A senior government official in Kafue has expressed happiness at the on going construction of government infrastructure in various parts of the district.

Kafue District Commissioner, Winford Ngoma, said government will remain committed to taking development closer to the people through construction of infrastructures such as schools and health posts in various communities.

Mr. Ngoma told ZANIS in Kafue today that he was impressive that government was putting up a number of structures in rural areas of the district.

He said this showed that government was determined to develop all parts of the district.

Mr. Ngoma cited the on going construction of the Makeni GRZ clinic, Kabweza, Munyeu and Nakachenje health post as projects which were progressing well, adding that they were all nearing completion.

He said government should be commended for such projects because they would be used to provide quality health services to communities.

He stated that the various on going works which include road construction were costing billions of Kwacha, which the government has committed to Kafue district.

Mr. Ngoma has since called on construction firms engaged to work on these projects to carrying out quality works so that tax payers can appreciate how their money was spent.


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  1. Kafue is a great town with diverse economic potential. The developmental projects going on there are a necessity. I commend the gov’t for being consistent on that.


  2. district borders pa zed are confusing,makeni being in kafue,Hmmm,munyeu being in kafue ahahah!,i thot munyeu is just after mwembeshi setlites,and makeni around the defunct cosmopolitan and so called lsk west area on the other side.



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