How can I break up with my girlfriend?


confusedmanDear Bloggers,

I had met a girl when I was 18 whilst we were both traveling to South Africa.It was love at first sight and we developed strong feelings for each other. I was living in Lusaka and she was staying with her mother in Ndola. Despite our long distance relationship our love grew.

We only met when she came so see her father who was working in my hometown Lusaka, so we rarely met. She was 16 at that time. A year after we started dating she decided to break up with me. This then became a pattern.She would always break up with me for no apparent reason but later she would always reconcile herself to me. When I finished school in 2006 I went to study in Germany.

Even when I went to study abroad she said we had to break up for some family reasons and we did that, but not long after staying in Germany she said that she still loved me and that she wanted to continue with me. I said OK. What I didn’t know was that she would go further than I expected and without consulting me, she told her family that I wanted to marry her.She did this without asking me if I was willing to and then she started calling my sisters and brothers and telling them that she loved me very much and that we planned to marry-all this without my knowledge.

Of course we’ve never had sex but just a simple kiss once.The thing is I feel am not ready to make a decision on my life partner. I mean I feel I just need to be alone, I don’t what to be committed.

I know she loves me but I don’t feel the same now.The thing
is, I don’t want to disappoint her before its too late, what can I do
dear friends?



  1. she needs to be checked in her head.she is clearly insane.normal women ladies dont behave that way!

  2. You are grown up, tell what you feel and move on with your life! It pains but she will finall come over it! Why was she skirting in the first place when she knew very well that she loved you?

  3. Young man, this is a simple matter. Just tell her you no longer have feelings for her and that you dont want to waste her time. Wilakwata umwenso. Tell her frankly that its over, over!!

  4. #1 these days even normal ladies will go to an extent just to have a man.Amuna avuta bad! I

  5. Dude,what’s wrong with you.Get rid of this girl and get yourself some white $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Younga man, if she is beatiful, give her kids it seems thats what she whants, reap while you can, the more the merrieir. You can always move on. Who said having kids ties you down. Kids in Zambia grow like chickens. you just need a big yard. No too much maintenance like this sh##t place called the west. Infact you will meet more beatiful ladies.

  7. oh please , ..sounds like a lunatic to me.. “all we do is break up and make up up style” thats childish, tell her you need someone you can rely on nangu yazanda…with this economic crunch, you dont need someone unstable in your life…… just bring it out like it is.. she will get over it …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Ps: dont take my advice serious, am not good at this relation…fimo fimo

  8. Love is paramount in any relationship and marriage is a very serious matter so dont take it lightly. If you dont feel the same for her just be frank and tell her so, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

  9. I do have some tips however on what you can say if ndiwe wa nsoni mwaiche. Learn from the best: 1. You can tell her you are born again and that you want to go back to Abstainance. 2. You can tell her you have a severe treminal illness which requires total isolation. 3. You can tell her you have just discovered that you share the same father.

    4. You can tell her that you have become gay.
    Apa panono mwaiche, though the best is to tell to go to hell. Dont torment your soul.

  10. LT, would you rather we left it up to you to give the young man advice? Become a councelor all of a sudden? Aya ma facts.

  11. #8 and #9 mwalanda bwino guys but we needed Baby C’s poems on this one. Tell her the truth you feel about her and it will set you free. According to your story, she even sounds to be unstable.

  12. the truth hurts but i am telling its the best thing to do in life, becuase you will not be hurting her but yourself as well if you dont tell her. i know she will feel bad but it is just a phase and it will pass

  13. Just melt down silently. Your mind has already told you. You do not love her. Why feel sorry about her just disappear from her life. No contact, nothng what so ever and you will be home and dry.

  14. You can only find it difficult to break the relationship if you “ate the fruit”. If you have not reached that stage then its easy as sorry dear I shouldn’t waste your time, am ready for marriage and when am its not you……….. Let God guide you as you search for Mr & Mrs Right.

  15. I think she is carrying somebody’s pregnancy, dont trust these women, most of you here are probably keeping some other men’s children.

  16. Tionge, this younga man never ate! To some extent that was the mistake. Thats why benze kumudelela so. However even if he had eaten, there is no need to torment his soul. If he does not want her, what the heck, kuya bebele, chapwa! Ba kazi kupaka. Kenze kumeka keve.

