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Police raid Ministry of Health HQ


Police officers keep vigil at Ndeke House where 23 officials were arrested for allegedly stealing K10 billion
Police officers keep vigil at Ndeke House where 23 officials were arrested for allegedly stealing K10 billion

Law enforcement officers have raided the Ministry of Health headquaters in Lusaka to forcefully remove 20 employees who have been suspended for their alleged involvement in the K10 billion scam.

Officers from the Zambia Police, Anti-Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission carried out the operation on Wednesday morning.

The officers ordered the suspended employees to leave their offices searched all vehicles leaving the premises.

Commissioner of Police, Raphael Musamba, told journalists at a press briefing that the operation is part of investigations into the misappropriation of huge sums of money at the Ministry of Health.

President Rupiah Banda has instructed law enforcement agencies to quickly bring to book those involved in the 10 billion Kwacha Scam.

A former employee of the Ministry of Health has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of funds amounting to K10 billion.

However President Banda has said the amount of money involved in the scam at the Ministry of health may be higher than initially reported.

An interim report by the Auditor General’s Office submitted to President Rupiah Banda, Tuesday shows that the funds involved could be more going by the number of people and companies implicated.

The report says funds were stolen in recent years leading up to December 2008 through various payments to companies for goods and services, never supplied.




  2. If Donor countries had not issued the aid withdraw it would have been business as usual. Sure Zambia na ipwa

  3. Go on and make sure they are dealt with accordingly.That’s what we want and not just complaints without actions.

  4. I hope all the culprit have been removed , this is why we will never succed in Zed, we want fintu nibwangu, but with out sweat. Remember no sweet without sweat.

  5. # 5 Deja Vu, that is exactly what I thought. It takes some pressure from outside in order for these guys to act; shame!! That is what happens when you perpetually depend on Western aid for your budget requirements. Now that the sources that prop-up their pockets are tightening, they try to do something about it. Come on, we don’t need someone to tell us our house needs to be cleaned before we can act! Let’s see what happens next- we need this particular case to be an example to others.

  6. I smell a rat, why did they Gov take so long before acting, if the evidence is there, then why take so long, i smell a rat.

  7. #10 Free fimo fimo. Mmembe, Nchito, ZA you have failed to down them now you bring in PF. This is a crime and should not be politicised please

  8. It doesnt need the president of a country to direct the police and other institutions to arrest these criminals, what happens if the president is involved? Toothless police! Leave the Post and the Nchitos alone, they do more police work than all of you.

  9. Well, fire fighting is not the answer. How about the auditors who have been reporting that things were alright and the finance were well spent? Where are they? This is a system. How about the politician who were supporting the “fight against corruption”? They must all be involved and not just these few “office cleaners”. ba Banda, it is the big guys and not these ma ZDA accountants. When these ZDA accountants steal, they get approval from the ma directors that you appoint to run these ministries. They all need to be arrested and booked. I do not agree with this “mwa shibuka salapuka” kind of managing things. They must be an over haul of the whole system, and not these kind of investigation that come out of petty Zambian jealousy. You are just treating symptoms here! I…

  10. #10 Free fimo fimo. Mmembe, Nchito, ZA you have failed to down them now you bring in PF. This is a crime and should not be politicised please

    I am not politisizing anything. There is a rumor that some of the funds where directed to the PF and I just wanted to know if anyone has got more information on this.

    If you want to read on it, go to: www . zambianwatchdog . com / ? p = 2670 {remove spaces}

  11. #10 Free fimo fimo. Mmembe, Nchito, ZA you have failed to down them now you bring in PF. This is a crime and should not be politicised please

    I am not politisizing anything. There is a rumor that some of the funds where directed to the PF and I just wanted to know if anyone has got more information on this.

    If you want to read on it, go to: zambianwatchdog dot com / ? p = 2670 {remove spaces}

  12. Xioto i concur with you. Who was balancing the books? AM sure they are fake companies being paid out. Disgraceful.

  13. BA UNZA NA BA CBU these are things you should be holding ama demo over. You just demo pa li ka BC. Muli ma student ba sala chabe and do not understand your role in development. We should press banda to take more action against all the ministries and organis that are involved. BA COBUSU and UNZANSU muli kwi?????????????????????????????????????????????????? So, you will just wake up ka BC nga kapwa when you willnot be able to pick ama ULE ku kapnto. You are a shame, too!

