Developing our own System


Like the owner of this car lets abandon old systems that are not functional and a drain on our national coffers
Like the owner of this car lets abandon old systems that are not functional and a drain on our national coffers
By C.K. Chanda

Since independence on October 24th, 1964, Zambia cannot boast of having created a wholly owned political and economic system. A system which embraces the values, traditions, and aspirations of its people.

The country has lagged behind in most sectors largely because of trying to adopt and adapt to foreign systems. In the process, Zambians have been left bewildered about what it is that we truly stand for as a nation. Successive leaders have failed to provide meaningful direction in developing a system which is easily adaptable, manageable, and workable in the context of our circumstances.

Decades have passed us by with no meaningful progress toward a well designed, less complex, and user-friendly system. This lack of a home-bred system has placed serious constraints on efforts to alleviate poverty in the country. A typical example is our government structure. This remains largely a creation of the at-independence constitution, some 45 odd years ago. And instead of creating multi-pronged institutions and empowering them to perform independently, we have only succeeded in creating more institutions which simply duplicate the works of older ones, which in turn puts economic pressure on our government to fund them and pay employee benefits.

This trend has resulted in more bureaucracy with little forward progress on the ideals they were established for. The existence of some of these structures has led to massive abuse of public resources by those with the consent to govern, at the expense of the humble and patriotic members of our society. It is right to point out that, any attempt to adapt to a foreign or alien ideal spells disaster because different regions, countries, and their people have differing and divergent needs, wants, resources, and experiences.

Having highlighted some major barriers to our progress, it is only prudent to propose some policy shifts in the creation and execution of a Zambian system.

Firstly, the structure of government. It is a well known fact that the size of our government is too large for a country which does not generate enough domestic resources. It would be a wise move to do away with positions such as Deputy Minister, Provincial Minister, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Deputy Director, and perhaps, Deputy high Commissioner. These positions have no relevance in our government system and only serve to compete for resources with more functional positions. Not only that, these positions simply create a lazy atmosphere as work for one person is being split between two. The amount of resources expended on these ceremonial positions could rightly be channeled to more important sectors of the economy.

Secondly, it is time that Zambia reviewed its need to have so many embassies around the world. The review should include the roles that these establishments have played in enhancing political, economic, and social progress for our people. Again, it is not necessary to have embassies scattered around the globe which do not live up to their or the government’s international mission statement. The question I beg to ask is, Is it really necessary to maintain embassies in countries within the same region? For instance, why should we have an embassy in Namibia and one in Zimbabwe as well? Why can’t we as a country establish embassies based on regions? We can have an embassy in Namibia which will cater for countries surrounding it. This is a computer age and so much can and has been accomplished via the internet. Does this sound like a cost saving measure? Sure it does.

Thirdly, Zambia can consolidate the operations of the DEC and ACC. Create separate units under one umbrella, empower them financially, and leave them to do their jobs independent of political manipulation and abuse. Do we really need to have these two institutions operating independently? I am sure that this can be done if we have the right mindset, priorities, and the will to do it. Mahatma Ghandi once said, “If I have the belief that I can do it, I will surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning”. So all we need as Zambians is to have the belief that we can change our way of running government if only we believe.

I leave the rest to my fellow patriotic Zambians to magnify and ponder. Any progressive ideas that anyone else may have, for or against, will certainly enhance the possibilities of creating a system which will work for us and make us better off tomorrow. I salute you my fellow Zambians.


  1. The fact is we have never been serious.Kaunda strated the reforms which were hampred by the 1973 copper price fall.then came visionless Kafupi,kanshi ekufwa! No clue in anything but stealing.I wish there was school of Theft so that he is awarded the highest rank ever in the field.

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  3. The auther of this topic is talking sensible stuff, why is the tax payers money being used on things which are not even benefiting the nation, in this economic climate we can do away with some of these posts and use the money for the nurses, teachers and Doctors etc.

