADVISE, and inform, what happens next is upto the minister. The office that the president needs to organise is the office of the Vice President. Kunda has to go, this is the second time the chap has supported a guilty person, you wonder what law the guy learnt at UNZA. # 168 Olympia extension shani shani uko, you seem to be from Kwacha road, actually i think near the market, mu Njoka road, naa just guessing, i come from the same hood.

  118. #170 & 171, Shaka…. mmmm… you are really living up to your name! You do sound very angry….

  119. #173, Shocked, have we met before? Chakeluka road perhaps??? Or maybe Akashambatwa Road???

  120. # 175 maybe we have, Mpulungu road was my street. Just noticed the positive contribution to the topic and realised that such brained were manufactured and prepared for the future in Olympia.. ..

  121. abuse of office? yes it has been established that siliya abused her power but lets not be quick to throw stones! how many of you are sitting in that office beacuse you know the guy who was handling the applications proceess? got that nice plot coz u know a friend who works mu council!! won that tender to supply fimo fimo coz uncle “kampanda” pushed your bid through! if so i dare you TO RESIGN!!! or give up anything you got coz of abuse of office!! this lady is a young politican in her first full minstrial role!! and was obivously facing pressure from her superiors to award the tender to a certain company!!! this woman has been made a scape goat by the people actually!! stealing this money!! and some are jus too thick headed to see that! and we believe justice has been served!! ha!!!…

  122. We have oil in the world because our ancestors became useful to future generations , by drowning in the great flood ever recorded on earth , so let the old Zambian political bones become useful by being humus for our crops when they decompose where ever ,they shall be buried ……..sorry for the crude writing yet the truth.

  123. Manda hill a cemetery it was , hope our Zambian Political old bones will be transposed to old leopard cemetery since they get buried on their farms ….. a good source of mature they can become a great service for their failings….

  124. #177, Your analysis has merit but let us not completely discount what the correct course of action should be when someone is found with a case to answer. Dora may be a young politician but she is also extremely smart and she knew exactly what she was doing and what the repercussions would be if she got caught. We are trying to establish a system of accountability amongst our leaders and unfortunately, looking the other way because we have all sullied our hands in corruption is not going to get Zambia to the level at which it needs to be.

  125. its very interesting how george came out in the open to support wat we nw all know is corruption.even bwezani was saying dora is smarter.wat a shame.NOW AT SO SPECIAL ABOUT KUNDA THAT HE KEEPS BOUNCING BACK DESPITE HIS RECORD OF MISINTERPRETTING THE LAW?HE DIT IT ON THE BULAYA SAGA AND NOW ON DORA AND ON ALL THE CASES HE OPENLY GOES TO ZNBC AND DOES THE SHIT.SURELY THIS MAN MUST GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Look at this;The President has accordingly decided to re-organise the Attorney General’s Chambers in a bid to prevent the reoccurance of the same confusion in future.

    Gentlemen and ladies, Do you think this was something to do with the ineffectiveness of AG’s office? I believe this was a calculated move which later on backfired. The president and his Vice wouldnt have been quick to defend poor Dora if they did not know what was happening. The Presido want to cover up his lies. There is no TRUTH in him. He is the waste president we have ever had.

  127. She wasted 3 billion Kwacha of tax payers money only to resign afterwards. I believe she didn’t do it on here free will but was advised by RB and his cronies to do so to avoid embarrasment. The next one to go should be the Vice President. He defended her from the word go and for the sake of intergrity he should go.

  128. Red Lip should follow suit. K3Bn is toomuch to waste on a shameless creature like Dora. What has happened to the mentioning of Maureen during the tribunal ?

  129. Dora should just go back to newsreading,thats all she was good at!!Leave politics for the hard boiled pilz!!

  130. This is a lesson to all of us. If you realize that you are wrong at making a decision which violates existing laws, be bold enough to resign without being overly pressured. Life has to go on. One Zambia, One Nation.

  131. I would have appreciated her resignition if she did resign before the tribunal, she has wasted our resources (tax payers money).I think she has not resign on her own I know some has a hand in it, to try and fool Zambians.

  132. RB and G. Kunda we wait for your resignation too for supporting Dora’s corrupt practices or have you tow forgotten that you supported Dora all the way? Please you might as well resign on morals grounds. How shameful it is that that RB can stand with his head high blaming A.G for Dora’s mess, is it not G. Kunda who mislead the former Minister?

