King Mswati has connections to help us get Investors-RB

Swaziland’s King Mswati bids farewell to service chief before he left for Solwezi with President Rupiah Banda at Lusaka International Airport
Swaziland’s King Mswati bids farewell to service chief before he left for Solwezi with President Rupiah Banda at Lusaka International Airport

PRESIDENT Banda says Zambia will benefit from King Mswati’s vast experience and connections to international investors.

Mr Banda said in Solwezi that King Mswati III of Swaziland has been on the throne for a long time and would use his connections to lure international investors to invest in Zambia’s tourism and agriculture sectors.

Speaking after a conducted tour of Kansanshi Mine yesterday, President Banda said King Mswati would use his clout to convince big investors who have developed the tourism and sugar industry in his Kingdom to come to Zambia.

“Swaziland is more advanced in the tourism and sugar industry and we are hoping that we can use his clout to attract major investors in the country,” President Banda said.

“His Majesty has been on the throne for a long time and he has a lot of connections with major investors in the world. I am very sure that we will benefit from this as well,” President Banda said.

Mr Banda said King Mswati’s visit was stimulating and was sure that Zambia would benefit from it.
King Mswati said the main purpose of his visit was to look at investment opportunities in the country.

“We are here to look at investment opportunities and we are happy that the people of this province have been very generous to offer me land which we can come and look at. His Excellency (Mr Banda) supports that idea,” he said.

King Mswati said he will go back to Swaziland to decide on what kind of investment he will put up in the province.
He said there was need to encourage trade between the two countries.

The King said he hoped his investment in Zambia would spur further investment in both countries by the private sector.

King Mswati said he was impressed with the mining activities and the safety measures Kansanshi Mine has put in place.

“I am impressed to see the mine and the level of safety measures that management is concerned with the safety of the people,” King Mswati said.

He said mining at Kansanshi will improve the standards of living of the local people and the economy of the country.

He said he was also happy that the Kansanshi Mine management was taking care of disabled people in the community.

King Mswati said, however, that there was a lot that the mine could still do to improve the community.
The King said he was happy that the mine was not only employing men, but women too.

“We only assumed that these kinds of machines can only be run by men but the company has proved that anything is possible whether it’s a man or a woman,” he said.

King Mswati and President Banda’s entourage was shown a huge dump truck driven by a woman offloading copper ore at the crusher.

The two leaders also had a closed door meeting with the mine management.

Minister of Finance and National Planning, Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, Minister of Local Government and Housing Benny Tetamashimba and Presidential Affairs Minister Ronald Mukuma accompanied the two leaders.

Swaziland Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation minister Lutfo Dlamini and Prince Ncanawa of Swaziland were also in the entourage.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


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    Ba Pulezidenti bakamba chiyani kansi lomba. Balesabailafye! King Mswati needs investment in his own country..Why should he work for Zambia which is not his Kingdom. Look for your own investors! Ala!

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    Ba Rupiah just keep quiet!!! Always havin holidays n hosting banquets like a king. Abash senile old leaders!!!

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    This is circus.Mswati will be running around for the purpose of connecting Zambia to investors.The question is,what about his kingdom,doesnt it need investors also? Senior citizen advise your man properly.He has also been invited to take part in the reed-mat ceremony in Swaziland i hear.R&B awe mwe!

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    Zambians with their inferior complex. Why the hell do you fail to use ZAMBIAN ppl to attract investments. I have personally referred American investors to the govt, but they put them through do many roadblocks they quit. RB is just talking about illicit investment involving “nchekelako”. Get outta here. Mswati breathes the same air as us “unroyals” and will not bleed blue blood. He is an opressor of his ppl.

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    #3 has a GREAT point. King Mswati, your “kingdom” is dying from poverty and AIDS. Why don’t you go home, and practice safe sex-go f#%k yourself.

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    King Mswati is just like a member of parliament of a South African Constituency Which connection connection can he have apart from organizing ( RB) young girl.Do you think The Kingdom of Swaziland would have survived if it was an island in Congo DR.If the King has good connection let him tell you where you can get some ambulances , The 100 hearse deal still rots….I wish the King have connection where we can re-sale them.

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    NUMBER 1:I Fully agree with you,Mswati should first put his house in order before trying to champion issues in Zambia.And with our president,Please…please..please can someone advise him to step down rather than embarassing the whole nation this way.It´s not a crime for one to admit failure.

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    Under banda the gap between promise and delivery is wide,on his campaign tour of north western province last year banda promised to start oil drilling in the province. After being elected he has never talked about it.Us we don’t cheat and we will never lie .When magande becomes president we drill and we drill now.

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    Ba RB, kwati twaice muleeba? Entice your own investors by showing good and sound leadership which you seriously need in your camp right now.

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    Greetings bloggers
    For the first time, I agree with all the comments above (minus the insults of course!) Nambala Chinsali inc. has hit the nail on the head: inferiority complex is what RB is manifesting.