  14. Its like the hollywood films….the police always arrive after all the shots have been fired and three guys are on the ground dead !!

  15. Too little done too late, those have removed all the documents that could have put them in jail. What manner of man would sit and wait for the enforcers of the law to come and find documents that can have you arrested? The police took their sweet time after it was leaked that an official had misued K10B and left the guys involved to work and get rid of evidence. They have already removed all the documents, this case will fall through. Watch and see!!

  16. And please let the investigations be extended to all the remaining ministries. am sure this kind of stealing is in all ministries.

  17. #22 Maestro MfyoMfyoMfyo use ichimutwe icho iwe ka Ingombe Illede, it doesnt matter what the money was used for, whether it was for buying Hummers, funding PF, Mercs etc. What should be the matter of interest is who stole, how and what should be done. When you fall, dont look at how you fell but look at where you tripped !

  18. Man that is Zambia.It will take many years to investigate.Just like the FTJ ,kAtele sparkle issues.They will dissappear soon.No refund of any sort has been reported in the Zambian corruption fight.Workup pipo

  19. Good work by the Cop though after receiving instructions from upstairs. I implore you to be professinal so that these thieves do not complaino of harassment rather be sent to jail in good healthy and then ROT( I for one recommend Mukobeko In Kabwe,Its very good for rehabilitaing and Kapoko and his friends).#4,Iam equally shocked by the POST,It boast itself of digging deeper but on the Kapoko case, it has failed to come out the way it did on Dora,Chiluba etc and Iam wondering where their Investigative journalists well known for digging deeper are? Iam yet to suppose something here.The WATCHDOG,to borrow the POST’s slogan,is really digging deeper on thieving Kapoka.

  20. #13. I was listening to The Happy world of 5fm the other day where the featured guest was MC himself. Matty P asked him to clarify Tetamashimba’s claims that kapoko was his(sata’s) relative. I can tell when the cobra wants to dodge questions and this was one instance.He answered that the way the law currently stood in Zed,it was easy for kapoko to justify how he made his millions!He digressed and went on to talk about other things.While the money may not have gone to PF,Kapoko might be the Cobra’s clansman, Ka Mpika kanono!

  21. #34.sambman.Iam curious by virtue for his aspirations for the Presidency,you mean he never answered YES or NO but chose for a roundabout response justifying how Kapoko amassed his wealth?

  22. #35&36
    Exactly! I would have thought that for an issue that’s been so much in the News over the past week,the aspiring president should have taken a stronger stand on the issue.Instead he blamed the A.C.C. asking where they were when such things were happening.

  23. I have another view. Why such action sends a mesage and can win you Kudo’s as a government, it rarely adds much value. The problem in the weak system in the Ministries and sending a platoon of police officers to serach offices weeks after it blew is just windoewdressing or playing to the gallery. The problem is badly run corrupt civil service( no not politicians) and this is what needs to be sorted out. Remember the late LPm also made a lot of noise bout corruption, but what have we seen , very few of his inner circle are behind bars even facing charges. IThe govt became despertae and well fine managed to nail some generals and FTJ’s press aide but the rest are walking free. Lets tackle the causes by looking at the weaknesses in the system

  24. However it falls upon the politicians to sort out the mess. But this hould not be done thru knee jerk responses. But a more systematic manner, that creats a more accountable civil service

  25. I agree with #25 ba Maureen, the damage has already been done, so what’s there for the police to retrieve now? RB, don’t kick dirt in our eyes, we want to see the offenders clearly prosecuted and brought to book.

  26. You know what you’all, I detest rumours. Please stick to what we have on the plate. If you have to tell us something, be sure its substantial and defendable. I hate rumours damn!!!! How would an opposition party steal money? If someone steals and donates to me, that’s perfectly alrite with me except the one who stole has to take responsibility for their actions.

