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Police pick up Dr. Simon Miti

Health Feature Health Police pick up Dr. Simon Miti

Former ministry of health permanent secretary Simon Miti leaving the Zambia Police Service headquarters.
Former ministry of health permanent secretary Simon Miti leaving the Zambia Police Service headquarters.
Police have picked up former Health Permanent Secretary,

Dr. Simon Miti to help with investigations into the financial scandal at the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Miti, who is now Science and Technology Permanent secretary, was picked up Saturday morning for questioning at police headquarters in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

Police Spokesperson Bonny Kapeso has confirmed the development.

Investigations have intensified in the K10 billion scam at the ministry of health with 32 people now sent on forced leave.

Secretary to the Cabinet, Joshua Kanganja has confirmed that the 32 officers have been written to.

Dr. Kanganja said cabinet office will not suspend any officers until the probe is completed.

The Secretary to the Cabinet said there will be need to take administrative action against the officers implicated in the scam once investigations have been completed.

And in another development K4 billion released by the ministry of health last year for completing the construction of Shangombo District Hospital, has been diverted to unrelated activities by the western province administration.

This has enraged Sinjembela Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika.

Mr. Mubika says the Shangombo district hospital project that was started in 2004 has remained a white elephant for five years.

Mr. Mubika says critically ill patients suffering from Tuberculosis and those on Anti Retro Viral drugs continue to be inconvenienced by travelling to Senanga district to access the drugs.

He has called on Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao to ensure that the K3 billion budgeted for this year is not diverted.

The incomplete Shangombo district hospital project also includes construction of 14 staff houses, but only 6 have been completed.



  1. I hope he has nothing to do with it. Knowing him as executive director of ndola central hospital, he was a very humble and seemingly honest man.

  2. Ichisungu at “Strike the hammer when the iron is hot”. We need the govt to get to the bottom of this without ukuposa inshita. Let us get convition quickly. Not ati we take five years otherwise that is just denied. Bat Miti and friends must face music to send a message kuli bonse bakabolala.

  3. Maureen naena emwali.chi mayo chilya chalikwatishe sana amaka ukuchila na ba levy.it is alledged that chakwata 48billion muli ka first alliance bank .elyo uyu chikamba simon miti he was so arrogant ba levy nabena balemu diffender.

  4. In another development, No way of Lusakatimes has extended his blogging to Zambianwatchdog.com.
    No way, a hard fighting patriot of the mother land is highly critical of corrupt leaders, poor leadership skills, lack of common sense, just to name a few.
    Watch this space.


  6. #4 musimbi,
    I feel sorry for you.so you trust that man because he appeared to be a humble when he was where ever you used to see him.the man is a con.he is a looter a plunderer he is all sorts of evil and he is filthy rich.his habits stinck.you should create an interest in following the sittings of the PARLIAMENTARY ACCOUNTS COMMITEE headed by the ever green luena mp chrispin milupi and you will see how these perm secs fumble nibakabwalala bonse.
    Simon miti was so arrogant that even the auditor general could not touch her.na ba levy was siding with him
    Am sure ka FTJ must be having his last laugh going by how he used to treat him each time he wanted to go out for treatment.

  7. #10 Akapondo, you know how it is, we all judge people from the little that we know about them. I used to meet him because he was my late brothers boss, my brother was a Doc at ndola central hospital in the early 90s. The story says he was picked up for question and not that he has been found guilty, so let’s wait for charges to be brought against him, so the courts can try him.


  9. Is it that corruption has become more rampant in Zed or that the anti-corruption commisiion is working a lot more effective in exposing corruption or both..any pls?

  10. Lusaka Times, Zambian Watchdog beat you to it concerning these stories.

    Last time I advised you that you are becoming slow in your reporting and now people are running to the Zambian Watchdog to get their scoops.

    My advise to you, wake up and bring breaking news before your competitors.

  11. I believe that 99% of Zambians in high positions are criminals. Since MMD came in power Zambia is about ( SANGWAPO ) and F…..the masses. . Botton line it’s about them enjoying the national cake not saving the masses. This K27B is just a tip of the iceburg.

  12. But you chaps know how to steal, were the whole department is enjoying, not just one person.
    Jobs in GRZ are seen as a means to wealth. It is a problem were some one amases wealth beyond his means.

  13. #20 LT don’t get distracted by useless characters like 20 who think zambia is only politics and breaking news. Otherwise you are doing fine and give us a balanced view of what is happening in Zambia and am able to follow the progress about Kalampa in division one north here and see some picture of life back home. I can’t get that anywhere.

    VIva Nkana and keep it up LT and abash one dimension view of zambia

  14. About time too, what took them this long? There is just no way so much money can go missing under his nose and he know nothing about it? Finally they are now getting the hang of things. I knew it was just a matter of time before the big fish got hooked on the fish rod. These guys have been living like “R & B Rappers” in zed. Finally the long arm of the law has got them.

  15. #24 Soccer fan Number 7. I do not see any problem in the advice FME is giving LT. There are other things which even I have aired for LT to take note of such as simple typos or mis-spellings. Much as they seem small, if added up end up frustrating ones reading. So, I think it is a well intended advice which FME is giving LT.

  16. Now things are getting into shape. The investigating authority seems to know what they are doing. Lets see what next!!

  17. These people are heartless and selfish. These are the self-made rich, making the gap between the rich and the poor more wider.. their richness sorely from other peoples sweat and that belongs to other people. Please do not bail out these culprits…

  18. # 29 I hope you are good.I beg to differ with you on “self-made rich”.Self-made only applies to those that use legal and honest means as well as their own hardwork and stealing is NOT part of it.
    Its time this Dr cleared himself and should equally be sent on forced leave.K 10 billion is too big an amount not to involve him.Kapoko is just a pawn though he too should face th wrath of the law.