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    Lol! Muswati has mismanagement Swaziland. He inherited a very health economy from Sobhuza but the ka dude is just interested in twani kane! By the way ba RB, the so called investors Muswati has ‘connections’ with are already in Zambia. Illovo already run Zambia sugar! Southern Sun already own and run Royal Livingstone, Ridgeway and Zambezi sun! South African Breweries run Zambian Breweries and Coca cola. May be you can convince him that the beer cannery should be taken to Solwezi on his newly acquired land. Ba Banda do you rember how this same cannery ended up in Swaziland? Well your party (the MMD govt) in 1998 imposed 35% duty on the plant and machinery if it were to be set up in Zambia. SABMiller turned to Muswati who allowed the plant to be set up without any duty payments.

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    Muswati has connections in the business world? You are not talking about helping you get a new wife are you? Don’t make me laugh… what a pointless country!!!

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    This is total failure on the part of Banda, Mswati has mny problems of his own and apart from South African, there is very little other investors in that satellite state of South Africa. This is a painful circus, last time it was Nigeria, those crooked SOBS he was calling upon to come to Zambia. I wonder hat next, awe sure this is a pure charade!

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    I can now believe and accept that president Banda is a failure and has no vission for zambia, what kind of investment can the Swazis provide to zambia.I think the president should just be happy that both are interested in young girls thats why he is got alot of praise for the king

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    so we’re resorting to going to Swaziland for help? Half their country has AIDS… why don’t they help themselves to these “connections?”

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    Today a 1000 Swazi’s are employed at this plant canning, inter alia, our own Mosi! So ba Banda dont expect any help from HRH concerning investment. He will mislead you and pounce whenever you screw up to help his little kingdom.

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    PRESIDENT Banda says Zambian men will benefit a lot from King Mswati’s vast experience and connections to beautiful women looking for husbands. Mr Banda said in Solwezi that King Mswati III of Swaziland has been on the throne for a long time, since 25 April 1986, and would use his connections to lure beautiful Sawzi women to marry Zambia Zambian men. He has 23 pretty ones himself for every year he has been on the throne. Nyama Soya has already applied to have one like Langangaza delivered to Plot 1.

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    Our president never thinks before he opens his mouth as can be seen from all the bloggers’ contributions so far. King Mswati to lure investors for Zambia? May be he can help you run your farm in Chipata.

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    Whats really wrong with RB? Does he ever take time to think b4 talking?
    Does he expect somone else to do stuff for zed.
    And he should also take time to se how much Mswatiismessing up his Kingdom. BA Mudala aba is such an embarrasment. No wondermonkeys are not happy with him

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    Impeachment bid is pure fantasy overdrive

    SOUTHERN Province MMD chairman and practicing law intellectual Solomon Muzyamba has described plans by the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) to impeach President Banda as political fantasy.

    Mr Muzyamba said it is impossible for the opposition to succeed with their impeachment motion in Parliament.
    Mr Muzyamba said in an interview yesterday it would be legally illogical for the opposition to move a motion in Parliament the have no winning marbles to impeach President Banda.

    He stated that President Banda has not committed any constitutional offences to warrant an impeachment debate.

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    Pimp King Mswati owns a Harem, how exactly is he going to help investors come to Zambia. RB gives land to Mswati in Solwezi. Is it me or is our President not only naive but dangerously so?

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    He said the MMD is confident that maturity will prevail over self damaging political ambition from the opposition members of Parliament (MPs) so that they don’t create unnecessary tension in the country.

    “People have the right to dream and hallucinate. But dreams like unseating this Government through an impeachment of the President can only be described as political fantasy of disproportionate desperation devoid of reasoning. President Banda is at State House legally and he has not committed any constitutional offences for him to be impeached,” he said.

    Mr Muzyamba said that the PF president Michael Sata and his UPND counterpart, Hakainde Hichilema should wait for the scheduled 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections for them to seek the office through the ballot.

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    Mr Muzyamba, who is prominent Livingstone lawyer, also said that the appointment of MMD chairman Michael Mabenga as Ministry of Lands deputy minister is within the law.

    He said those who are condemning the appointment of Mr Mabenga must go back and read the Supreme Court judgment so that they could find out if the court had convicted him.

    Mr Muzyamba said the court did not convict Mr Mabenga nor did it declare him beyond salvage for him not to serve in Government or any other position.

    Mr Muzyamba said assertions that the PF is working with some MMD MPs could not be true because no member from the ruling party would ever want to work with Mr Sata to destroy ruling MMD and throw the country in Sata’s induced bloodbath.

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    He accused Mr Sata and Mr Hichilema of being power hungry debt ridden far far left wing oligarchy agents of socialist world anarchism.They are under pressure from their impatient financiers from whom they mortgaged the country over campaign finances received in series of failed election bids. As a result,under pressure they are ready to disregard the wishes of the people that voted for Mr Banda as president.He said President Banda will serve the remaining period, constitutionally run in the 2011 race and that it is folly for anyone to imagine that there will be change of Government before 2011.

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    Mr Muzyamba advised the PF-UPND pact members to concentrate on mobilising their members instead of scheming ways of causing disturbances in the country they have no control on.He said 2011 is near and that the MMD is busy organizing itself in readiness for the tripartite elections.