  133. Lesson learnt from this whole thing: l
    Dear Zambians, lets have faith in our ability to change the course of this nation. if you remember on the first day of the tribunal, the civil soceity seemed unprepared but eventually got the grip of themselves and moved things.


  134. Why didnt she resign in the 1st place wen she knew that wat she did was entirely wrong?RB must have promised her that even if the tribunal is set it will be a walk over but things have now turned against her n i guess she has now realised that indeed NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW…………All the best Dora in your capacity as a BACK BENCHER…….

  135. #15 thats perfect analogue of what happened. Dora was really adamant about resigning on her own. I wonder if you can call it Resigning on moral grounds or pressure grounds.
    Veep Kunda ain’t you ashamed man. First it was Kashiwa nolle proseque and now its Dora did nothing wrong. Did you misinform your President, your Boss and the public at large? I think its time you also resigned. I mean just listen to RB’s accusation of Malila’s advice as being confusing. You see, malila has no fault here. George, you tried to swindle the public of the truth bout Siliya. Thats it. GEORGE PLEASE RESIGN; follow suite. Zambians are watching. BigBro from the skys is WATCHING mwaa!!!!MMwaaaaa!!! I love the sound of this.:)

  136. Dora to bad. The situation at ZAMTEL is still critical. We still need someone to serve that company pliz

  137. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself although not word for word. In the Bulaya case although Bulaya was eventually convicted nothing happened to George and the late (MHSRIP). We can therefore conclude that nothing will happen to George and RB. Both cases were instigated by the Post.

  138. RB instructed dora 2 resign due 2 pressure,so now,lets have they final decision from RB which is 2 send dora 2 prision since she is been found wanting!

  139. I mean this is Mwaaaa!!!!!! Mmmmm Perfect. RB please don’t consider sending this woman on diplomati mission or foreign service. Don’t you see, Hey she is a bad egg. very bad.Send fine and pure Zambians for such missions. Right now I am utterly disgusted with you for calling well meaning Zambians as talking NONSENSE and that Dora was smarter than those who pointed out her wrong dealings. A piece of advice to you is to think and wait before you say something to the public. Viva zambia!!!! 🙂

  140. This is what we have been singing.Its Good that Dora has finally resigned though too later.Now G.Kunda must also resign and GOD for deffending a wrong dower Dora.Once again its really wonderful news that Dora has finally seen that she is not worth hold a ministerial position becuase of what she was involved in when in Government..Its therefore,prudent enough for the law inforcement urgency to take it up from there. Kunda should also do the same. The following poeple must stop misleading the humbled Zambians Cozmo, Lifwekelo and disgraced Rev Lungu.May our good loard guid us and grant us peace and honest poeple to lead us .

  141. Baby C my t trusted frnd n sister am ok n hw r u?Thank god this hs happened,red lipstick will be in the back bench.U r even spot on,RB is entirely behind the resignation.If it was a man he wud hav been fired like Shakas n Chibombamilimo. Shakas is already decampaining RB in Katuba constituency………………Katuba for PF. That reminds me wheres PF die hard,Man Kunde, Rashid,Gazzie, Sony Erickson n them guys,i miss u terribly

  142. .LT when you started this website you were very impartial about issues affecting the nation . These days you have became the government official website ,you are quick to post anything MMD says these days . Why have you blocked the views being expressed by bloggers about Dora . we shall decampaign you if you continue blocking us and being partial about issues affecting the nation . Right now some mining companies like KCM are telling suppliers to wait for 90-180 days why can’t report about such so that people air their views. maybe Jere from state house has shares in LT .this is why we like the post new paper .please unblock the comments about Dora


  144. You are rite, R.Bwezanikumbuyo is behind this resignation. Can’t just happen on its own, nipa Zed pano people don’t just resign. Watch Dora The Horror in the next coming year. Will not be surprised when I hear she’s been appointed to some diplomatic post, (like me).