  20. I wonder how many more heads will roll because it seems this corruption is endemic amongst people holding positions of responsibility. Stealing from the poor and then fronting the wealth as if it’s hard earned is diabolical. This is a personal and systematic problem that needs sorting out because these people in public office seem to think their jobs are lining their pockets at the expense of the taxpayer.

  21. Thieves thieves thieves thieves please catch all of them. They have killed us, robbed us of precious lives. They have had no mercy on the poor and the sick. They have stollen everything. they have taken our the little we had. Theives thieves thieves, you have no mercy. May justice prevail.

  22. Ba #31, Sorry I meant self-made rich out of other people expenses. I welcome people who are rich through honesty and integrity. Not these thieves.. Sorry, I did not phrase my sentiments well.

  23. And honestly speaking. How can a Ministry misappropriate such a huge and colossal amount of money guiltlessly/shamelessly as if its only 2 Ngwee? No one smelled a rat when they saw their neighbours living a different type of life style from normal?? for how long has this been going on??.. Please probe other Ministies too, there is more to these stories..

  24. MUSIMBI,
    Wake up and stand up to reality.this miti thing might even have deprived your hard working brother of some priviledges he rightly deserved in his duty because of greed.M.H.S.R.I.P we are not just waffling what we are telling is true.this man led a cartel of plunderers.do you always have to get it from the post to believe.

  25. The only effective way to kill a snake is hammering the head – In this case Dr. Simon Miti who was at Min. of Health when all this was going on.

  26. no 38, you are right by saying that the snake should be hammered at the head. the only problem is that the head is not Simon Miti. The other big guys involved in this are Rupiah himself, a former first lady (whom i assume is Maureen), etc. Read the post, zambianwatchdog too. Apparently Rupiah’s imagine builders during last year’s elections were lodged at BEST HOME LODGE. Then the campaign team was paid by MOH! So MMD has been abusing govt funds through MOH. MOH has accounts at First Alliance Bank and coincidentally a former first lady is keeping 47 billion there! so as Tetamashimba is saying the ‘mother’ of all corruption will be revealed!

  27. LT your actions are not honest. It is actually an infringement of rights for you to blog my last 3 comments in which there was nothing out of the norm. I will not take such aggression from your side lying down.
    My advice to you was simply to step up your reporting ability and compete with Zambian Watch Dog.com
    Naturally bloggers will run away from your site if this type of play continues. Please display my honest comments to the readers on the forum. You’re supposed to fight with with your competition and not with innocent bloggers.

  28. #39 Thank you for the enlightenment. Maureen went on massive shopping sprees whenever she was in New York and the people at the embassy there only disclosed this once Mwanawasa died. This culture of not speaking up when we see theft by public servants must stop. Even Dora mentioned Maureen and so far nothing has been done by that allegation.

  29. no 41. you are right, we need to stop this culture of worshipping people just because they are in statehouse! that woman had made supplying the govt a monopoly. who in lusaka doesnt know she used to supply all the ministries. perhaps only the defence forces, i dont think she got complex enough to supply arms! but otherwise all govt business was hers. she became too powerful as first lady. she did so many things. i think the truth will come out now. the only problem is that no one is dragging her to court the way Chiluba, Regina and Company are paying dearly for stealing! Anyway, time will tell. Let us remain vigilant as Zambians or else these people will suck us dry!

  30. owe mayo ye! after all the Kapoko publicity its actually RB and his image builders implicated in the 10billion scam.. those that were accusing Sata retract…. MMD even wrote their speeches from Best Home Lodges…. baka keni bafi kala…. Chi RB naiwe kuya bebele 2011!

  31. #37 Akapondo, listen, you need to wake up and not me, excuse you. I do not believe in hear say, but facts. Provide me with facts about the plundering he committed and i will agree with you. In the meantime, i will wait for him to be found guilty by the rightful authorities and not just blog emotionally as though he has done something to me directly.
    I believe in the rule of law and if he is found guilty then i will condemn him. You have been knowing about his misdeeds and have not come up with any facts…i challenge you to tabulate all his misdeeds and prove to me that he actually is responsible for your allegations!

  32. Nafuluka ba Cutey bandi nemwine.Mulishani ba Steven nanikane? Ala pa Zambia bwafya,people are languishing in abject poverty and some characters are stealing billions. This really pains me,the only solution is to kick out these mmd thugs out of government and bring a leader with a heart for the people.If the civil servants want increaments and the government say they dont have money who can believe them.What a bunch of jockers we have for leaders in Zambia.

  33. The solution to all this missery that the Zambian people have been subjected to is pabwato.Bonse bane kwingila fye mubwato.Nine Chale nimubwato, akapondo nimubwato,Ba Stevens/Cutey ni mubwato, Noway nimubwato, Abigail pabwato, jamaco pabwato, Matworld Pabwato,Nora Pabwato,Luapula Fish pabwato, shaka pabwato,Ba Daisy pa bwato,Mwana lisa Syndrome Pabwato and others nimwmukolo fela.

  34. God answers prayer, people are praying for God to shake our nation and expose and remove every evil and wickedness. Innocent underpriveledged people cannot continue suffering for the greediness and corruptness of those in various leadership,management and influential positions. Enough is enough , they can hide from the eyes of Zambians but not from the eyes of God. Every one who has missappropriated funds, incompetent in their job and is there due to corruption nepostism or tribalism brace yourselves for a shake up and more exposure. There is a God in heaven and he cares for the poor Zambians who have suffered innocently,God has heard their cry just like the Israelites cried to God in Egypt and he came through for them. Those that can pray please pray for God to expose all

  35. Those that can pray please pray for God to expose all of them and for them to have no peace until they return Zambia’s wealth like Zachaues in the bible returned what he had stolen. God bless Zambia

  36. Pipo, I know Maureen is not that dumb as to keep k47 billion in first alliance. As for Dr Miti he will not be “found anything”. I personally refuse to get excited about this hullabaloo because it is a bluff.