    Mr Muzyamba said that the ruling party is going to win the Chitambo parliamentary by-election next month.
    He also said that out of the seven local government by-elections in Southern Province, the MMD is determined to win all.

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    What the f%$%?freeman?freeland?Why don’t we just give him zambia as an extended kingdom of swaziland.We really have a dumb,stupid,idiotic,pathetic,miscreant,moron,******** of a president i think in short i was trying to say decadent- (describes a lack of moral and intellectual discipline, or in the Concise Oxford Dictionary: “a luxurious self-indulgence”).Why cant we attract our own investors?Is RB not good enough to attract investors?(sorry rhetorical question). I mean if you are looking towards a country who’s leader is as good as a dictator and completely ignores the average needs of his citizens and encourages multiple partners in a state where the AIDS rate is highest in the world, i see no future benefit. Are we too used to promises since 92′ that we enjoy them?wake up!

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    #30 You are right. This is the biggest joke of the day. I can’t even be bothered to comment, except to say RB has lost the plot.

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    What RB meant was that in Zambia, we also have beatiful women and the king can use his connections to find men for them.

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    King Mswati used to buy cars from IBU the Zambian/Malawian businessman under very doggy circumstances and today our very own RB says the King will deliver Zambia. What a joke!

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    This is a vote of no confidence in Zambia’s missions abroad, Zambia Investment Center, Zambia tourism board and all right thinking Zambians including all bloggers in he diaspora

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    I’m not criticizing LT in general but sometimes the main stories are really a joke. We’re on the internet and the entire world has access to this site, including potential investors themselves. I wonder what they think of Zambia, about Zambians and about our president when they read such headlines?

    And as per Murphy’s law or due to human nature, such funny headlines will continue to appear… again and again….

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    the worst word a president can utter, “looking for connections” ooh my!……#35 Nine chale you are right, Zambia is so desperate as if there is nothing we can do to develop our selves,should we always be relying on outsiders? The golden opportunity we are seeking is in ourselves. It is not in our environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in ourselves alone.

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    This presido is well known for marrying youngsters, please leave our ladies. We have strong men who are ready to satisfy them in a Zambian way.

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    Why does he want someone else to do the job for him? A very careless statement from the head of state. But then again the people who matter (villagers back home) are not bothered.

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    Yaba….I am left with nothing but to acknowledge that RB is taking our country no where. How can Swati bring Investors to Zambia just like that? Are Investors dull as to not know whats good and bad business? Investors carry out market surveys and this I expect RB to know as an historian of economics. No one can command them to come to Zambia if there is nothing good for them. It is also very disgracing on the part of RB as to ask swati to invest in Zambia. Of all ivestors in the world why pick on Swati? AWE KWENA ZAMBIA ELO IPWILE.

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    Why do you think investors are the only salvation to Zambia?invest in your selves then you’ll know the sweet,investors can pull-out in a days notice if the political climate changes,meanwhile if we zambians do it,we will have respect for that that gives milk,we won’t have corruption,look at the 10bln scandal,that money came from you think people will want to throw money at us?the mines are being used as a cash cow for these companies,how much more are they making?it will never be the same…We Zambians always think that the fair skinned person is better than us even when they are stealing under our noses,WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!

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    # Its really sad that Zambians are so inferior to foreigners. According to MMD only foreginers can save Zambia. Thats why they have been favouring foreginers than Zambians. Just look at the tax rebates they grant to foreginers and the pressure they put on Zambians ….awe mwandi bulanda. Now its worse coz you a president who cant think. He just thinks about young ladies .

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    What do you expect of a President who claims that Mugabe is a role model for African leaders. Zambia is done as long as RB remains President. It is 2 and half years from now before the next elections. Our country is a sinking Taitanic and it is really a pity. The hearses they have bought will die like ama ZamCab. I rest my case

  39. vote

    The man has gotten worse after the Monkey pee. Swaziland and Lesotho are amongst the poorest of the poor Countries in Southern Africa, how can such a Country assist Zambia develop, in which way mwe bantu ba kwa lesa? The Country is headed for doom, if this old madala is left at the helm. Can you imagine what would be come of Zambia if he were to be assured a 5 year term from 2011? There will be no Country left; during labour day celebrations he was in Zim to visit is place of birth, he is now retracing his roots in Swaziland where he used to frequent with FJ during during the 80s/90s’ kapena kuli bana kuja ka? ndi ye amene ma bilateral ba tantauza, kuli be so ena ai? Closed door meetings, my foot!

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    With all respect to our visually impaired countrymen and women this is the case of the blind leading the blind. I drive to Swaziland thrice a year, the country is worse than Zambia, what investments can the king organize for mother Zed when his own country is more desperate, my little respcet I had for Bwezani ,is now off.
    He can go to hell.

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    This man has no shame in his life. What technical expetise tdoes this man have that Zambianz don’t? These are desperate fools. Banda is disgusting president this world has ever seen. He is such a hallow leaders. i can’t wait for 2011

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    Are these the rare effects of post Menopause in this dude? What a joke we have leading the country. Mswati is busy hunting for young women in his kingdom. …..

