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Theft of Copper concentrates on the increase on the Copperbelt


Copper Concentrates
Copper Concentrates

A Ndola based company involved in transportation of Copper concentrates meant for exports by mining companies, has complained of rampart thefts of copper concentrates.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Ndola today, Buks Haulage Limited, operations manager, Artson Munyenda, said the level of theft of copper concentrates on the Copperbelt is increasing at a fast rate.

Mr. Munyenda expressed worry that most of the thefts are committed by suspected Chinese nationals, who are in the country on the pretext of being investors.

He said the situation is also disturbing the transporters involved in the transportation of copper concentrate meant for exports.

He further narrated that trucks for BHL carrying about 198 tonnes of copper concentrates were hijacked by thieves but later intercepted with the help of the police.[quote]

He called on government to put more efforts in addressing the problem before it degenerates into a crisis.

And acting Copperbelt province commanding officer, Danwell Kasonde, also confirmed the increase in thefts of Copper concentrates by suspected Chinese nationals.

Mr Kasonde told ZANIS that the incidents of thefts of copper concentrates by Chinese national has increased.

He, however, said Police are working hard to arrest the situation.

He said lack adequate transport is hampering Police efforts to address the problem, but was quick to mention that the donation a vehicle to the Flying Squad Unit by BHL will go along way in fighting the crime.



  1. WTF? Am I reading right. We have shaolin hijackers now. This is really ridiculous, I can’t believe that chinese are actually doing the hijacking themselves.

  2. It’s RB’s fault and no one else’s , Dora helped him steal all the copper. My life is hard because of RB and in 2011 I will vote him out so that I can blame everything on him

  3. More bad news….no olutions offered… kuti wanaka nokuchita complain mwe… the relationship btwn the govt and zambian people is like a failed marriage..always nagging and unhappy! Vakulolave!

  4. So now these Chinese “investors” are now taking Zambians for-granted by stealing their God-given resources! That’s what happens when you vote for leaders who have no patriotic zeal and are willing to sell the country down the river for a few dollars more.

  5. The chocholi learnt from Dora and teta. VJ is in China to recruit more Chinese thieves. What a net work.

  6. Following “Mr Kasonde told ZANIS that the incidents of thefts of copper concentrates by Chinese national has increased“, I would like to remind the MMD GRZ and all Zambians that foreigners will v=never develop Zambia. Let us real Zambians, especially those who were born after 1964, take up serious roles in GRZ, otherwise we as Zambians will continue being in limbo. Zambia desperately needs new blood in the political arena to sort the problems our very old leaders, mainly the semi-literate people, are failing to solve.

    HH for 2011 Zambian President for a start.

    Have a blessed Sabbath day you all.
    “I have told my colleagues that if you are made of wax don’t stand in the sun because you will melt” – Zambia Congress of Trade Union president L. Hikaumba Said.

  7. believing that the chinese are the ones stealing copper or is it concetrates will be doggish in mind if i may coin a word.the chinese are just a market.i dont stay in ndola but when you go to ndola or any other copperbelt town.the heroes and most idolised are the same guys who steal that copper.for instance in ndola there is one guy who stays on the same ndola kapiri highway.he is notorious for hijacking trucks even this same man from BHL knows him but he’ll pretend not to because of his own reasons.and if thus guy goes to town he is another barak obama.and even the same flying squad guys they know every thief in town.they know who is in car thefts,burglaries,truck hijacks etc.but they get a cut from these evil BWana BHL man fight the source and not the market.that’s why the…

  8. Bwana BHL man,i ended up by saying the americans are in colombia,mexico,pakistan and afghanistan fighting drug wars as these are the sources.once you kill the source the market will be your gesture is a noble one but tell these guys from the flying squad who you know as your biggest culprits.if in a month you dont get results but having thefts.involve the lusaka squad
    Balalya nokuputilila.tabakwata akaso na copper.(bullet)

  9. Matworld ,Miss Daisy,Walai, I am not feeling well guys no chats tonyte limbi amazulu naba ndowa we will chat tomorrow
    . Matworld whtas your email address man
    Remember our Miss Daisy master plan!!!