  37. Zambia is a very rich country not even the President of the USA gets such a salary, the annual salary of a US President is $400 thousand annually (yearly) which equates roughly to 2 billion annually(Kwacha).Reason i am using the USA president as an example is that he manages over 300 million people and there are results in terms of development to show case his work. Now this $27 billion scam which is amongst one of the many more scams in our country equates to roughly $5.4 million (dollars) and no president in the developed countries gets such an annual salary , it would take them almost 14 years to make such money as a President of a developed country and we have been crying that Zambia is a poor country. No, Zambia is a very rich country , it’s resources have just been abused because…

  38. Lord Jesus we thank you for using the donors to bring accountability to our country through the pressure they have exercised on our Govt,may you continue to open more doors that we have not imagined of to bring accountability in our nation. We thank you that you care for the suffering Zambians who do not have a voice to speak out against every form of oppresion that happens in our country but have just been taken advantage of. We thank you that no stone will remain unturned because you are the one who is fighting the battle for the underpriveledged in Zambia. You have heard their cry and you are coming down to intervene divinely .God bless Zambia.

  39. #51 New Zambia, most of the money plundered is from donor communities, i don’t know how that makes zed rich. JMO.

  40. contd from 51 No, Zambia is a very rich country , it’s resources have just been abused because Zambians have not known their civic and constitutional rights to exercise them and hold the Govt of the day accountable. In fact by God’s miracle we need an audit in every ministry and NGO so that we can have the totals and understand how rich Zambia is.God bless Zambia

  41. I just noticed Dr. Miti’s expression in the picture – That of a dog caught with the family’s steak in his mouth

  42. Dalitso if the Donor money is used efficiently it can generate more wealth because it’s supposed to supplement the annual Zambian Budget which should be targeted to productivity.We all know it’s not just the donor money that has scams around it but the Zambians Tax payers money too and they always go scot free because Zambians do not stand up and hold them accountable. It had to take the pressure from the donors for us to see the radical steps that are being taken now. You can imagine if every Zambian’s voice was as powerful as the Donor’s voice, Zambia was going to be very far in development, i am very sure Zambia would be part of the developed countries.As Zambians we can only blame ourselves for allowing such rot in our country by our passiveness .God bless Zambia.


  44. Bamambala have stolen a lot of money kwena. My question is: is this money going to be recovered? And if atleast 20% is recovered, is it going to be used on some of the intended programms? Kwena balitumpa sana.

  45. So accoding to the Zambian Watchdog a former first lady has been implicated in this scandal. No names have been mentioned…Shall we speculate, therefore? Vera? Maureen? Betty? Regina?

  46. #59 regina has never been first lady…its good that this is coming out in the open but im worried with the way it has comeout,after such publicity surrounding the 10b zmk,the amounts contuinues to go up while more people are getting involved, i see a situation where people like TETA just use this chance to talk rubbish,and over shadow the investigations.the trueth will not be told to zambians but the likes of TETA will use this as a chance to get at those in opposition camps.i dont like the way he brings out infor and it gives power to speculations and people often conclude based on rumors.the case are judged by street courts and not the courts of law.it is very clear that the first lady he is talking about is maureen and chooses to call her mother of all corruption, he needs to learn PR.

  47. besides let TETA live the anouncements of these cases to be done by ACC,DEC,TASK FORCE,POLICE and who ever is responsible.he should also desist from releasing information prematurely… abakalamba bamo amano yanono

  48. finally, Miti,waikatwa, justice is done. Please arrest every one involved twanaka na bapompwe aba! where is his best friends, the likes of victor Mukonka, yhhey too must have gotten their share of the loot. see you in prison. Nga maureen mwanawasa? no wonder miti said he lived next door to state house.

  49. Ha ha, who is washing dirty linen in public now? is it the auditor general or Dr miti? Hats off to Anne chifungula, she is a woman of substance!

  50. Thanks supergirl @60 and 61. Silly me to have thought Reginahad been 1st lady. Anyone with data out there on which of the two former 1st ladies is implicated, holla! Doubt it’s Betty but you never know. Vera? Maureen?

  51. I only wish the people engaged in national plunder and corruption can realize one thing; not only does stealing or corruption affect the victim of the crime, but also destroys the humanity and character of the thief. In some parts of the world, these people would be blacklisted for life. They would never work in government again! It would even be harder for them to operate in their private lives after doing some serious time in prison, but not in Zambia. The worst they can expect is a stint in court, post bail, and then less than five years in jail, if that, and off they go, back to doing business as usually. In certain Asian cultures, people (leaders) commit suicide out of shame if they are at all accused of corruption or public malfeasants. Case in point: Last week South Koreans were bur

  52. continued from #66

    Case in point: Last week South Koreans were burying, or is it cremating, their ex president (Roh Moo-Hyun) who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff because he was been investigated for corrupt practices when he was in office. The shame of it all drove him to killing himself. I realize that this may be just wishful thinking on my part, nonetheless, how I wish Zambians; especially leaders can get to a point; a point where they would rather kill themselves than engage in corruption and theft of public funds. That would be integrity my friends!! But in Zambia, leaders carry cases of corruption on their records like it is a “barge of honor”—something…

  53. continued from #67

    something to be proud of. I my view, a simple unforced resignation from office or government would go a long way in showing that they (leaders) at least have a conscious—a conscious that differentiates us humans from beasts in our national game parks. It is a shame that most civic leaders and politicians in Zambia have been blinded and, in many cases, have their conscious killed off altogether due to their misplaced sense of entitlement. Where are we headed to people!!!

  54. When are they picking up Miti’s former boss, Dr. Brian Chituwo? I refuse to believe Miti and Kapoko could have done such immence damage without that soldier knowing what was happening. iF HE DID NOT KNOW, IT’S THE WORST NEGLIGENCE OF DUTY.