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    How I wish we had men like Thomas Sankara in Zed to do something.
    ….and our Captains/Generals ozy are busy singing in Choirs….God bless Zambia.

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    Am afraid, this just confirms what everyone is saying, that the country is on auto pilot kind of governance. This proves that the fella has no plan to lead the country anywhere. Now he is relying on another leader to sort out his country’s problems. Shameful. What a mistake we have in State House. God save Zambia.

  45. vote

    is Rupiah for real? Zambia is doing beta than Swaziland yet he wants connections from there.

  46. vote

    RB needs a Mental assesssment done on him .We have enough educated people in Zambia , we dont need that womanizer to speak for us . He is not a Zambian . Let him find investors to wipe out HIV/AIDS in Zwaziland

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    Are you done posting your childish rubbish here? Let us know so that mature and level headed Zambians with interpretative and analytical brains can step in and take over the thread in an issue driven discourse of fundamentals.I wonder what some of you kids are doing in life because you seem to be high school kids if not total life failures.There could be few credible bloggers but largely i see it hijacked by low grade kids misapply their self development time to blogging rubbish day in day out for no value. What is wrong in a hosting leader dressing accolades to his visiting compatriots in a Globalized economic order? Can’t Muswati think of redirecting investors of personal interest to a third party country? Can’t he secure his own interest in Zambia but the Swiz and cayman Island…

  48. vote

    Does it only make sense for leaders to invest in America, and Europe and not friendly countries? Should every leader become a Omar Bongo, Sassongeso, Santos, Mobuto,Mubarak,Museveni, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Abacha,Yadema and soforth hiding their money and assets in Brussels, Hong kong, Macao, Bemuda, the Cayman Island, Paris, London,New York,Lexington etc?

  49. vote

    Patriot, what’s your point? Do you think any man with his wits about him would make such a useless statement? This is perfected bootlicking at its best or worst rather. Paying accolades? My foot! when Obama went to Ghana, did you hear the president asking for help? This beggar mentality at the top is holding us back

  50. vote

    #53 -55 Patriot despite the carefully guarded emotional balance I’ve always contrived to present, I can’t resist the temptation to reprove you…who is posting rubbish here? If you see sense and ingenuity in the headline above, then that reveals a lot about you and who you par with.
    They say great minds think alike…but so do trivial minds! On which side are you?
    I dont intend to exaggerate, but truly, I believe you are the one wounded in vanity.
    My point being if you can make allowances for yourself and the demands of your own emotional issues, this should let you recognize and make allowances for the very same forces operating on others.
    In short, examine your comments from another bloggers’ perspective.

  51. vote


    I think you are such a retard in denial that Zambia is a nation that has been overrun by 45 years of poor and unproductive policies and now opening up to the Globalized economy calls from vertical and lateral partnership.A normal person cannot make your comparison of America asking for economic workmanship with Ghana dependent on the same America.Haven’t you seen America contracting economic support from China? How much of Chinese many is balancing the America economy?There is nothing wrong in Zambia creating an open door to would be investing leaders of regional country to look to Zambia.

  52. vote


  53. vote

    Nine Chale,

    Don’t cowardly hide behind emotions which are none existent but engage us intellectually.I have asked 2 fundamental questions to start with i expect a simple and straight answer.Can’t Mswati plough his personal economic interest in Zambia? does it only make sense if African leaders hide their wealth in offshore accounts and put up estates in the western world?

  54. vote

    Zambia is supposed to have its’ own National Development Plan amongst that how the strategies aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals which we set during the debt wipe off. These are the issues RB is supposed to pursue vigorously if he wants to assert himself and win those in doubt to his side. What is happening in Zambia, especially from State House leaves much to be desired; Now I understand what Sondashi meant when he said he wants to go to State House with his wife to enjoy, he certainly has a point as plot one has been so down graded and appears to be a play-ground where one can do what he wants and remain, just appoint loyal stooges to do the Barking, as the wine and Champaigne flows, come 2011 Shangombo refugees and fake ballot papers will come into play to extend stay

  55. vote

    That Mswati Bloke leads one of the poorest countries in Africa. RB is a joke if he thinks he can easily give out mining rights to That chap.

  56. vote

    The MMD circus goes international! I am finding it hard to believe our president actually said that. Why go to Swazi looking for investors?Nobody is ever going to make Zambia rich except Zambians.why do we shun our own people? We have very intelligent Zambians around just check out the data you get on LT sometimes.Unfortunately most of us are in the diaspora.Oh darn those villagers that voted MMD into power! This circus really needs to pack its bags and end the show we are getting pissed.

  57. vote

    #4 CHINSALI, I have also personally referred the Zambian High Commision to investors to potential investors who unfortunately had no time to go and visit their offices to meet the chie executives. I can’t believe the extent of marketing our s.t.u.p.i.d.i.t.y. wiorld-widely. And by the president for that matter. With support from the government Zambians abroad can organise to attract investors abroad without Muswati who also desperately needs investors in his kingdom.

