Chief praises Govt for giving him a car


car Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people in Kasama has praised Government for providing him with a vehicle.

Chief Mwamba expressed gratitude to the Government saying the vehicle will ease his mobility to monitor projects in his chiefdom.

The Senior Chief said his chiefdom is vast with over 350 villages which could not be easily covered on foot.

He said that it had been difficult in the past to visit his subjects to foster development programmes because he had no transport.

Senior Chief Mwamba added that he was happy that President Rupiah Banda’s Government has fulfilled the promise made by late President Levy Mwanawasa to provide Chiefs with vehicles and electrify to their palaces.

He further appealed to the Government to build palaces for chiefs and also provide vehicles to other chiefs to enable them monitor development project taking place in their areas.

He was speaking at the handing-over of the vehicle by Northern Province Minister Charles Shawa at the Provincial Administration in Kasama today,

And Mr Shawa said Government has bought vehicles for Chiefs to enable them reach their subjects easily.

Mr. Shawa also said that Chiefs play a vital role in national development and that they are key partners in other service delivery to the public.

The provincial Minister added that Government is working hard in partnership with traditional leaders to ensure that education, health and other services were provided to the people in remote areas.

Mr. Shawa pointed out that the Government desires to improve and build infrastructure, rehabilitate roads and bridges for the benefit of the people in the nation.



  1. Yes this is good as long as the Chief uses the car to help the pipo, not just for his personal gain, i hope this car will be used to travel to far places and see what it that the pipo need, and come up with ideas of how to make their lives.

  2. Good for you mwemfumu nomba mwakulaenda ubwikele.Enjoy amanone while executing your duties in your chiefdom

  3. Walya Chief! But dont forget to campaign for Rupiah kanitundila Banda mu 2011, ka. Thats the whole idea. Its not for free, ok. Muposeko amano.

  4. Well done govermenment for giving chief Mwamba a car.I hope it is not a strategy for compaign for 2011 elections.

  5. Even a child can tell that this is a campaign ploy to woo ababemba to vote for MMD.Mwaloba ilyauma! chief just enjoy that car,but am sure you know deep down who you will vote for

  6. #7 Ba Moze, what are you talking about, you are the only person in Zambia who wants to vote for RB, have you also been given a Car?

  7. Chiefs have become irrelevant in present zambia. Chiefs have been known to be the worst dictotors, they bully their subjects to vote for someone they prefer. so now in chief mwamba, everyone should vote for the one who bought this useless chief a vehicle.Most of these presidents/governments that most right minded zambians have rejected are in power today because of chiefs.

  8. RB, what else have you given the Chief that we dont know about, we know with the car being too big, you had to come out with a reason for giving, what about those Brown envelops , packed with money or the money put in the chiefs hidden Bank account , ?

  9. Empowering communities goes beyond giving Traditional Leaders Cars. Actually a Car disadvanteges the Traditional Leader because of worries of getting the next drop of fuel to get to the next destination. If you want to empower Traditioal Leaders please look at empowering them Economically. If they are Empowered Economically they will be able to buy Cars, rehabilitate their Palaces without turning them into perpetual beggers. I wonder where our Government puts their periorities. I thought Shelter would have been first before Cars. Anyway SITINGADABWE. 2011 Nikuchengela.

  10. Ba Moze, Bwino Chabe, i thought you have also been given a car and Cell phone by RB, to do some work for him.

  11. * What is the cost of the vehicles. I hope there prices were not inflated like masebos
    hearses. The car in the picture looks like it was bought for $800. Will our chiefs maintain those vehicles since our roads are full of bath tabs(pot holes)? These guys need 4 X 4s not these dispossale vehicles which will last upto next general elections.

  12. lets just hope that is not the type of car they give him i.e the one in the picture.. otherwise this chief will be pimping in the village

  13. this is not the first time grz is providing vehicles to chiefs. am sure ba mwamba missed one on last year ‘s 150 consignment. Meanwhile he joins other chiefs in campagning for RB and MMD. .

  14. I’m sure RB expects something in return. That’s typical of Zambian leaders. Just before the elections, they start bribing. I wonder if those they manage to bribe have not sensed this trend.

  15. The chief is very happy but what type is the vehicle and also of what service will it serve the villages ? That looks like these new nissans they bought for govt depts. We also need to know the value of this vehicle and if at all only this chief Mwamba has been given or others in other provinces have been given as well ? Data ba LT PLEASE

  16. Iwe Chief this is your entitlement and you must thank we the TAX payer. This money did not come from MMD coffers.

  17. What happened to rural electrification exercise?Ba Chief you have been given your vehicle so go and spread the word that RB is the only person to run the country.Yaba.RB 1 Zedans 0.Figer prints of corruption all over.

  18. This proper bribing, whay give the chief a car., its because he will tell his people how good the current Gov is.

  19. It looks like a good machine, lets hope this chief will not be using it to monitor monkey projects for his consumption, you know bembas and their corrosive appetite for monkeys.

  20. Then come the Comprehensive Insurance, service and maintenance and fuel costs! In the meantime the government is to spend less on waste. I hope this is not buying patronage. The law in Zambia concerning land should be changed so that chiefs can gain a livelihood from their land. In New Zealand the Maori have their own land which they can sell to government (the Crown). In Nigeria chiefs have become billionares from their land (though not transparently). In the 21st century we will have educated chiefs who will be forward thinking. Chiefs like Nalubamba, Nkomeshya, Nzamane, Litunga etc. are educated enough to raise income from their lands.

  21. So ka chief has plans ati ifwe tukakomfwila, foteleni MMD, ukasunguka we kafumu. Its only your vote they are buying not mine.

  22. Saddened that the chief thanked the president for free vehicle and expect free electricty suply. Days are gone when Zambians used to get free services.. The should have bought own car and pay for electricity installation and bills result into supplying his place.. No sacred cows who should get free services from government for nothing. Shame u ka chief that car is not fit for off road driving. It won’t last longer than it will break down in the middle of the bush. aah The best cow is the good fighter in the village… NO SWEET WITHOUT SWEAT.

  23. how easy is it for the chief to reach his people when the rural roads are not reacheable? I wonder if he will manage it. Thanks for that car

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