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RB doing well,Shikapwasha

General News RB doing well,Shikapwasha

Chief Government Spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha says President Rupiah Banda is doing well following a minor knee operation he underwent in South Africa last week.

He said at a media briefing in Lusaka that President Banda even chaired a cabinet meeting, Monday.

This was in response to questions from Journalists.

President Rupiah Banda on Thursday last week underwent a minor operation in Cape Town, South Africa for a knee problem that had been troubling him in recent days.

Medical Doctors conducted an orthopeadic procedure called arthroscopy on the President’s right knee.



  1. Iwe ci SENIOR CITIZEN please advice your boss RB in advance not to take to the air for the funeral of Gabon’s President, am sure he’s already thinking about it.

  2. Big Nose, learn to say the truth! Is it a minor or Major operation? You are the person who kept on lying to the nation the late President was stablising when in the actual fact, he had already passed on!

  3. These are the consequences of choosing old, sick leaders to rule. We are not ready to spend a penny on another state funeral.

  4. 2day it wil be MINOR,2moro it wil be STABLE…….This is wat was hapening to LPM, minor stroke abd stable condition………..Watch this space..Morning side clinic reserve a bed for this old shanishani uko

  5. We are not interested, if anthing they should have just amputated his entire leg even both just to save our money from being spent anyhow on his tours!!!!!

  6. Arthroscopy can only be a minor operation. Its taking a ‘microcamera’ into the knee joint to see say causes of pain. No facility for such simple things in z offcourse. It can not be aserious condition like Levy sroke/CVA or Sata heart attack.

  7. Good and I wish Mr President RB Banda a quick recovery. However, let him not undermine his condition with “He said at a media briefing in Lusaka that President Banda even chaired a cabinet meeting, Monday” as the results may be fatal.

    God bless.
    Prevention is better than cure

  8. #10 Menstruation Hhe Hhe Hhe
    I find your style and format of your comments very annoying. For starters summarize your username and then stop the ‘ all the time quoting nonsense’

  9. Who cares.

    There many people who have died and others are still suffering bcoz of inertia from Nyamaz to solve health workers problems.Those are the ones we care for iwe shikas.

  10. RB you know for sure that you are not out type. So even you being amputed, we cant even worry. You have annoyed us more tthan we cant count. Please if you are in your own senses, dont let those big nose and red suppient plus the twin brothers to take you early to the grave. You have really taken us waybackwards, and to you its normal, but remember one day things wil change and they will change for sure…..

  11. Who sanctioned this overseas operation? Who is paying for it? I thought one goes for such if the Dr’s at our hospitals fail to do it and refer a patient to another hospital. This is abuse of office.

  12. If only we could learn as a nation. We dont seem to learn at all. How Much money did we spend on the Late president (MHSRIP)? If we knew, we could have avoided ot. But the current case is man made case. We could have done better ….its our fault. We deserve it.

  13. #21…please stop complaining. We chose this man. We allowed him to abuse our resource. The money that is being spent ot have an ambulance on standby all time is true testmony of how unpredictable the President is….for Obama, the only woryy we have is that they can assassinate him anytime, but for RB the worry is that He can fall to the ground anytime….

  14. Thats exactly what you said about Late Levy!! One moment he was doing well and concious. Even using the word ‘Alert’!. Next we had no President, and as extreme fate would have it, we eneded up with RB….of all people, as ‘His Excellency”! manje knee ya vuta. Are you sure its the knee??? Thats the question.

  15. As far as am concerned, RB has never been fit for Presidency. In fact, he has taken long to fall ill. A knee operation is okey…he can even have the leg amputated, he can still live. We should not fear for the worst. If anything happens, we shall ask Ketele Kalumba, Teta, Mulongoti and other cadres that facilited his ascendancy to the throne at the expence of fit and healthy Zambians. By the way, what was RB doing when he injured his knee? His is not a footballer neither is he an athlete like me.

  16. #27 StanKabs, Thanks. The problem is that even in times of illness, we are fed lies. Lies, lies, lies!! And for some reason, it seems that to become Minister of Information nefyashala, you must be a good liar! I can gurantee that te knee alwele RB. Mukonfwako.

  17. How much money are we going to spend having sick people as presidents? How will the world look at us as a nation if lose another man in the office of the president? we shall be regarded as not being serious. Are there no fit men in Zambia that can run the country? This is a shame…barely 10 months ago we brurried Our dear Levy, and now another is doing well. How well is well? the same was said about the late president

  18. This is sad case. I dont want to regret being a Zambian. Why should it be us?? How much money did we use at Levy’s funeral? How much money do we need to build an ultra modern stadium? Its all a circus…shame on All those that lie to us. They lied about Levy until they could lie no more.

  19. Human health matterz shud never be mocked or scorned. Tho people in government authority/leadership will alwayz have it eazy with accessing medical facsilities, they shud just spare a thought for the less privileged majority.

  20. #29,ur so right.I don’t care whether Rb is doing well or not.i just want him to disappear.Kwati twanaka nawo.Ba Moze,pliz forward that document iya mailo.napapata.Bless.

  21. Why do I get the terrible feeling that there is more to this than what we are being told? Is it because of the one delivering the news or there just is more to it than we are being told. The man is not fit to be the head of state. Where on earth have you ever heard of a father taking care of his wants while the children have needs? Rite now UTH is as good as Leopards Hills grave yard. Pipo are dying like no man’s business and the father of the nation goes to take care of a problem that is not even life threating. It is like , a father, complaining about his shaving kit that is misplaced, meanwhile his son is bleeding from a dog bite. Save Thandi a husband and retire him, he will be more useful at home/farm. And my dear Thandi advise that husband of yours to start jogging.

