First Lady regrets poor staffing levels in rural health centres


thandiwe6First Lady, Thandiwe Banda, says poor staffing levels in health institution has negatively impacted on the delivery of quality services.

Speaking when she made donations at Madzimwe rural health centre in Kasenengwa constituency in Chipata this morning, Mrs Banda said health centers especially in rural areas were faced with the challenge of poor staffing levels and poor infrastructure.

She also said shortage of drugs and other facilities required in the operations of the medical staff should be improved as a measure of enhancing quality service delivery in the sector.

Mrs Banda called on other stakeholders to partner with government to address challenges confronting the health sector.

She also donated an assortment of goods which included blankets, disinfectants and food supplements to Chizongwe clinic in Chipata central constituency, Mushawa rural health center in Chipangali constituency and Kanyanja rural health post in Luangeni constituency.

Meawhile, a representative of Chief Madzimwe, Ishmael Ngoma said the health center is faced with a shortage of drugs and lack of adequate manpower.

Mr Ngoma stated that there is only one nurse working at the health catering for a population of 11, 000 people in the area.

He has since called on government to employ people to assist the nurse to meet the health problems in the area.



  1. Tell your husband to do something about shortage of staff and medicines. Stop complaining as if you are not wife of president. The power of change for better or worse Zambia is in decisions your husband make.

  2. # 5 i thot i was the only one thinking like that, kanshi naiwe wali kwata dirty mind. why am i not surprised, you stay in Johannesburg, the land of pervs

  3. Is this her first time to know that the poorest are the victims of the heartless and failed govt?
    Who will like to go and work in rural area where hardships and shortcomings are part of daily life.
    If her husband has failed to pay nurses and he continues to trot the globe misusing hard earned public funds. Is this going to draw attention to young ones to go and work in Shang’ombo? I doubt it .Her concerns are meaningless and are born out of media generated attention. If she has the aptitude as a caring mother and a wife to the president then she needs to encourage him to do the right thing for nurses by paying them salaries.She needs to tell her husband to invest in health sector like any other sector to attract many young men and women to provide the best clinical care as possible.

  4. #3 Taka bola panshi those lips are for big men like My Mbuya Lupiya Banda. You its pafwenamwine and no one else.

  5. First off I have a problem with the word ‘donation’ especially when the said donation is coming from the wife of the president. Madam first lady, those Health Care centres need permanent solutions not vote lobbying via so called donations. These are peoples lives you are dealing with!

  6. Madam 1 st lady, i think your statement should have been directed to your husband, the MMD and the MP. i dont think it is appropriate to address those without the means.

  7. If doctors and nurses are well paid staffing would not be a problem. Give them good incentives like free housing and benefits to work in a rural area. Most of them have probly gone abroad for better pay. They should be one of the most highly paid sectors in Zambia. Most of all the people of Zambia should express how much they appreciate their services

  8. Madam, your observation is very true. But we wonder whether your Husband has not noticed it. Go and tell him to something. To motivate the nurses and other medical workers. Dont address us as if you dont know the cause of this problem madam.

  9. ma glass monga chidiza!! anyway good improvement on the dress code yaba first lady. why was she not donating all this time if she has a heart for the people? define “DONATIONS” – I smell something which cant be smelt by ACC.

  10. Well said madam First lady.But you directed your ideas to wrong people, besides your husband is not keen to improve health workers conditions.Use the power of a woman to lobby from your husband.May Dora can do well on this one

  11. Ama goggle as if you are a welder ! The answer lies in you telling your limping granddad-cum-hubby what is priority.

  12. Good observation from the First Lady but does she also realise that poor staffing arises from poor management from the MOH? Effective management, good salaries and adequate training opportunities will result in sound infrastructure in our Health service.

  13. Old Zambian politics of always talking and no strategic actions to set up systems that will work on their own . We are tired of the old leaders we need new , fresh performance oriented leaders. God bless Zambia.

  14. Mwaiche THANDI, balekupoka ichupo kuli Dora the explorer while you are busy talking about poor staffing in health centres. Mind you there is a ministry and a whole kraal of staff !
    Mwaiche ule timba jobo kukati, so that he is too tired to venture into amasangalatoni!

  15. #24 That isn’t a good advise to your cousin Thandiwe. You want her to go on maternity leave once more, so people like you or Dora can move in?

