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New hospital to be built in Lusaka in conjunction with Morning Side Clinic


MAHTAN Group of Companies chairman, Rajan Mahtan, has disclosed that the Mahtan group of companies have concluded negotiations with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa for the construction of a fully fledged hospital in Lusaka in collaboration with the Morning Side clinic of South Africa.

He said the project will cost approximately K250 trillion.

He said the hospital project has been commenced to enable Zambians to be served medical requirements with humanity and dignity locally.

Dr Mahtan also revealed that Zambezi Portlands Cement plant in Ndola will start production next month.

Speaking in Ndola , Dr Mahtan, said the impediments that were holding the commencement of operations for the company have been resolved and operations will commence by August 15, this year.

He said the plant will create employment and competition in the cement industry.

Dr Mahtan said the Mahtan Group of Companies, in collaboration with Group 5 of South Africa, has embarked in the construction of over 3,000 houses in Lusaka under which project the civil servants will be given preference in honour of President Banda’s request.

He said the house construction project will cost about K750 billion.

He added that his group of companies through Finance Building Society one of the companies in the group is organising appropriate mortgage facilities for a period of 15 years to enable people acquire house loans.

And Dr Mahtan further disclosed that his Group of Companies will next year complete construction of a shopping mall in Ndola which will consist of cinemas and other social amenities.

He said the shopping mall will be completed in the next 18 months.

The Mahtan group of companies include Finance Bank, Finance Building Society, Professional Insurance and Professional Life Assurance among others.

The company sponsored the presidential luncheon held in honor of the Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete who was in the country to officiate at this year’s Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola yesterday.

In attendance were President Rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe, cabinet ministers, Security chiefs, senior government officials and members of the business community from both Zambia and Tanzania.



  1. i cant get excited it wont benefit the poor,it will be purely business.the same monisters who access morning side clinic at tax payer’s expense are still the one who will enjoy those facilities but knowing their perchant for flying the will still want to go joburg.

  2. #1..Not every project can benefit the poor but its infrastructure and that means our economy will be boosted. Atleast if rivh people have to spend money, it will remain in iur country and in our circulation… dont just criticize, look at the positive side sometimes..

  3. Nice move for himself.At least the elite wont have to go to SA but is the as Akapondo putit,is the ordinay Zambian going to benefit,the answer is HELL NO. The govt should be the one to carry out the project and NOT the greedy Mahtan

  4. May be the morning side j’burg business may come to an for people like VJ,FTJ and others who like going to SA even for flu.

  5. This is what is called development. I hope Mahtan is serious, K250 trillion? what percentage of the Zambian budget is that? 1650%. How possible? LT can you verify the figures please

  6. Which ever way you look at it. This move is positive. If you insist to be negative, I will ask President Mugabe to insult you.

  7. if this hospital is being built in line with morning side hospital then it wont be affordable to every jim and jack.

  8. wow, just checked out the blog from yesterdays weekend pic….it was so disrespectful and insults were flying like its hell…why do bloggers do that? Nothing constructive to talk about?

    And Walai…..huh…you just sweet like that, being rude and dirty doesnt make you a man and i am happy you have realised that! Proud of ya!

  9. something fishy here I thought Morningside clinic is just one of the medi clinics in South Africa.How can you build a hospital in conjunction with a clinic and not the owners of the clinic – the Medi clinic group? I may be wrong.

  10. BTW how many times have we hard of multi billion kwacha hospitals to be built in Lusaka.from the times of chiluba till now haven’t there been at least 5 promised hospitals?

  11. #11… does every cream of infrastructure have to be enjoyed by everyone…? nope, thats why we even have business and economy class on planes…to cater for different kinds of entities..?Our question should not be based on a bitter pill of RBs wrong moves, this is good for our country BUT, we are going to need another reasonable national hospital that will carter for our people with lower LSMs

  12. Even if it won’t benefit the poor, but it might just stop the rich spending the hard earned $$$ in foreign countries, I mean keep the makucha pa Zed.

  13. I heard about this project some time back and the idea was that we will also have medical aid as we do here in south africa. There is need to reduce the cost of special treatment by reducing transport costs as currently everyone flies to south africa so all the countries close to Zambia will no longer have to travel all the way to south africa… I think miss daisy has a valid point…

  14. #19, the rich are scared of using local hospitals because they are sick, if you know what I mean. Look at CFB, that is a very good hospital, but because they don’t want you to know that they are sick, they go to SA.

  15. Nice one on the clinic. But total nonsense on the housing project. Civil servants wont manage, finance building society has the highest interest rate of mortgages among the countries building societies.

  16. the hopsital idea is good but the point is how many will afford it. There is no culture of medical aid in Zambia. The government itself doesnt ha’ve medical aid for its huge civil servant structure. If the government can start it then it will be workable.
    This is a good project and I hope it will benefit the poor and not the wealth again.

