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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Masebo writes to PS over purchase of hearses

Headlines Masebo writes to PS over purchase of hearses

Former Local Government and Housing Minister, Sylvia Masebo
Former Local Government and Housing Minister, Sylvia Masebo

Former Local Government and Housing Minister, Sylvia Masebo, has written to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry local government to request for documents on the controversial procurement of 100 hearses and boats.

Ms. Masebo, who is also Chongwe Member of Parliament says the files and documents should be made available to enable her respond to growing public concern over the purchase of hearses.

President, Rupiah Banda, yesterday authorized Ms Masebo to explain to the nation issues surrounding the ordering and procurement of the hearses.

Ms. Masebo said she could only clarify that the hearses were purchased at US9 000 per unit and not US29 000 per unit as being alleged once relevant documents are made available.

She said this in a letter addressed to Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary, Coillard Chibbonta, copied to President Rupiah Banda, Vice president George Kunda, Local Government and Housing Minster Ben Tentamashimba, Secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja and made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Ms Masebo complained that she has been made to explain details of the transactions even when there is a serving minister and support staff as well as documents to clarify the transaction without her involvement.

She also cited the Keep Zambia Clean and Health programme, Trucks and the Construction at Lusaka Girls School as other issues that she is been asked to explain to the public



  1. silvia dont worry even after giving the documents RB cant get sense out of anything.HH made it clear,check the post for details.

  2. Thank you for coming out epecially on the issue of clarifying the price for a hearses. So it remains for TETA to explain where he took the $20,000 for each hearse bought.

  3. On “She said this in a letter addressed to Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary, Coillard Chibbonta, copied to President Rupiah Banda, Vice president George Kunda, Local Government and Housing Minster Ben Tentamashimba, Secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja and made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today”, great stuff MP Masebo. It is sad that President RB Banda only used a verbal notice for you to do what is necessary, but good you have initiated the writing process as required.

    As for “Ms Masebo complained that she has been made to explain details of the transactions even when there is a serving minister and support staff as well as documents to clarify the transaction without her involvement, just go ahead and clear the air and stop complaining.

  4. Lets hope all the documents are in place coz this GRZ is prone to losing them when its their call to shore up.

  5. Continuing od Ms Masebo complained that she has been made to explain details of the transactions even when there is a serving minister and support staff as well as documents to clarify the transaction without her involvement, just go ahead and clear the air and stop complaining. It is sad that Minister Teta. has thrown the ball in your hands, but do the job with all honesty.

    Such will show as to whom is misleading the Nation or telling us the whole truth.

    On another note, I am glad that the pressure from the opposition is yielding positive results for our Zambian democracy. What remains is to make sure that illiterates and semi-illiterates do not make it into Parliament or become our President. This will allow the Nation to develop.
    Prevetnion is better

  6. why is she complaining..All we want are explanantion, Masebo is not looking that healthy anymore if this is her recent photo

  7. Well, if masebo wants to uphold her credibility and transparency by responding to public concern over the purchase of hearses then fair play to her.Needless to say masebo’s appearance on the photo above leaves much to comment !

  8. I see a big problem here if documents are there at the ministry i do not see any reason why they should be asking someone who is nolonger there to explain. Dont the people there have time to go through these documents am sure there is a hand over to whoever takes over. And even if there was no hand over any job you take over, you need to bring your self up to speed. I am biggining to wonder what these chaps do in there ministries

  9. Masebo is gravely sick.She is in and out of hospitals following years of ndekelako.Dickson Masebo must be thanking God for stepping off her fast lane.Strange that Post’s Amos Malupenga has instead disgracefully deserted his wife and children of many years for masebo a woman serving every many on the market. She ordered , budgeted and authorized payment fort these hearses yet her boy friend Malupenga is busy dressing up RB. How does RB come in when all was done under masebo and RB only came to learn of a closed procurement cycle?

  10. Sylvia has a point. If she authorized the purchase it was not in her personal capacity but as an agent of the government. As such it should be the present minister who should do the explaining because regardless of who gave the authorization it was the govt that bought the hearses, still more so the MMD govt.

  11. Good evening bloggers.
    So this case is still hanging? I had even forgotten about it. Anyway, it could turn out to be a missing piece in the MOH financial scam. I doubt if the full truth will ever be told.

    #10 Woman of Substance, you’re very funny…that’s West African style! I won’t say anything to offend Zambian women but I wish they had their own authentic head dress.

  12. [Updated at 3:15 p.m.: Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement sources told The Times.]

  13. May He RIP. He spent most of his life trying to run away fromhis heritage. I hope he made peace with his Lord as he converted to ISALAM

  14. He never even had time to say goodbye to the world. What do we learn from his sudden death?
    A man is just a man. Let us live today up to the fullest, for tommorrow does not belong to us.
    On this sad note, goodnight bloggers…
    I will now lay my head to sleep
    I pray The Lord my soul to keep
    And if I should die before I wake
    I pray The Lord my soul to take

  15. Sad for Michael Wacko Jackson. MHSRIEP.

    Nomba imwe Ba Sylvia Masebo, why spill the beans now??