  55. suspend him till the dust settles,let him be #33 of the workers put on forced leave.don’t be selective.since he’s appointed by RB,RB shud act just like forced kanganja to act on kapoko and the rest.
    plz extend these probes to provincial and district health centers,chaps have been feasting on “bloody” money,and time has come for them to back to pipo of zed.
    one question that keeps dinning in my head is;why was miti,chituwo,kapoko etc moved from the ministry,was someone trying to hide something,let’s wait and see?when those charged go to court,will see.

  56. It is better to invest billions of kwacha in establishing mechanisms that quickly detect the disappearance/misappropriation of govnt funds (no matter how small) than investing billions in investigations/prosecutions. Billions could be saved, accompanied by easy convictions.

  57. Now Simon Kamwendo Mitimbenge ( Zambian of Malawan origins) looks like Idi Amin. What is Teta Mashinshi going to say? That Dr. Mitimbenge channeled the loot to PF? Bwamba MMD what say you now?

  58. Miti was fighting the AG when confronted about the coooking of books at MoH. What was he trying to hide? What did he know and how much did he participate in all this? What did he and his Minister Chituwo sign off? Knowing how RB behaved on the Dora issue, I am not confident this RB govt will send anyone to jail until sued by private individuals. So, before we get happy about this development, we should watch how RB will react to this saga. Suddenly, the Mwanawasa govt appointees seem to have created a mess just as they were purporting to be a new deal govt. They were dealing.

  59. 1we musimbi,
    Yes,you keep on waiting for your miti to be found guilty for you to believe that he commited crimes against humanity by looting money meant to save people ‘s lives.i wouldn’t be suprised at the softspot you have for the man after all maybe when you used to go and see your brother at that time he was working with him you came in contact with him and he was generous to you in all areas.those of us who know what fortune is associated with this man and his relatives are baying for his blood.no apologies.ask any officer from the auditor general’s office just how this man used to impede the work of auditing his ministry.it’s on record.if he was sincere what was the fear.so it’s pay back time.just like his predicessor kashiwa bulaya even this miti thing will go in.

  60. Chabipafye ichakuti nama medical doctors nomba niba pompwe. Honestly how do explain a case where a doctor is accused of stealing money from his own ministry? It’s urgly and something has to be done. I wonder what percentage of budgetory allocation ends up being used on the inteded targets, if we have such rampant stealing of public funds. In the case of the diverted K4bn, who knows where it ended up. Dr Mithi is heartless and doesnt deserve being in a noble profession like medicine. Limbi ni bukabolala bwakufyalwa nabo. Who knows?

  61. Abena SIRTM,
    Akapondo kalitekanya sana manje nga kamona ba mbuli ifyo baduma money chilakakalipa.abena kapoko ni ba don na serious businessman ashalila.uyu Dr simon miti ena worse.you know lusaka or zambia rather has become a country where people are putting up amazing mansions driving weired vehicles but we know these people not to be in any serious business and you tend to ask yourselves weather these people have money printing machines in their homes or to them it falls like manna.but if you trail them you come to discover that they are connected to either a senior goverment official or they have a ka obscure company supplying goverment ministries.mudala our indicators as at now are that we are another nigeria in the making.

  62. I am surprised to see Zambian sons and daughters getting excited at this revealtion. However i wish to give you a bit of advise. This may vever get anywhere because. RICH THIEVES ARE NEVER IMPRISONED.
    Lately there was the issue of Chikankata and Mazabuka DHO. Tell me what has happened to these issues?
    Ni pa zed pano guys. lets be real.

  63. #78. You are very right. I don’t see this case going anywhere. People will just be acquitted and judges will be swimming in money. The law is for the poor. Zed nayonaika.

  64. MoH must be a hot spot…all PS’s after leaving that office go to the chucks, there must be some virus in that ministry…it needs a complete over haul, get fresh chaps altogether. i have a feeling more is yet to come…

  65. Man gets 16 years for stealing cell phone
    Written by Christopher Miti in Chipata
    THE Chipata magistrates court has sentenced a 22-year-old-man to 16 years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a cell phone worth K250,000 from a vehicle.
    Before magistrate Miriam Nachalwe was Patrick ‘Mbesuma’ Phiri of Mchini compound who was charged with theft from motor vehicle contrary to Section 276 (C) of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

    Phiri stole a Nokia cell phone from Florence Mwanza at Shoprite store in Chipata on February 22, 2009.

    Mwanza, who was the first prosecution witness, told the court that she went to Shoprite with her car registration No. ABK 7437 and that she did not want to have it cleaned but the accused insisted on cleaning it.

    She narrated…

  66. And some brainless politicians continue to advocate that only graduates should have access to state house. Whats the advantage of having graduates over non-graduates, please someone answer me. Am not against graduates because i can’t be against myself but we ll not go anywhere with praise singers like Teta, Mulongoti and Ronnie.

  67. Simon Miti is very arrogant. I remember him at Ndola Central Hospital. This man is a cheat. Why do people in Zambia like stealing, It is something I would never do….

  68. Lusaka Times has been compromised by Jere from state ,” blogger haven’t you noticed that they are reporting more on government happening and what the MMD are thinking about issues ,” when they started they were very objective and impartial . if you have noticed of late they are quick to release state house press statement and quick cover to Ronnie , Teta and Mike . I’m surprised that they have not even reported that the SCAM AT MOH is now standing at K27billion. Long live the post newspaper and Zambian watchdog. Bloggers lets boycotts this LT if they are seen to biased towards MMD. because this is actually the case now.

  69. #83,i was equally mauless when i read that article in the post.a kabova gets 16yrs with hard labour while ba some of us walk away with 4yrs for heartlessly pocketing billions.this is not justice,it is a total mess and circus of the highest degree.a poor character was supposed to be given some community punishment e.g. to go dig pit latrines at some community sch in chipata there instead of the 16yrs.are there lawyers on this blog?educate us for we see no justice pa zed esp when it comes to the so called rich thieves.

