John Mwanakatwe has died


Veteran politician and Lawyer, John Mwanakatwe, has died.

Mr. Mwanakatwe died on Sunday at the University Teaching Hospital-UTH- in Lusaka where he had been admitted for the last three months.

UTH Managing Director, Dr. Peter Mwaba, has confirmed the death of Mr. Mwanakatwe.

And former Freedom Fighter Isaac Chileshe has described the death of John Mumpanga Mwanakatwe as a great loss to both the nation and his family.

Mr. Chileshe said Mr Mwanakatwe was the first education minister who left office without stealing anything and was also part for those who formulated the system of better education for the underprivileged Zambians at the time.

He was one of the few architects of Zambian politics who worked tirelessly to ensure that Zambia was independent.[quote]

Mr Chileshe said Africa has lost a great son in Mr Mwanakatwe.

He added that Mr Mwanakatwe should be remembered by all Zambians as a hero who made his contribution to the development of Zambia and that history can not complete without mentioning the late politician and academician.

He led the Constitution review commission in the Chiluba led Government which was also a huge contribution to the current constitution making process.

Mr Chileshe described Mr Mwanakatwe as a selfless leader, a beacon of courage and hope in the national life of the country.

Mr. Mwanakatwe who served in various positions during the first Republic was Zambia’s first education Minister.

He also served as chancellor of the University of Zambia.


  1. JMM demonstrated what real public service looks like. He was a trully remarkable man and may the Lord God rest his soul.

  2. Having contributed so much, why didnt they fly him to RSA as well. 3 months in UTH while Teta who arguably has contributed very little to Zambia is being attended to by some of the best medical personnel in Africa, on tax money deducted from Zambians educated by the system Mwanakatwe put in place.

    Mind boggling.

  3. May your soul, gallant son of the soil, rest in eternal peace. You were one of a kind, I will always remember your humbleness to all.

  4. #6 UK Zed Observer. Wonderfully said. I couldn’t have put it more beautifully and succinctly as you have done.Excellent post. Mind boggling indeed. May the great son of our country rest in peace.

  5. # 6 Its who you know and how valuable you are to the powers that be. There was nothing the MMD saw in Mwanakatwe to evacuate him to RSA.

  6. This shows you how incompetent we are as Zambians. We should be ashamed of ourselves. This man contributed so much to the country and yet let him rot at UTH. Useless windbags like Teta find themselves in SA. And the man has died fighting for a constitution which is nowhere in sight

  7. Mr Mwanakatwe belonged to that group of Zambian politicians who took pride in seeing the lot of Zambians improving. He was selfless and dignified.


  9. I will miss him. On “Mr. Chileshe said Mr Mwanakatwe was the first education minister who left office without stealing anything and was also part for those who formulated the system of better education for the underprivileged Zambians at the time“, while South Africa has a black-empowerment programme of people from the dis-advantaged background to go to school and get better jobs currently occupied by those who had an upper hand during apartheid, Zambia is seeing a minority group of selfish characters take away sponsorships that we designed to benfit all poor Zambians for children of the politicians and elite. Very sad indeed.
    Be blest all.

    Matthew 6:33 + KJV Bible
    But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you.

  10. I thought it was just a mere blog when I saw it as a post yesterday. I kept hoping it was just a rumour. A few god women and men die early. My hearty condelences to JMM’s family and the nation. I met this man in his long life. One of the most unassuming people one can meet. Positively and progressively opinionated. Add to the number of people praying for our country. It’s a pitty you never enjoyed the fruit of your labour. You have more than likely died a sad man knowing that all we have in state leadership is bogus!! Go in peace JMM.

  11. A true loss to the Nation. I too wonder what the creteria is for sending people to South Africa. If the government really counted him as an asset to Zambia they should have helped him get the best medical care. Teta with all his unworthiness is in South Africa on Tax payers money. What has he ever contributed to Zambia? even if he lives a hundred years what will he ever contribute to Zambia?. Shame on You RB for failing a man like Mr Mwanakatwe!

  12. Now that he’s dead, Oh what a bull people will talk about him when they never even paid him a visit in the hospital, shame. You will never miss your water till your well runs dry. Take heed for death does not choose where to strike, we are all waiting for the same sooner or later. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  13. I remember meeting Mr. Mwanakatwe at findeco House where he had his office, he was so humble, very calm and the words he told me when i asked him how he it felt to be there when zambia got its independce, he told me “mwana wandi ala chali chansansa” , it was a nice and wonderful time for me to ever meet a man of integrity and so humbled

  14. #6, Your question is very valid. Indeed, why would the govt be wasting my money on the likes of Teta whose only contribution to Zambia is his loud mouth, and let JMM spend 3 months in UTH? RB and his gang have no shame, telling us how great he was when they could have saved his life by swarping him with Teta. Actually, Teta was supposed to be at Solwezi Hospital, coz even UTH is a huge upgrade for the likes of him and Mulongoti.

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