  16. Masebo herself had commented that she had requested the president to allow her to comment, Bloggers were saying she should be allowed to comment if R.B was not hiding anything, others suspected she wont be allowed to comment. Now she has been allowed to comment bloggers are saying its Teta who should comment, Not to seem to support Teta, but I thought Teta explained that the hearses were bought by Masebo. What more should he explain that we dont know. These things were bought by Masebo, if there was a fraud it has to be during that time. The fact is that whether Chiluba or Levys Corruption its still the same MMD that is corrupt. Levy concetrated on Chilubas corruption, RB has concentrated on the overal civil service. The MMD is known for corruption now and before including Levy MHSRIP


  18. I love this!! Finally, birth pains are giving way to real glimmers of Democracy. Ms. Masebo, get used to it!! In a Democracy, it is not unusual for ministers (or former office holders) to account for their stewardship of public funds—only in Zambia/Africa can anyone question the importance of such an inquiry. Hopefully, from now on, Ministers and people in charge of public finances will learn to explain expenditures of this sort before hand. After all, this is the peoples’ business!! It is health indeed in a democracy for ordinary people to question things they do not understand that are, nonetheless, done in their name and on their behalf. Zambians are slowly but surely becoming very aware of their democracy and their roll in it—days of taking Zambians for granted are over!!!

  19. Indeed, those hearses in China are selling for the equivallent of US9 000 per unit, even if you add all the customs and freight charges, there is no way this cost can escalate to US29 000 per unit. This means nearly US$2 million has just disappeared in thin air. Zambian politicians are pathetic stinking thieving creatures. It really makes me feel like crying, how can Zambians be so lethargic even in the face of such unprecedented looting of their coffers?

  20. It is good that Masebo has taken it up to explain though in normal circumstances this should have been done by the incumbent as many boggers have said because thats the way government should operate. What if Masebo was dead, were we going to say there is no one to explain when the documents are there and there is a new office bearer? I call upon Kanganja to direct Teta to explain using available documents, if anything will be found to have been wrong then let him report to police , ACC . Teta and RB just want to run away from the truth, it is really disapointing to hear a head of state saying i dont know anything about a matter that is of public concern in your country. Teta wants to find a way of blamming everything on the late LPM.

  21. As we can all read and write for ourselves, I would urge Habupampu (Maestro) to stop his habit of copying from the lead article above which all who comment here have read first into his texts before making his point. Its a waste of time and space dude, just say what you want to say, finito.

  22. Silvia say the truth and let those against you should ashamed . God is on your side shame to those who want to see you fail.

  23. Well, I hope that silly monkey called Tetamalilo can explain to this country where US$2 million (US$20,000 on each of the 100 units bought) went. Masebo said the deal was signed at US$9,000 each and we know the money was disbursed when Tetamaililo was Minister. He was so quick to chase Kapoko away from his ministry, now we know he is Tetakapokomalilo!

  24. Women are giving birth everywhere on the grounds of the UTH because of the nurses’ strike instigated by Banda. The Post shows pictures of our sister delivering under a tree and Banda claims this is pornography M’Membe is publishing. I honestly think Akulu Mphuno agwila nthenda ya chiwewe, who in the first place is supposed to pay these people but failing to do so? Nzelu za Ayatollah Ali Khameni and his side kick Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aikona Akulu Mpuno ka!

  25. Iwe chi ShakaZulu, what kind of journalism is that. Get lost if you are a Membe worshipper.What if that was yo sister or indeed wife or Mom? Think b4 u post stuff here.

  26. People, Zed students in Cuba haven`t been paid for two months now. They are starving as their BCs are hold in the embassy in Canada. Please help in what you can.

  27. Masebo supported Hon Magande for President that’s why she is being hounded. Teta has been mentioned in the 2.5billion Kwacha paid by Kansanshi mine as rate for Solwezi and no body from MMD is taking him to task. This is unfair please. Lets use our ernegy for advancement of Zambia not on witch hunting and persecutions.

  28. They will make sure that they destroy all the evidence related to this matter.Iam sadden to hear that my fellow student in Cuba have not been paid for two months,Iam just imagining who they are surviving in the country which is not theirs takuli nokwakukongola.I wish I was in Zambia I would have invited the Monkey who did a commendablle job for dinner.