  145. .LT when you started this website you were very impartial about issues affecting the nation . These days you have became the government official website ,you are quick to post anything MMD says these days . Why have you blocked the views being expressed by bloggers about Dora . we shall decampaign you if you continue blocking us and being partial about issues affecting the nation . Right now some mining companies like KCM are telling suppliers to wait for 90-180 days why can’t report about such so that people air their views. maybe Jere from state house has shares in LT .this is why we like the post new paper .please unblock the comments about Dora

  146. This is a Plot 1 engineered resignation, no doubt. She was advised by the appointing authority to stay on untill the tribunal finalises it’s finding but I guess their expectations were miscalculated. So plan B is to ask her to throw in the towel while RB prepare to make heads roar in the Attoney General’s chamber very soon, for being “defiant’ with the Vice President’s notion that Dora was on track. So let’s see how issues unfold pa Zed. It’s Mickey & Mouse show again…

  147. Is it in order to put the blame at the Attorney General’s doorsteps. RB kwena should start even pretending maturity. He is such a lousy let down.

  148. So RB told you to step down. OK. But since you where found guilt, you should now be arrested.
    As for George, when are you following suite?

  149. Well this is good. In a normal society, thats what one would ‘ve done. I think my praise, however will not go her, but to all the well meaning Zambians who stood up against this ritual of corruption, in our noble nation. This should be of academic interest to all of you with blind patriotism towards Dora and those vying for GRZ office. Dora loved power and right now RB has it, and that’s what has reduced her to size. She overrated RB and underestimated the Zambian people. The Zambian people have, finally, the last laugh.

  150. Thank you Ms Dora Siliya and all the very best in your future endeavours. As of President Bwezani Rupiah Banda and Ministe of Justice Vice President George Kunda I wish you the very best too and please do what is expected of you.

  151. #211 Bill You are dead right plot one engineered resignation. This lady was under oath and she lied to the tribunal. RB was too quick to accept the resignation. something nsomba. some are not happy that she has resigned others have joined us who have been calling for her to resign on moral grounds ho ho ho ho. she should also be questioned for misusing the CDF ant then another by election

  152. Ofcourse this resignation was engineerded by plot one. thatS the way its done the world over. the government will always distance themselves from a wrong doer, and the president can demand the resignation , and word it that she resigned. its just a face saver. On on with the fight against corruption.Well done tribunal. There must be criminal liability in there somewhere, so the Fat Chick has to do some time, i think.

  153. Dear Tionge(213) .please one can only be forgiven if you ask for forgiviness.If Dora wants Zambians to forgive her she must apologise to the Zambia and ask for forgiveness from the sins she feels has committed to us as a Nation.She must state all the wrong doing she did.But to be frank with you Tionge Dora had all the advice from the Government lawyers she was too smart to listen.In lozi they say Mwanana ya lilela mulilo amumutuhele utausaba au ta muchisa.meaning a child who plays aroung with fire let her when fire burns her she will learn a leason.Dora did want to follow the advice let the law take place on her without favour or fear of any one.Zambia is our country we want thing to be done the correct way.

  154. 230 i mean 222 not 211 and then another by election sorry i am on cloud 9 Dora made my night and day.

  155. TRIBUNAL CLEARS DORA was the headline in the two RBBs newspapers. So what do they write now since the person who was cleared has resigned not that she is innocent but she is guilty. PA ZED

  156. #232 wakamba mushe. We will ‘consider’ forgiveness once she has apologised to the nation. Anyway, its good riddance. That will teach other ministers not to abuse positions bestowed on them by the Zambian people who are their ultimate masters. Kwasala Veep na Batate bake Temwani!

  157. mwebantu, this Cosmo business of 4giving Dora The Horror, is getting on my psyche. When pipo like #231 are asking for some criminal retribution, up comes ka Cosmo waxing lyrical about Christian nation et al. Can some1 pliz cage Cosmo & Lifwekelo, pleeeeeaaaase? George Kunda my friend, do the rite thing-RESIGN. As it is you are useless (not an insult) to this country.Don’t worry u can go back to your law practice

  158. This should not be the end of this case. People involved(all) must be brought to book. If RB is serious about LPMs legacy he should not interfere with the process viz a viz this case. We are tired of being taken for a ride by these so called leaders. I pay tax and see no returns, ata se bane

  159. Dora’s resignation has been manufactured by RB and his boys. Her resignation is just to agree that she is guilty and has been found wanting. since this is the case, the next step is for to surrender herself to the police. Good bye Dora.