  27. I said I hate rumours like “some of the money went to PF”. These are malicious rumours. What if someone steals from govt and donates it to a political party or individual, would you say the recepient of the donation is guilty? I would not, period. Even now, those who want to steal and donate to me, go ahead but you will take responsibility for your actions. You will go to jail alone and I will remain feasting on your money while you watch from the gates of chimbokaila.

  28. #44. I hate talking about Law but as a citizen.Iam obliged. Iam sure you are aware that its against the law to receive stolen property even if one didnt know and one can even go to jail for that ( Ignorance of law is no excuse but that of medicine is).Rather I think what PF should do here is to clear themselves on the alleged link to the loot and come out clean for this,no doubt,will for capital for attack by MMD esp.Teta and the crew.

  29. Romantic Mink, that’s a marvel!!! He’s splitting hairs. You know thats why we must create a constitution where power will be given back to the people. In other words, the constitution must bear some clauses which will allow the “tail to wag the dog” so to speak. I am talking about when such matters arise. Those chaps are very weird. Wait, Dora will be cleared and will bounce back. You know what, it was a scheme. Implicate her in this report, let her resign and then she files for judicial review, and the rest is yours to conclude. Now wait and see if thats not what will happen.

  30. I’m sure not a single MMD member was involved in this wide-spread scam. Let’s wait and see where the evidence leads! The finger-pointing and accusations not based on facts have already started! As I understand, the MMD has taken the monopoly in dishing out to themselves lucrative contracts and supply deals. Ask Jeff Kaande! Is the Home Affairs ministery investigating itself?

  31. Zambian Minister in Waiting, ou should wait until I launch my bid for Presidency in the near future. Then I will appoint you as Minister but I will subject you to parliamentary scrutiny before confirmation. I want clean intellectuals, articulate and firm with a time line of 4 years in which we must transform Zambia and make it heaven on earth. Access to finance, good medical schems/facilities, good roads, no Japanese Auto, revamped manufacturing base, a very strong food processing industry because we have food to feed SADC that goes to waste. These and many more. We will cage all these kleptomaniacs. They should pray to die before we take over. Stay clean and make your money clean my bro/sis.

  32. Free-Market-Economist if you believe the crap you are saying then you are full of s@it! When Jeff Kaande confessed to enabling MMD cadres to get Home Affairs deals nothing came out of your filthy mouth. Now you want to go on a smear campaign even before you know the facts! The amounts and the numbers of people involved are too large that it is more than likely to involve almost all political parties, all tribes, including your much-vaunted MMD. Kano nga ninwe!!

  33. Zoe,
    I think its unethical to give out peoples names who are just helping with investigations. Let them convict the guilty then you can bring out the names. Giving out people’s names just because of their positions is unjustified.

  34. Ken, Ooooh okay. So you say those pictures in the post were real eeeh? Poor Thandiwe! Does she not have eyes to see and ears to hear?

  35. #44 Dr Real Brain or Dr Moron where have u been Regina is on bail pending appeal for the same reason

  36. They must carry out the investigations ASAP and deal with who ever is guilty., but why leave it for too long.

  37. #24 Xioto mudala ulishani,howz life in the diaspora,You see pa zed balipaya student radicalism,ichi VIVU chalipwa mudala,not those days wen we used to endure teargases.Otherwise you are right these are some of the issues,students from UNZA and CBU should demonstrate over,not only BC.

  38. RB has director Ministry of Finance and National Planning to release funds to carry out these investigations!? Some more plundering here. Do they need funds to fish out documents, queeze these guys or retrieve bank statements etc? This is another day light robbery that is coming. Unless we are told exactly what this millions or billions will be intended for. As usual mu Governments its allowances forever. Awe sure!

  39. #37 ZOE you know the trueth spill the beans mwana, from some post you made,it comfirmed some rumor i heard. kambabwino…

  40. Can some legal expert educate us on the process… iam not confotable with the commander in chief now being the chief prosecutor…. I may be interested in the process…

  41. Good show RB
    Arrest them.Including Sata if he is found wanting as rummur has it.
    Arrest Mmembe on Zambian Airways if found wanting
    Arrect Katele if found wanting
    Come on arrest yourself for publicly dishing out sugar in chipata ,if at all anyone can find you guity

    But Please PARDON chiluba if found with a case as he did alot for this lovely country.