  17. Just wondering, are you a shirt? and how many times is the practise of on-off on-off going to be considered normal? In all this all you have done is accept back the nomad.. eish…

  18. Tionge, and i can bet you that if you asked for her name, i can guarantee you it would be something like “Sibongile”!!

  19. Nine Chale where are you? This young MAN needs help you are together pa Germany.
    Dont waste your time just tell her what you are thinking. Be bold the same way you did when you were proposing to her.

  20. Young man, you are very behind in dealing with young ladies. They are smarter than you thought. Its not a serious affair. She wants just because your studying in Germany and waiting to milk you. Forget about her and take your time to find a suitable partner for life. That Girl is not straight and the type I used to treat properly when I was young. She needs a lesson from vetetrans like Mr X and the like. Make a decision now or never.

  21. Iwe how money times has the psycho broken up with you and you have never. So this is your 1st and last chance to dish her. Oh and please do something about your lips pumpkin

  22. from my own understang its like this girl wasn`t normal or she was childish how can she be terminating a relationship like that? just tell her that I already have someone full stop

  23. lol.. Mwisho, am sure Baby C will soon appear and shoot..Ba Moze, they wont display it, been there!

  24. Confused? Did you develope anything for this girl after you met? The ten times she broke up with you and came back, what waz your take? “Oh welcome back”, you wud say, and then what? You have nothing for this girl, move on with life.

  25. Shani Ba Moze, Mulekosa?
    It seems ba LT don’t have any better articles to run, and that’s one of the reasons I have been missing in action. I feel like they are just testing bloggers’ IQ. This is topic is for primary level students to discuss.

  26. I think it’s as easy as saying ” I do not want to marry you yet and I can’t make any promises at the moment. I like what we have. Please stop telling people that we are getting married.”

  27. Iwe call Jamaco kuno ku Gerlemani !! I have been here since 1990 and no ZAMBIAN WOMAN has played a role ina mi Life. Roll with me on some weekend so that we can have some serious talks. Where are you in Germany? Bonn, Munich or Berlin? Let me know dude so that we can hook up. Reply I am waiting.

  28. No 25 the girl is very normal, what i presume is that the period she used to terminate the relationship, she had found other greeneer pastures somewhere, u know how we women behave some times.
    Young man work up from slamba and make a concrete decision. remember our lives all lies on the decisions we make.

  29. Ba Man why do you can taking her back. It seems you also have issues. I wonder if you even know this girl very well. Ka gelo nakena it seems she is a ka go geta yogeta the sooner the better thats why she is involving your relatives.

    its hard to find Good men. i guess she has done a lot of researching that why she keep coming back to you.
    But if you dont want her , please tell her bambi bakamufwayeko.

  30. Moderator, hi mudala? Dont blame you for taking ‘leave’. Is this something we can be debating sure? When your bladder is full, dont we just go to the loo? LT, be serious naiwe!!
    Nachisungu, LT can keep his comments. Tulepapatila? Teti!!

  31. Ba Moze what is the problem lelo kanshi? I feel like my days at primary school. we also used to have such debates.

  32. This guy is just torn apart. He also loves the girl but has found another one in German.
    Thats why he’s saying he is confused. Just choose one is my advice. You know these girls better than anyone of us.

  33. Young man,the fact tht it was love at 1st sight purely indicates that u were both infatuated.I see knw reason why u r finding it hard to tell the girl u no longer feel the infatuation,dnt be a coward.Jus tell her u dnt nid her and tht wat existed btwin both of u was not real love but F-O-O-L-I-S-H LOVE (infatuation)…..Deal with it,such is life

  34. Iwe Jamaco tapali nefyama filters,napenafye LT. He must be tonga……akaso nakuma comments….eeeeh am nt been tribal oooh

  35. Zoe, LT moderated two of my comments also. Kupenafye zoona! Ati filter, filter, filter? Efinshi? Fwakwe ifyo! What filter? Umawiche uyu nayena bringing straight foward issues pa blogg! Just tune out the chick exsay!

    Jamaco, Tafilepanga sense ifi. As if we are in Primary school. Bushe eko twali ifwe? Fyakwe umwaiche uyu. Tamuuza ife vochita. Awayawaya futi!

  36. Tionge naiwe, you are not helping the boy. Torn apart finshi? can you cook and sleep at the same time? Kusalapo chimo te. This is the same chap who has been telling us he was tossed around like a tennis ball, now he should be saying he does not know what to do? Natumweba ifwe. Get yourself another one. And its strange because he is where chidibile!! Ask Jamaco or Nine Chale. Abena Chale balifyala noku fyala!