  160. #237 Deja Vu, my thoughts exactly! I dont understand why we should continue being taken for a ride. Pafula, twanaka! Let the law take its course, no sacred cows! Kuti ndine, sembe babwela kuni tengela ku nyumba ba police, but because its ‘ba some of us’.

  161. He urged the nation not to lose focus on various problems facing ZAMTEL and the plight of its workers. ”

    He forgets that its his gvt which has caused this by not paying bills. If he is involved in this RP scam he should just resign and go back to his farm instead of trying to creat smoke screen. Why table this issue. What we want are prosecutions not delaying tactics

  162. #34:Representing the same pipo she store money from. Wake up you Chief MMD bootlicker. Yes she ‘resigned’ & yes it’s a 1st for Zed but she should’ve resigned without being pressured. That’s the beef you man-you just don’t get it, do you?
    Ka #13 (Abigail): Good poem writing practice. Try put some life into them poems, they ‘re too vitriolic. Too angry.

  163. ABIGAIL Iwe, I like your looks but you currently not in Zambia for you to see poverty levels how they have sky-rockected becz of charaters like DORA.

    Justice as prevailed at the matter at hand. Its sad that the president now appears to wanting to replace the attorney general in the so called re-organise the Attorney Generals Chambers and probably appoint one of his surbodinate. I would like to thank the POST NEWSPAPER to bring the matter at hand for all to see. The POST please now turn to JEFF KANDE. We want to know since when did he become a debt collector on behalf of government suppliers.

  164. Dora thought she was clever,and went on politicizing zambian airways.We knew also that time was coming for you.You better be a news caster.

  165. #244; Dora would have deserved respect if only she had resigned at the beginning. She had first argued her lungs out thinking that this issue was just going to die a natural death but allas, it has caught up with her lies. Liars do not deserve any respect. they are one and the same with crooks, thugs, rapists, murderers etc…the only thing that she derserves is to be locked in chimbokaila and have the key throne in a very deep pit latrine. Ha!

  166. Dora, welcome back to ZNBC. We are going to receive you with open arms in the news room. Also Mr. Folotiya has opened his doors for you. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Iwe Tionge (213) what are you talking about. Do you know what forgiveness really means. We are just encouraging sin if anything that comes up that is not right we jump to “Forgive” People should pay . You reap what you sow. Kulya bwino kulaletelela.

  168. Miz Siliya was a sacrificial lamb. She paid the price. She needs to step down as MP too. RB should not accuse the Attorney General’s Office of any misdoing coz Dora was in the wrong. I only hope she is not given another job as an ambassador.

  169. Finally you’ve realised it or you’ve been told to step down obviousley by your fimofimo. I wish you didnt wait for ALL the fishobos you’ve received. INTEGRETY BA DORA yilafwaikwa if you really want to be a leader.

  170. 243 this is no way a first in zambia. remember we had that dignified resignation from LPM as VP when his concious could not allow him to hang around the thieves. That my friend is true patriotism. Cursed be the day Levy died. But like all he was not perfect. As for Dora, she has another thing coming at her. i would love to hear Kunda’s next word on this. To all bloggers …lets change Zed. For now , i will make some profit for my employer. have a great day.

  171. Imwe, maybe we should realise that there is a relationship for some people between failing to keep their marriages and failing to excel professionally.I have always thought that Dora was disaster waiting to happen.Way to go! But for the full circle to be complete we need to see Kunda following suit ( Talk about a learned Lawyer, yaaak!!!!!!!)

  172. Ukuyisebanyafye ba DORA. Shame on you. Ba Kunda should follow suit and the President should’nt blame the Attoney Generals office. They just did their job.

  173. This is what we wanted. Now that it has been done, let us concentrate on something else like asking all those who defended her actions to exactly do what their ‘Queen’ has done. Kunda and RB should start then their cadres who supported them should follow suit.


  175. Please ba so called media give us well informed reports not lelo ati awe ba dora cleared mwailo no ba dora mislead again mailo kukabe ati no ba dora guity nicho balichita resign. Awe pa Zed. thats why ifwe ba kamushi we never really know what is going mu kalale.

    katulelya fwe ifyumbu. life goes on.

    Some one tell me is that mondo music chap mared? maybe ka reconciliation kalefwaikwa na ba Dora because ubushimbe nabo bulalenga abantu balebomba nobulanda. lol

  176. I am persuaded to think that most of the bloggers would have done the same if found in Dora’s shoes. It would have been cost effective to the nation had she done so much earlier.