  70. pipo read today’s post and see how these thieves store the money.awarding contracts to their tuntemba companies.miti is suppose to go in without even wasting time.as a controlling officer he new about these dark corner contracts,and am certain he was a signatory to the MOH accounts as PS.if he did not know,he does not deserve to be a PS in any ministry.maybe he goes back to ndola to screen patients.but looking at the way zed treats ba some of us,nothing will happen to him,and resigning is the last thing fo most zed pipo.
    now what about the procurement committees or tender boards at MOH,honestly,how do they allow such things to go unnoticed involving billions of kwacha?..awe yu can cry this country!!!!!

  71. Dalitso @ #51, never under-estimate the s.t.u.p.i.d.i.t.y of people. You will be surprised the things that supposedly “intelligent” people will do. Just like like LT who now seem hell-ebnt on defending the MMD by filtering even slightest criticism of rupiah by using s.i.l.l.y filters!

  72. It’s not Dr. Miti of MMD. Police are mistaken. It is PF and Sata’s nephew”, barked one Tetamashimba.

    “The said former MMD first lady is a member of PF and is Sata’s supporter” added one Senior Citizen

    “Police have been bought by the opposition to discredit government. Can’t they see how the MMD is fighting corruption” added Anonymous.

    “Who should we believe”, Zambians asked.

    Miti is Not MMD”, chipped in PURE MMD 1

    “Henry (GMO maize) is not RB’s son”, he added

    “Dora (RP Capital) and Teta (Hearses bought at US$9,000 but cost Zambian tax payers US$29,000) are also not MMD. My administration is serious about fighting corruption. These opposition are just throwing mud at me. I am now directing ACC and police to investigate. But only the MOH”…

  73. Its sad that colossal sum of money has gone into pockets selfish individuals. Poverty has reached alarming levels while selfish people are there to preach peace, tolerance and docility to poor masses. This is the price peaceful Zambians will continue receiving from these selfish people. Their children are out in the rich countries enjoying the poor masses money while the poor people’s children are languishing waiting for death to emancipate them from the jaws of their poverty. Zambians, how long shall we continue being docile, how long shall we continue to see our children die while the children of these thieves grow to plunder more. Zambians, what shall save us???? Revolution, Revolution, the only solution. Every Zambian should go for justice……REVOLUTION

  74. Its sad that colossal sum of money has gone into pockets selfish individuals. Poverty has reached alarming levels while selfish people are there to preach peace, tolerance and docility to poor masses. This is the price peaceful Zambians will continue receiving from these selfish people. Their children are out in the rich countries enjoying the poor masses money while the poor people’s children are languishing waiting for death to emancipate them from the jaws of their poverty. Zambians, how long shall we continue being docile, how long shall we continue to see our children die while the children of these thieves grow to plunder more. Zambians, what shall save us???? Revolution, Revolution, the only solution. Every Zambian should go for justice…..revolution.

  75. Now chiluba is laughing big. Chiluba a corrupt man whom Mwanawasa found quilty is now seeming to be an angel. Mwanawasa and his wife used MOH to steal colossal sum of money. We can tell from how miti and even bulaya were protected by Mwanawasa. They new what Maureen had done with the MOH. Remember that Dora’s plunder has a hand of Maureen. Dora messioned Maureen as being so influential and spitting threads on her. This corruption was started by Mwanawasa and the wife. To disguise their corruption they cheated on you Zambians that they were fighting corruption by fighting Chiluba. Zambia is headed for a terrible crush if we are not so carefull. Let us observe this MDD. Let us go for REVOLUTION 2011.

  76. The investigation should be extended to other minstries and not only the MOH. This is the mistake which also Mwanawasa made by restricting investigation to the Chiuba’s regime. What has happened??? People stole a lot in Mwanawasa than in Chiluba. And yo brainless bloggers when MMD is stealing money you turn round and say its PF. How D>u.l.l you are guys. MMD has stolen a lot durin the 2008 elections, and you cant see that just coz Teta wants to implicate PF. PF is not govt, if PF can steal from MOH, then I fear the colossal sum MMD has stolln from us poor Zambia. Who shall save us??? REVOLUTION 2011, REVOULUTION 2011.

  77. LT you are also becoming useless coz you have started protecting these thieves. Why have you changed the rules of the game. Awe ba LT sometimes MULEICHIDIKA.

  78. #72 Biggie Jim
    Your comment is one of the most sensible contributions I have come across on this blog. Way to go my dear.

    The *****s running the affairs of our country have forced us all to flee our wonderful mother Zambia to become economic refugees in other countries when we could be saving lives of our fathers, mothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, etc. back home. It hurts

    They must go.

  79. Iwe Ka Kapondo @75, don’t force me to believe your speculation. wambaula mbuli muntu usondokedde…maybe mwalelila pamo with Miti because thats the only reason you may have so much confidence in what you are saying…call me so we can talk about this issue over the phone at 1 800 sour grapes for you!

  80. Iwe ka Kapondo @ 75, ulisondokedde, i think you stole the money with Miti as that could be the only reason why you are so sure he is guilty…

  81. #46, #47, Ba Chewe mulishani? mulekosa?
    Awe mwansekesha pali ubwato lelo. In the other thread last week mwalindepula munseko sana I even told you ati kalyeni ubwali munwinepo na a menshi,.

    Epo tuchili pa blogg, going no where. Have visited other bloggs but none is best than L.T.

    VIVA L.T.

  82. #61, #62, Muli shani?, mule kosa? kale mwee,
    You are right , Regina was never First lady (and thank God for that) this could be Maureen. I can’t imagine Vera having that kind of money ‘sitting’ in First Alliance Bank , from the way she looks these days. Knowing her, Vera would have splashed it on her self like ‘h.e.l.l.’ and we wouldn’t be seeing all the 20 Ngwee’s on her face.
    Maureen is corrupt/craft /cunning and dubious lady, very calculated, I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if the truth is revealed and it happens to be her.