  58. vote

    #62 Patriot
    I learned early enough that the ability to disagree is the birth of individuality. If we as a nation keep saying yes to every investor that is ready to “plough” in our garden, we shall soon end up with a desert.
    I know it is hard for someone living in the “Third World” to be politically objective because all he thinks about is his next meal but I expect the president, and everyone else that has been exposed to life beyond the borders to think between the lines and guard the resources of our country- whatever the rationale.
    African leaders would not have the audacity to abuse their authority if they faced enough opposition from African people.

  59. vote

    woow what a president we have, i come from a country were there is never a day our president has ever said anything that doesn’t annoy or crack up the Zambian people. Its either we are laughing at his stupidity or getting upset with his stupid decisions. Why in the world does RB think King Mswati will bring investors to our country instead of taking them to his own kingdom were they are badly needed? Connections my foot, the only connection that joke of a king has is connections to fresh %@#$y. Anyways they are both the same, RB has one aswell.

  60. vote

    #39 Kambongolo, Zambia tailapwa. Abapwa right from the independence day ma Zambian leaders. And the finishing graph is very steep. I have personally, met and spoken to a lot of Zambians (especially abroad) who seriously think of investing in Zambia with their hard-earned money. But most of them lament about little (or lack of) help by grz, corruption in grz ministries, inertia, negative attitude towards Zambians in diaspora, etc. There was a medical doctor who almost resigned preferring to go and invest in Zambia should PF have won elections.

  61. vote

    I think this is a good move. From what I know, Swaziland is part of SADC (unless I am wrong) and so it makes sense for Swaziland to be scouting for investment opportunities in Zambia which has got good investment incentives and high returns.

    The LUSE is one of the smallest stock markets in Africa but one of the best performing. This is just an example of Zambia’s vast investment opportunities which foreign investors seem to see and want to throw their money.

    From what I know, King Mswati was given Commercial Land and not just any piece of land. [tbc

    Former Free-Market-Economist, Free-Market-Capitalist, Crazy_Zambian

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    This is dementia at it’s waste! tell me is RB NORMAL? or we are dealing with a case of advanced alzeimers! first it was Nigeria , now i tis Swaziland’s Mswati to bring investors! THIS MAN IS NOT SERIOUS.

  63. vote

    Commercial land requires that the land be invested in. Maybe The king will put up a hotel, shopping mall, high rise apartments or an office building. The opportunities are endless.

    We have got plenty of land, much of it lying dormant and growing weeds. I would be happy if this land was given to people that can develop it whether it be White Zimbabwean farmers or various African heads of state.

    The relationship that President Banda is building with Swaziland is great as it will enhance trade and economic ties and will go a long way in the economic integration that SADC is trying to bring forth. [tbc

    Former Free-Market-Economist, Free-Market-Capitalist, Crazy_Zambian

  64. vote

    Investment comes with good governance as well as building diplomatic ties. Presidents Banda’s first trip to Nigeria saw ZAMBEEF expanding its services to Nigeria.

    Presidents Banda’s trip to Zimbabwe saw M Mobile exporting over 7,000 handsets to Zimbabwe. Good diplomatic ties also integrates with good economic ties.

    Investors like the governing structure of the MMD and not “make Zambia ungovernable” movements and “90 day economic miracle formula” rhetoric. The MMD is committed to building this nation and part of this is attracting the right amount of foreign direct investment. Even Dambisa Moyo (MA [Harvard], PHD [Oxford]) mentioned in her book that FDI is needed.

    Former Free-Market-Economist, Free-Market-Capitalist, Crazy_Zambian

  65. vote

    cnt…unfortunately MMD won and wasn’t he sick. He new that Zambia was now doomed-and it was true. Fortunately, for him he thought twice about resigning and decided to resign a few weeks after elections. This man was really geared to go and contribute to the development of ZAmbia. He has some projects going on in Zambia. But, he himself wanted to physically be there in Zambia. What am saying is that he is not the only one with such appetite. Zambians still feel for Zambia, deeply,

  66. vote

    Woe investors my foot. RB go back to the village. First, you mess up LPM stance on Zim, now you dont even know who to hire to get investors into the country! Pathetic!!

  67. vote

    Mr Capitalist, out of interest, would he be building all of the above you highlighted in # 73 in a personal capacity, or on behalf of his Kingdom or Zambians, im intrigued, please shed some light?

  68. vote

    Greetings Makali1

    From what I read in the story, King Mswati was given land and not the Kingdom of Swaziland. Therefore, since King Mswati was given land, he would probably build any commercial structures in his own personal capacity as an investor in Zambia and not the Kingdom of Swaziland since land was not allocated to the Kingdom of Swaziland but to King Mswati.

  69. vote

    I guess this situation explains itself why the degree qualification should not be used to disqauify other objective and rational Presidential candidates.Where is the analysis in this situation that justify sthe need of a President to have a degree?

  70. vote

    Countrymen, it’s not what RB is doing to Zambia, it’s what we as citizens are doing about his actions. Are we going to blog by and let this one man ruin it for all of us?

  71. vote

    #53, PATRIOT. “TAYANKILA MBIYE”. AND that’s a fact whichever part of the planet you are.

