Tuesday, May 28, 2024

FIFA Directs FAZ To Go On With Planned AGM


The world soccer governing body FIFA has directed the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for Government Complex.

In a letter to FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga dated April 26, 2024,FIFA Member Associations Officer, Kenny Jean-Marie said the reported injunction by the Ndola High Court freezing out the FAZ AGM amount to undue influence by third parties.
Jean-Marie said that failure to hold the AGM by FAZ would provide possible grounds for suspension.

“In addition, please note that the order of the High Court of Zambia dated 24 April 2024 appears to clearly amount to undue influence by third parties which could be considered as a violation of Article 19 paragraph 1 of the FIFA Statutes and Article 7 paragraph 1.g. of the CAF Statutes,” reads part of the letter from FIFA.

“As a result, FIFA takes the view that any further attempt by a third party to prevent the FAZ Annual General Meeting from taking place might be considered a violation to the above- mentioned principle, which would oblige our institution to bring the matter to the attention of the relevant FIFA bodies for consideration of possible sanctions in line with the FIFA Statutes.”
FIFA adds: “For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the infringement of the aforementioned provisions of the FIFA and CAF Statutes may give rise to grounds for the suspension of FAZ irrespective of whether the infringement was attributed to FAZ or not.”

FIFA further states that any suspension by FAZ would deprive Zambia of any sporting participation with any country dealing with Zambia risking sanctions.

“Finally, we would like to remind you that a suspended member association may not exercise any of its membership rights. Other member associations may not entertain sporting contact with a suspended member association. The Disciplinary Committee may impose further sanctions (cf. art. 16 par. 3 of the FIFA Statutes and art.8 par.3 of the CAF Statutes). A suspended member
association loses all its membership rights, as defined in art. 13 of the FIFA Statutes and art. 6 of the CAF Statutes, with immediate effect and until further notice,” says FIFA.

“Likewise, the representative teams as well as the affiliated clubs of this federation can no longer take part in international competitions until the suspension has been lifted. In view of the foregoing, FAZ is directed to conduct its Annual General Meeting.”

FIFA says it has taken interest in the reported arrests of the FAZ president, Mr.Andrew Kamanga, General Secretary Reuben Kamanga and other officials by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) “We took note with great concern that the FAZ President, two standing committee Members and yourself, were jointly charged and arrested by the relevant authorities for a number of counts mentioned in your correspondence,” says Jean-Marie.

“In view of this, and in order to have more clarity on the situation, we would like to kindly request that you provide us, latest by 30 April 2024. with copies of any documents received in relation to the accusations and ongoing investigation against the above-mentioned FAZ officials as well as any additional information that may have been brought to your attention since the
arrests took place,” FIFA says.

FAZ is scheduled to hold its AGM on Saturday (tomorrow) at Government Complex with delegates across the country trickling into Lusaka.

For and on behalf of:
Sydney Mungala


  1. Be happy Sydney, FIFA has secured a job for atleast a week more.
    Hahaha FAZ has lost again, their wish of FIFA suspending Zambia from football is not granted. Hahahaha…
    “If you report Kamanga to police, we will make sure Zambian women team don’t go to Olympics”. Hahaha FIFA yakana.

  2. It is time for Africa to leave FIFA. It is that simple. Zambia pays the expenses of FAZ. White men from Europe calling themselves FIFA want to overule our courts. This is rubbish. The courts of Zambia should not brook outside interference. If FIFA wants to ban Zambia, this is the time to make a stand. These motherfakaz suspended Russia and Belarus because of the war in Ukraine, but they have not suspended Israel for its genocide in Gaza, nor the US for Afhanistan, Syria etc. The court in Zambia must stand by its decision. It is illegal for any Zambian court to have its decisions reversed by outside parties. Fack FIFA!

  3. The Kamangas should just resign. Zambians won’t forgive them if FIFA suspends the teams. They are incompetent and corrupt.

    • There is a simple principle here. Our courts are supreme. Our sovereignty is being trampled by a foreign court. There is no way we can tolerate an outside organisation overruling our courts. If FIFA wants to fu@ck with Zambia, let the Zambian court rule that FAZ may not play the Zambian anthem at any of its events; FAZ may not use any government owned stadia or venues for its events; FAZ may not conduct any activity within Zambia. FAZ may not ask the GRZ for any money for anything; otherwise FAZ may do whatever FIFA commands it to do.

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