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Zambia Police to circumcise all male recruits

Health Zambia Police to circumcise all male recruits

The Zambia Police Service says plans are underway to introduce a mandatory circumcision policy for all male recruits.

Kamfinsa Police training school commanding Officer, Malcom Mulenga, says male circumcision will help prevent HIV and AIDS cases in the Police service.

Mr. Mulenga, says the Zambia Police Service has continued to lose qualified manpower as a result HIV/AIDS.

He was speaking when the American government handed over a Voluntary Counselling and Testing centre to the Zambia Police Service.

At the same function, Home Affairs deputy Minister, Misheck Bonshe, welcomed plans by the Zambia Police Service to circumcise male recruits.

And the United States Charge d’ Affairs for Zambia, Michael Koplovsky, said his government has set aside K1.5 billion for the construction of health centres for police officers.



  1. Hey, give them the right to choose. It does not completely solve the problem without change of behaviour !

  2. Being circumsized doesn’t make one immune to HIV/AIDS!! What a silly measure. Why not tell them instead ukuleka ukudoda-doda!

  3. I’ll take the side of Mr Mulenga. to be a great leader you’ll need to make some unpopular decisions. the fight against Aids is a “must-win” fight because if we lose, we pay with our lives

  4. What sort of thinking is this? Both the commanding officer and the deputy minister should lead by example by being circumsized first. Why do they want to talk the talk and not walk it. This purely blackmailing of the desperate young men trying to get a job. I wonder what the human rights commission has to say about that

  5. Ubupuba in my country. Madness and thoughtlesness is what is happening in our minds. Where ve we gone wrong as a nation. Honestly, does it mean that no one is thinking straioght in Zambia? How on earth do you think like that?

  6. TOTAL madness. What law will be used to compel or subject a recruit to such treatment.
    Zambia has amashilu BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Teach people morals and responsible behaviour if HIV/AIDS is to be eliminated. Circumcision simply implies, go ahead and ………..

  7. This is utter rubish. So if you refuse to be circumsized you can’t be a cop. What happened to human rights? This just shows waht kind of leaders we have in Zambia. Next will be all grade one male pupils to be circumsized.

  8. Everyone should have a choice regarding this issue. This is the same with the Swaziland minister who said every body should be tested for HIV and if positive one should be tattooed on the buttock. Utter nonsense!

  9. Send the foreskin to china, they will make soap or something and export it back to us, hahaha. Forced circumcision, were are we heading?

  10. how bout the ladies? what measures are they gona put in place to avoid HIV/AIDS? circumsise them too? how?

  11. Male circumcision is very beneficial to both males and their partners.It is not just about preventing AIDS transmsmission but it lowers the chances of their partners to develop cancer of the cervix .There is a chemical substance that lurks under the foreskin of uncircumcised males called smegma which is carcinogenic.Zambian women are amongst the highest with cancer of the cervix.But then again it should be a matter of choice.Their parents should have done it whilst they were babies.And female circumcision is MUTILATION and does not benefit anyone at all.It is BARBARIC and inhuman.Take away the female desire so you can commit rape on her?Might as well buy an inflatable doll!

  12. What Rubbish……only if circumcision is a cure of AIDS but as it stands its not. So let each person chose. To help you on this issue, just say those who like dipping dweno in any hole should chose circumcision.

  13. Have any studies been done to prove that this actually works, there needs to some experiments carried out before they impose this on pipo

  14. I have every reason to believe this man smokes something stronger than ordinary fwaka. Ba DEC should move in and search this training school and i hope it does’nt serve as a brothel.

  15. That is good news for mobile police officers but be mindful that circumcision does protect men from contracting HIV/AIDS 100%. The officers may even be more at risk as they will take it for granted that its a shield, it just reduces the chances. Why only end at recruits do for every one serving. It will make sense or it will be just mere talk as usual. This thing does not onlt target recruits but every file and rank.

  16. Zo-ona mu Zed amashilu nayafula kwena,I really don’t understand why pipo still believe that circumsion reduce Hiv/Aids why not encourage pipo to abstain and be faithful to their loved ones.In most cases those who get infected are those who are too jumpy so to me its a punishiment from God so circumsion no condomising a jumpy person is ever prone to HIV/AIDS.Too bad innocent lives get infected also coz of the love for their spouses.(Especially ladies)

  17. It’s not the lack of circumcision thats causing the spread of HIV it’s the attitudes. Am wondering how awkward it will be to have to show your issues just to show that you are circumsized to join the force

  18. Simply issue condoms and safe sex eductaion along with it – then you can use the police to continue the promotion of safe sex education

  19. Mandatory as in your “The Zambia Police Service says plans are underway to introduce a mandatory circumcision policy for all male recruits” is useless, but try encouraging those who want to do it.

    Just because Botswana has announced plans of circumcising its Citizens does not mean that you have to copy and paste just like that too. Learn to do your own things with respect for humanity and each one’s rights.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  20. USA, thank you for everything as a partner in development.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  21. Foolish!,God is not stupid to create that fore-skin,women like it when a man is thrusting,for friction and later for ejaculation.Mad Policemen,the next move will be to castrate the Recruits.Shame!

  22. Circumsision male or female is a very sensitive subject because it involves TRIBAL TRADITIONS AND RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. You cannot force some one who has no backround of this belief to do so. Please re think before you commit an offence.

  23. I am joining the Police Force. Hands off my skin instead improve the quality of Sex Education and self care, ala!

  24. This iz wat donnor aid can do. In “appreciating” and proving that the donnation iz “put to good use”, somebody can even come up with such wired and bizzare ideaz as wholesome male circumcision!