  177. # 264. We Zambians have been calling for Resignation of VP. Some sectors of society are demanding for his resignation. Its dissappointing because VP is arrogant. They do everything trying to hide the wrong doings. Sadly you have no access to POSTNEWSPAPER. The truth always prevails.

  178. Please, President RB Banda consider doing a reshuffle of your Cabinet and reduce Minister of Justice Vice President George Kunda’s portifolios to one only. Also, appoint Ms Dora Siliya to another Ministry so that she can use her experience to serve mother Zambia better than before. This is because she has shown that she is capable of resigning when doing so is the right thing at hand. We need a lot of female representation in the Zambian Cabinet.

    Help her Ms Dora Siliya stand up even stronger than before.

    As for the AG’s office, please relax and just commend the efforts of Mumba Malila and the Tribunal on Dora SAGA for upholding the Zambian Constitution.

    Thank you, Mr President Bwezani Rupiah Banda for not firing Ms Dora Siliya.


  180. Good morning LT Bloggers! “Twachelwa nachilila kuno mwebantu”. My dear Dora, you let it too late. Did you have to leave after overwhelming public out cry for your stepping down. It would have been more prudent if you had done this immediately the finding of the tribunal were made known. Now like this, it will just fuel further pipo’s speculations on your character and your deals. Already some are baying after your parliamentary seat. However, thumbs up to the Post, Mr Harrington and the 10 Civil Society Organisation for exposing and fighting this corruption. Keep up the good job. Otherwise if these pipo are not checked the way they have been checked on this one, they will continue corrupt practices with arrogance and impunity.

  181. It is very unfortunate that my dear sister has finally said bye to our money making business.she should have asked us of how to hide from such a mess and still remain minister.

  182. The Times of Zambia and Daily Mail are useless mouth pieces. No wonder, any paper where only Banda, Kunda, Mlongoti and Satamashimba make headlines EVERYDAY has to be rotten to the core. These papers were given the report but to them, it was all “found innocent”. Such blindness to fact stinks. Banda should also know that if anything happens to Malila, we shall make sure he too meets the same fate, like President Joao Bernardo Vieira of Guinea Bissau.

  183. Maestro HHeHHeHHeHHe for President RB Banda to do the right thing over a re-shuffled Cabinet. When one seems to be in a weak state, that is when the good Lord God is near to give such a one more strength to overcome challenges at hand.

    “Yalaba tomwaaba!”

  184. Wise decision from RB via Dickson J’s office. Because of Dora’s resilience & visibility up to yesterday, I believed she would stay on. Very sad that she has capitulated to a political & financial vendetta by post news papers. What remains now is to ensure that the post does not become a cartel that rules by blackmail. A very difficult issue to prove but very palpable. 17 years of accomplished & strategic blackmail & lies.. now infringing into the co-operate world with possibilities of having soiled the BOZ chief, Magande & maybe LPM & many others in between.

  185. #31, Abigail Malama, I hope your postings on this blog are only for purposes of injecting a bit of humor and laughter in debates of this magnitude (CORRUPTION). Otherwise, you really sound “cartoonish” and “shallow minded”. Get a grip, will you!?

    Whether the resignation was engineered by “plot 1” or not, this is good for the nation. It is about time Zambian ministers and parliamentarians realised that the laws they pass mean something, and laws are there to protect every citizen’s individual and collective interests. No more prez/minister “wa mu yaya yaya”, come rain come sun, lol!

  186. God is not man that he should lie. Everything hidden in darkness shall come to light. If Dora was a pawn in a bigger game, let his light shine on ALL the true culprits!! Amen

  187. Dora, read this: “Mr Justice Peter Smith accused ex-president Frederick Chiluba of Zambia of shamelessly defrauding his people and flaunting his wealth with an expensive wardrobe of “stupendous proportions”.The judge reserved his most abrasive remarks for Chiluba as “the most telling example of corruption” his $500,000 purchase of hundreds of suits and monogrammed shirts from an exclusive boutique in Switzerland, as well as 72 pairs of handmade, high heel shoes to extend his 5ft stature.

  188. Dora the Red lipsticked woman has left the building, its about time. I hope this is a lesson to all those politicians who think they are untouchable. We are watcing you like HD TVs.