  4. There is way too much our GRZ can do to save and direct the monies to develop Zambia, but it just keeps asking people to sacrifice and accept peanuts for salaries which can not even see them through the month while themselves live large. Cant they maybe get an expat to look into this and only hope he(the expat) doesnt join them. Ala chabulanda

  5. Ba Moze, papa, you wont belive it i was number 1 on the other thread, i think the Wkend will be good for me, so what are you up to papa.

  6. Chanda I agree with you when It comes to scrapping off the positions of deputy,they servr no purpose at all.However,I feel Provincial Ministers should remain for they oversee the developmental projects of individual provinces.The problem is they lack authority to act and tend to serve the interest of the party(In this case MMD) in conjuction with the DCs.Infact,I propose that they become full cabinet ministers to increase their authority and reduce other line ministries by merging duplicating ones and scraping off Gender Ministry for we have Dept of gender-in-development at cabinet office headed by a Perm-Sec

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  9. # 1, Ba matworld, God only helps those who help themselves. How do you expect God to help us when we don’t even know what we want?

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  13. The biggest challlenge will start with reducing the size of government its an unpopular decision that no one has been bored enouht to make it. So mny people would loose jobs because this positions have secretaries etc which would give the jobloss a big rise in the country not good but in the long term would have a greater reward risk retio. On an African level most leaders feel giving out jobs and creating positions “not needed” keeps them in Power.

  14. Ba Honey,Please obey Mr Ray Mwape of Jubilee Zambia.Dont disappoit him.He is our new Ambassador of Decent dressing.LOL.



  17. Our problems lies in Policy Conditionalities imposed on us by I.M.F. and the World Bank.It is IMPOSSIBLE to develop with these policies in place.

  18. On 15th August 2003, a motion to impeach President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC was moved in the National Assembly by UPND Chief Whip, Crispin Sibeta.
    Sibeta laid impeachment charges that accused Mwanawasa of corruption, nepotism and breaches of the Constitution.
    Rooted in the twelve allegations and twenty five counts, was one corrupt allegation that President Mwanawasa received kickbacks from an oil firm and importer of crude oil, Trans Saharan Trading (TST).

  19. MMD Vice- President and Kapompo West Member of Parliament Enoch Kavindele laid 32 documents on the table in Parliament supporting an Opposition impeachment motion against his former boss and MMD President, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. Many thought Kavindele was suffering from a poor taste of sour grapes. He was fired three months before this motion as Republican Vice-President by Mwanawasa.
    Mwanawasa accused Kavindele of practising corruption.

  20. Among the documents Kavindele laid on the table were two books written by Simon Zukas and Andrew Sardanis entitled ‘’Into Exile and Back’’ and ‘’Africa- Another Side of the Coin’’.
    Kavindele stated that the 32 documents he had laid on the table of Parliament were to show that Mwanawasa was inherently corrupt and that some of his nefarious activities could be traced to his time when he was practising as a lawyer, his tenure as Republican Vice-President under President Frederick Chiluba and his presidency since 2002.

  21. He recounted how Mwanawasa had tasked a team comprising himself, and Finance Minister Emmanuel Kasonde to raise party funds for the MMD.
    Kavindele stated that they duo raised money from many sources including Trans-Saharan Trading (TST) who gave the MMD USD100, 000.00.
    Kavindele said that of this amount, USD60, 000.00 was given to Mwanawasa in person through Emmanuel Kasonde. Other amounts were given to MMD National Secretary, Newstead Zimba and to State House Principal Private Secretary; Jack Kalala who was given K20million.

  22. Kavindele also accused Mwanawasa and his wife Maureen of being involved in the importation of 30,000 metric tonne maize worth USD7, 350,000.00 through their ‘friend’. He stated that the going rate for maize was USD125.00 per tonne but Mwanawasa had instructed that the importer be paid USD245.00 per tonne which had resulted in an over payment of K17 Billion. (Daily Parliamentary Debates for the Second Session of the Ninth Assembly dated Friday August 15th 2003).

  23. He stated that this importation of this K37 billion maize was done by Minister of Agriculture Mundia Sikatana despite the protestation by Finance Minister Emmanuel Kasonde, who stated that Zambia had a bumper crop and the maize importation was too expensive for millers.
    This contract was given to Maureen Mwanawasa’s relation Eddie Chibweshya through his South African company called Space Ages International without Sikatana allowing any tender procedures citing ‘directives from State House’.

