UNICEF to continue supporting the health sector


unicefThe United Nations Children Education Fund, UNICEF, has pledged continued logistical and technical support towards the implementation of UN supported programmes in the ministry of health.

The UN agency has, however, advised government to strengthen the financial systems in the ministry of health to avoid a recurrence of the K10 billion scam.

Speaking in an interview in Choma today, UNICEF country representative, Lotta Sylwander, said the UN agency will continue with its programme of cash transfers in which it directly pays for specific activities and programmes.

Ms Sylwander said some of the activities that will receive support include training of midwives, procurement of drugs, child health week and nutritional programmes.

She disclosed that UNICEF has this year staked US$22 million for various programmes in the country.

She said government needs to strengthen financial systems to ensure donor funds are utilised to meet the intended objectives.

She said Zambia like other countries should be cognizant of the fact that donor funds are tax payers’ money, which should be properly accounted for.

Ms Sylwander, who led a team of Swedish UNICEF volunteers on a visit to Siamambo and Masopo basic schools where UNICEF has been promoting the integrated latrines and other sanitation facilities, said the UN agency is committed to implementing various programmes aimed at improving learning in schools.

And authorities at the two rural schools located in Chief Singani’s area told Ms Sylwander that they have recorded tremendous improvements in school enrolments due to the provision of improved latrines and other sanitation facilities at the institutions.

Acting headteacher for Siamambo basic school, Catherine Hamasowe, said the school population which was previously at 350 pupils had now risen to 629 pupils.

”The dropout rate has even gone down as all children want to be in school. The good latrines are attracting the children to come back to school,” she said.

Ms Hamasowe said most parents are now encouraging their children to go to school.

She, however, said the institution is still facing the challenge of poor accommodation for teachers as all the 22 teachers have to share the only three staff houses available.

And a teacher at Masopo basic school, Alvin Macha, said the institution appreciates the support from UNICERF which had seen a reduction in disease such as diarrhea due to good sanitation facilities.

Ms Sylwander is today expected to visit Chief Macha’s area, where UNICEF has been implementing the Community Led Total Sanitation Programme.



  1. UNICEF is an intergral part of our poor health sytem and their withdrawal can be felt like a death penalty.Now it is incumbent upon our Govt to hear the cries of the donors i.e mete out Justice on Kapoka and make sure all loopholes are dealt with and make any reccurence of Kapoka scandal impossible.Try to instil confidence in our civil service for once.

  2. I am happy UNICEF is not pulling out because that would have meant many innocent people were going to lose out on the assistance that this organisation provides because of a few selfish individuals.

  3. Where was Dr Simon Miti when the funds “were growing legs”. The PS is the Custodain of All funds in the Ministry and nowhere has his name been mentioned. Could some with information please share!!

  4. UNICEF cannot pull out as it is not part of the basket funding process like most of the Scandinavian countries. What UNICEF and WHO does is to fund specific activities being carried out by the Ministry. eg Training of Traditional Birth Attendants, UNICEF will organize this training workshop and pay transport and per diem to facilitators and participants. The Money does not go to the Ministry of Health account per se.

  5. I would rather all donors to min. of.health emulate UNICEF coz it gives directly to the people involved. Viva UNICEF.

  6. # 10, 1984 I was just trying to differentiate betwenn UNICEF and other donors. UNICEF does not put money in the basket for disbursment to Districts on a monthly basis. Yes in some cases it may send money to the Ministry for specific programmes like the Child Health Week. These programmes and very specific and time bound. Ministry of Health is not only a recepient of UNICEF as MoE does too. By the way I am not a UNICEF spokesman I just happend to work with one of the District health Boards at one point.

  7. I know we are all laughing about this 10billion scandal, but this is very serious. This might deter other donors from helping the needy in Zed, i feel very sad.

  8. I am afraid cos the other donors might take their funds else where, cos the trust in Zed might be lost.

  9. OMG
    why not just kill those who steal billions
    stealing from the HEALTHY MINISTRY is like killing many people
    i propse no life sentence but instance death
    are ta say you do.gs
    dont blame me
    u dont know me
    my mother was sick en nobody helped wen some one was stealing money
    you all will rot in hell

  10. #17Abigail Malama, i didnt know you had that dark side in you girl , please do another one for the thieves,

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