  17. On the housing project, the government should come in and reduce interest rates. we are killing our own people by allowing these bankers to continue to do what they wish to do. We need to advocate for reduction in interest rates.

  18. Its a positive development. The infrastructural development will create demand in the building sector thereby creating Jobs. The Hospital will also create meaningful employment if it is on the scale that the budget suggests. The biggest negative is that UTH will lose out on skilled staff as all doctors and nurses will prefer the new hospital for obvious reasons. This is a private initiative so RB does not deserve credit. Mahtani is a shrewd business man who likes to jump inot bed with all presidential administrations so he is happy to mention RB, to let him take some credit, as this protects his business interests.

  19. Why do you expect a private business initiative to be designed to benefit the poor??? The objective is profit maximisation for the shareholders – anything else is by the way. What we need is a viable government social welfare system in Zambia to benefit the poorest. It is governments responsibility for a country as poor as ours. These are issues we should debate and base selection of our leaders on – Healthcare provision, Education, infrastructure, employement etc , not What HH or Sata or RB or Teta said about X,Y Z. After 4 yrs, the leader is then held accountable and on that basis, we as a people decide whether he/she gets re-elected.

  20. You will see, the government fat cats will still be rushing to SA for treatment because their greedy minds will still be telling them that they are special and being ‘special’ means they can’t get treated within the country. I’m prepared to bet on this. Much as this is a brilliant and very much welcome development, we also need a serious change in the mindset of those in gov

  21. This is what we want to hear. Development at any level is welcome. Hopefully Mahtani’s initiative will stimulate other local businesses to come up with big projects that will result in mass job creation. There are many economic sectors that need diversification and serious investment e.g. education, I believe has a massive potential. Right now many Zambians are abroad studying at institutions paying large sum of amounts. The gov’t needs to engage more partnerships with economic and social consultants to come up with ways of creating such opportunities. We look forward to the PPPI.

  22. LT.please get facts correctly. Medi Clinic is a company that owns several hospitals in S.A. Morningside is just one of the clinics/hospital owned by Mediclinic. This clinic is popular to Zambians coz Chiluba was admitted there. Actually there are better clinics/hospitals in south Africa.

  23. Morning side Clinic in South Africa is not for every Jim & Jack so will be that hospital in Zambia. The logic here is to save costs by bringing the hospital to them. I am for the idea though there will be people still who would want to come to SA for treatment. Well done Rajan.

  24. #37..perhaps you should read my comments again..i do not see anything careless about my comment mr chelsea

  25. Lets get real people. There are too many Jims and Jacks for in Zambia for their custom to be the basis of a huge capital project. Our population is about 10million, formal employement (As in PAYE, contracts etc) approx 150,000. Lets be generous and say informal business sector also 150,000 , that comes to only 3%! Benefits will come in the form of spill over effects as well as backward and forward linkages if any.

  26. i think matani may get this one wrong, he is a good business man no doubt but on this one he might just miss the boat . im sure that is why he is not using his money he is borrowing it. A simple concept of make money from the poor would have done. build a hospital to cater for the poor pipo and charge them reasonably and you mint. a competition to UTH. you dont need a state of the art hospital coz those that can afford to go there can easily go to RSA


  28. At this stage which type of national hospital should be built first? The one for the rich or the one for those in lower income brackets. By the way borrowed money can be used to fund both.

  29. Mwangala Sianga (Prof). It depends on who is building. Obviously a private company will target the demographic which offers the most business. This may be disposable income, in which case target the working classes/middle class. Detailed analysis might reveal that the “poor” get sick more often and even at low unit charges, their numbers might make it viable to target them. The Rich (Not people we call rich in Zambia eg ministers, professionals etc) are not bothered either way. Any smart business man would use debt if the returns he/she earns on their project are greater than the cost of capital (interest rate) e.g Borrow at 10%, invest for a return of 20%.

  30. Mahtani is working on the psychology of your politicians – simple. They flock to Morningside clinic and he builds a hospital with Morningside connections, then they will flock to that Hospital, isn’t that common sense? We need to applaud Mahtani as this is a good move which was supposed to be done by govt through UTH to make medical care affordable by all. But in this case, it will be for them (fat cats) alone and nothing for you and me. Bwafya!!

  31. Some of you are just there to criticise without being reasonable. Building a hospital is a good thing no debate about it. Number 32 you are right let not number 31 distract you with his myopic and selfish view of things. Its not all development that benefits everyone no matter how sympathetic one may be. Can you suggest n idea which shall benefit all Zambians. Be realistic and rational. In as much as not all may benefit but atleast some will and by implication, there will be some decongestion because pipo like me shall remain with UTH and others shall go to our ‘morningside’

  32. Uyu mwenye, finshi alelwisha ? We want a better UTH not those hollywood style hospitals. Will it also be accessible to that stone-breaker along Alick Nkhata road

  33. while the project is good, what people should realise is that mahtani is on business and his hospital will be expensive and the majority of zambians will continue lacking good health system.