  24. Kavindele also accused Mwanawasa of showing his corrupt tendencies as early in 1992 where he procured University of Zambia land without payments and had since built his house there.
    Mbita Chitala defended Mwanawasa strongly calling the impeachment charges as fictitious. He accused Kavindele of benefitting from oil and Maize transactions.
    He further accused Kavindele of giving illegal authority to LAMISE Investments to import 4500 metric tonnes Maize. He charged that the law would visit Kavindele for his ‘corrupt dealings’ emanating from his time whilst he held the position of Republican Vice- President.

  25. Chitala also defended the allegations that Maureen had received K700 Million government funds and used it on her private initiative in the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI) stating that the ‘’ the work of the First Lady is outstanding. Her institution was assisting vulnerable people.’’
    He continued that: ‘’In the first four provinces she has so far visited, namely Southern, Western, Northern and North-Western provinces, people appreciate her work.’’ He cited Choma District as a shining example of her work where she had created 166 environmental conservation women’s clubs.’’

  26. Chitala was however silent on why K700 million government funds were used for these private activities.
    Chitala also defended Mwanawasa for not paying Zambia National Service (ZNS) K160 million the outstanding bill of grading the road to his Teka Farm joking that ‘’the President never commanded ZNS to grade any road to his farm or do any work or project on his farm whatsoever.’’

  27. We should emulate the Chinese who went back to basics and developed from there. We always jump on the latest technology without knowing how it developed.

    We lack funding for research…we need to fund universities and colleges for research. Lecturers also need to be proactive in pursuing research and collaborate with industry.

  28. Chitala said all the twelve allegation and their 25 counts were mere fantasy and were premised on ‘falsehood’.
    A motion to impeach Mwanawasa on charges of corruption, nepotism and violating the Constitution was defeated by a vote of 92-57.
    Bob Sichinga, Edith Nawakwi, and other opposition members of parliament supported the motion. Eric Silwamba, Derrick Mbita Chitala and Dipak Patel viciously opposed the motion.

  29. Is this “Mr Clean” lying at Embassy Park being exposed like this.I remember the impeachmen tcharges by UPND but thought it was just usual politicking but after the ABSA lawsuit,Iam taken aback.

  30. Who could have believed at this early stage that Mwanawasa was corrupt and nepotistic? Who could have believed that Mwanawasa’s wife, Maureen was involved in maize importations? Who could have believed the charges against Mwanawasa or his administration especially that he had made the fight against corruption as his hall mark policy?
    Many characterised the impeachment motion, though serious, as attempts by Mwanawasa’s enemies to stop him from the noble cause he had embarked on of fighting corruption!

    Trans Saharan Trading obtained offices in Nangwenya Road, Lusaka in August 2001 and cited in their documents their lawyers as MNB partners (Mutembo Nchito, Nchima Nchito, Dr. Patrick Matibini and Elijah Banda).
    Although ZNOC where the sole importer of crude oil in Zambia, TST anticipated that they would take ZNOC’s place.

  32. When Mwanawasa assumed office he quickly dissolved the Zambia National Oil Company (ZNOC) accusing it of insolvency and stating that it could not meet its huge liabilities. ZNOC was a parastatal, designated with the sole duty of importing crude oil to Zambia
    On 8th April 2002, Minister of Finance Emmanuel Kasonde announced that:
    ‘’By a special resolution of the shareholders’ (Minister of Finance) meeting, the Zambia National Oil Company (ZNOC) has been wound up and dissolved. This action arises because of an urgent need to rationalise and streamline the supply of crude oil to Zambia to maintain a permanent and sustainable supply of petroleum products to Zambia.’’