  42. At last. Where is the Permanent Secretary who was there then? Arrest him even if he is at another Ministry now.

  43. So what Mabenga said is very true; the police and other agencies will only act when the president says so. How independent/ impartial/professional are these agencies? Is this particular case not the kind in which the stable door is locked after the horse has bolted?
    It is disheartening to have such a lethargic anti-economic offences agencies.

  44. Am very disappointed with the calibre of some comments here! Only three comments out the posted 68, are making sense! the rest are totally useless!dont just comment, for the sake of it!

  45. Hi Zoe, uli shani? Where is Baby C? I hope she has not been banned. I miss her contributions.
    Just a question bloggers, has anyone converted K10 billion to Euros/Dollars? Is it equivalent to € 20 million or less? I was never good at maths, that’s why I became a philosopher… Lol!

  46. #73 sam, Indeed… and your comment actually makes you like the very people who you’re criticising. You, like they (and myself), have an emotional investment in the blogg. Our egos are wrapped up in our comments. We say what we feel and others feel what we say…are you with me?

  47. I am still not comfortable with Chiluba patronising state house. He trained most of those thieves. And why should a car thief be denied bail while someone who has gotten himself with 10bil walks this planet free

  48. LCC, I think you are either deranged or you are drunk. Whom are you addressing? Check the messages you goonk before you utter words, shmeggygy!!!

  49. Paragraph 1 of this article reads …raided the Ministry of Health headquaters in Lusaka to forcefully remove 20 employees…

    Why forcefully removing them? You know them. I thought they were supposed to be arrested. Why are they being given chance to bury their tracks? These guys are experts in stealing. Books have been cooked and by the time they will make arrests, there will be no names attached to the amount stolen. Soon the police will be chasing ghosts.

  50. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  51. those who stole might be saying their prayers at the prospect of being found out. wow unto you as your dubiously acquired wealth now stares at you with the wrath of the many Zambians whom through your greed have lost their lives. shame on you, shame on you!!!

  52. This story is very amusing. Police swing into action to forcibly remove suspended MoH workers from their offices and search vehicles leaving the premises. What were all those suspended workers doing at the MoH in the first place, were they not served suspension letters to be showing up for work as though everything was normal??? Or were they served their letters immediately preceding forceful eviction? Or perhaps the presence of the police was the MoH’s method of informing them of their suspensions. Whatever the case, the entire episode is a complete joke, especially when enforcement agencies have to obtain authority from the president to carry out functions that they are mandated to do.

  53. shame to those who stole the amount in question. you must be having sleepless nights as beds cannot contain your greed. those who have had died in hospitals because of lack of drugs must be shouting to their God for justice. shame on you!!

  54. Olympia Extension Chick!, you hit the nail on the head! Exactly the point I have been making all along also!! It seems Zambian law enforcement and security agencies only respond to directives from the head of state. They never seem to initiate anything on their own! I don’t quite understand why these people still remain in their jobs being paid by Zambian taxpayers!

  55. CONT’D…From the Inspector-General down to the lowest constable; and everyone of them, the Army, Air Force, ACC, Task Force, Intelligence, you name it, they all have turned into political footballs for the president and the MMD leaders to kick in any direction they desire! Not too long ago, all these institutions had been liberated from the bondage of political manipulation and we all thought they would maintain that professionalism. Boy, were we wrong!!

  56. I challenge anyone to name me one, just ONE Zambian institution that is not CORRUPT today!!! From State House down! Army, Police, ACC, Air Force, ZNS, Intelligence, government-controlled “Churches” and every single government Ministry! So the investigation of the one Ministry, Health, is just mere grandstanding! The task is bigger than any single president in Zambia today. You need to start the investigations from State House itself.

  57. Zambian Minister in Waiting, you are right on the money. Mwanawasa did take some steps to instill a sense of discipline and self-restraint amongst public officers. His institution of the task force (though suspiciously motivated) is an example, although, he would have done even better in my opinion, by having the task force operate under the umbrella of existing investigative arms (coordinated efforts with DEC and ACC). Long story short, for as long as these agencies are not fully supported by ensuring their autonomy and giving them sufficient funding to implement their functions, then we should expect to see more flying monkeys, clowns, entertainers on unicycles, people jumping through burning hoops etc… Welcome to the Zambian Circus.