  72. vote


  73. vote

    Greetings Mr Capitalist and thank you for shedding some light on the matter, however that begs the question that would it not be more prudent and patriotic to invest in his own kingdom, unless the opportunities are more lucrative in Zambia, which would then logically “nullify” the case that he is assisting us? as in clean up your own back yard……?

  74. vote

    Greetings Makali1

    There is nothing wrong with King Mswati investing in Zambia. This also ties into diplomatic ties like I had stated in one of my posts.

    Strong diplomatic ties can also lead to strong economic ties. It is for this reason that seeing the construction of the one stop boarder post with Zimbabwe, Zambia must be in good terms with Zimbabwe as this will enhance trade with the two nations and lead to further job creation.

    No one has said King Mswati has not invested in his own kingdom. He must have invested in his own Kingdom but there is nothing wrong with Investing in another nation.

    Through strong Diplomatic ties, he would be assisting us by getting us connected to other investors. This also happens in the business world (who you know kind of thing).

  75. vote

    On “Mr [President] Banda said King Mswati’s visit was stimulating and was sure that Zambia would benefit from it“, what did the whole lot our our Zambian President mean by the word STIMULATING here? I am deeply worried.

    On the whole news, it is worrying that as long as SABC has all the current leaders, Zambia and other nations in SADC are not going anywhere in terms of development.

    I thought no one is above the law, but how did Mswati get the Zed land easily?
    Psalm 16 + KJV Bible
    8I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
    9Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.
    10For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see…

  76. vote

    Mr Capitalist grreting once again, I beleive that diplomatic ties already exist between the two countries, and also undersatand that these are further cemented by visits such as the one made by the King and which I believe will be reciprocated by RB and in any case is why we have embassies/missions?. However what I do not understand is why firstly he has been “given” land in Solwezi secondly I do not recall anybody saying said he has not invested in his own country, the point I was making is that it seems rather strange to me that someone (esp a head of state) can afford to invest in another country unless the economy his kingdom is doing so well that he can afford to invest in Zambia, this is unprecedented, however I stand corrected

  77. vote

    Greetings again Malaki1

    I believe the further tying of diplomatic ties is good for the relationship shared between Swaziland and Zambia.

    The reason I think He was allocated commercial land in Solwezi is because Solwezi is in dire need for commercial development. Solwezi is going to be a future business hub and will be buzzing with prudent business activity. Such strategic future business buzzing towns will need adequate commercial development.

    I think he was given commercial land as an act of good gesture and for further development of commercial activity in Solwezi.

    The reason why the King will invest in Solwezi is because he was allocated commercial land. You cannot just let the land remain idle, you would at least let it gain you a source of income or some form of…

  78. vote


    some form of benefit.

    This will be my last post for the day. I have to go attend to other matters. Looking forward to having dialogue in the future with you Malaki1.

    Until next time, cheers.

  79. vote

    ichi nichi nyau zoona buti… nzelu mulibe muchimutu.nichikuluchabe mutu buti no nzelu. no wonder chimalota che thinking ntayonse niusuku. malabish

  80. vote

    Greetings once again Mr Capitalist, and thanks once again for shedding more light, the only thing I can say is that I hope that will be the case, and it will be in the interests of our people who are suffering. Out of interest, do you know what exactly he intends to do with that land and over what timeframe, and how will that will benefit the people of Solwezi?, as I would wrongly or rightly assume that would be a prerequsisite? or was it that he has “connections” which if I am to be honest I do not consider to be a valid reason unless we know who those “connections” are and how they can add value?

  81. vote

    This investor story is a lie.Every country on earth is looking for envestors.We did not look for investors in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.It started to appear in the1990s.It h as not worked and it will never work.It is a lie full stop.

  82. vote

    Which connection?Wake up the all thing is a lie.
    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

  83. vote

    what kind of investments. Are they going to setup brothels or strip clubs in lusaka? Swaziland itself is in need of serious investments. the only positive statistic about swazi is about the number of HIV cases relative to its population. its one of the few countries in the world that has a negative population growth!

  84. vote

    With people like Capitalist, Zambia will always be in reverse gear. I have seen people here raising their tails for the sake of it but really this is one issue I would support them. Out of all the posts, only your posts are crap.

  85. vote

    This is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel! Surely he can’t be serious! This man is truly not just the worst president our beloved country has had the misfortune of having; but sincerely believe the worst leader in all of God’s creation! What jiberish no.nsense is he talking about now? Mswati to be Zambia’s saviour? Pulizi!! Our country is on an irreversible path to doom with this man!!

  86. vote

    This is a joke RB, what’s the population of Swaziland? What connections has King Mswati got? with due respect? Prince Harry supports the Aids Charity in Swaziland? Please talk about substance, the World Cup 2010 the country could have benefited from tourists, please for once talk about policies not about elections 2011. This man is always wining and dining, what does the constitution say about impeachment? Help!

