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Shikapwasha still studying interim audit report of ZNBC

General News Shikapwasha still studying interim audit report of ZNBC

-Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha, says he is studying the interim Audit Report on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, ZNBC, before a decision can be made on the course of action to be taken.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha told ZANIS in a statement that he is also awaiting the final report of the audit before any action is taken in accordance with the findings and recommendations of the auditors.

The minister said in accordance with procedure, management at ZNBC has been asked to respond to various audit observations made.

“I am studying the interim report and await the final one before I can consider what action to take in accordance with the findinds and recommendations of the auditors,” read Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha’s statement.

Lt. Gen. Shikapwasha, who is also Chief Government spokesperson indicated that he will brief the workers’ union representatives and management at ZNBC on the contents of the report and the course action once he had studied the report.

“Since the audit follows various complaints and observations made to me by the workers through their unions, when I have studied the report I shall brief the workers’ representatives and management of the contents of the report and the action I shall take,” read the statement in part.



  1. Yaba, how long will it take. Can his deputy Minister take charge of responding to the POST tabloid while he concentrates on the Report.
    Prevention is better than cure.

  2. It’s taking him too long to study the report because his mind is not accustomed to studying intgricate reports.

  3. Paliz. During an audit, management is given a chance to answer audit queries. If an unsatisfactory answer is given, these issues will then be raised in the audit report. So shikas, what will be management’s response which they failed to to give the auditors? Pali Abena Dora ulubilo in acting but on others you have cement shoes.

  4. This I.D.I.O.T doesnt understand accounting language, im sure it will take him a year to finish a report. What a scumbag we have for a minister. Its only in Zambia were morons like him are appointed ministers.

  5. He is too lazy too study.If you have never studied before,where can you find the time to study and understand thing.The chap is dull,hahahaha.

  6. He is incapable of understanding anything in that report. Too complicated for him to comprehend. He’s passed it on to smart Dora to read it for him, and then explain it to him in a manner he can understand when he goes on ZNBC radio and TV to then comment on it. lol

  7. Let’s face it, this man is a Form 5 failure and its too much to expect him to understand even a simple audit report. He is just wasting people’s time.

  8. I totally agree with him,he needs more time so that the govt. keep paying him extra kwachas for siting on the report.

  9. This man was just appointed to be a minister simply because LPM wanted to choke the civil service ( and ZESCO ) with his illiterate relatives. These are the results now. The man has never seen such a document and is obviiuosly trying to look for a sentence that seems to tie the PF to the scam ! $wine

  10. He is not the right man to work on the audit report,even if it is ready he will not do anything with it..HE IS JUST GOOD AT TALKING HE IS NOT THE MAN OF ACTION

  11. The problem is that he is studying the report as if it were an exam! Iwe Shikapwasha, its not geography for crying out loud! Even waking up at 03am in the morning to ‘study’ the report!

  12. The Head of security at a company in Ndoa had grudge against a coleague who was doing comparatively better at the company. One day this coleague went to have tyres of his chaecked at the company’s tyre bay. The head of security saw him and since it was on that day that they had received a new consignment of car tyre tubes, he suspected that the man was stealing the tubes for car. The Head Security went to the gate and as the man came in his car he stopped him very confident that he had caught him this time. The car was searched and no tube was found. The he instructed that tyres be openned to see what type of tubes were there only to find that THESE WERE TUBLESS TYRES!

  13. Twachula pa Zed,

    – Zamtrop’ saga, Bulaya’ saga (MoH), Katele’ saga ,Zamtel/Dora’ saga, Zambia Air what saga and Kaopoko’ saga talk about the task force and commissions/tribunals that spend huge diverted resouces. Let alone political victimisation. Once in the highest office and previously second higher Zed still seem to going around the same circle. On serious note we need to redeemed or all the entire systems of the government will be weakened. Mwe bantu How?????

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