Lundazi man beats 65 year old to death


A 65 year old man of Mselela Village in Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district has died after being beaten by a known person.

Chief Mwanya of the Bisa speaking people, confirmed the development to ZANIS in Lundazi yesterday and identified the deceased as Typing Ngoma and the suspect as Jackson Mwanza 45 of the same village.

The Traditional ruler disclosed that the incident happened over the weekend following the death of Gladys Mwanza a sister to Jackson Mwanza. She died of suspected witchcraft which allegedly caused prolonged labour on May 29 th 2009.

He said when the burial proceedings of the late Gladys were over on Saturday 30 th May, the body of the deceased Typing Ngoma was found lying dead in the early hours of Sunday in the same village.

Chief Mwanya said that after investigations were instituted, Jackson Mwanza confirmed to the entire village that he was the one behind the death of Ngoma after suspecting him of having killed his sister Gladys through witchcraft.

Meanwhile, the traditional ruler said the body of the deceased Ngoma is still lying at Mselela village waiting for orders from the police whilst the suspect has not yet been arrested and is currently in the same village.

And when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Police commanding Officer Mary Chikwanda said Police have already dispatched officers to chief Mwanya’s area.


  1. Ignorance @ its best!!! but what is he doing walking the streets. So there is no Police post in the area, but govt is buying katenga malilos. SHAME!!!!!

  2. “She died of suspected witchcraft which allegedly caused prolonged labour on May 29 th 2009.”
    Just goes to show that some of our fellow Zambians are still living in the dark ages

  3. Why not arrest the Killer for taking some ones life, Where are the dead mans relatives, this killer must be jailed.

  4. Whether you like it or not Witchcraft still exists. There are dark powers in realms were only the spiritual awakened can see. Modernisation has helped reduce or rather transformed witchcraft into another form. Dont argue, i know what am talking about. Those that practice witchcraft and spiritualisms shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God.

    No.1 is good looking on the outside.

  5. #7….I quote “Dont argue, i know what am talking about. “..does this mean you can testify to witchcraft. can you perhaps break this down to cusion the statement boss?

  6. If only there was an ambulance to transport the woman who died of prolonged labour to the nearest health facility for intervention, this death could have been avoided and no one would have put the blamed on witchcraft for her difficult labour.

  7. #10 Monalisa fimo fimo, you are right. The chinese Hearse was probably parked as she lay dying. Any way, they will now use it. Thats what they wanted.

  8. #10..i agree..this is synonymous to thowing twins in the bush because somebody thinks its an abomination..things like this can be avoided if people can have some knowledge… its because of beliefs like ubuloshi that make people innocently loose thier lives..damn..we need some more education and services to pumped to the rural areas …or and prayers……Even the bible says my people perish because of luck of knowledge.

  9. Ba #7 ba Analyser Mudala, #8 has asked you to give an explanation. We are still waiting for it boss. Or is it that you just yap at anything withoutn thinking of backing it up? Always gather your facts straight befor putting them accross to people who will challenge them, please.

  10. The Flying Doctor Service was set up to cater for such obstetric emergencies in order to get to people in hard to reach areas. It’s no longer well supported and so women still die of obstetric complications. In 2009 such things shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It’s really primitive

  11. Dying due to lack of Knowledge indeed, But I think there is too much witchcraft in this area maybe that is the reason why they behave this way. I hope the police team that has been dispatched to the area will workout something in accordance to the law and not fearing being bewitched. The murderer must be arrested because ignorance has no defence and also prolonged labour, maybe she was taken to the health facility so early and maybe even mal nourished so lacked enough blood

  12. #16 Shi ntwane, the Police that have been dispatched to the area need to consult Katele and get the neccessary protection to go in. They need beads, computers nefyashala!

  13. The katenga malilo is there in the village but it has no fuel.!. Too bad ba shikulu ba Typing, jackson must be locked up, he has committed murder.

  14. Does anyone have the contacts for Katele, I think these cops need it urgently before they enter the area

  15. Government after has has procured ma katengamalilo,so no rush.That murderer roaming the village should be caged

  16. Chabipa sana ba TYPING NGOMA iiiiiiiiieeeehhh. Naumfwa ububi, the man was my uncle kaleza. Jackson naisa, wafwa na panga.

  17. #27 Political Prostitute, This is what we keep talking about. what the he.ll was she doing dying in Ethiopia…and i suppose at government expense?

  18. Ba LT how can the suspect be unknown but identified as Jackson Mwanza.

    The deceased name is “Typing Ngoma”, wow! what a name….maybe he is related to deputy foreign affairs minister “Fashion Phiri.” lol! what’s wrong with people from the eastern province? Can’t they find real names.

  19. This is some bull sheet right here, how long was the prolonged labor and why was it blamed on Typing Ngoma? That was just a complication that could have probably been rectified if Gladys was taken to the hospital….Jackson needs to be arrested.

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