  87. vote

    why Zambia WHY Zambia………that is my cry everyday…….where is our country 20,30 years from then i will be 60 years of age. i cry…… i cry are we cursed or its our black skin. anybody who reads this help me cry because i love my country zambia.
    why are we backward in development,hunger, donor aid, leaders without sound mind,disease, poverty, low salaries……..please somebody help

  88. vote

    This head of state has no wisdom, even a little if that is one has! The tyrannical King Mswati has the longet state of emergency in the world, all he knows is suppressing people, endorsing starvation, endorsing death and ruling his people with an iron fist! Rupiah vertainly can not see beyong his mphuno (big nose)!! I rest my case.

  89. vote

    Shows where we are as a country and the kind of leaders we have got. When are Zambians going to start valuing themselves and what they have? This man is looking for investment in his little country sure he is the one our president wants us to start looking upto?

  90. vote

    I see this as a cry for help because he has failed. Why would this king bump investors when he also is craving them?

  91. vote


  92. vote

    Is this man Rupiah Banda normal I wonder how he even attends world meetings without being ashamed of himself. How on earth can he ask Swaziland to find investors for Zambia this clearly shows that the world has no regard for Banda. We are a proud nation. Zambia helped countries like South Africa to end apartheid Zimbabwe to gain its indecency

    Mr. Rupaih Banda, if u are not proud of who u are better quit that position. Please do the job yourself

  93. vote

    Another reason for impeaching RB, how can be exposing “connection” to young ladies to marry? What is Mswati good at?

  94. vote

    Who on this earth prepares what RB has to say in public ? I find it strange HE SAID WHAT HE IS REPORTED TO HAVE SAID.
    How much will we have to pay the KING for this service?. Come on RB YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS SURELY?

  95. vote

    Connections? so you mean you cant do it on your own Rupiah, you are embarrasing us. Looks like you are begging for help from the young man.

  96. vote

    If RB was in hollywood he would compete with Will Smith or Martin Lawrence as the King of Comedy. His mind and thoughts are impotent. He needs viagra.

  97. vote

    This is not the first time RB is asking help from small ‘friends’. He has been asking help from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania (maybe even Zimbabwe) and now Swaziland… Countrymen even at personal level can just ask help from any guy you meet? As a matter of principle a boss should not ask help (money) from his subordinates… hence RB must not embrass us by asking help from every Jim and jack… RB if you have nothing good to say pls keep QUITE.

  98. vote

    Mswati is leading one of the poorest nations and somehow he has extra resources to invest in Zambia? And you call me a retard. RB didn’t ask him to invest his personal money, but to use his personal connections to attract investment into Zambia. If the english passed you by, we understand. Why should Mswati attract investment when he has failed to do so in his own country?

  99. vote


  100. vote

    Surely can a president be talking abt “connections” as if his a guy at katondo street.

  101. vote

    ZED people, judge for yourselves, the calibre of our president. he does not even know where to go for investment. Zambia twasebana.

  102. vote

    If you`ve got money or connections (like the president put it) then Zambia is the best place to live. If you are an MP who is going to get gratuity and yeah mid term gratuity, the last thing you want is disruption.

    These MPs know if the government changed then all their plans are shattered! In Africa it`s all about me and mine. Never mind the chap that voted you into office. After all they tend to have amnesia when it`s election time. Give them sugar and alas they will give you the all important X. Kabalecula ba kamushi.

  103. vote

    Maestro, Nine Chale, Justice Kafusha, J and all those opposed to this government, it`s a losing battle bane. The trouble is, you pay a party monitor say in Magoye of Kashikishi, they then decide to get more money by doing what the ruling party decides. These people will never leave office. I can only see a Zaire. I may be wrong though.

    These MPs know they have to get the money, would they want that to be disrupted? Sorry but because of poverty and lack of sense of pride, MMD are going to be around for ages. I would want to think I am wrong but, my heart says the opposite.

  104. vote

    l am embarassed to have this guy as our president to be honest.lnvestors do not go into a country on the basis of friendships but on the basis of the policies espoused and propagated the govt i.e tax regime ,rule of law , the amount of regulation etc.

  105. vote

    Mr Capatalist be a bit seriouson your point,how old are you?…….. “The reason I think He was allocated commercial land in Solwezi is because Solwezi is in dire need for commercial development.”Open your eyes Mr Captalist,he is there after the minerals so that he can swag more in his pimp game.Moreover when did the presisdent start allocating land?It takes a lot of procedures for a genuine zambian farmer to get land and only seconds for pimps…..damn.

  106. vote

    120 3RqU greetings, on “Maestro, Nine Chale, Justice Kafusha, J and all those opposed to this government, it`s a losing battle bane.” It seems you do understand what you are writing about. I think you have categorised me in the group of those opposed to the MMD GRZ under President RB Banda, but I have been clear on this blog that Zambia is safe under President RB Banda than it would have been under honourable Sata MC (Grade 2/6, unkown). Howwever, President RB Banda has to leave the political scene and let young MMD leaders to take the leadership of that party.
    Psalm 16 + KJV Bible
    8I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
    9Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.

  107. vote

    This President why is hec relying on other Heads of States’ conections? Dosent he have his won ? No suprises we aint moving in any direction-backwards or foward -luck of vision and so called connections.from the top of the tree!!!