  189. Dora , To the left, to the left
    Everything you own in the box to the left
    , including the Red lipstick.n to the left

  190. #277 you are right about Abigail the # 31. I had developed so much liking for you Abigail but it seems we can’t get along in a relationship not to mention running a happy home, your comments are tatamount to disturbilise the bloggers. You are acting like DORA.

  191. Eeehee! Naiwe chi abigail should resign from blow job… or sorry from blogging here on lusaka times coz you are in surport of a currupt minister… None of the men here are in surport for a corrupt officer. We are even looking forward to seeing more resign be it a nicker or bamba… You father F*****ker. Are you a sister to Cosmo?

  192. As life Secretary General of this site, i once in a while come out of semi retirement to comment on profound national issues. This is one of those; am elated that the VOICE of the bloggers and that of the nation at large, has been heard resoundingly.
    VOX POPULI VOX DEI!Yours Sec Gen.

    Ps. it was my birthmark …. oh! sorry, birthday last Saturday

  193. The resignation of Dora is not enough, plz let her resign also as an MP. Those who supported her they have to follow the suit including RB & G. Kunda.

  194. As BSG. bc (Blog SEc Gen. Blog Council) am hereby announcing the constitution of a TRIBUNAL to probe allegations of “misblogging and disturbing blog peace” by one Abigai. It shall be called the ABIGAIL TRIBUNAL. Also # 283. be informed that you are hereby given the first WARNING. Be civil gentlemen cmon

  195. #31 are you a naive poet? Issues of national integrity are serious ones. Its the contitution which crucified her. People took pride in her resignation without remorse because she waited unnecessarily long to be conviced to resign. She was too adamant.

  196. # 284 Gazzie,gud 2see you back on LT,hw hav u been? Its good riddance tht the momma has resigned.So next,is George Kunda coz therez no way a “lawyer” can start defending a person without analysing the whole issue……….

  197. Atention Bloggers! All those that have anything to say about ABIGAIL, are advised to make their submissions to the TRIBUNAL(ref. comment 286). Please stop attacking this beautiful lady. Any comments about her will be considered pre – judicial

  198. Kunda thinks that he is too smart to resign. The Guy loves power and authority. Minister of Justice and Veep at the same time? Does he get 2 salaries? And by the way, has Munkombwe commented yet? Now is a good time for him to come out in the open and offer free symphathy to Dora. One out more to go. Viva Post newspaper!!!!!. Please expose them so that they can stop leading us. Come on Post, Who is the next dirty minister. I know they are alot of then. There is also one you call a liar. Perhaps he is reserved for 2011. Good work. bravo!!!

  199. Zoe my pal! am good ….. kali shani ka gelo ( baby c), ba Nine Chale, jamaco, Mattie and de others?

  200. This is a modern world guys and we need Supporting when one makes a decission. Modern politics bane tufwile tule pelana respect. If Zambia has to develop then we have to suport those who make wise decisions. Lesa amipale bonse

  201. I didn’t want say anything,but I have just seen my good friend so iam forced to to greet him and that is no other than Mugazebo and the Family.How are you mudala wandi long.Ala kuno imbafu nashikalipa mukuseka one person a good friend nansekesha.Life is great and its good to have friend who can put a smile on your faces.Thanks big man I promise you publicly I will bring you a very expensive item when I come to Zambia for making me laugh after a long time. How are you bonse pa mulabasa.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  202. Gazzie, Baby C is ok and the rest i assume they r equally fine.Whr hav u been only 2resurface on the day tht Dora resigns? I wil also disapear n reappear after the VEEPs resignation,am sure they r very shameful,thts Zambia been led by crooks,thieves,liars in a nutshel DEVILS

  203. My reliable source as just informed me that DORA was seen at Rhodespark School on her kneels this morning trying to reach out to Chisha Folotiya to take her Back. I will keep you posted bloggers on the findings from my source. For now thats the latest news.

  204. She has the courage to do what African politicians cannot do. Resigning after being cited for some wrong doings. When ACC recommended for Sata’s prosecution over medical stores in 1994, the man mocked evryone and vowed never to resign, instead LPM (Late) was made to go! Africa twasebana!!!!

  205. #298. Mattie, i hope u wont vote kwabene uko ka?.