  33. Earlier Minister of Energy Kaunda Lembalemba had informed the nation that INDENI and TotalFinaElf would take over the role of ZNOC. He announced that an interim tender had been awarded to the two firms to import 180,000 metric tonnes of crude oil. TOTAL held 50% shareholding in INDENI.
    He however emphasised that this contract was a short term measure in the wake of the ‘’collapse of ZNOC’’.
    Treasury documents showed that ZNOC owed ZANACO USD45million and USD20MILLION to Standard Chartered Bank. The total debt burden of ZNOC was estimated to be in excess of USD100 million.

  34. Fred Mmembe and Edith Nawakwi had accused President Frederick Chiluba and his Assistant for Economic Affairs Donald Chanda of benefitting from transactions at ZNOC. Donald Chanda was Board Chairman for Indeni, TAZAMA and ZNOC.
    Chiluba defended this position comparing it to the USA where fuel as a strategic commodity, is under the Presidency’s office.
    Zambia being a landlocked country will continue to have perennial fuel problems and therefore the building of strategic reserves, the monitoring of its prices and the efficient importation of crude oil (feedstock) for its refinery at INDENI is vital. The processing of this crude oil and the build up of its processed reserves remain a key driver to a stable economy.

  35. Zambia requires about 600,000 tonnes of oil per year with the bulk used as heavy fuels in the mining sector.
    Meembe and Mutembo Nchito had encouraged Mwanawasa to dismantle ZNOC describing it as ‘‘Chiluba’s corrupt infrastructure’’.
    ZNOC was duly dissolved.

    In August 2002, in murky circumstances, the Zambian government awarded Trans Saharan Trading (TST) to be the sole supplier of crude oil to Zambia cancelling the contract earlier given to regional suppliers TotalFinaElf in March 2002.
    AMALGAMATED Bank of Southern Africa (ABSA) gave a finance facility of USD100million to TST. This facility was given following the financial guarantees given by the Republic of Zambia through Bank of Zambia.

  37. ABSA was invited in 2001 to provide the finance facility for ZNOC’s oil procurement following their failure to secure a long term facility with local banks. ZNOC had an haphazard and ad-hoc arrangement with ZANACO.
    However ABSA were ‘advised’ to abandon the negotiations with ZNOC as it was ‘a likely sinking ship.’
    Following the dissolution of ZNOC in March 2002 ABSA were shepherded to TST!

  38. Bloggers one Landcruiser state of the art costs USD150000 or ZMK825000000 can a nation whose populaion includes 80% living on a dollar a day justify such madness.At his press conference RB called these cars luxuries.Did we need donor withdrawal or global crunch to realise this

  39. ABSA signed the USD100 million finance facility following assurances from the new government that TST would be the sole supplier of crude oil importation to Zambia. To this effect Government issued the necessary guarantees and securities.
    The deal with TST included the acquisition of feedstock from the suppliers, operations, and payments to TAZAMA for pumping and for storage.
    In effect the government guarantees gave TST the sole mandate to procure, import, refine, market and sell the feedstock

  40. In August 2002, TST proceeded to import its first Cargo worth USD20million promising Zambians of cheap pump prices.
    Soon after its first importation, TST made a ‘donation’ of USD100, 000.00 to the MMD. Vice- president Enoch Kavindele received the money and gave Minister of Finance, Emmanuel Kasonde USD60, 000.00 for onward transmission to Mwanawasa.
    Mwanawasa received the USD60, 000.00. Later Principal Private Secretary Jack Kalala also received a K20million. The balance was given to the MMD National Secretary Newstead Zimba.

  41. Ba Moze, thanks for your enlighting me! To the author, my dear in this country with your ideas, you are already an enemy. Those at CRC are not thinking like you. I am one person who has been victimised for reporting corrupt practices with concrete evidence against my boss. The same boss engineered a quick transfer from my station to a rural one. Thanks to many years in the union, I fought my way to even a better station. So, only until right thinking citizens with a passion for the country take over shall we see of development. It has to take our mighy to remove the “mediocrity” we have in govt now.

    On 15th April 2003, Mwanawasa announced that he had used his presidential decree and powers to prematurely terminate the supply contract Zambia had with TST.
    He also banned minsters and their relatives from doing business with government. ‘’If you (government ministers) business is more important for you, it is better for you to resign as you cannot have it both ways.’’

