Satirical Renditions




  1. Ha ha ha…this is the most humorous satirical rendition so far. Shikapwasha with red nose & red eyes and Teta with grey lips… and those monster babies! Iyo kwena na seka sana!

  2. I like the chi baby in the middle, the one looking like a ka frog, it reminds of Miss daisy when she was a baby!!

  3. Rocket Scientist Maestro Hhehhehhehhe - ndeezwa ku-musanza for Zambians in the 2011 tripartite National elections

    While, I appreciate the stuff including the apology statement on late former President LP Mwanawasa, I believe that the producer should have left the dead out. On the President RB Banda and other MMD GRZ officials, this looks cool.

    Prevention is better than cure.

  4. This is funny! I could not make out the line below date on the first cartoon except “and introducing Ben Tetamashimba as Himself”. I think that line contains hilarious names. Can someone please tell me what it says? It is good to laugh at our selves and our leaders once in a while.

  5. 15# Fashion Police, whats with the tension on me all the time? have i ever done anything to offend you?

  6. # 21….someone i know…..interesting..hahaha, then tell me who you are then… Mr B is okay..left for Dubai last year BTW

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