    #299. Zoe , i was on a sabbatical mudala

  206. Bye Dora
    Well all we can do is speculate whether she resigned or cut a deal with RB. But thats not the issue we should concentrate on the fact that she is out and it acts as deterent. As for the blogger who blames the post for down fall. Hell no!!!! she messed up and went. She was not entitiled to the job , there lots others who can hold it too

  207. Just to clarify for those bloggers who may not know Chisha Folotiya. He is the ex-husband to Siliya Dora. I quess she left him when she attained the Ministerial Post.

  208. #194 I take that back. #300 and 303 is meant for #294. Pardon me I mean, its the excitement driving me crazy!!!! 294 # bro I thank UU and no one but you.

  209. Enjoy the rest of your day fellow bloggers Naya ntusheko mpiteko namunsamushi for friday’s test.
    Yaba some people are a blessing in life too bad I can’t see you physically my friend but you are a blessing in my life.

    Bye to you all and please remember to smile each time one pisses you off.

    God bless you!

  210. his bweZani declared ME to be smart already,
    lawyerless kunda also said i didi not commit any offence. i just stepped down to please you pipo

  211. Gazzie

    Ni voter akale ndeciling’a fye nomba ha ha ha ha!!! Iam lost did anyone say anything about Abigail? Too but if anyone did that to her,but Abigail you should also reverve your statement on the mirror something,not all men a bad naiwe yashani?

    Good day Bloggers.

  212. Its high time we started to lash with a whip in public all those found guilty of mismanagement of public funds or property. Therefore Dora will be lashed with a whip in public on the 30 May at the Mulungushi Hall, @ 14.hours. Tickets on sale now.

  213. Shame on you LT, Shame on SHREK, Shame on Kunda, Shame on Teta, Shame on Ronnie, Shame on Dora, Shame on Times of Zambia, Shame on Zambia Daily Mail, Shame on ZNBC, Shame on MMD the most corrupt political party in Zed and shame on all those who had doubts that there was smthing fishy over the Dora Petition. Viva PF, Viva Harrington, Viva Lubinda, Viva Post, Viva Mmembe, Viva Mutembo, Viva Malila and all those patriotic Zambians who stood for the truth in this matter. Last and most important – Long Live Sata, Sata, Sata, Sata our President. Pabwatoooooo for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. As I had said before, Dora Siliya should be made to pay all the costs involved with RP Capital fimofimo. She can give them her share of the loot as it is obvious they were going to share the $2million. Gerge Kunda should also do the right thing-RESIGN! As a bonus, infact it will please me very much if SHREK also-RESIGNED!!! He appears to condone neigh encourage corruption.

  215. Yesss! Yes! At long last decency has reigned supreme. But I don’t see what confusion the AG’s Chambers caused, or is RB just trying to make excuses for Dora. If anything, George is the one who confused Kapainter.

  216. ba LT yashani twanaka na story yakwa Dora,lets move on gives us something else like how we can help the Veep either to step down or be fired by ba RB.By the way since iwe LT taulefwaya uku tupela latest infor here it is for my bloggers,Latest as at 1pm RB promotes his guys at State House and Zambia,twafwa lelo.

  217. Dora must be made to dance naked in public only wearing her red lipstick, that will be fun.

    Then she must be given 10 lashes for tickest call me

  218. I think we have said enough on this topic. Abali na matwi na bomfwa, am sure na Dora wine naumfwa. But she must be made to realise that Zambians cannot lose elections and also lose their money.

  219. . #322
    Deja Vu , why do you want Dora the Shameless to get way scot free,? Did you benefit from the deal?

  220. #319 He may have assured her he was president and none was going to touch her. Ici cifukushi alebomfya cos Zambia has prevailed over him.

  221. Well well Dora you have costed us as taxpayers cash again in the name of a tribunal headed by emty headed and wide eyed judges.
    If only you were truthful like you have never been in your life before,it would not have come this far.
    Examine your life and see the pattern of your career.you are always shortlived because of your wrong motives!friendships,marriage all with a motive!shortlived.how sad i pity you but You can still pick up again with a new outlook to your life integrity.

    STOP being a snob,arrogant,liar,cheat,immoral,shameless,crooked,wicked,satanic and emptyheaded and wide eyed woman.

    On the gender front you are just a victim of circumstances actually you have been fired and you and Rupiah agreed for you to resign but dont think the law will not follow you.