  58. Well said Olympia Extension Chick!

    RB has only taken action after some donors pulled out and equally the police have only taken action after the president says so. what a joke!

    There is something very wrong about this whole issue and I doubt if this case will be solved properly.

  59. Contd from 89: I must also say that I would have felt even more encouraged by the work of the task force had they been given a broader mandate as opposed to focusing on the period of Chiluba’s reign. Mwanawasa would have done even better if he had allowed the task force to operate in both Agencies (DEC and ACC) targeting public sector officials at all levels of government.

  60. Olympia Extension Chick!, I’m with you. It could have been the greatest show on earth! If it wasn’t so tragic!!

  61. #92, Zambian Minister in Waiting, I could not have put it any better myself. It should be obvious to ba Bwezani and his advisers that donors will not put their money into programs that are full of holes as is the case of MoH. That is like trying to fill up a bucket with a big hole at the bottom. Conducting investigations and suspending/firing people is only a fraction of the solution, the bigger and more challenging issue is, how do you permanently seal the big hole at the bottom of your bucket? Donors are not interested in sob stories about the RB throwing his weight around and being seen to take action, they are more interested in knowing the measures that are being taken to ensure that this type of theft is minimized as much as possible, if not completely eliminated.

  62. Lusaka Times, glad you took my advice to put the story on the front page (Headlines).

    We thank the Zambian Police and other cooperating bodies for taking action against the suspects. We thank them for forcibly removing them from the ministry before shred any evidence.

    We also thank the AG’s office and the ACC for unraveling this corrupt scandal. The RB administration is serious about the fight against corruption. This is why the head of state ordered an audit of all ministries in govt. The RB govt has also convicted more criminals found guilty of corruption than any other administration.

    Keep up the work. We shall catch them once the investigations are complete and govt machinery shall pounce on them.

  63. This has been a good display of efforts by the cops and very impressive. If only they could do this on their own accord without having to wait for directives from president RB. We want to see more of these immoral plunderers facing the law. I bet every last m#th##F##k## in these government departments is dreading the day someone blows the whistle. You’re all going to go down you c#ck-s#cking bandits.

  64. # 84.Free Markt Econ, I admire your support for the RB govt, I only wish that I could be as optimistic as you are about RB’s seriousness concerning the fight against corruption. The primary function of the AG’s Office is to carry out audits of public institutions including all govt agencies/depts and/or ministries and to bring their findings to the attention of the PAC of Parley. Ideally, PACs should be mandated to make recommendations and have enforcement agencies (ACC, DEC police etc) act on these recommendations. The entire system is supposed to be well coordinated and in its strictest sense, would not involve a Head of State. RB’s involvement in this matter only shows a complete absence of a working system and if that shows his seriousness about corruption then I am definitely…

  65. Contd from 97. If that shows RB’s committment to fighting corruption, then I am definitely worried.

  66. Sorry I meant to respond to Free Market Economist’s comment at #94 and not 84 as indicated.

  67. I wonder whether Zambia will ever he led by a righteous man…Not judging but everyone of our former leaders has been implicated in some scam or another.From UNIP to the current govt.

  68. Free Market Economist is an ardent admirer of RB’s leadership. Give credit where it is due, for example today’s raid on the ministry of health is an excellent display of seriousness in the fight against corruption and misappropriation of funds. If you’re a civil servant and you committed these selfish acts 5-10 years ago, the law will surely visit you. You will be found out and exposed. Now is a good time to start forging passports and hide in the nearest forsaken country.
    Free Market Economist at #94, you’re right on that one, that more people have been arrested and found guilty under RB’s leadership, but I think it’s Mwanawasa’s initiative to fight corruption bearing fruit.

  69. I am now beginning to doubt some people on here! Kaleza! How can one say the RB government has convicted more criminals than any other administration? Surely this is beyond blind loyalty!

    RB has only being in power 6 months why should he take the plaudits for something he found already in motion? Guys this kind of bootlicking is beyond annoying. If such a person was near, one feels like dropping a sledge hammer on them. All these cases were started by LPM, yet the one and most important is still dragging.