  37. Ba Moze naine nalifyala. Just see the pic (Gravatar) of my daughter born last march! This dude should call me.

  38. How can you call your girlfriend you havent even gone between her legs, you have tested her cherry, are you mad?
    She only becomes your girlffriend after you know how she can handle jonny.

    Kubuta uko ata

  39. The above topic is without substance,its a bit trivial in that we are dealing with adolescents.its about feelings which are entirely dependent on the two individuals,we have a guy who is a ponk and a girl who is a b!tch.The girl breaks up cause the guy aint screwing her,she runs for quick service and later comes back to the guy whom she thinks has a future.The young man must be gay,a fag in a 3rd degree. No matter how many times I tell you she’ll break your heart, or how many times she does it, you’ll never give up, Why you ask?…because you love her.People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.Eyes that do not cry, do not see,make her cry by saying no to her this time around, okey…

  40. The above topic is without substance,its a bit trivial in that we are dealing with adolescents.its about feelings which are entirely dependent on the two individuals,we have a guy who is a p*nk and a girl who is a b!t*h.The girl breaks up cause the guy aint blazing her,she runs for quick service and later comes back to the guy whom she thinks has a future.The young man must be g*y,a f*g in a 3rd degree. No matter how many times I tell you she’ll break your heart, or how many times she does it, you’ll never give up, Why you ask?…because you love her.People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.Eyes that do not cry, do not see,make her cry by saying no to her this time around, okey…

  41. Let the gentleman design a card inviting this lady for his purported wedding with another woman. He will have gotten rid of what he does not like

  42. This to me seems like reversed rows here… Normarly the man goes round telling friends and family of there intentions, the woman is doing the same in this changing society it is not only upto men to start these things.
    My advice is that tell her how you feel about the whole situation and that you are not ready

  43. Mwaice u r only 21 (stand 2be corrected tho). Wilatushupa fwebakulu,this isnt a very big issue tht u can even go worldwide seeking advise..Its straight 4ward and breaking up wth galfriend/boyfrends is a daily routine,amano as if u aint in German

  44. On second thoughts, this dude looks like hes got potential, not bad looking…stop wasting your time and come to me and i will give you the TLC that you deserve from a real woman..

  45. The gal will handle it…just tell her you have moved on chapwa….eh eh…..unless you tell us she is suicidal….lol

  46. Jamaco, ninkamona ka toddler bakaamba. Tell this young man to act like a grown. Aletusebanya ku Germany uko, ka. pa last akayikulika uyo, ka. Shilemumona bwino.
    Abena Digital Smoke, What an analysis! The young man needs to see you!

  47. Mwalasa ba Zoe, this is trivial ayi…tapali amafumo, tapali ubula lelale….tumalyashi twa munshi yachitmuti utu……… must just holla at her and say i gats to bouce, me find myself some aca cherry!

  48. Iwe Miss Daisy kaiche ako,cum to think of it,U as an adult advertising yo petty fimofimo problem? Childish

  49. Digital smoke…naaa, was pulling the young mans leg…….am quite satisfied (sp)….blame it on the ice..blame it on the alllllcohol…(know dat jamie fox song?)..will blame my comment on it

  50. Nachisungu #53, Ndiye nkhani iyo!! Real woman, ka. Awe mama, nimufana naiwe. Ma dude kupaka pa blogg and you decide to settle for the young man. Tekumupenya fye nomba. With the kind of TLC you are reffering to, he could suffer a seizure during the ntwane ka.

  51. Miss Daisy u asked him 2cum get sum TLC frm u thts why i said nati kaiche,or maybe ni size yenu……Usanisule usani doubte,mwamuna sachepa

  52. Imwe ba Zoe, do you have a problem with me? if you dont like anything i say i suggest you pis# off and dont comment on me. Do you find the word nachisungu offensive? are you a young girl to be sensitive about things like this? maybe you the girl in the stupi# story

  53. #65 Nachisungu, i know you were dear. Thats what makes LT nice (when he’s not busy moderating). I just hope this young man has taken our advice. These are the chaps who commit suicide, ka. Indecision, on the part of a man, can be costly. Its either you are in the kitchen or in the bedroom. you cant be in both! Yanimvesa njala topic iyi manje.

  54. ZOE VERSUS MISS DAISY,Female verbal match

    Venue: LT Blog

    Time:right Now

    Referee:Digital Smoke

    Lets go!