  10. Its very saddening that the so-called investors are the main copper thieves the country has. But its very disappointing to read that the police are aware of the thefts by these chinese nationals but have not brought the culprits to book.
    What sort of leaders do we have in this country?
    I foresee the chinese taking over the country if the MMD continues in government.
    I recall an influx of ama sene sene (senegalese nationals) in the 1980s when emerald mining just started and the zambians lost out.
    This is what we are again experiencing and unless our politicians wake up, the zambians are doomed.

  11. Ba Mule,
    nice to learn about your concerns.let’s boot out the MMD but please boss guide me,who should be the alternative?i’ll appreciate your guidance sir

  12. These are the issues the president and his vice are supposed to address. Not who took pictures of a woman giving birth or speculating if the p.f/upnd pact will work….

  13. yaba,these Chinese,you cant even try to do any wrong in their country.Issues bordering on sabotage,they will try you and deliver the judgement in one week-tthat is death by a firing squad or lethal injection.The criminals have seen that they can get away with it even if they sabotage our economy.They conspire with the police no doubt.

  14. Number 4 i suggest you remove your photo on the block because some people are starting to get excited. Its strange you know how people can reach this far

  15. Hello Akapondo at #4, That is why we have the opposition political parties as an alternative. The MMD has over-stayed with the same policies leading to complacency and lack of new ideas.
    The country needs new ideas by changed leadership and party policy.
    The only serious opposition groupings at the moment are the PF and the UPND. The question as to who stands for presidency from the opposition in 2011 is a matter for the parties to decide and I am sure more people will come out and be identified from these parties.
    For instance, Prof Chirwa will find it impossible in the MMD were a candidate is already known (RB), Lubinda looks a good prospect in PF, HH is there in UPND etc.
    So Akapondo, you have a alternative just like you had an alternative in 1990.

  16. Mann Mule,
    Fine i understand your point.but as much as we have the opposition we have to look at the calibre of the alternative leadership we are looking up fear is that if we are not careful we will blunder like we did in 1991.chucked out kaunda only to replace him with a gang of bandits who came and raped our country to shreds.given lubinda makes a bit of sense but he is in the wrong camp to me.of course i will be mad to believe that his coleagues GBM,willie nsanda and the like qualify to be my next leaders.HH maybe but i have confidence in his MPs they are the best crop we have in that parliament.i dont fancy SATA i know his past and all that honey he promises will never come even if you gave 15yrs to short i have put my buck on clive chirwa he is what we need and he…

  17. These investors once caught please don’t hesitate, they need a firing squad.Are these guys raelly stealing or it’s our Ndola brothers and sisters stealing then sell to these chinese of course at a cheaper rate. Whoever is involved needs a firing squad no delay.

  18. Hi mule,
    Thanx for your posting.i’ve already put my buck on clive chirwa as iam convinced he is the only man who will redefine the zambian political landscape.sata and his band of cadres like GBM and Willie nsanda are another group of monkeys who will will loot our maize fields even the Post knows it.HH is a lightweight though i have got too much respect for his MPs.they are the ones who make sense in our current prof wont stay in MMD because of the filth in the party churned out by the likes of Tetamashimba,mulongoti including george definately he’ll seek another platfoam and it will be all systems go to state house in 2011.

  19. Wasosa we AKAPONDO (#25 & #27)so let us wait and see what Ba Chirwa does next. The thing is that he cannot start his own party hence has to team up with others already on the ground. We are all aware that his mentality would be more westernised but the voters are the kaponyas, marketeers, nsanda’s gonenas, and the like so its difficult to win without these people.
    Also, don’t forget that the learned groups don’t vote as we always say, “some of us cannot queue for ages”. But voting is being patient and enduring the long hours on the queue.
    Have a nice weekend we AKAPONDO.

  20. Is it true most of these chinese we see around are convicts serving chinese jail terms here in Zambia?

  21. One Zambian national is on death row in China while Chinese are busy stealing Copper Concentrates in Zambia and the Police know about it but aint doing nothing about it! One wonders whether there’s some conspiracy going on here.

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