  43. There were allegations that his Vice- President, Enoch Kavindele was involved in the setting up of TST and VODACOM in Zambia. Kavindele denied such links stating that his son Enoch Kavindele Junior was the one connected to the deals!
    After this public attack, Kavindele issued a statement condemning his boss and accusing him of practicing dictatorial tendencies by establishing the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) without consulting his colleagues in Cabinet.
    It was inevitable. The bad blood and public utterances were symbolic of a serious rift between the President and his Vice.

  44. On May 28th 2003, Mwanawasa addressed the nation making dramatic announcement that he had fired his Vice-President Enoch Kavindele and his Minister of Finance Emmanuel Kasonde.
    He ;later replaced them with Nevers Mumba (Vice- President) and Ngandu Peter Magande (Minister of Finance and National Planning).
    In his letter of dismissal to Kavindele, Mwanawasa accused him of ‘’failing to share the vision of high integrity.’’
    He accused Kavindele of receiving a donation of USD100, 000.00 from Trans Saharan Trading (TST) on behalf of the MMD and only declared USD60, 000.00.

  45. He stated that when he confronted Kavindele about the irregularity in money received from TST, he said Kavindele told him that he intended to use the balance to ‘’repair MMD vehicles procured in 2001 which were now in deplorable condition!’’
    He also accused Kavindele of authorising TST to import to Zambia two shiploads of 90,000 metric tonne of crude oil without his (Mwanawasa’s) authority.
    He further accused Kavindele of conniving with Finance Minister Emmanuel Kasonde to give Sable Transport a maize contract without following tender procedures and using this transaction for their personal pecuniary benefits.

  46. He also demanded that Kavindele pays the debt of K206 million he owed the Zambia National Service (ZNS) for construction of a dam and rehabilitation works done at his farm.
    Kavindele responded by declaring himself Party President. He stated that Mwanawasa was ‘forgetful’ hence his denial of knowledge about the specific circumstances surrounding the USD100, 000.00 donation from TST.
    On his address to party cadres that marched to State House on June 1, 2003, Mwanawasa justified the dismissal of his Vice President, and Minister of Finance.

  47. I agree with author on the subject he raised but given the Zambian mentality of doing things we will remain stuck in one position. The positions of Deputy and provincial ministers, merging DEC & ACC and restructering the GRZ set up is non starter. This is one way of rewarding those who help during politcial campaigns including awarding big GRZ contracts to those who give support. We never learn, whilst other parts of the world are doing away with old guards who failed to perform at their prime age, what we see is recycled heads and jobs being offered as though its were lottery. These old guards have everthing to themselves even with non funding from donors us poor will kip dying whilst they go abrod 4 tritment. Whats the point blocking Prof Chirwa to contest for MMD Presidency. Toto madnes

  48. He said that ‘’you can accuse me of all sorts of things and call me all sorts of names but I am not worried because my only worry is the welfare of the people.’’ He continued: ‘’I don’t care if the decisions I have made make me unpopular, I want to leave a legacy that Zambia had a President who did not tolerate indiscipline. I can now see a corrupt free Zambia which these good-for-nothing individuals failed to do in the ten years!’’
    He lamented that; ‘’that I sometimes feel isolated when I am being attacked. But I know that the silent majority are with me. I will not be pushed into resignation like last time. I resigned because I was frustrated and I was not the final decision maker.’’

  49. We have not invested so much in Science & Technology but in social sciences etc. its time GRZ took the initiative to invest massively in Science & Technology. Other countries are boasting of manufacuring this and that under license but mother Zambia we cant even manufacture a needle. When you dont invest in science & Technology, the results will show in the near future. Countries that were no better than in the 1960’s have made strides and proud of this invention and that but for us its just importing this and that from that part of the world. The prblem we ve is lack of political will, from humble resources we have produced men& women who are shining abrod holding important positions in many fields but locally we have rejected them prefer useless politicians who should day in day out.