  108. vote

    This President why is he relying on other Heads of States’ conections? Dosent he have his own ? No suprises we aint moving in any direction-backwards or foward -luck of vision and so called connections.from the top of the tree!!!

  109. vote

    On ““His Majesty has been on the throne for a long time and he has a lot of connections with major investors in the world. I am very sure that we will benefit from this as well,” President Banda said” This is very sad from a president who thinks connections will develop Zambia. Zambia will only develop by hard work and not deals done in the dark with bad or good connections.

    Could, out system invoke a medical board to assess President RB Banda’s possible incapacitaion before Zambia sinks beyond 2001 levels that the former President Chiluba Administration left us in.
    Psalm 16 + KJV Bible
    8I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
    9Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest…

  110. vote

    I Agree, this RB chap needs a ‘Mental Evaluation’ A.S.A.P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. vote

    RB must be smoking some of that ‘Chipata weed.’ RB and Sata have a lot in common, I guess that’s Sata threatens him so much. RB and that so called king are both ‘paedophiles.’

  112. vote

    RB must be smoking some of that ‘Chipata weed.’ RB and Sata have a lot in common, I guess that’s why Sata threatens him so much. RB and that so called king are both ‘paedophiles.’

  113. vote

    when i watch sky news and see how the Prime minister is grilled.Minutes later i go to CNN and watch Obama,i get the answers why those countries are developed.Pa Zed viakulolaviye (sp).No wonder they have cheapened our degree holders.They are so empty like Lungwangwa,siliya,Lastly i am disapointed and disturbed by my boss, the economist.No wonder Livingstone is still bad in comparison to Bigfalls town and Kasane.

  114. vote

    Water runs dry, The king also needs invest in his own country.Even a pre school child takes this as a joke.
    Let people who have connections run the country since this is clear admission that you re not sure of what are doing.

  115. vote

    What a joke is this man RB telling. Why is Mswati failing to use the same connections RB is talking about to develop is own Kingdom of under a million people…What a shame….This man is insane.

  116. vote

    Is Banda running out of ideas or never had any to begine with? Muswati honestly. that man is not even fit to be called a “King”.Even his own people hate him

  117. vote

    its, actually impossible not to dis RB, his comments are childish, talking about “connections” like some small time dealer. Zed is done for, R I P

  118. vote

    People, this is very serious. Is this man telling us that we should have voted for Mswati as Zambian President? Is it not the job of every President and his cabinet to formulate policies and create an economic environment that attracts investors? Besides, what are our Zambian missions abroad doing when they even have a trade attache’ who receives a salary evry month? Are they not supposed to market investment opportunities in Zambia? I find it so foolish for a president to announce that he relies on the connections of another Head of State to deliver on his mandates……

  119. vote

    RB’s speeches have some element of the KK periode. Comrade bla bla. He is really a parrot. “My party got 100% votes, the oppostion zero” Why should Mswati care about such, he is not a politician but a king. Infact he should have let our senior chiefs show Mswati around maybe they could have disussed sensible issues. I am glad Banda is not a king

  120. vote

    The direction Lupiya Banda is taking our country is a source of serious concern to all who cherish our independence and freedom. Mswati is an absolute monarch and dictator and there is no democracy in his country because he won’t tolerate it. Mugabe’s is a tyrannical and ruthless dictator. There is no democracy to speak of in Zimbabwe today because he too can’t tolerate any democratic principles. These are the two leaders our president fraternizes with and finds himself in complete agreement and harmony in all areas!

  121. vote

    mr banda bragging to mswati that he got 100 per cent in the elections in northwestern province is like a naked prostitute parading in front of a castrated man in the full knowledge that “nothing” is likely to happen to her. Of what possible interest is that piece of information to mswati? The man is runs an absolute monarchy and no democtacy is practiced, let alone elections; democratic or otherwise! He rules by decree. What a use’less exercise in futility!

  122. vote

    This messaage is directed at LT: God doesn’t give rights. Men have to fight for them.

  123. vote

    Absolute nonsense how can Banda say Mswati has connections? Banda you mean you have no brains nor advisors to search for good investments? Silly President with No ideas directing Zambians into a ditch.

  124. vote

    41 Kambongolo has said it all for Zambia. Rupiah Banda is a failure as a President for Zambia. He believes in Mswati connections and miracles to save Zambia. He does not know what it takes to attract investors to invest in Zed.

    What the hell he is sitting in state house only the devil knows. RB was Foreign Minister of Zambia when Mswati was just a boy. Ba Alexander Chikwanda, how come Mswati knows more about investors than RB?

  125. vote

    Fellow Zambians, many of you seem to discuss matters withouth even thinking. first and foremost non of you have been to Swaziland but you speak as professors of that particular country. It is important to have facts and more important to understand the subject matter. There is nothign wrong with the president’s statement. The two leaders sit in many international fora. Ofcourse Banda has been introduced to many of the world leaders by the Swazi King. If you don’t understand this then you might bhave a brain problem. The president is trying to say through him Im sure that I can get investment for my country. You are now allowed to jump and get a life

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