  83. bantalamisoka!!!!!!all involved should be chained….However civil sevants should be highly paid to abate corruption!!!!meanwhile all ministries should be visited so that culprits are brought to book!!!!!!

  84. …..and I can bet its not only the ministry of health that has officials stealing money all the ministries should be investigated. Civil servants niba kabolala sana

  85. These are the people living in our own neighbourhoods and people call rich…..ati anabeula anapeleka na bana pa nkhwazi and buying expensive cocktails for a string of girlfriends at hotels and Lusaka’s popular drinking spots.

  86. What goes around comes around. The fall out from this will be huge and it will expose criminals who have attained elements of respectability. Truth of the matter is the former first lady is at the very heart of this scam, and she should go to jail. It is inexusable that state coffers can be pillaged while the majority die in squalour. A simple forensic exercise will prove that the money is from illegal sources – is there a record of tax paid on these billions that are held in First Alliance? As for the First Alliance Shareholders, the law should take its course, and if found guilty, they should have citizenship revoked , as they clearly do not have the interests of the country at heart.

  87. Ministry of Health PSs. Once it was Bulaya, now Miti? They are the comptrollers so the buck stops with you Dr. May I ask the forensic accountants in ACC and police to investigate the purchase of the CT scanner at UTH and the contracts on the new cancer hospital. The scanner hardly works at all and I believe it was 2nd hand. Someone pocketed the change!

  88. #78 and 80, it’s poverty that causes that. What would you do if you were a magistrate getting paid K1,600,000 take home pay and in front of you is Kapoko offering you K400,000,000 to acquit him and case file goes missing????

  89. The Ministry of health is awash with donor money. TB/HIV/AIDS seminars, generic drugs from India which are impotent at the most and homeopathic doses in the least, travels to the districts etc, etc. The AG raised the alarm about the MOH while Dr Mwanawasa was President but she did not put her foot down. Now we are seeing the truth coming out.

  90. (Poem) ‘I am tall and ruthless. I am a thief. In my previous life, I was a thief. Even in my new life, I will be a thief. Nothing can stop me, not even the toughest prosecutor! No one knows me better than myself. Just look how I rose to great positions in my y life! I plan my way, befriend those in key positions, then pounce on any opportunity. I amass and amass, ’till the country comes to its knees. Did you say K27 billion is missing? Obviously, it is not me, because I have more than that; just look at my properties, I am filthly rich! Yes, I am tall and ruthless. Even my former classmates at medical school know how much I love MONEY. I can do anything for money! I am very difficult to suspect, because i play ‘it’ innocent. Oh, how i miss the MoH! Bye for now. Yours, ex -Permanent…

  91. Hi Lt, can those responsible please show us Dr miti’s assests and those of Dr Mukonka, Miti’s right hand man. Thses two drs have bought houses next to each other with swimming pools, can you pleas exhibit their assests jus like Kapokos, we need to see for ourselves. They are greedy men who even laugh at fellow docs who struggle to earn a living. Birds of the same feathers flock together, mulechimona

  92. Please show us Dr mitis’sassest,s just like Kapoko’s. Miti and his right handman Dr Victor mukonka are partners in crime, the have bought houses nextto each other nama swimming pools., partners in crime. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Victor’s love for fortune and fame made him fall for the pawn, money is enticing. Enough we want our money back,edited

  93. With all this crap in Zambia. I continuously get affirmation that we need to change the system of Governance.Mwe kapondo pamulu apo: Ifibantu ifi nangu bafiikate tafibwesha elyo tabafikaka. Fipondo mu LOOSE!!!
    Yabaaa ba Zambia!!

  94. How can someone calling themselves fair lady be so petty and vindictive?? I happen to work for the Bank at which Doctor Miti got a loan to purchase the house in question from the National Housing Authority. Mamma fair lady, stop peddling stupid lies about people you know nothing about. Dr. Miti is among the very few civil servants who have declared their assets before assuming office.

  95. Its strange that a person calling him/herself a fair lady can be so vindictive and petty. Why would you be interested in being shown somebody’s property? I happen to work for the Bank which gave Dr. Miti a loan to purchase the house under the NHA scheme. As a fair lady, you need to stop peddling lies and be factual. Only comment on things you actually know. Dr. Miti is one of the few civil servants who have declared their assets before assuming office. Stop your petty jealousy and be fair.

  96. Its strange that a person calling him/herself a fair lady can be so vindictive and petty. Why would you be interested in being shown somebody’s property? I happen to work for the Bank which gave Dr. Miti a loan to purchase the house under the NHA scheme. As a fair lady, you need to stop peddling lies and be factual. Only comment on things you actually know. Dr. Miti is one of the few civil servants who have declared their assets before assuming office. Stop your petty jealousy and be fair.

  97. Its important to comment only on things you have facts on. Dont speculate and insinuate without facts. This Dr. Miti has not become rich or wealthy recently. If you knew him from the copperbelt, he was among the very first persons to buy buses. He used to be acting town clerk for Ndola city Council. He was Executive Director at Ndola Central Hopital, Regional Executive Director and then was tranfered to Lusaka. He declared his assets at the time of assuming office. He is one of the very few decent people you have in Zambia. That is why he was very close to the late President. Give us facts please!!!!!

  98. Frankly I hope that the police and all investidative agencies will look at the facts as they are and charge whoever is liable for the offence committed. There is no need to start fishing for charges just so that the government is seen to be fighting corruption. Henry Kapoko has been found with a case to answer because his compnay duped the Ministry of Health. Henry Kapoko and all those that knowingly or negligently helped him must be punished. Criminal culpability requires that a suspect be linked to the act and that he has the mental know-how that a crime is being committed. For Kapoko, this is very clear!!! For the others, ????