  50. This speech symbolises Mwanawasa’s puzzling double faced personality. The sincerity of his words and the naivety of his demeanour portrayed a ‘truthful’ picture and his explanations appeared sound. However this public image contrasted drastically with his actual and private activities.
    Mwanawasa spoke with a stutter and was more believable than the ‘fast talking’ political opponents and ‘crooks’ he usually accused of corruption.

  51. Mwanawasa appeared more credible and vulnerable than those keen to expose his corrupt nature. Few questioned his long standing relationships with shady dealers and characters going back to his lists of drug dealers and peddlers that formed his clientele at his law firm.
    For example, in this instance he had received a bribe of USD60, 000 from TST. Mwanawasa knew who TST were and what they represented yet he chose not decline this ‘donation’ to the party!

  52. His anger was that Kavindele had declared only USD60, 000.00 instead of USD100, 000.00! The principle of the MMD receiving this bribe characterised as a ‘donation’, from a firm with a suspicious government oil deal was never a subject of condemnation as shown by Mwanawasa’s own letter!
    At the same time, his wife Maureen Mwanawasa was involved in the importation of 30,000 metric tonne of Maize without any tender process, through Eddie Chibweshya and his Space Ages International worth over USD7 million.
    Yet he chose to fire his Minister of Finance, Emmanuel Kasonde for giving Sable Transport the importation of 4500 metric tonnes of maize without tender process!

  53. #15 Sharp Shooter, well I tend to disagree with you on maintaining Provincial Ministers, worse off even making them full Cabinet Members. Rather, we should strengthen local authorities by making them job creation institutions through decentralisation. We already have provincial permsecs, town clerks, mayors, councillors and department heads of various ministries at district and provincial level. These institutions already have committees where they meet and provincial permsecs are present to provide oversight on whatever is decided on. So what relevance do the Ministers have then if not just inflating the operaational costs and wage bill? If it is in distributing chibuku or vitenje during elections then I agree that they have to be maintained.

  54. Mwanawasa owed the Zambia National Service (ZNS) K160 million yet he directed that Kavindele promptly settles his K206 million debt with it!
    The selective nature of using corruption allegations against his political enemies increasingly become apparent.
    Many could not reconcile the image of Mwanawasa who received wide support for ‘his fight against corruption’ from donors, civil society and many Zambians and the other image of a Mwanawasa who was increasingly entangled in his corruption web and, that of his wife and his officials.
    He directed ACC to investigate Kavindele and TST. Nothing came out of these investigations

  55. Ignore the second posting Ba Moze. I was trying to post it while the other one still awaiting moderation.

  56. The late president was told that the mandate of the task force he formed must have extended into his reign.He was totally against that because he knew his glass house could not survive. His actions have led to what we are seeing, including the Kapoko saga of K27 billion. I feel more is coming out now, but Rupiah’s is and will be the worst in terms of scandles! It is amazing to note that even the Chiluba regime does not look as though it was bad – afterall, everyone is doing it! We are doomed. Ba Moze, more data please!

  57. Ba Moze, i wont let any man to put me in a Burka, Just ask the Taliban , they tried , but failed.
    Ba Moze, Kasha ba is not kamukati, no , it is a kind of T /shirt, but very short, it is up to the Kamukombo, it is good when the weather is very hot. So tell this Taliban wanab that the girls say no no no .

  58. I agree with you ba Chanda. We need to know our place in the world and then chart our own course while in cooperation with the world. Without knowing what we want as a people even individual effort is unsustainable.

  59. I for one will say though we hate or rather others hate RB what is happening is good for our democracy. People seem to be used to being in the dark as long as they get the food on the table. Never in our history has such scandals been public debated without the President putting a lead on it quickly. Lets appriciate what RB has done if he talks we say he is interfering so exactly what do we want????
    If he should do the same well we will know and he should know that

  60. Ka’doyo, please tell ba LT , we are not feeling this rubbish, did you see the other news about decent dressing? , the man works for the Taliban, he wants all women to be covered from head to toe. ka.