    People any chance this plonker was in UNIP? I remember having questions about why it has taken the enitre president to talk about this and why it took so long for this to come to the fore! Alas we have been threatened by Holland!

    Olympia Extension Chick I agree with you and we…

  70. contd. Olympia Extension Chick I agree with you and we talked about this last week I think. I have seen a few wums jumping about. To be honest the whole thing is more suspicious to me. Just by the police going in to force people out is scary. Shows where we are.

    Which i d i o t would sit and wait for the president to go Livingstone, lift the lid, then go to Malawi and come back without doing anything in terms of destroying evidence? Right, so cars were searched? “Tools”! Even my nanny would have chewed the evidence with her artificial gnashers!

    The whole thing leaves me more worried for my country than before.

  71. A good start indeed!! It would even be better if the government got serious with the job of eliminating the enabling environment that is making crimes of this sort thrive. A fever is usually a symptom of a much serious ailment, and Zambia at the moment is running a really high fever in the way public funds are being managed. What we have been witnessing lately are simply symptoms of a much serious cancer in our Zambian civil service and government. It is about time we started treating the causes rather than symptoms. And the diagnosis is simple: Leaky systems of how public monies are managed and spent. Plug ‘them’ holes up, GRZ!!!

  72. When will these heartless animals in the disguise of Civil Servants be paraded at Independence Stadium for every Zambian to stone them? Women and children are dying needlessly because of a few

  73. looks like miss Dambisa is right after all..Turn off the aid taps, that’s when our government will ‘salapuka’ I hope more donors will withdraw their aid programs, maybe the pain that will come with that is the final straw we need to endure before getting onto a more sane path to development. meanwile i hope the scum in MOH will be cleaned out by this investigation

  74. Iam not in the business of flattery but quick to call a spade a spade.To me,Olympia Extension Chick,you are one of the most valuable female bloggers.Whenever you write something to the blog,its of substance and you do not speak from without.Even when you are not abreast with the topic at hand,you are not shy to learn.In short,you are not petty and that is a virtue in you that is admirable.Continue paving the way for female bloggers coz i feel we need more of you.

  75. This should be an eye opener to us Zambians that more that k10Billion is stolen by each individual at all Government ministries.Many people should be investigated for this mess.If an official from the ministry can steal this much, What can stop RB’s ministers steal K3OBillion each.Politics of poverty pa Zed

  76. This is pathetic. They’ve been sitting on their arses waiting for someone to tell them to do their job. They move in 3 weeks after the story broke. The MoH culprits have had all this time to remove evidence. Watch and see how this case will fall flat on its face in court. The mindset of Zedian civil servants needs to seriously change. They need to understand their job descriptions and do their work without waiting for the Presido to tell them. And the Presido does not need to wait for public pressure to intensify before taking action. The whole system is rotten to the core.

  77. We need a good job, not the task force’s snail pace. We need Donors to save us from this devils. Well done donors atleast try to continue with other ministries.

  78. No. 111, absolutely. You see even us are now contaminated to the point where this will go on until the country turns into Somalia. What we need to do is to begin to prepare a rot free generation by creating schools where kids must begin to learn about corruption and its effects in grade 1 up until they get to tertiary education level. Once we graduate the first class, they will then begin to replace the old generation and us making sure that the rot does not contaminate them. We are absolutely sick and maybe this one could just be one of the solutions. Also, replacing these deranged chaps with new and fresh college or university graduates without experience could be another.

  79. The thieves should have used part of the loot to rehabilitate Chimbokaila prison because sooner or later the prisons will be full of these guys

  80. Is it the ACC who uncovered the scam or what. Rumour has it that its actually Kapoko’s girlfriend who spilled the beans when she caught him cheating on her. This scam would have gone unnoticed if it was not the girlfriend.
    Our system is weak.Why not extend investigations to other ministries as well

  81. Whoever discovered the scam, this is animalism at its best. My tax money was stolen just like that. This is why Jerry Rolings paraded them infront of a firing squad. This would be justifiable and who condemns Jerry up to today. No one.

  82. enough of of the going round in circles, what is the ex ps in MOH doing at science and techinology? this is a tip of the iceberg, the big fishes are let loose to plunder the economy more, they have deep roots to the president. Look at Dora siliya partying with Rb In livingstone.