  30. Hon Masebo, surely do u ned documents for what just forget the whole issue nothing tangiable will come out. Its a sheer waste of time dont even panick. That was collective responsibility by cabinet. When RB as Veep you mean he never used to be part of Cabinet. Well you can go ahead and collect the documents from PS etc but at the end of the day it will just be window dressing. What Sylvia Tembo should not forget is that she lost her cabinet position for openly supporting Ngandu Magande. The land in question at Lusaka Girls is being put to good use. How do you keep prime land idle for more 50yrs?. Those vehicles for keep Zambia clean where not facilitated by Masembo alone but there is more to it in case I am misquotated otherwise this is part of impending explosion of many scandles

  31. Cont 37. On the other hand Silvia alebufwayisha bu minister sana. This is a result of too high ambitions.

  32. # 39 you are very right…even if these cars costed $1000, who requested for them in the first place??

  33. Lets be reasonable, Its is said these items were not discussed by Cabinet and did not follow tender proceedures. How different is Doras case to that of Masebo. Issues Chiluba is accussed of are transactions during his presidence. Code of conduct is not only for those in power also those that have left Govt. The topic on these transcations was not brought up by Teta but the media who accused R.B of ordering the items, People should know that its not every transcation that Cabinet is involved in. And if an allegation is leveled against a minister, the minister has to answer. In this case, the minister said that he found the transaction already processed. Lets not protect people just because they are nolonger in Government. We should thank the media for exposing this transaction.

  34. Can Teta explain to us where he took $20,000 to each, now that Syvia has explained how much each was costing. Where is the money?????? nurses continue the strike after there is money in country but its being pocketed by Individuals!!!!!

  35. #26 Ba Peter. I really pity you here in Zambia we do the opposite whilst other countries are going ahead us its ten years backwards. Here we do not pay attention to proving social services to our citizens. Its take a cut from any GRZ transaction. We have never bin involved in a serioys war but look at small Rwanda, they have mde strides in their development efforts. Look East Mozambique its doing much better than us. Even Zimbabwe with current economic hardships given a chance with Uncle BOB out, they gonna pick up. Zambia is alwys run by qrong pipo at wrong time for wrong purposes. There has never bin a natioanl agenda since MMD came into power in 1991 apart from the Fifth National Development Plan initiated by late Levy. The rest is mere politicking of insults day in day out. Thats Zed

  36. What is beautiful about this is that God always allows the light to show up hidden things. Therefore, through Sylvia, the light has come. She says the hearses were 9,000, so Teta must now explain where the extra 20,000 went to. Simple.

  37. This is the money they used in 2008 ellections. These guys stole a lot of money, from all minstries its the same trend. We will jail you Masebo, just wait for 2011. REVOLUTION 2011

  38. #Nine Chale thank you very much.I have ALWAYS advocated for Zambian women to wear authentic Zambian styles.We have excellent designers in Zambia but as usual these politicias want to copy the west african gear.It is pathetic to see these outfits especially at their Kitchen parties or church gatherings.Can you imagine sitting next to Masebo with that hat say in a plane or bus?

  39. this is her real complexion, she tried to lighten her skin after becoming minister. hope she keeps it this way…

  40. Silvia, dont worry about why the Tetas of this world are not responding to this while they are in office. They dont know what they are supposed to do that is why they have failed to clean the streets even after you gave them working tools. They are pre occupied with bringing back RB to office in 2011 so that they can protect their wealth.
    We miss your hard working spirit.

  41. Slyvia Tembo had no koso, ana tamanga maningi osa dabwa. Her time has come with all these issues cropping up. Sorry mawe fili uko tuleya. That is her recent picture no wonder they bought chinese harmers. Who is gonna take the first ride of course not my cousin Teta. Your guess is as good as mine?

  42. When are we going to praise the work of our fellow brothers and sisters for what they did during their term of office? Everytime ayi bakepa uku. if you are sure of what you say arrest them and put them in prison. Much time wasted on finding faults than carrying out the work given.

  43. #41 Have you heard of the concept of open spaces in town planning? These open spaces are deliberately left open because you cant have an entire city or town built up. However, nature abhors a vacuum. These open spaces or vacuums are being filled up by people with influence. The concept of open space should be abandoned because it is not working in Zambia. A lot of open spaces have been filled that were deliberately left undeveloped especially in Lusaka

  44. What we need is for her to show proof that the hearses where bought for $9,000/- or not finish. She does not need to ask the PS bane. Can she just tell us and show us proof that the hearses were actually $29,000/- and not $9,000/-. This is not toom much to ask as the records should be there both locally from the Ministry, ZRA and the company which supplied them. Chashuapa shani. Sata mentioned that he saw the clearance documents at the border which indicated that the hearses where actually $29,000/-. Can we please see them. WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT $20,000/-, BUT $2,000,000/- which is over K 10 Billion. Lets be serious here and get the truth.

  45. The most silly decision a normal government can ever make – buy hearses when there are drugs in hospitals. Were they anticipating even more people dying on top of the hundreds that die daily? Yes. No wonder there’s no tangible action over the nurses strike. What a mess of a system.

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