  55. OOOwe ba Miss Daisy,naimwe yamakwela ma temper??????????? Awe nakana ine mayo,such language i dnt use and do not condone.. Ndimwana musuma….Oh yamakwela ma temper muli akazi,maybe aaaaaaahhhhhh..

  56. # 74 Digital Smoke,i dnt engage myself in such fimofimo,it really makes no sense to me at the end of the when i cum to think of it u know…..

  57. Zoe has chickened out,the new female verbal heavy weight champion is miss daisy


  58. Ba Moze wen r u gona visit pa Thorn Park restaurant? Ku matebeto….Men dnt eat at home now becoz of Thorn Park

  59. Don’t bring jokes on this blog,where are you exactly? By the way you are just 21 too early for life time commitments.

  60. Zoe I know you are both grown ups to beef over nothing,moreover you are bothladies of substance,keep ya heads up and cherish what you have,if you fight, I will spank both of you.

  61. Zoe, i will be there on Monday pa lunch. I need to see this place panthu banamayo bailishanya sana pali ama husbands not eating at home mwe.

  62. Ba Digital fimofimo thts wat maturity entails,quarrels are 4kids thts y u will never find me quarreling on the blog,wat value will it have for my life quarelin wth a person i dnt know? Baby C wil never engage herself aswel,trust me..

  63. Digital smoke you funny, no biggie……am calm..Ba Moze i have stopped. You know i never get pis#ed off but i hate being stepped on ESPECIALLY for no reason. Kaya, is this what u call moods.. I aint like that….

  64. #77,Digital smoke kwena wansekesha. That will be a big one ,cant wait. Miss daisy vs baby c zoona? When is the fight likely to take place?

  65. kwena Zoe ati “they prepare good food,delicious infact but imbale ifiko,am off for lunch” key phrase being ” imbale ifiko,am off for lunch”

  66. She was breaking up with you constantly because she needed a reason to cheat on you and used the excuse of breaking up to justify herself. the break up pattern is a classic case of ‘i never cheated and was single at the time’ . When she came back to you it’s because her cheating endevours were not fruitful probably because the men on the other side saw that she was a worthless trollop only good for sex thats why she ran back to you. When you left to go study abroad she knew she had to lock you down in marriage because with you her life is set and maybe she wa slooking to get EU residency. Just send her a text and email to say it’s over and don’t give her a reason. She never respected you enough to give you a reason so I suggest you reciprocate

  67. Hey dude! All what that girl wants is to find a channel through you of coming to German. The moment she will be there, she will dump you for someone else.

  68. #91 I have to speak to babyC promoter who happens to be Nine Chale and Missy daissy promoter Maltword, to make final arrangements.However the venue is likely to be on LT again but this time the ring might be under weekend pictures,login for more updates!..chao

  69. Digital need i say more
    Big brother is watching
    If you over step ya mark, na ma wipa ya kandi ass to shreds, watch it.
    Give me a liighter n1gga

    This dude with the letter is ajoke, Hoiw the hell he calls a girl ‘my girlfriend’ when he hasnt even chopped her between her….

  70. Girls of her age go through a lot of psychological & emotional stress. The instances of breakage in your relationship can be explained in part by the dynamic challenges that are associated with adolescence: 1. It is possible that she was not prepared to get into a serious relationship initially. 2. It is also possible that while you have never had sex with her, she could have been dating other boys/men, and you were coming on her mind only to serve as a weighing machine for the type of man she really wanted in her life. Girls ‘mature’ much earlier than boys, you know. Subsequently, I wouldn’t completely rule her out of your life. Get to know her- maybe when you finish your studies. ‘Love is like a fire, whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn your house down, you’ll never…

  71. Nothing much smoke
    Hope you weekend is sound

    knackered just need a pub now, i need some sex to be honest, need a white girl easy, sluts and make better mums, what more does a nigg want? huh

  72. Go visit a koffie shop before you hit a sex shop,have yourself some weed and liquor,then go and eat her,in that way you will be right on spot. White whizzles are sh*t,you can never turn a slut into a house wife ma nigg@ cause ,dem nigg@z will be runnin up on her.Sometimes sluts come correct,they know how to handle a rider

  73. All you need to do is first,listen to what your heart is telling you pay attention to your feelings. Keeping in mind that our feelings are also a result of our thoughts. So pay attention to what you have planned for your life to. Then the greatest thing to do is to pray to God, ask him to guide you as you make this decision that, you make the right one that you should not regret. The only person who knows the right decision to make is you, people gives advise as we are doing here but its you to make the discision. Remember whether you love her or not whatever discison you make you will some how be affected.Listen to the voice of God. One thing i have noticed after reading this article is that you have already made a decision it only a way of doing it that you are looking for.Do it gently.