  25. He should have said he will ‘encourage’ them to be cicumcised. Choice is very important. Offcourse there is evidence cirumcision is beneficia in reducing HIV infections, no questions on that, its what they call evidence-based-fact in medicine.

  26. Circumcision has never prevented HIV if anything it can even enlarge the problem, when you start telling them that if they are circumcised then they are immun to it, they will go f.u.c.k around everywhere then they will die faster. That’s the problem of having people with very limited knowledge in charge. Nichamba ichi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. By removing the inner foreskin, circumcision removes the skin surface, which is most susceptible to HIV infection, reducing not eliminating the risk of contracting HIV. The inner foreskin has the largest concentration of Langerhans’ cells, which are the initial cellular targets in the sexual transmission of HIV.

    The problem will be that these bujus will start thinking that they are immune to HIV,and yet circumcision just reduces the risk of contracting.I suggest that they totally amputate there penises if they at all to prevent HIV in the police service.

  28. Some policies should not be made public. As it is we will soon be assuming that when you see a clean shaven buju, it will mean that even the other head is clean shaven, taku tekeselo.

  29. yes! yes ! yes! finally male genital mutilation(MGM), although this will not stop the cops being sexually impure.

  30. Since when did parliament pass a law to make one joing defence and security service to be circumcised. The idea is okay but is it barked by law or not. Suppose by accident someone bleeds to death or does not hill properly who will take the blame. Mr Mulenga or GRZ? Charity begins at home. So a clear demenstration let the seniors who advocating circumcision of recruits start going through the process. I think there is need to consult Dr. Manda on this subject otherwise it will result into so many problems. The problem with our friends in uniform is they dont choose when its comes to womanising its ku gwila chape as long as ni skirt. talk of suspects they just catch. There is need for sensitisation among cops etc. There is a alot of immorality mu macamps and only little is reported. Change

  31. on “At the same function, Home Affairs deputy Minister, Misheck Bonshe, welcomed plans by the Zambia Police Service to circumcise male recruits“, who then initiated the idea of circumcision? Is it the Zambia Police Service or the GRZ?

    Have a bless day and keep well.

    Prevention is better than cure.

  32. Extend to soldier and ZNS also G4 security seems they like shugging lets make it mandatory for MPs and the donor community since they also need SEX least they get HIV ,ZED IS IN RUIN FOR REAL

  33. AIDS did not exist prior to 1978. Not in humans, not in stored blood; not anywhere—except in the laboratories.

  34. The cover for the introduction of AIDS into Africa and Brazil, with its large black population was
    the World Health Organization’s massive “humanitarian” campaign to “eradicate smallpox for once and
    for all.” It was perfect. It even matched the surest way to pass the virus: injection.

  35. Are you serious or this is a late April fool’s joke! This is a case were politicians are making medical decisions! Irresponsible sexual behavior is the root cause of the epidemic and not circumcision. Resources will better be spent on giving SEXUAL EDUCATION to these recruits with the aim of preventing infections. Their is no silver bullet solution to this problem as some guys up there are thinking. Please stop embarrassing the country with such kind of decisions and leave such matters to experts such as the surgeon-general.

  36. AIDS was not an accident of nature. Nature had nothing to do with AIDS. The virus is a
    weapon of man against man. It is a weapon of war, deliberately created inside the top-secret U.S. Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland and Los Alamos, New Mexico.

  37. The truth is so horrifying that it is almost impossible to believe:
    that officials inside western government, backed by some of the most powerful families on earth, could be guilty of genocide. But enough proof of that truth has already leaked out to persuade many knowledgeable researchers, such as Dr. Seale, to come forth publicly with what they’ve learned. In a
    strange way, the truth behind the AIDS epidemic isn’t even such a closely held secret anymore. The media has chosen to ignore it.

  38. Zed the real africa! Still confused with life and all that goes with it…. Church, Voo doo,Corruption, Primitive Cultures, bazungu’s and bamwenye are bwana’s mentality…………….. OMGoodness!!!! Wake Up mama Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed

  39. Indeed male circumcision does reduce the risk of contracting HIV by 60%,but they should get informed consent from the recruits, without any coersion,only then are we going to have some respect for these officials.

  40. Might a swell consider castrating the new recruits in order to reduce population increase.What about the female police recruits…….don’t you think that females contribute to the spread of Aids.Give the lockable underwear……………..pa zed

  41. I dont believe what am reading!! There is no way you are going to force chaps to have their ntwenu cut just to be a buju. People must be given a choice.

  42. Circumcision is a dangerous distraction in the fight against AIDS. There are seven African countries where men are more likely to be HIV+ if they’ve been circumcised: Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, and Tanzania. Eg in Malawi, the HIV rate is 13.2% among circumcised men, but only 9.5% among intact men. In Cameroon, the HIV rate is 4.1% among circumcised men, but only 1.1% among intact men. If circumcision really worked against AIDS, this just wouldn’t happen. We now have people calling circumcision a “vaccine” or “invisible condom”, and viewing circumcision as an alternative to condoms.

    ABC (Abstinence, Being faithful, Condoms) is the way forward. Promoting genital surgery will cost African lives, not save them.

  43. Let the same be extended to aspiring presidential candidates. Except dont tell them its actually CASTRATION!! LOL

  44. nonsense! then beter cut them completely because circumsising helps nothing becoz AIDS is real ,no justice to force the boyz!

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