  99. Comment for Mr. True Blogger: Your concern for Miti is highly suspicious; either you are the person in question himself or a very close apprentice with ‘soiled’ fingers like Miti. If this man is really innocent, WHY WAS HE EXTREMELY DEFENSIVE DURING THE AUDITOR GENERAL’S QUESTIONS IN 2007? MITI WAS TOTALLY UNCOOPERATIVE. YOU SEEM TO KNOW TOO MUCH!!!

  100. Mr. Dead Man Walking: I have nothing but a need to see justice and fair play prevail. I have absolutely no connection to Miti. But I believe in justice an fair play. I alo know Dr. Miti as person from his time in Ndola. I follow the happenings in Zambia with keen interest and I have my ears to the ground. There was nothing un-toward with the Auditor General. If there was, things would have been followed up. Infact, they were followed up. If u remember correctly, at that time, there was the issue of expired drugs. With a bit of patience, the Auditor General’s office was satisfied with the documentation at MOH. The issue of expired drugs as was stated in the press emanated from the Kaunda era. I appeal to you and everyone in Blogsphere, that we shud not pedddle rumours or knee-jerk thots.

  101. Its true True Blogger, as Zambians, we shud learn to talk only about things we know. In Zambia we’re experts about mediocrity!!!! Dr. Miti has done so much for this country keeping our dear late President alive for as long as he lived. Had it not been for Dr. Miti and his medical team Mr. Mwanawasa would not have achieved the things he achieved. In the end, we owe Dr. Miti some respect. In other countries, he and the medical team that looked after Mr. Mwanawasa could have been rewarded with an honour. In Zambia we want to drug such people in the mud for personal gain. Its a shame!!!

  102. I want to agree with Master PLAN on his thoughts. Theses are the things I expect people to be reflecting when blogging. I remember that it was also under Dr. Miti that Mr. Sata was rushed to SA afetr suffering a heart attack. As rumour has it, Mr. Mwanawasa did not want Mr. Sata to be evacuated. It was the likes of Mr. Miti and team who conviced the President to send Mr. Sata out. If all goes according to plan, Mr. Sata will be President come 2011. This is down to the likes of Miti. I reckon he deserves an honour!!! Viva Miti and team!!!

  103. I like Kelvin very much!!!! Looking at it, I also like Dr. Miti a lot more now than I did yesterday. This man is sharp and smart. He could have associated himself with the likes of Kapoko. I know Dr. Miti’s family. They are a humble bunch of guys. In fact I hear that they lost their mother and then brother in a road accident. I think over and above the fact that Dr. Miti may be innocent, they deserve a bot of a break as well. Leave them the hell alone!!! As a PF cadre, you know what I can do to you!!! SATA & HH 2011!!! RB, MULONGOTI & TETA ZWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  104. As long as MMD are in power, Sata will never make it to plot ONE. These marriages of convenience between Mr. Sata and HH are going to crumble again. As with the issue of Dr. Miti being arrested, I dont know if the investigative agencies are going to find any case for these guys. Infact I saw Dr. Miti in town when the news broadcasters were saying he was in the cells!!! Someone is playing some games in this case. It looks more political. Dr. Miti and his team saved my President. I owe him my support. PF & UPND for 2011!!! Banda Zwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  105. Sorry True Bolgger, I know you seem to hate rumours. But I just wanted to support you on your thoughts about rewarding people of Dr. Miti’s atnding in society. Thanks for your insight and good explanation. You shud stand for office if you fancy that. Your thought process is so clear. Give us some data True Blogger!!!

  106. I need to commend PF cadre for his thoughts. But there is no need to threaten to sort out the like of Dead Man Walking!!! Like he says, he is a dead Man Walking. There is no need to even waste your time to beat him up. He just needs to go to school and learn how to read and write. Big up PF Cadre!!! Good luck with your Party and its chances in 2011.

  107. Iwe true blogger na Kelvin, i cant believe you are praising miti for evacuating your president and Sata abroad for treatment, please do not mention such things, they are embarrassing. Your miti did not pay out of his pocket, public funds were used. mind you these funds are not meant for a few individuals, but for every zambian. the medical facilities are poor, peoplle die from preventable diseases. You must me miti’s be wife Liseli or girl friend. I do not belong to any political party, . You are losers with no vision. where is Your Miti right now? is he suspended? How come he is quiet? ou are not worthy my time!

  108. Iwe chi true Blogger #125, Dont you rember miti was sent away by the PAC cos he could not explain anthing, elo he said ati, regarding the Auditor general, ” i do not wash dirty linen in Public” you are as dull as he is” He even produced a police report about a stolen digital camera which was missing bearing a new date , when infact the camera,went missing like 2 years ago, just accept ati Miti ni maketula, naimwe aama fellow thieves, kukakwa bebele ala!

  109. 134 refers!! You seem to know Dr. Miti quite well. You also sound quite bitter. Its a shame. I was just trying to support someone who has been victimised quite unfairly in my view. There is no need to be nasty and call me “Chi True Blogger”. It sounds like you have jealousy oozing out of you. I just happen to Know Simon quite well from his days in Ndola and I think he is a jolly good fellow. I also know that he has been a very sucessful manager. He has risen through the ranks from Medical Doctor, Director, Executive Director, all through the ranks until being PS. I HOPE HE WILL BE VINDICATED!!!! As for you Nkakashi, get a life and stop being so bitter!!!

  110. iWe true3 blooger, stop being a blind follower and a fanatic. How did Miti rise up in ranks, by lickikin chilubas boots, back stabbing and bad mouthing others, what goes around comes around.Where is chiluba now who appointed Miti? birds of the same feathers flock together, jealousy of what? Dirty riches, everthing will pass away but the word of God will stand. Mukanfwa mukasha na ma billion yeno, and you if do not repent, you will go straight to HELL.
    Seek first the kingdom of God. Good luck as you vindicate DR Mighty Mitii!