  83. #121. good observation. What of the hugging of the Chief Justice by FTJ. The Merry making of FTJ and RBB. The freelance convict Regina always out of the country on GRZ pedium(the only prisoner who flies out of the country). uhmmmmm,uh!!! We shal await the judgement from the Deputy Registrar of the Ndola High Court sitting as Migistrate in Lusaka Jones Chinyama. I smell a big RODDENT

  84. ‘The girl was home with her mother when the accident occurred Monday. Tyson was not in Phoenix at the time, but was shown on television arriving at the hospital later that day. The former world heavyweight champion has six children by several different women.’

    Is it possible to have six children with several different women or with six other women? Our jounalists,uh, they are alet down

  85. #122, you catch my drift, everything stinks, these crooks are as bad as each other, FJT is a free man as far as the dodgy courts are concerned. look at his mistress. They stage fake proscutions to hood wink all of us ati Iboma lilebomba, only God almight is a God if justice, we pray he will answer to the poor zambians prayer and cries, twalema na akawalala aba!

  86. dont shift attention to Henry K. we still want you explain the Dora saga. Dont think we have forgoten.Banda and your Dora days are numbered. For other people you bring ba police quickly but that never happened to your girl freind Dora. We are watching you big time and ci Teta.

  87. ZambianAirways Frenzy now silent, Dora Silya Saga slowly quitening and now the 10B noise! Mulampapusha. If it involved someone from Kalingalinga, by now he could be in Chimbokaola. Alla bonse nimwe bakabolala. When Mwanawasa was puported to have been sick in france when he was already dead. RB was frequenting his farm please go and search what he was busy stocking at his chipata farm. Theman uncertain weather he was going to have his job back or otherwise. Twalimishiba!

  88. On April 5, 2007 some paper reported that Auditor General Anna Chifungula had differed the previous day with Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr Simon Miti over accountability in the ministry when the two appeared before the PAC. The difference occurred when Dr Miti disputed most of observations of financial irregularities in the Auditor General’s report and tried to defend the alleged financial misappropriations in his ministry.

    Chifungula, on the other hand, maintained that accountability in the Ministry of Health left much to be desired and that Dr Miti did not always co-operate with her office in answering audit queries and providing the necessary documentation. Dr Miti disputed this and clearly, Chifungula was not amused.

  89. cont.
    That’s how the PAC resolved to invite Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Joshua Kanganja to intervene in these misunderstandings between Chifungula and Miti. All this happened before members of the press. And this incident was widely covered in the national media.

    Dr Miti welcomed the PAC’s decision because the relationship between his office and that of Chifungula was not good and he did not want to “wash dirty linen in public”.

    On the other hand, Chifungula has maintained that there is nothing personal or private between herself and Dr Miti. All she is interested in is for Dr Miti to answer to her audit queries. She says the issue of washing dirty linen in public should not arise because that is her duty if public funds are to be protected.

  90. cont.
    It is from this background that Kanganja last Friday appeared before the PAC. Surprisingly, the PAC decided to hold its sitting in camera on a matter that had already generated high public interest.

    Here we are talking about accountability for public funds, not Chifungula’s or Miti’s personal funds. Surely, isn’t the public entitled to know how this difference between Chifungula and Dr Miti is resolved? Why should Kanganja be heard in camera when the issues he is clarifying are already in public domain?
    Probably with this in view and a little history, we will be able to understand how MoH has been run and who dropped the ball. There’s a crime syndicate at this ministry that does not just involve small chaps, but big bosses too. I believe Dr. Chituwo knows everything.

  91. OH yes am one of the people supposed to get my arrears worked for more than 2years without pay in the ministry of health up to now has not got my really pains me to hear people stealing while i was busy serving alot of lives and not given what is due to me God will punish evil doers.I really dont know wheather i am going to get this money.when going back to the hospital i worked for I was given only 1million kwacha and told to be waitng for the grant it has been a year now waiting.Am thinking of taking legal action now so that the truth can come out.Its now close to 4years since i left the country.people should learn to be honest and give what is due to others,am very bitter about this because i really worked hard for this money.

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