  222. Please leave Dora alone to to leak her wounds. She has been judged enough! When men are facing corruption charges its all in silence, now that it is a woman, everyone is shouting. Women are human just as men and can also make mistake, corrupt. No one is clean. What we need are good systems, strong institions, laws, solid leadership to prevent such.

  223. Any more attacks on Abigail contravine the Constitution of Zambia Article 34 sub section 6 which states, ” All are free to tell Abigail what they feel”. lol!!!

  224. To those spreading lies, how were M’membe and the POST right about Ms Dora Siliya? My understanding is that she was cleared of all charges against her, serve for failure to heed the ATTORNEY GENERAL’s advice which was not even part of the POST or PF’s Harringstone’s initial tribunal issues.

    Give me details on your claims and I will be waiting to read them nicely.

  225. Latest
    ; Mumba Malila the Attorney General faces the axe for Embarrasing Presido and his Vice. Also he leaked his own letter to the press. The constitution does not say his advice should be followed, it just says implies it should be sought

  226. Abigail where in the world are you? Baby gal we forgive you please come back to your chair. I had seek forgiveness from my fellow bloggers to understand your feelings about DORA. They agreed to forgive you but unfortunate they can’t forgive DORA. Please come Back and do us another POEM>

  227. Abigail #20. Corruption is not about Gender issues. Be level headedness and analyse issues as they are.

  228. Quote

    The President has accordingly decided to re-organise the Attorney General’s Chambers in a bid to prevent the reoccurance of the same confusion in future.

    End Quote.

    Sounds like victimisation to me. Such ofices must not be tampered with.

    Its good she has left. She was a dangerous Minister. We can’t have a Minister who signs documents before reading them.

  229. #13 (Abigail Malama) is corrupt and shallow minded! Does this look like a gender issue? Fredrick Chiluba and his friends are mostly men, do you hear men supporting them just because they are men? We are against whoever abuses office. Dora should even have left earlier.

  230. I think this is a great day for Zambian and African politics, in the sense that finally a politician has resigned over either corruption or procedure.

    It is also a great day for the power of civil society and the press, in holding their elected officials accountable, while they are in office.

    However, it would be even greater if there was more openness to begin with, about how contracts are handed out. It would be great if all contracts were spelled out in a special session of parliament, so the public and the press can see how their money is spent.

    It would also help prevent things like the Development Agreements with the mines, which have cost the Zambian economy billions of US dollars in lost profits and taxes, and ensured Zambia didn’t benefit from historic copper prices.

  231. ohhh, missed out on this….shame Dora, i wonder who forced you to resign,,,,,perhaps other big names behind ur case…..

  232. #13. Abigail. Bushe kwena ma men fye abafulilwe pali Dora? Listen to my Honey at #314 & #321. Dora will be lashed on her bare buttocks on 30th May until the red ink is completely washed away from her lips with tears.

  233. I hope RB has not gone to sleep with the Dora Siliya tribunal report. We are still waiting for the official response to the findings. Merely accepting Dora’s resignation letter ain’t enough.

  234. Bye bye ba Dora si’lier. Dont forget to remove the flag on the car coz you now have to be stopping on the road blocks.Welcome back to the club.

  235. Bloggers, what do you think of what #218 [email protected] is saying? I think there is much sense and truth in what he says. I think we have been shortchanged! LT’s one and ONLY source of news now is the discredited MMD government mouth-pieces ZANIS, ZNBC, Daily Noise and Times of Zambia! I agree, LT has turned itself into the MMD propagand tool. Just look at the censorship that now goes on!

  236. Fact that she resigned does not imply she can’t be charged with an offence. In fact, that’s why she is attempting to pre-empt such possible legal action by seeking judicial review. It will fail. Rupiah has yet to comment on the findings of the Tribunal. Accepting her resignation is NOT part of what the Tribunal asked him to do; which is to make a decision on the fact that she flouted the constitution.

  237. hello!,I really like your writing very a lot! share we be in contact more about your post on AOL? I require an expert on this house to resolve my problem. Maybe that is you! Having a look ahead to see you.

  238. Wonderful paintings! This is the kind of info that are meant to be shared across the net. Shame on the seek engines for now not positioning this publish higher! Come on over and talk over with my web site . Thanks =)

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