  34. #49 Simon. Lets us go for the one to benefit the greater public. I’m happy you are not like persons of obscure religious cults who choose small sections of the bible, and quote those exclusively. Let us continue having a balanced view on matters of national interest. Thankx.

  35. 3RqU .

    Iam really sorry I nolonger use that number,i gave my phone to a Zim friend together with the sim card.Please try me on this one.+277822285241.Nangu give me your number I can call you for iam in love with communicating with fellas.Drop me your number through a mail.Once again Iam very sorry.

  36. I think some people here are missing the point. Why should Mhatani want to build a hospital on the basis of it being affordable to the majority (97%) of people, who only make up 20% of expenditure? If CFB adopted that business model, they would be as bankrupt as UTH. Instead of saying we cant afford, we must demand, as our rights, that governments make available 21st century medical facilities to the majority for free (we pay tax, so not really free). Mhatani is rich because he thinks the way he does and the majority, well we are a “peace loving Christian nation”. Humble and proud to be Zambian…

  37. thanks daisy baybay..

    coming to this story, well hopefully our leaders will stop travelling abroad for mediacal treatment.. the question is will average zambians be able to afford it?

  38. When are we going to build a hospital that will serve all Zambians? UTH ofcourse is for Zambians but it is poorly equiped and poor zambians have continued dying while these selfish people always go to SA. I can guess they will still continue going to SA depite the capitalist hospital being at their door steps, this is coz they want to make more allowances while in SA. SELFISH PEOPLE INDEED.

  39. #The poor will always be there Mr #1 even wherever you are be it in UK,Australia or USA the poor are in majority.Have watched the movie John Q by Denzel Washington?It will give you an insight into the hopelessness of the American health care system you have to be rich to get very good care .So do not cheat yourself Zambia is too poor as country to provide decent universal health care.

  40. Akapondo #1 has said sense. I invisage charges will be too much for an ordinary Zambian. Already very few people are affording to meet the demands of high cost at UTH, what about this morning side. Please give it a second thought.

  41. Good news. Its a private business, it will cater to those who can afford it and like Miss Daisy said, the money will circulate within our economy. Cheaper health care for all is an entirely different matter and it is dependent on the government and their policies. When voting for your leaders you should look at their health care plans etc. We can do better as a country.

  42. Development of a Country is better when the low class citizen is catered for. “This is good news, but doubting is the beginning of knowledge”! I support all the colleagues who are skeptical at this very moment. What most forks are missing is that we are approaching the D-day or peak of a very powerful revolution which is trying to unseat the MMD, therefore, they are shivering & the only way they want to blindfold people who can not read between the lines is to talk of development & even building houses for civil servants. The question is how many civil servants have no houses & can not afford to pay rentals from their house allowance given by govt? These same civil servants are ill-paid, therefore have acquired another hobby of corruption & stealing.

  43. Mathani, build the hospital and commission it. Later, market forces will direct its status.

  44. #16 Miss Daisy i do agree with you absolutely and other bloggers to say this is a good move. There are classes in every society its not all projects that the poor have to benefit the poor go which ver country in the world there poor people and they will always be there. We need infrastructure in our country such as those they will increase our GDP making Zambia a better place have these guys who are saying NO read whats written about Zambia and said about health and stuff they say its poor. This will make its easier for the locals & those tourists &also foreigners to recieve treatment within Zambia instead of being evacuated & more money for the government through tax and better pay for the ordinary Zambia. everyone comes to benefit eventually.People must understand economics.bravo mathan

  45. OK mahtani go ahead and build the hospital for your fellow rich guys no bones about mr RB sir,What is the progress on the hospital of we the poor which LPM initiated before he died which is to be built near chainama hospital .money was sourced and the projct was launched by levy himself.where are we today?anybody with an idea?those who stay near PHI,GALLIS or MUTEZMA

  46. There is a lot of confilct of interest for Muzo on this one.I will keep quite and watch from the terraces, till further notice.


  48. Questions???? Are Zambians offered any public shares in this project? Who are the prominent Zambians on the board? Why are Zambians not being trained to build their own houses instead of being controlled by a landlord? who is benefitting from these mortgage payments long term? Is the money from mortgages going to be used to develop Zambia? Are they going to undermine Zambian clinics? Zambians should change their mentality if Zambia wants to develop they need to at least own half the shares of this project. Otherwise it is another Livingstone tourism issue. Ask Questions countries don’t just give things for free read the small print and consider long term consequences to the Zambian local industry. another one why aren’t nurses and doctors of UTH etc priority for free housing????

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