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KK, FTJ call for unity

General News KK, FTJ call for unity

Former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has appealed to all Zambians and the African continent to continue living in unity in line with the aspirations and goals of Africa’s founding fathers.

Dr. Kaunda appealed for greater regional integration in keeping with goals and objectives of African Union AU, as propounded by the new partnership for African’s Development NEPAD.

He was speaking at the Africa freedom day celebrations at sate house in Lusaka today.

The former president urged Africans to be proud of the achievements made in the standards of living as the continent commemorates the African freedom day and the release from the chains of colonialism.

Dr. Kaunda noted that Africa freedom day is an important day to remember all those who fought for Zambia’s freedom.

And second republican president, Fredrick Chiluba urged all Africans to continue embracing the ideals of peace, harmony and development.

Dr. Chiluba praised the founding fathers of the continent for their courage in the fight and struggle for independence and the liberation of their different countries.

He called on Africans to allow for more regional integration for the benefit of the continent.



  1. Hefty Jay, during LPM’s reign, never attended any of these functions. Chimbokaila calling bayama.

  2. #1 Kwandangala, you are so funny….LT, was hiluba speaking at the same event as KK or not? The article does not say and I am wondering whether Chiluba was speaking in an interview or what?

    Anyway, good advice from both of them.

  3. Dr. Kaunda appealed for greater regional integration in keeping with goals and objectives of African Union AU, as propounded by the new partnership for African’s Development NEPAD.


  4. Stripper i was wonderin the same thing as well coz those two never really like being in the same place. Paliba beef baaaad! Left alone just for a few seconds KK kuti akoma inkopo iyikali sana Ka Hefty Jay!!

  5. #6 Very good advice coming from both of our former leaders. May God continue to bless our nation with that peace we have known as far as we can remember.
    As for KK who fought in the liberation struggle himself, it is not hard to buy that from him.

  6. Lil Freddie was thanking the founding fathers for paving the way for him to plunder the country. Please dont give this thief airtime, he should be in time out thinking about what he has done.

  7. Ba Kaunda muli ba tata kwena jokes aside, but surely what better standards or achievements have we witnessed in nearly 45 years of freedom when you compare with our South African brothers and sisters before freedom came to that beautiful land?

    Remember sir, that I have always been there with you and even thrown some stones myself as a youth. Challenge me and I will answer with truthfulness as I have known it. Titus Mpundu is not worth commenting about his message as I am an agemate.

  8. #11, Mbo Sam. Just in case you were too young to notice some of the things, what I can say is that KK did his best
    to see to it that Zambians became empowered. The man had a foresight for the country. The good he did include free education,
    free medical care, new industry development to name a few. From 1968 to 1980 university/college graduates could pick and
    choose where they wanted to work. Did he make mistakes? The answer is yes that in certain areas he did especially
    in the area of plural politics which came into being after he had stayed in power for twenty seven years. Now, how do we
    compare ourselves to South Africa? Let’s not forget that under the Boers, South Africa continued to develop unlike us
    whose resources were channelled to develop England. If South African…

  9. If South African development after independence was to be quantized,
    the figure will for sure be less than that of before independence. As for Zambia, the development figures after independence
    are on the high plus side. There has been stagnation but we are now moving forward with development. That I am happy about.

  10. #12 Developer
    I entirely agree with you, but I can assure you, there is a generation that has not got a clue about what happened in South Africa. Our historians need to work on these young people. I have a South African friend who tells me that her children, in their 20s, keep saying to her, ‘Me, that was the past and we don’t want to know!’ South Africa was developed by the sweat of the oppressed black man. South Africa was colonised 100 years before present Zambia. The ANC was formed in 1912, it is black Africa’s oldest political party. In 1912, there wasn’t a single college in Zambia. If it were not for missionaries we would have remained uneducated forever. It pains me when young Zambians ride rough shod over history and antecedents.

  11. Until the 1920’s Zambia was ruled or administered by a company whose main interest was to extract as much wealth from it as possible. The only reason they educated black people is to use them in administration as kapaso and clerks and as miners. They did not even teach miners English but an admixture of bantu, English, Afrikaans and Swahili languages called ‘chilapalapa.’ This was the ‘mine boy’s’ language to receive orders. For the Askari, (African riflemen) they used Nyanja. The towns and cities were developed only in so far as to provide a comfortable expatriate stay. Roads were built only to transport minerals to and equipment from the Beira and Durban ports. In 1965 Smith confiscated all the planes and most railways stock, then closed the border. How do you airlift copper?

  12. Much has been done in Zambia under African rule from 1964 to 2009 (45 years) than from 1898 to 1963 (65 yeras)! under white rule. So don#t let people like certain white Zambians cheat you just because the black man no longer freezes in their presence! The are nostalgic about those ‘good old days’ when they were segregated from the ‘stinking kafir.’ It is time we sung our praises Zambians. Stop putting down your country!

  13. Yes, we are not where we could be but we are not where we were. We have made slow progress, but progress we have made! Tourism development along the Zambezi and Kariba was delayed because Rhodesians used to take pot shots at our gallant Zambian soldiers who defended our freedom from the white minority terrorists in Mozambique, Angola, Namibia and Rhodesia under the patronage of South Africa. When history is written, Kaunda will rise as a giant among African heroes. He made mistakes but he was sincere and meant well. We live in a very different world today that is not polarised between east and west so we may not understand that the super powers used us as jostling grounds. The grass suffers when elephants fight.

  14. The Saint I lov e you and your thinking. Smart indeed. Thank you Dr. Kaunda for paving the way for people like me. I am proud to be Zambian.

  15. Your Excellency Dr.K.D Kaunda (President Rtd), again like always we
    say, “salutation sir” for your selflessness, and courage. Your candid approach to the challenges of man west, east, north and south speaks mountains of your enduring desire that all God’s creation is free and unshackling self with dignity. One day and not long, Africa will indeed live and commemorate the desire of ages. The deconstruction continues from Generation to Generation irrespective of many aberrations this age is facing.Past political emancipation, our enemy is now illiteracy and poverty two fierce enemies on our frontier.

  16. You are are Saint for real.I like your line of thinking.Dr Kaunda,we will always love you as for Dr Chiluba,good words from him and how I wish he behaved himself while in office for this could be hist last visit to State House.Next year,he will say it from jail

  17. Great stuff former Presidents and keep well.

    Prevention is better than cure.

  18. Thank you bloggars 12 to 20 i.e Developer, Saint, Dingile, senoir citizen andsharp shooter. Two things in common amongst all of you and these are that: you think you are more patriotic to Zed and more respectiful to KK than I am. I think you are wrong. I am very patriotic to the country I threw some stones for. I don’t know if any of you did, that is beside the point. KK did alot for Zed unlike thieving Titus Mpundu. But, I shall never close my eyes to the starving masses of our people, because I feel we have spent more time on politicking than developing our country to serve the ever increasing population. That is my contention. “Mwila anga no bwa kumwinko”. Why hasn’t free education continued? Why is Kitwe Central Hospital in bad state? Why is Tazara almost dead? Don’t be…

  19. Don’t be emotional please. You got your free education under KK, that is good. What about your children and great grand children. My comparison with RSA should be critisized in context. After we had exhausted the colonial reserves what did we have to sustain development and the economy? ZCCM ( which was another colonial left-over by the way). KK left no real politicians and that is why thieving Titus Mpundu sneaked in to take the opotunity to make things even worse. I wish I had a face to face debate with all of you. I respect your opinions but I beg to differ with you.

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