  111. Iwe Faris Lady!!!! What is your issue with Dr. Miti??? For a person who proffeses to be Christain, you’re one nasty son of a gun!! l happen to find what true blogger said quite helpful!!! What you seem to insist on is speculation and anger, jealousy etc. I would not be surpprised to see that you’re some frustrated medical doctor in England who is on the dole because of the recession. Those of you who chose to run away from your parents to go the U.K. have finally realised you were a plonker to leave Zambia. If you were brushed aside by Simon bcoz he was smarter than you and could play it better, get over it!!!!

  112. Fair Lady is talking about dirty riches??? How dirty is working as a PS for a Ministry as big as Health for 8years?? How many travels did this Miti do? For some of you, you spend money going to Marks and Spencers, boozing and living life on borrowed money. For Simon, he does not drink nor smoke and has a simple life. This guy has been shrewed and careful with his cash and whatever he has, he could have legitimately made the money. Come back home Fair Lady. Maybe you may just make PS. But as long as u continue to hide in the good old Engy, you will be broke as hell and bitter!!! The weather does not help matters there too heh? Leave Miti and his things alone. Justice will prevail. God have mercy on your bitter, broke soul!!!

  113. Pa Bwato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miti is innocent until proven otherwise!!!!!! This fair lady is feeling a little angry I gather!!! Maybe she has lost her agency job in England!!! Things are tough at the moment in England. When guys who are away see what we are doing down here in ZED, THEY BECOME BITTER!!! In England its worse!! The weather just makes these people little devils!!! Come back home Fair lady and start over!! Its not too late!!!

  114. the rise and fall of simon ,Miti, he is just been replaced by Kashoki, It must be a huge consolation for Dr Bulaya, it was not him who was greedy alone after all. The whole MMD stinks, replace the rotten eggs, what ever i have achieved is mine, all mine, no police after me. Iam happy in England than worrying about chimbokaila, mwe mpumpu pamo na Victor.
    How can walk with your head high after this, 8rys in MOH, you knew all the loop holes of minting money.
    And you his wife, were you not concerned ati Mwaliwina sana? Mulekawa bonse, you, Maureen, mwanawasa, Dora, the list is endless. The real judgement will come when you stand before the almight, he alone knows what you have done. He heard our cry and he will heal our land!! we are interceding for mother Zambia.

  115. God will raise up a moses in Zambia who will lead the people to the promised land and not the likes Of miti, chiluba, sata, HH and all the twits who call themselves leaders, thieves in disguise.Shameless, Disnonourable men, stio answering to my mails,on a personal basis, unless you are simon Miti,

  116. Kelvin, True blogger, do not attack me, here, am not the thief, you should be ashamed, are you really Zambians? The worst is yet to come for you and your Hero, Bushe tamulapila?
    SEE you tomorrow for now.
    Bye and be blessed

  117. Fair lady, you need to change your name to cruel or jealous lady. Its all you are. Anyone can tell that the success of Dr. Miti has hurt you for years. You have so much hatred for a christian. You are too far away to understand what is going on here. It shows in your pointless accusation at this poor Dr. Miti. Everyone here in Zambia knows that this whole thing is politically motivated. Stop abusing the name of God. U are a true Hater….I agree with whoever said you are probably frustrated by the credit crunch. U are probably broke as hell and blame it on Dr. Miti…Get a life before its too late. Stop embarrasing yourself talking about things you dont understand!!!!

  118. Kelvin,Basics,pf cadre, true blogger, you are one and the same person, either you are Miti or his chola boy. Stop wasting time attacking well meaning Zambians. Probably the laptop you are using is MOH issued, take it back! and concentrate on not dropping the soap when you go to jail. Zambia has enough resources to go around and greedy, selfish people like you has ruined everything. Be quiet and be on your knees asking for God’s and Zambians’ forgiveness.

  119. iwe true blogger, kelvin , basics you are one and the same, am a zambian and very much uptodate with whatever is going, on, am on holiday here. do you think everyone is affected, by the credit crunch? am a child of God and there is no credit crunch in the kingdom of heaven.
    even if i was broke i wouldnt resort to stealing. Put your money in heaven where no rust or moth will destroy. Keep talking miti, its good diversional therapy for you.

  120. It is interesting to follow the to and from from Fair Lady and True Blogger and Team. Its quite clear you’re on opposite fences. But lets keep the emotions out and be a bit more friendly. At the end of the day, justice will prevail. Its either Simon Miti will be found with a case to answer or he won’t. Either way, its a shame. Either way its sad. For Fair lady, you need to stop being so judgemental. For True Blogger, you need to be a little more objective. Happy blogging. 🙂

  121. Is it not annoying for the likes of Fair Lady to see that Dr. Miti has still not been charged of any wrong-doing??? Wait and wait and wait for Miti to be charged! Your wait will be in vain. God loves to see your kind hurting because you have so much hate for others. For you, justice means getting back on Miti who you clearly hate not for anything else, but for what he has achieved. I have nothing to do with the comments of Kelvin or the others that seem to empathise with my contributions. As for you Madam Fair Lady, leave Miti alone and concentrate on your sad bitter life. I love Zambia more than you do coz am here and you’re there. Good luck in your dingy Leeds or wherever you’re!!!

  122. the bible says the prosperity of a fool destroys the fool, but the blessing of the lord maketh rich.

  123. FAIR LADY, FYI Bible says to love each other and you are pterending to be a deep christian hating and blaming innocent people!! Dr Miti is intellegent and hard working gentelman!!! stop talking and start working!!! one day you will be as rich as him! he has nothing to do to any kapoko, Dr Miti is just too big to deal with such people …..instead of loosing your time here, MY FAIR LADY PET, go to primark, and spent time with pleasure ,am sure there is sale now on !! good luck and enjoy your shopping

  124. Excellent publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite experts of this sector don’t realize this. You should proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!|What’s Taking place i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to give a contribution & help different users like its aided me. Great job.

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