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Budget bill tabled

Headlines Budget bill tabled

VICE president George Kunda (l) with deputy speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango
VICE president George Kunda (l) with deputy speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango
Vice President, George Kunda, has presented the

constitution amendment bill to parliament.

The bill which is intended to change the National budget cycle went through first reading in the house on Wednesday.

Deputy Speaker, Mutale Nalumango, referred the bill to the committee on legal affairs for consideration.

Mrs. Nalumgango also directed that a report be submitted to the house on August 5, for further consideration.

At his last press conference, President Rupiah Banda, announced government’s decision to amend the national budget cycle.

This means that the financial year will now run from first January to 31 december to give government enough time to implement its programmes.

Previously the financial year ran from April 1.

Under the new arrangement the national budget will be presented to parliament by December.


  1. What difference does it make for a financial year that runs from 1st January to 31st December of the same year and one that runs from 1st April to 31st March of the following year?

  2. Wherever the financial starts from, it does not matter in terms of development. The cycle is still the same: 365 days a year.

  3. What this Bill has to do with the poor zambians, impleament something that ordinary zambian would understand, my mbuya in kalilele doesn’t know anything about the Budget cycle. and it won’t help her in anyway. Budget is a budget wether too early or late you can still fulfil. the thing is GRZ doesn’t release Kwacha on time full stop.

  4. This is stupid. Currently, the budget year is 1st April to 31st March and they want it to run from 1st January to 31 December. What’s the difference? If they were failing to implement programs then, how will they manage now? What stumbling block is being addressed here?

  5. Thick brained government. What’s the difference between the two periods? It is still the same number of days. Someone explain which stumbling block is being addressed here

  6. I suppose its a ‘circadian’ way of doing things. If they say the financial year started in 2009, then it should end in 2009. No effect on development, honestly.

  7. Seacom, partnering with network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems, has unveiled its long-awaited undersea fibre optic network with simultaneous demonstrations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa. QUESTION: Where is Zambia in this?

  8. Absolutely, there is no difference at all and the benefits have not been elaborated. Niba kabolala abo, they are pretending to be working kanshi fyabupubafye. A recent World Bank report on the performance of many nations globally in terms of governance and economic performance never even mentioned Zambia anywhere, so what are they telling us? They are running a country or a village? Looks like they are running the country like a village here. Impeach them!!!

  9. Cosmetic changes, clear waste of time, the contetious issue still remains, these chaps are clueless on what to do to move the country forward.

  10. Ba LT,we need more news from Zambia,you are too slow in updating your articles,especially in the lifestyle section,we need to hear more about what is happening in rural areas,places like Mongu,mostly you only cover Southern Province,and please improve the writing to the storylines

  11. #9,

    It could be because there is no sea in Zambia, dear. The company Seacom deals with SEA COMmunication.

  12. If it is not going to make any difference then what are you lot complaining about? If you want to know how to waste parliamentary time then go and talk to your sata and his crown prince.

  13. Good and lets see where this will take us by 2011 elections time.

    I just read “Why are we diseased, under educated lost hope and gone into the shell of depression? ” in the POST attributed to Clive Chirwa (PhD, UK) and got impressed that my message has gone a long way and others have picked it up. This way Zambia shall be saved even without my personal input.

    I thus hope the new Constitution by NCC will be finalised by 2011 elections time so that we can have some decent elections as compared to the past ones.

    Viva PACT for 2011 GRZ forming and have a blessed day all.
    Psalm 16 + KJV Bible:
    8 I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  14. #10 umwana Mindolo, the picture sold my car. I have loved it ever since. (Yeah right, there is a car in the background which most men don’t seem to notice)

  15. I expected to see some figures to the Budget before I can comment…

    Meanwhile #20 Splaka that’s a good body in front of your car, which year was it built?

  16. I’m off to watch Obama speaking live right now, on reducing the national debt and reforming health care. It’s a pleasure to have an intelligent politician in place who seems to really want whats better for the majority of people.
    Can Zambians say the same about their president???

  17. #5 Splaka,
    I think there is a difference in that currently ministries start spending budgeted funds about late march/april which is three months into the year. The actual spending ends in december meaning instead of a year’s cycle we have a 9-month cycle. That is now being changed for ministries to present budgets in august and not december so that parliament considers the proposd budgets by december for spending to start in january.

  18. The financial year was the same namely, January to December of each year. However the Budget for the year was being presented in January of each year and approved at the end of March each year. It meant that the Government could not really spend money between January and March, because according to the Constitution the Government can only spend money appropriated by Parliament and Parliament used to passes the appropriation Bill at end of March. The Government had to spend a limited amount of money each year between Jan and March using Presidential warrant. The mischief being cured is to pass the Budget in advance so that Govt will execute the budget legally without recourse to Presidential warrant. It also means problems on the budget can be solved before financial year begins.

  19. Thanks President Kunda, we missed your developmental issues, we have been carried away from monkey peeing on RB (MP), or bee bit his knee. Let discuss, money.. Budget, constitution.. bring it own mudala.

  20. Of course it makes a difference. For years parliament gives the budget a go-ahead 3-4 months in the year, meaning there are about 9 months to release funds instead of 12 months. At the end of the year all unspent funds can not be used. It just makes sense. Even a household would have problems if it can only start buying groceries in the middle of the next month.

    Now as for how this government spends taxpayer money (useless trips, hearses and other wasteful issues), any well-meaning Zambian would be justifiably livid!!

  21. thanks blodders 24 and 25. There is indeed a diiference and also hope that itwill give more time for deabate and even publicity of what the Government will spend on so that the electorate can keep them accountable.

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