  74. #55 Miss Daisy, Interesting!! Whats TLC naifwe tusambilileko we?. Its really a weekend hit!!!. someone asks a question about mobile hospitals. WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING DURING VISITING HOURS? CHASING THE LORRY IN CASE ITS ON CALL ?

  75. is this pic copy and paste coz this guy is right here in ….i have to ask him if hes the one who gave you ba LT this pic… am sure hes online i will be back…

  76. LT please tell us something about someone traveling to South Africa for Zuma’s inauguration. Is he going to use SA’s tax payer’s money or our money? Is all our tax going to be used by one particular individual?

  77. I think many have made their points clear. Its up to the guy to make a concrete decision. The trouble with this young generation, there is too much pretence, cheating, multipartners, drunkardness you mention it the list endless. On first sight, cheating, I own this, my uncle is the owner of this company, the President is my uncle and is sponsing me to States to study this or do that deal and the poor girls get carried away. Upon discovering the truth about they guy or the girl. Then Matata. There is still alot to be done to help our young generation. They cheat day in day out. Some even cheat themselves. Visit one of the Yo places and you wont believe what comes out of their mounths. BIG BIG BIG Lies of the century.

  78. #109 awe Digital smoke na Musonda tefupuba iyo . . . uyu umulumindo ichipuba- kuntu wafifilwa ukukana umwanakashi??? nshamonako . . .

  79. #109 we work sooo hard to be this stup!d

    #112 go and bath ya stinking a*s

    #111 Tender Loving Caring (TLC) or Two Lips Catchingdic

  80. Unless if you are not telling us everything but if the way you have expressed the story is the truth then you have nothing to fear. However, before you tell her how you feel you need to be sure yourself. This is because you also show some inconsistency in your dealings with her. You claim that she has the usual problem of ending the relationship and then asking for reconciliation afterward, i cannot imagine being taken on such a ride. Anyways, all the best man as you try to sort out your life.

  81. This gal is dangerous man! But if you don’t love her any more, what’s the big deal. Just tell her and anybody else who cares to know that you got someone else – you have, isn’t it.

  82. is she zambian? if she is then i believe she is bemba! she just want to milk you after seing that you might have a few ngwez ! ditch her now . why waste time na characters ya bene nawakwi! kwalola mwela! prove to her that you are the head !

  83. what are you doing with her if you don’t intend to marry her? do you just want to continue kissing her until she is old? think of the future bro, grow up. and it seems that you always wait for her to come back to you when she breaks up with you, you must be lonely or something like that. get over your weaknesses and face her as a man, not her just toying you around like a doll, you know what you ought to do. you kids, kaya che mwe!!!

  84. 1.You dont have confidence….
    2. How do call someone your girlfriend ( in Zambia if you have not screwed)
    3.You were 18 when you met.How old are now.
    4. Un apeza impopo Ku Germany, if not to to Frankfurt HB around Savoy Hotel you can get almost anything you want, or ask Jamaco or Nine Chale to show you around mulesalapuka…uyo mwaiche waku Zambia mulabekofye…..Maybe she is back coz anvela ati uliku Gelemani.
    Not knowing that maybe you are just studying Brick Laying and Tailoring.

  85. Guys no matter what we say, play or joke, or do we should not forget that kwaliba nakumulu ka! niggers gonna get fried in hell if not careful. So chill!

  86. Its sad that such a topic can attract so many bloggers.Honestly ilyashi lyabufi elyo for the teenagers ala? Give us some stories are educative and remind us of home please. Umwaiche is a confused dot com.

  87. Sweetie you are too young for marriage. Get educated, learn to know yourself, sow some wild oats and when you hit 30 start looking around for wife.

  88. This girl to me is trash.Typical of young Zed girls who dont know what they want in life.Flip-flopping all the way.This girl is so unstable and believe me you,she will dump you any minute,infact second she feels like and she has no regard for your feelings.Somehow you are to blame,how do you let a girl/woman call the shots when you are the man?Now dude,get yourself an independent german girl and believe me you,these whites can love unreservedly(Make yonse),something you never got from her.Most of our girls are too dependent “the iam a girl,the man has to provede everything mentality”.Move on Why waste time

  89. This story sounds like ‘madimbiko’… kids story..
    Just wait for your destiny. If she is your destiny time will come to pass. Trust me.