  16. The table are turning, this nonesense of donating stuff is not a long term measure. I’m hoping bloggers you watched Obama make his statement and his visit to only Ghana that he will only partner with Countries that embrace good governance and find initiatives to the many challenges facing these countries. We in zambia should stand up and change who should make our destines. The likes of Banda Teta masushi and mulongoti are misguided missiles ad will distroy Zambia. Lets have the likes of Magande, HH.. the intellectual minds. we are done with fontines Bane. i hope we’ve learn’t a lesson from these academically challenged F…ls

  17. These goggles look like a grasshopper I have seen once in the past.
    On the story, first ly, find out the cause of poor staffing levels and then you can lament as much as you want.. Offer solutions to those low staffing levels too.

  18. iwe provoke tusha tapali ifya chusungu apar. let us discuss the issues affecting us. the first lady addressed this at a wrong foru and if it was an opposition saying this, it would have been political.

  19. Did she just find out? This girl was teaching at a rural primary school and today she seems to be ignorant of the fact that rural areas are poorly staffed. That in fact is an issue she must take up with her father, sorry her hubby. She must ask her husband about who will man the mobile hospitals too.

  20. Waste of resouces (time)………..
    It is the impact of her husband ‘s poor way managing country which negatively impacting rural health services (staffing)



  22. Why Chipata only? These issue shud be takkled on a national level. What help will it give to tha whole health institutions. If the medical staff can’t even be well looked after in tha capital,one wonders how pathetic the situation is in tha rural areas. Shud huv listened to Obama’s speech bout politricks in Africa,think Zambian leaders shud check themselves

  23. mama wapya munzi.. what about the shades mama RB is wearing? Haha.. wasala wasala. Anyway, back to serious business, regretting is not enough, getting things done is what we need. So tell us baout what is to be done about this issue.
    Great for picking it up though

  24. Go ask your father, wrong, your husband why this is so and what he has done to improve this despite the praise from Bozo and the clowns ( Teta, Ronnie and ka Mike)

  25. Kwena mayo uyu alishiba acting. Ndeti eclipse yaliko mu June 2001 kanshi there is a reoccurence of “eclipse” Bombeleni pali dressing mama. RB taishiba modernisation. Nawemwine mulomo, yo grandfather eko waya itunga? I hope he is still energetic.

  26. Awe guys ka Thandi RB kalemoneka bwino…..are not the same glasses your european darings put on?? She coped that time she was in USA. But the dress is not good madam…may be you can ask Mrs Obama to teach you.

  27. America will not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation — the essential truth of democracy is that each nation determines its own destiny. What we will do is increase assistance for responsible individuals and institutions, with a focus on supporting good governance — on parliaments, which check abuses of power and ensure that opposition voices are heard; on the rule of law, which ensures the equal administration of justice; on civic participation, so that young people get involved; and on concrete solutions to corruption like forensic accounting, automating services, strengthening hot lines and protecting whistle-blowers to advance transparency and accountability.

  28. This idea of the president’s wife giving press statements and donations is old fashioned, this money comes from the government, thats why corruption wont stop in Zambia. This trend should stop, she must think of other ways of helping, do you ever Mitchell Obama or Sara Brown making donations?

  29. # 46 u hit the nail on the head……taking money from the Govt to donate ???what nonsense is this just to be seen ati mule bomba bane use your initiative not blind following what was done by others many yeras ago come up with your own ideas anything but Donations…..Ishh

  30. Hey guys,th lady is tryin to catch up wit the modern world.remember she is still young and those glasses are the in thing.they call them bling those lips-i geuss it will go as a lesson our female folk who seem to go after sugar daddies.madam thats you just cant contain such an overloadd 15 tonne truck on that little body of yours.or is it that the old man does not know how to kiss.those are the few things she should discuss while playing with that mountain of a belly.madam dora,this is were you came in.thandiwe looks sleepy am sure she would not fight back if you worked worked on ha husband.although i must say you are too beautiful for the gorilla in state house.maybe dora should try a youngman also

  31. Start an NGO or set up a commission of inquiry to look into staffing. Lol….. Thandiwe, we already know the problems. Give solutions.

  32. It’s the responsibility of Govt to care for the health of its people. May RB do something about this.

  33. For a Lady that was a Bar Fly, Life has surely changed. This should be a lesson to all the ladies at taverns and pubs that one day instead of prostiuting, RB could walking into your life. Well done Thandiwe “Banda”, you are a true example for Zambian Ladies

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