  22. yeah….try to live a fit life.We tired of you old dudes who still wanna hold on to power even when your time has come to go back to the land(village)and do some bit of farming and relax.Just the other day,…in Gabon………the media exposed some death of yet another head of state.

  23. The advantage of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. Instead, only two small incisions are made – one for the arthroscope and one for the surgical instruments to be used in the knee cavity to fully remove the knee cap. This reduces recovery time and may increase the rate of surgical success due to less trauma to the connective tissue. It is especially useful for professional athletes, who frequently injure knee joints and require fast healing time. There is also less scarring, because of the smaller incisions. Irrigation fluid is used to distend the joint and make a surgical space. Sometimes this fluid leaks into the surrounding soft tissue causing extravasation and edema.


  25. I think it was a mistake, the Doctors should have worked on his face, nangu ni beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, awe abena RB bena bamoneka kwati chakutinishako abana. Alternatively Doctors should have amputated both legs so that he learns to stay in Zambia and do a bit of work.

  26. Arthroscopy can easily be done in Zambia at Lusaka orthopedic hospital please. Just like laparascopy can be done at UTH and First lady goes to SA just because she first lady.

    There are seasons and there is time for everything.

  27. # 40: True…..too much trips in and out.Whatever you might be lobbying for or is it some personal business?Everything is not in order back home for our president to be so busy flying even to have his teeth to be checked inna other land.The bills they pay in SA could be helping the health sector which just under went a major scandal whoch amounts to billions of kwachas.Is it the infrastructure in SA?Why not make your own backward as some other places you crave for?

    Rupiah Band Registers at Clinic in south Africa.
    Nurse:- “Mr President can you give us your email address?
    Rupiah Banda:- How do u know about Email, Email is my first born son, my second born is Bluetooth Banda, I also keep my brother’s son Harddrive sakala, my youngstar kid is Usb Banda

  29. #12 I do agree with you on what you said about #10 .It’s true #10’s comments and the format are appalling.They make my stomach sick.Didn’t you do summary at school?

  30. #48 shimucita panono , I am trained to cure not to kill .Does this make sense to you? Hence my comment ,as quoted wish Rb soonest recovery .Even you when bitten by a snake I will still treat you despite your derogatory remark. Made my case I guess .

  31. #49 wiseman-reborn I really don’t see the direction of your comment.How can you wish somebody with a minor operation a quick recovery?They are calling it minor so that people dont divert their sympathy on him.For the lack of better description they said he is doing well.I honestly don’t think RB uses his knees to execute his national duties.Well if he was a footballer i would have wished him a quick recovery too.

  32. # 51 what are the causes of knee problems in old age ? And what are the complications in geriatrics related to knee problems ? shimucita panono#51. Remember the poem title , an old man is a baby . Never under look/over look anything about babies and old people . Are you medic ?

  33. #Shimucita panono, the body is a unitary function. If you had orchitis (inflamed testicles ) would you go for work when in pain .

    You do not use them for thinking do you? Pain is Pain .

  34. Welcome back RB and wish you all the Best. I would also like to thank Gen. Shikapwasha for the job well done in your absense.

  35. Does penis enlargement work guys or what are the disadvantages. I say so because the POST Sangwapo is full of Doctors claiming they can enlarge somebody’s small ….

  36. #58- Are you a true Zambian? Do you get paid for welcoming a visitor at your home. Then I wonder how many visitors come to your home in a Year. I would not be surprised if at all you do not receive one.

  37. We need a young gentleman to lead the Nation. These old People are eating up our money on Medical grounds from a knee it will now be the head.Please do not Vote for RB for 2011

  38. RB. It is sad that the whole country does not support their own health system. Why , even having a slight fever, they on the plane to go to SA for treatment or check up, this is embaracing. They money that they spend in SA would have been used to improve the Hospitals and Cinics .

  39. #57, this is what they call imitation or fake one , it is not the same as as the real thing . So please dont do it. Just stay the way you are.

  40. We are very awake Zambians, we know all knee related diseases, just wait. KS do you know what that is? lol. Lelolelo RB. Wemakufi winenuka.

  41. #60 Iam As Zambian as the KAFUE RIVER. Reason am not happy about it is why didnt your PRESIDENT get treated at UTH as some us are doing? How can I well come a parent who only cares about himself.

  42. RB even goes goes to SA, even if he sneezes, thats how sad the whole thing is. Bring back K. K and Zambia shall be free, and a Better place, Free Health care and Education those days , but not any more.

  43. #68. Ba Honey – you are right all we need is the likes KK who never visted morningside clinic S.A, not these thieves we have who go to South african clinics anyhow, even when they are just constipated, uuyo South Africa!!!

  44. #63 & 64(Kaladuza and Ba Honey), Thank you very much for your replies. I wanted to try it, now am scared. Wanted just to experiment? Now if girls start running away, it will not achieve its intended purpose.

  45. #69 First Widow, lets campaign to bring back ba KK, before things get worse, i indorse the true son of Zambia.

  46. #53 wisemman-reborn, spot on. I think iwe nawishiba ifyo ulelandapo, akulu mpuno underwent this kind of surgery, but Chi shikas does not want the nation to know and cause panic. Today, it’s a minor but tuli mu chilata and watching. Let’s hope taka kalepuke tu kambe uku shouldering ama expenses, we ‘ve done so much and enough already considering ama tours undertaken in a short period of time

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