  90. Stop kidding tell the true,you have meet someone of higher cabre or maybe working and your ex-girl is not doing working(unemployed)

  91. you’re old enough to make decisions you my friend must tel your lady you’re not ready for marriage……so that she can cope with reality and move on…from your story this girl has high hopes that you guys will marry or maybe its the impression you’ve given her.
    YES its going to hurt her but thats life, don’t just leave her thinking you’re marry her.

  92. She is just after your money. The way she has been breaking up with you is how she will do the same when you take her to Germany. Sie ist nicht ernst. Tragen Sie ihr auf, Sie in Ruhe zu lassen und dann einen anderen Freund zu finden, der Sie nie verlassen wird !

  93. How can I break up with my girlfriend?……..135 comments
    Dual citizenship……60 comments
    EU gives Zambia K420b…… 12 comments
    K280 million raised from the ZITF…….8 comments
    Irish envoy underscores role of education in economic growth…….. 2 comments
    These are our priorities! mmmm

  94. from the letter both of you are either in late teens or 21 for you at most. you both have a lot of years beyond you. so stop wasting each others time and break up and move on. stop blaming this girl because she was a kid at the time you met her. she didn’t know better.

  95. Life is time, life only exist becoz time moves and its only thru changes dat time is measured. Things have changed, Mwaiche. She is not da same girl u Loved at first sight, and u’re not da same guy… Your only problem is da constant imaginations of u with her dat keeps disturbing u. Its u dat want her and nt her wanting u. U’re definitely not dat man she wants, u only appear to be da best option sometimes dat she comes back to u. Move on or u’re gonna cry all ur time wit her.Not every girl u fail in love wit is meant to be with u, some are there to teach us life. Lie to her dat u no longer wanna be with her and dat she has to move on. Then find ur self some to keep ur mind busy, she may even become ur Mrs Right. Let go of ur dreams wit her, if u don’t wanna use “sembe I did this…

  96. Looks like I missed the whole debate. Has this guy made up jis mind yet? There so many beautiful women in Germany, just get one here.

  97. The lady Mwaiche is still hunting and you happen to be the fall back. This lady is engaging in a lot of relationships and up until now, she has not yet found her Mr right and so you happen to be the weakest link. Forget her and move with your life. Remember, you only live once. My advice is (Simply stop responding to her letters and phone calls)

  98. Boy oh Boy!! What ? You must be joking. You can kick her ass out any time you want but it appears you cant do it coz there is something you have not told us. Are you a man really?

  99. Ulisondokele.. kuhula bakaintu muchisi. The Chika is loco dude. ndiza ndiwe osondokele. How do you even allow that crap to get passed you. Hena Unlimukaintu?? ha!

  100. Was that a question? How can I break with my girlfriend, I think you still take are as a girlfriend, don’t break up. She is yours, If you said How do I tell this girl I KNEW off, it was going to help. Now u said my girlfriend.

  101. What a wussy. This woman has picked up that you have some issues with women, that you are shy or have a hard time meeting women. She has decided that you are someone to use. She figures, if you are stupid enough to marry her, she will continue to “discuss things with your family,” behind your back. What has your reaction been to your family? Have you said “no, that is a lie?” or are you “hoping” this ***** criminal bully woman will marry you? Do other decisions get made about you by your family behind your back? If so, she’s picked up on that, and is using it against you. Doesn’t that bother you? You are NOT in a relationship, you are in a victim-criminal experience. YOU are a victim, and your lying, formerly infatuating criminal “ex” girlfriend is a double dealing…

  102. Sorry about all this but i think the break-ups she’s being making seem like she is not decided herself .The problem is not with you. she is still looking , just be careful how you gonna take things bro. Take care

  103. she really loves u,thats y she waited u till now.please love the person whom u love most in this world.may be she is having some family problems also.thats y earlier she always needs to avoid u.i m sure once in ur life u love her,thats y u r in a confusion.Money,beauty will come & over if she is sincere & good dont trying to avoid her….

  104. Girls are like beasts, they will take your heart and tear it into pieces. They will get As $ Bs while you get Cs $ Ds

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