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Auditor General concerned about suspected pilfering at border posts

General News Feature General Auditor General concerned about suspected pilfering at border posts

Auditor General Anna Chifungula has said collection of revenue and tax at border posts around the country is undermined by suspected pilfering.

Ms. Chifungula said border points had potential to collect more revenue for government and gave an example of Kazungula border post which enhanced its revenue collection from US $80, 000 to US $500, 000 per month.

She however called on authorities at border posts to improve their record keeping systems which she said were not impressive.

Ms. Chifungula said this when she paid a courtesy call on Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe at his office this morning.

And Ms. Chifungula has expressed disappointment at the state of the Maramba Stadium where K100 million was allegedly spent on rehabilitation works saying there was no evidence that the money was spent to improve the stadium.

She was also dissatisfied with how works at the Maramba Cultural village had been conducted saying it was unfortunate for K1.2 billion to be spent on a structure that was not yet completed even after using three different contractors.

Ms. Chifungula also condemned the idea of introducing mobile clinics especially in rural areas since some newly constructed clinics and houses for medical personnel were still vacant in areas like Lukulu, Sesheke and Kaoma districts.

She said it was unfortunate for government to spend public resources and build clinics which lacked medical facilities with some being managed by unqualified personnel, one year after completion.

Ms. Chifungula called on Zambians to be aware of how public resources are spent and report any mismanagement to relevant authorities instead of waiting for audit reports from her office.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has said that there is need to make a distinction between corruption and outright theft of resources within the public sector.

Mr. Munkombwe said corruption was increasingly being confused with theft and fraud and stressed the need for a distinction to be made for people to appreciate the consequences of being involved in these vices.

He said it was imperative for the fight against corruption not to have any sacred cows as this would encourage workers to be straightforward and adhere to the right principles.

Mr. Munkombwe commended the Auditor General for the work she had done in exposing corrupt activities and for being exemplary and adequately representing womenfolk in Zambia and Africa in general.

The Auditor General toured Katima Mulilo border post in Shesheke in Western Province, and Kazungula and Victoria Falls Border posts in Southern Province to check on revenue collections.

She also checked various infrastructure built using government funds and has since proceeded to Choma for the same exercise.


  1. I hope apart from infrastructure and money, they also monitor those Border flags too. The last time I came across a sadly torn up Zambian flag at a border post. It was a sad sight

  2. She is courageous, she has condemed mobile clinics in some way. I hope Bweezani wont fire her 2moro.

  3. LT, What’s your problem, after i talked about the postings and you have fixed it and now you have created another problem, whom do you think can read the smallest letters you are posting.i can read ****le, available for help, if any,may be together we can rectify the smallest issue.

  4. There is so much money collected in these boarder posts where our brothers and sisters are given values for few items they carry from other countries, but only 20% of the amount will be receipted.

  5. I like the mobile clinics part.She has spoken out,but could have been better if she hammered the nail on the head instead of beating about the bush.

  6. There is nothing new about ZRA customs officials pilfering. So tell us something new. Tell us someone is being arrested……tell us your office is now mandated to handover all cases to the law agencies instead of just telling us someone is stealing when we all know that. We don’t even to carry out an audit. People’s life styles are enough.

  7. Mamma Anna Chifungula should stop being alarmist and get facts before she runs to the POST. It is most unfortunate that we are giving the rest of the world an impression which is not necesarrily true!!! Pilfering is bad. But lets get the culprits first before we run to the press. I am personally getting concerned about the Auditor General’s craving for screaming headlines. Do your job in private and only gove us the results of CONVICTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. iwe chi-swine chi # 4 ,just go buy some gogoz for your rotten eye-balls.dont waste our time complaining complaing and complaining.leave LT alone

  9. I do agree with Kabwe. Mrs Anna Chifungula the Auditor General is too much in the news. We need results and not headline news items. Get the convictions as Kabwe has said before you go to the POST or ZNBC. We need results and not cheap talk. Ba AG, bola panshi!!!!!

  10. Great work from Ms Chifungula as mentioned in “Mr. Munkombwe commended the Auditor General for the work she had done in exposing corrupt activities and for being exemplary and adequately representing womenfolk in Zambia and Africa in general.

    However, Mr Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe’s “Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has said that there is need to make a distinction between corruption and outright theft of resources within the public sector” is very worrying following his failures pointed out by Ms Chifungula on unsatisfactory work in projects where money has been lost.

    Otherwise, great stuff mighty Southern Province for bring to us Zambians all the quoted revenue. Surely, we can do well.
    Prevention is better than cure…

  11. Zambia does not need being told there is corruption. We need results!!! Mrs. Chifungula is being prejudicial and may be jeorpadising investigations!!! We do not need news!! We need corruption to stop!!! Mamma Chifungula, shut up and do your work!!!!

  12. 12 continued.

    Thus president HH must have been right in the comments attributed to him about Minister Daniel Munkombwe this week. Lets go PF-UPND PACT and make sure you increase the pressure non performers.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  13. LOL!
    Mr. Munkombwe doesn’t think corruption is that bad:)
    Outright theft of resources should be condemed, but corruption, well …..
    He seems to suggest that corruption, in moderation, should be tolerated:)

  14. About time someone checked on those crooks at Kazungulu. Visitors are fed up and going to Zimbabwe, where they will not be overcharged. And yet they wonder why tourism has not been good.

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