  61. Lots of good thinking going on here unlike on the main thread. I like that. I also like the idea of creating our very own Zambian system of running our affairs (at least internally) but what is the best way to do it?
    IMO this is a continental problem. Africa as a whole is faced with a system malfunction. Ever since so-called “independence”, we have not really had the chance to map out our own strategy of survival. There has had always been external interference from the West in many forms. It will be extremely hard for a single African country to pull out of this quagmire on it’s own. We need to merge.

  62. #70 Dongo Na Sundu
    In a centralised govt like ours,you have a point.My argument was that each province to have at least a political voice at cabinet level.In a federal system, its possible but not ours.

  63. #82 Ba Honey I saw that one. Naleya ku U.A.E pungwa ulya. Whats the point of having a good body when you cant even show it off. After all long ago in Africa kwalifya ukufimbafye pa ntweno

  64. Why cant those men & women seating on NCC come up with a clause for Federal System of Governance. This will free some responsibilities from Lusaka and decogest the Cental Gvt operations. This will also make it for quick decision making and avoid a situation where those in GRZ employment pocketing Billions of Kwacha after politicicians have taken the bigger chunks. Let the central GRZ be responsible for Defence & Security, Finance, Foreign Affairs & Research Development. This will make the Govt more respon sive and accountable to the pipo. Each province to have its own budget and be receiving grants from the central Govt. Why are afraid of such a system. This will make representation to Cental Govt based on quality as provinces will recommending the best of their own to be their represent.

  65. The NCC should introduce a clause for those aspiring for MP to residents of the constituency they are contesting in and must have permanent residency there for at least 5years. The current scenario is fake. We have mercenary MPs from urban areas who bribe voters and once they carry the day they are nowhere to be seen. Others are said to have appointed their own deputies to be running area affairs for them. How does one who is always in Lusaka or Copperbelt most of the time get in touch with the electorates and meet their expections. There are secveral of them who have hijacked the system. Lets us be alert and root them out of our constituences time has come. Come 2011 these men & women will be scatered and easy meat to sort out. The likes of Teta do not represent views of pipo of N/West

  66. Animal Farm Worker you are right. The biggest enemy to our progress is ourselves. Just look at how many people on this thread alone have made meaningful reference to the topic at hand. One thing I have noticed on this blog is that people jump fast and blog on News headlines, espousing unworkable theories. When an intelligent topic is brought the fore, they are intellectually challenged and fail to make meaningful contributions. Ba Zambia, as long as this is your mentality, forget about anybody developing your country.

  67. #86(Animal farm Worker)
    I have always been an ardent supporter of federalism.It really works well but the fear lies in some Provinces(Would be States) seceding from central govt and declare independence.Mind you even the US was a victim of secesion (Civil war of 1860-4) until a constitution was drafted making it impossible for any state to do so.For us we can learn a lot from what happened in the US.We should not rush but take our time to implement federalism as we can not run away from the fact that we have things like the Barotse Agreement.Federalism is good but comes with a cost.

  68. zambia is stuck in a bind. let’s just cede control to taiwan and become a provice of taiwan. heck, they know how to use land better than us. they have 24 million people and an area less than lesotho, and they do some
    of the best farming and construction in the world.
    we can’t continue to suffer when there’s plenty alternatives.


  70. Before we start thinking of developing our own system we should learn learn to manage our own country.

  71. Very well revised article. Z basically needs a plan to progress (vision) and you can’t manage a system without a plan. I also feel our education curriculum should change. Each country has a different problems so its education system should work to improve it’s environment and future generation. To change mindsets …Long term we need to introduce a mandatory practical work ethics subject in the education of kids in Z , in universities and colleges. Employment …low taxes for Z businesses,work with foreign investors opening manufacturing companies in Z and have some Z board members. They should also offer shares to Z people working for themto purchase. Education is key Z needs more universites like Ghana, Nigeri. Try and tie free education to working in Z to avoid have brain drain

  72. Ba C K Chanda, am breathless-you are just phenomenal. i agree to you tenets elaborated in the article. i wouldn’t waste time to add something to such progressing and life-giving ideas by saying to achieve such a goal we need first to have right attitudes, motives and truthfulness in all our dealings. you a patriot and keep up the spirit.

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